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Muntazer al-Zaidi, héros moderne

MeinhofKomplex, 05.02.2009 14:53

Le "lancer" de chaussure en dit-il plus que l'on croit?

¿El final de un ciclo económico?

germán gorraiz lopez, 05.02.2009 10:03

Análisis de los elementos racionales que han contribuido a la irrupción de la crisis económica global y su posible impacto en las diferentes zonas económicas del mundo.

Why NSW teachers should vote &quot;no&quot; to the NSWTF-Labor government agreement

Socialist Equality Party, 05.02.2009 06:34

The Socialist Equality Party calls on New South Wales (NSW) public school teachers to vote "no" on February 6th to the sell-out agreement on staffing and salaries brokered by the New South Wales Teachers Federation (NSWTF) and the Rees Labor government.

corporate fraud in the other direction, to get free money?

C, 05.02.2009 06:32

just wondering if anyone is investigating or looking out for fraud committed by companies looking for free money? understating their profits so they can get TARP money...

Stimulus IBM Style: Take the Jack, Ship Out the Back

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff, 05.02.2009 04:39

IBM CEO Sam Palmisano knows good stimulus! Tech infrastructure projects will “reignite growth” and “create jobs”. Meanwhile back at assorted IBM ranches, workers are being fired. No need to fret. IBM has Project Match. The Big Blue Foreign Legion...

Mexico Presents Flawed Theory in Shooting Death of American Journalist Brad Will

Jonathan Hutson, PHR, 05.02.2009 02:26

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) charges that Mexico's investigation into the shooting death of American video-journalist Brad Will has presented a scientifically flawed theory that ignores PHR's conclusive findings, including the discovery that one of the bullets was a ricochet.

Support postRNC Organizing!

CRASS, 05.02.2009 01:51

a desperate plea from your friends in the twincities


EXTRATERRESTRES, 05.02.2009 00:46


Caso de Los Cinco: la justicia a nueva prueba

Por Roberto Pérez Betancourt, 04.02.2009 20:12

La Corte Suprema de Justicia de EE.UU. tiene ante sí petición de examinar el caso de Los Cinco cubanos antiterroristas indebidamente juzgados y condenados en ese país.

Politically, Hamas May Have Won

Adam Morrow and Khaled Moussa al-Omrani with help from General Joe, 04.02.2009 19:45

""The Dayton affair is largely ignored – but then facts concerning Palestine are always subject to deceptions and disinformation in the Western media," Fahmi said. "The western press also rarely mentions that Hamas won democratic elections in 2006, or the extent of corruption in the PA."

Along with Israel's failure to achieve its stated war aims, commentators note that the war on Gaza – horrific images of which have been transmitted around the world – represented a public relations catastrophe for Israel.

"The war revealed Israeli criminality to the entire world," said Fahmi. "It also served to put the Palestinian cause back on the conscience of the international community."

"Israel's image is now at an all-time low," said Mazloum, pointing to the massive demonstrations worldwide in solidarity with Gaza. "Israel is already suffering from the effects of this crisis, politically, economically, and socially."

Mazloum attributed Israel's uncharacteristic unilateral cease-fire declaration to mounting worldwide outrage over its assault on Gaza's largely defenseless civilian population."

Racist backlash in Carpinteria, California

AIM-West, 04.02.2009 19:43

Native children protest racism in Carpinteria CARPINTERIA, California - The small town of Carpinteria, California is the latest battleground in Native Americans’ fight against racism. The controversy over a supposedly “harmless” high school sports mascot has alienated the Native American population of Carpinteria, who have come to fear violent reprisals from the non-Native community.


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 04.02.2009 19:33

PROTESTA DE MOVILH EN CORTE SUPREMA En el 2008 desaparecieron los atropellos policiales y no se conoció de asesinatos en razón de la orientación sexual y la identidad de género. La discriminación aumentó a nivel estatal y familiar. El Ranking de la Homofobia es liderado por la Corte Suprema, senadores conservadores y la Mesa Ampliada de la Unión Nacional Evangélica.


WOODSTOCK FILM, 04.02.2009 19:10

Call for entry forms for the woodstock film.

A sea change in thinking about sea animals

By Paula Moore, 04.02.2009 18:30

No animal deserves to be kept in a tiny tank or boiled alive. The best way to extend compassion to crustaceans—and other sentient beings——is to stop eating them.

Delegación del sector energético y PDVSA de Venezuela visita FNV Rotterdam

CONEIDI, 04.02.2009 17:43

El pasado jueves 29 de enero del presente año, la FNV Rotterdam (sindicato de Rotterdam, Holanda) tuvo la visita de una delegación del sindicato socialista belga ABVV, militantes delegados de la refinería Total de Bélgica, representantes de Venezuela, el sociólogo Fidel Hernández, presidente de la escuela de formación sindical de los trabajadores petroleros de PDVSA (IEETALC) y Tony León, secretario general del sindicato de trabajadores petroleros (SINTRAMENTPET), y Freddy Pulecio del departamento internacional de la Unión Sindical Obrera (USO) de Colombia, que colabora ahora con la asesoría internacional del IEETALC.


JUDITH MARTORELLI, 04.02.2009 15:17

Entre Chávez y Arias se encuentra Ortiz Contreras En Venezuela este 4 de febrero se cumplieron 17 años de la insurgencia militar, liderizada por Hugo Chávez Frías. Uno de los comandantes de la operación fue el teniente coornel Jesús Miguel ortíz Contreras de quine poco se conoce porque murió tempranamente. reproducimos una breve entrevista hecha en el 92 mientras se encontraba recluiod en el cuartel San Carlos

Sauerland-Zelle: Mutmaßlicher CIA-Mann war &quot;der Chef&quot;

Werner Schenck, 04.02.2009 14:57

Sauerland Gruppe Den drei Mitgliedern der "Sauerland-Gruppe" wird vorgeworfen, einen Terroranschlag in Deutschland geplant zu haben .... Die Hintergründe der "Sauerland-Gruppe", die 2007 Terroranschläge in Deutschland geplant haben soll, werden immer mysteriöser: Ein mutmaßlicher Kontaktmann des US-Geheimdienstes CIA spielte bei der Attentatsvorbereitung eine größere Rolle als bislang bekannt.

Al-shabaab Group continues media transgression, Radio Director shot dead to day in Mogadishu.

SOJRA, 04.02.2009 14:00

Picture of Journalist sa'iid Tahliil ahmed The Somali journalists Rights Agency (SOJRA) has today condemned the murder of hornafric radio director Sa?iid Tahliil Ahmed who was shot dead to day in Mogadishu particularly inside Bakaara Market.

Interview with veteran and peace activist Allen Nelson

Brian Covert / Independent Journalist, 04.02.2009 07:51

Allen Nelson, Vietnam war veteran and peace activist from the U.S., shares his extraordinary experience in war, his personal transformation, his work for peace in and outside Japan, and his hopes for the future at a time when U.S. militarism shows no sign of slowing down.

Fitting Recession Solutions

Dr.A.Prabaharan, Director, Public Action, 04.02.2009 05:34

Now the governments are in do or die situation. It should follow Keynesian model at the moment and take Hayekian course in the long run. An adequate mix of both is necessary to keep the economy on track. A mere spending on the public programmes is not sufficient. There should be satisfactory outcomes. As the global development depends on the correct prescriptions of the economists and other important knowledge holders, they should constantly strive to advise the governments with suitable policies. Just marshalling out few archaic theories and outdated data is not enough. The world needs visionary thinkers to steer the governments to a right course.

Philippines: Don’t revive the “Monster of Morong, Bataan”

Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC), 04.02.2009 03:44

Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) to Philippine Congress: Don't revive Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

No Nursery Vacancy in Delhi

Dr.A.Prabaharan, Director, Public Action, 04.02.2009 03:33

Nearly 1.75 lakh children couldn’t get admission into nursery schools this year. It is due to the over population and shortage of schools. The mismatch between population and the availability of infrastructure creates a massive problem. Taking advantage of this gap, government officials, politicians and private players milk enormous money from the admission-seeking parents. Although Delhi is well established in the quality and quantity of education the future looks dim due to the heavy shortfall in the availability of seats. From nursery schools to universities there is a heavy shortage. Apart from the 14 million Delhi population there is a massive migration of students from Northern and Northern eastern states. This is bound to increase multifold with the better transport facilities available now. It can be controlled only by providing good social facilities like education and other infrastructure in the big migration states.

According to S.K. Bhattacharaya, chairman of School Action Committee: “government recognized private schools received over four lakh applications this year and approximately 1.75 lakh children were left out. The demand is far more than supply and thus those left out generally opt for playschools.”

Parents blame autonomous points system for the mess up in the nursery school admissions. Few brand names like DPS, Apeejay, Vasant Valley, Amity there is a big push and pull for the nursery school seats. Priyanshi Kapoor of New Friends Colony shuttled between her home and 15 different schools in south Delhi for her child’s admission She says “The admission procedure in schools is hardly transparent. My daughter couldn’t get through in the school where my husband and I scored alumni points. The entire nursery admission procedure has been a nightmare for us”

Schools give their own reasons for rejecting certain children. One of the hidden agenda of the school management during admission process is nepotism and highhanded corruption. Those in the high level of the school management are much sought after people in the capital. They use their clout to make substantial money in this time period. Transparency International should look into the amount of money changing hands in this huge corruption area.

One of the west Delhi principal says, “We look for a particular set of parents. For instance, children of businessmen don’t get enough points. In the admission process as many schools often prefer parents from the service class. It is seen that businessmen do not value education much ad it affects our results,”. This may sound reasonable but bribery can take the genuine sheen out of Delhi school admissions.

How many students can be accommodated in 1,976 private schools? The meager number of private schools create stampede. Even poor families want to send their children to private schools as they think that the government schools are not good for the children’s overall development. Those who cannot afford three square meals only opt for government schools.

The Delhi government has been constantly striving to develop the education in the capital. An extreme level of politics played by the public representatives and bureaucrats has been destroying the education. Now the challenge is to increase the number of schools in partnership with private and civil society organizations. Reducing the migration is another Himalayan challenge. All the neighborhood areas should have schools and the children must be encouraged to attend only their neighborhood schools. The biggest challenge for the government is to divert the public craze from private schools to sarkari ones. Before doing that it must give high quality education and better facilities. This is the most urgent work for Delhi government for now and in the future.

Competing Ideologies: Davos v. Belem

Stephen Lendman, 03.02.2009 21:03

alternate ideological views

Une féministe afghane à Strasbourg

Alternative libertaire Alsace, 03.02.2009 18:09

Conférence de Zoya, militante de RAWA à Strasbourg, jeudi 5 février 2009.

Der Schüttelfrost des Kapitalismus, warum sein Untergang so plötzlich kommen wird.

Tom Prescot, 03.02.2009 18:07

Karl Marx 2008 sehen endlich auch andere wie d er bei Heise veröffentlichte Artikel von Tomasz Konicz , dass der Kapitalismus sich seinem Ende auf Grund des tendenziellen Falls der Profitrate zuneigt. Je mehr Linke das Ende des Kapitalismus propagieren, je eherfallen die Kollegen nicht auf das „Es geht wieder Aufwärts"-Gesülze der Bourgeoisie herein und kämpfen entschlossener gegen Lohnkürzungen und Entlassungen.

Kissing is Crime

D.A.Prabaharan, Director, Public Action, 03.02.2009 15:32

In such vague definition of legal terms it is natural for the corrupt policemen to randomly pick up people in the pretext of combating crime. Although this act of the couple does not fall under the criminal activity in strong terms, for money police can harass common public to any extent. The popular solution to such problem is abolishing law. One should not swing to extreme levels while handling funny situation such as arresting kissing couple. Laws are needed to rein in erroneous citizens but not be applied blindly.

Des films pour la décroissance !

Jean-Claude Decourt, 03.02.2009 15:22

Utopimages, association de réalisateurs et de journalistes, réalise des films pour la décroissance.

NATO-Einsatz in Afghanistan

Werner Pfitzer, 03.02.2009 13:18

Bantz Craddock - Opium NATO-Oberbefehlshaber Craddock sieht sich im Recht: Mit seinem Befehl, Jagd auf alle afghanischen Drogenhändler zu machen, halte er sich an den Beschluss der Verteidigungsminister. Die hätten festgestellt: Die Händler finanzieren die Taliban. NATO-Einsatz in Afghanistan - Craddock will die Drogenhändler jagen - alle

World's Best Cities: U.S. Misses the Cut

Ben Sharvy, 03.02.2009 09:27

The US doesn't have a single best or safest city, even in a rating system that doesn't reward strong safety nets.


CORRUPTION, 03.02.2009 02:15



CORRUPTION, 03.02.2009 02:11


This Way Out: Nairobi Struggle &amp; Thai Triune T-rooms

Overnight Productions, Inc., 03.02.2009 01:05

February 2, 2009: Kenyan lesbian activist Pauline Kimani fights for visibility; trans-students get their own space in Thailand school. Plus lesbian takes the helm of Iceland's melting government, Colombia's top court commands couples equality, US court denies masks for Prop 8 donors, Lebanese soldiers beat gay men, Maryland's LGBT rights group "threatens" state security, and more news.

Respectez la démocratie

Frédéric Maurin, 02.02.2009 22:29


Stimulus Package - New Nuclear Wapons Construction

Rick Brown, 02.02.2009 19:49

The House version of President Obama's Economic Stimulus Package contains, along with a lot of relatively harmless "pork", funding for new construction at nuclear weapons sites to facilitate the construction of new nuclear weapons.

Venezuela: Terror in Perija

El Libertario, Venezuela, 02.02.2009 19:07

Solidarity with Yukpa people! - poster 2008 * The following article was originally published on Jan. 30 2009 in El Mundo, a Caracas daily. Written by a member of the editorial collective of El Libertario , it calls attention to what we fear is a bloody attack against these original inhabitants of the western part of the country.

Venezuela: Terror en Perijá

El Libertario, Venezuela, 02.02.2009 19:04

Afiche solidario con los Yukpa - 2008 * Lo que sigue es un artículo que en su versión original se publicó el 30/01/2009 en El Mundo, diario vespertino de Caracas. Fue escrito por un integrante del Colectivo Editor de El Libertario, desde donde llamamos a estar atentos a la situación que se denuncia, pues todo hace temer una agresión sangrienta contra las etnias originarias que habitan al occidente del país.

Ayn Rand Flips Another Digit

David Roknich, 02.02.2009 18:37

Four years ago, when Ayn Rand turned 100, I was within the salt spray of the Pacific ocean writing the following tribute while a celebration continued on the opposite coast. So today, Ayn Rand turns 104...

Fertile Dreams - Assemblage &amp; Photography by Freyda Miller

Green Galactic, 02.02.2009 18:16

Fertile Dreams - Assemblage &amp; Photography by Freyda Miller "Fertile Dreams," a solo exhibit by LA artist Freyda Miller, opens Sat. Feb. 7 at Art Dimensions in Westwood. Integrating assemblage, photography, and installation, Miller explores complex aspects of the maternal psyche. The evocative and vulnerable portrayal of the feminine raises issues of autonomy, stereotypes, equality and self-esteem. Fertile Dreams takes on a life of its own, dealing with primal emotions and thoughts that transcend time and place. Images of life and death emerge along with dreamlike qualities of both flight and confinement. The exhibit runs thru Mar. 21.

Nouveau numéro de L'Agitateur!

Henri Casta, 02.02.2009 18:12

L’Agitateur, le fanzine libertaire genevois, sort un nouveau numéro.

Gaza New Siege Mechanism

Nicola Nasser, 02.02.2009 18:07

Although the participants at the Kuwaiti summit stressed the need for the reconstruction of Gaza in principle, they failed to reach an agreement over the mechanism. Differences between leaders obstructed a proposal to create a reconstruction fund and the most participants managed to agree upon was to make reconstruction contingent upon Palestinian reconciliation

Healthcare is a Right! In this week's Socialist WebZine

SP-USA, 02.02.2009 17:37

* Healthcare is a Right!


Jim Leblanc, 02.02.2009 17:35

In Solidarität mit allen, die im April 2009 in Strasbourg und Baden-Baden gegen den NATO-Gipfel zum 60. Gründungstag des Militärpakts protestieren, rufen wir dazu auf, die Proteste zum Start einer anhaltenden Kampagne gegen NATO und EU-Militarisierung zu machen und dabei folgende Forderungen in den Mittelpunkt zu stellen: ...........

Israels Regierung bombardiert Gaza .... ( IMMER-NOCH ! )

Pedro Escovar, 02.02.2009 16:55

Barak CHILD-MURDER Hamas akzeptiert Ägyptens Friedensplan, Fatah bekennt sich zu Beschuss Israels, Regierung bombardiert Gaza .... Die Reihenfolge spricht für sich. Zuerst wurde am Sonntag gemeldet, dass die Hamas den ägyptischen Waffenstillstandsplan akzeptiere. Daraufhin erklärte ein verzweifelter Ehud Olmert, man werde als Antwort sofort den Gazastreifen angreifen müssen (wenn vorher vielleicht bitte mal eine Rakete dahergeflogen käme, aber schnell, schnell). Dann schossen Milizen der Fatah von ex-Palästinenserpräsident Mahmud Abbas nach eigenen Angaben Raketen auf israelisches Territorium (angeblich aus dem Gazastreifen) und schon bombardierten Israels Streitkräfte wieder den Gazastreifen.

Obama Should Nationalize U.S. Banks

Brian Swint and jamie, 02.02.2009 15:59

"His remarks echo those of Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Nouriel Roubini, who said last week that nationalizations will be necessary to bring the U.S. banking system out of insolvency. Obama will require banks to bolster lending in return for government aid, lawmaker Barney Frank said yesterday, stopping short of taking full ownership."

La enmienda otorga más derechos al pueblo / Si tiene la potestad de revocar mandatos por malos desempeños, también debe tenerla para reelegir por el buen gobierno

Ivan Oliver Rugeles, 02.02.2009 14:38

Es falso de toda falsedad la campaña de la oposición que intenta vender la matriz de que la enmienda que se votará el 15F lleva el propósito de eternizar en el poder a Chávez. La enmienda tiene como único objetivo permitir que quien ejerza un cargo de elección popular puede optar por presentar a los electores de nuevo su nombre para continuar ejerciéndolo y si resulta electo en el respectivo proceso electoral que establece la norma constitucional, ello le permitirá, sin interrupción alguna, seguir implementando los proyectos que no pudo culminar, así como comenzar los que ya estaban en su agenda inicial, así como aquellos otros de largo plazo que su propia gestión y la dinámica social le iba demandando, día tras día.

Ceasefires, Israeli-Style

Stephen Lendman, 02.02.2009 14:23

Israel never honors them.

Transparencia y franqueza, nueva faz en los derechos humanos

Por Marcos Alfonso, 02.02.2009 12:18

Transparencia, abarcadora, participativa: tales son las posturas que preconiza el Consejo de Derechos Humanos de la Organización de Naciones Unidas, ante el cual acudirá Cuba el venidero cinco de febrero, abierta al diálogo y con la frente en alto, a su primigenio Examen Periódico Universal.

The Deadly Face of Development: Struggle Against Evictions in Korea

eemoogee, 02.02.2009 11:46

Fire of Jan 20th An illegally and incompetently conducted raid on activists and tenants protesting their forced eviction left 6 dead and has sparked continuing demonstrations against police violence, massive redevelopment, and the administration that has exacerbated both of these issues.

ICC: Prosecutor looks at ways to put Israeli officers on trial for Gaza 'war crimes' .....

Hans Magnus Kleber, 02.02.2009 10:40

Kriegsposrille Tzipi Livini The International Criminal Court is exploring ways to prosecute Israeli commanders over alleged war crimes in Gaza. The alleged crimes include the use of deadly white phosphorus in densely populated civilian areas, as revealed in an investigation by The Times last month. Israel initially denied using the controversial weapon, which causes horrific burns, but was forced later, in the face of mounting evidence, to admit to having deployed it.

BNPP Bill 'sneaky,' out to create nuclear power program - Greenpeace plants tombstone at House of Representatives

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 02.02.2009 10:37

Greenpeace activists keep watch in front of the Phil. House of Representatives Manila, PHILIPPINES — Greenpeace today exposed that the House Bill proposing to revive the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant is part of a sneaky and underhanded attempt to railroad the establishment of a national commercial nuclear power program in the Philippines. According to Greenpeace, the costs outlined in a Bill filed by Cong. Mark Cojuangco and signed by 130 representatives are not merely for the rehabilitation and commissioning of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant(BNPP), but include appropriations that effectively lay the foundation for a complete nuclear program.

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