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analysis: nader will make democrats work harder

marco, 23.02.2004 17:20

Read the title, do I need to say any more? Not really.


Mathew Blake, 23.02.2004 17:06


Nader Option 04

Scott Barta, 23.02.2004 16:34

Petition regarding Nader Option for 04

Forbidden Families

B'Tselem with HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual, January 2004, 23.02.2004 16:29

The Report On Israeli Law In Support of Apartheid Racism

Numbed by bombings, Israelis trundle on

Judy Lash Balint, 23.02.2004 15:02

Suicide bombings become just another day in Jerusalem.

Media Advisory for Leaders of the New World Order

Drahcic Yenehc, 23.02.2004 14:44

Methods, suggestions, advice to leaders on how to use the media to establish our New World Order project.

Soldier for the Truth: Exposing Bush’s Talking-Points War

Marc Cooper, 23.02.2004 11:54

After two decades in the U.S. Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, now 43, knew her career as a regional analyst was coming to an end when — in the months leading up to the war in Iraq — she felt she was being "propagandized" by her own bosses.

"There was a sort of groupthink, an adopted storyline: We are going to invade Iraq and we are going to eliminate Saddam Hussein and we are going to have bases in Iraq. This was all a given even by the time I joined them [Defense Department's office for Near East South Asia (NESA), a policy arm of the Pentagon], in May of 2002."

Chalabi, Garner Provide New Clues to War Pretext

Jim Lobe, 23.02.2004 11:48

Separate statements by Ahmed Chalabi, the head of the Iraqi National Congress (INC), and U.S. retired Gen Jay Garner, who was in charge of planning and administering post-war reconstruction from January through May 2002, suggest that other, less public motives were behind the war, none of which concerned self-defence, pre-emptive or otherwise.

Offener Brief an alle eritreischen Funktionäre/ Open Letter to all Eritrean Officials

R. Habtemariam, 23.02.2004 10:32

30 Jahre lang (1961-1991) haben die Eritreer für ihre Unabhängigkeit von Äthiopien gekämpft. Dieser Krieg erfaßte jede Facette ihres Lebens, er zerstörte Leben und Familien.Er brachte die Menschen aber auch zusammen und stärkte ihr Verlangen nach Freiheit, Frieden und Demokratie. 1993 wurde Eritrea endlich ein unabhängiger Staat.Aber anstatt die oben genannten Ziele umzusetzen, verwandelte der Präsident von Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, der ebenso im Unabhängigkeitskrieg gekämpft hat, das Land in eine brutale Diktatur. Dieser offene Brief richtet sich an alle eritreischen Funktionäre and möchte erreichen, ihnen bei der Vergegenwärtigung ihrer Situation und Verantwortung zu helfen.

For 30 years (1961-1991), Eritreans had been fighting for their independence from Ethiopia.This war included every facet of their life, it destroyed lives and families. But it also united the people and fostered their longing for freedom, peace and democracy. Finally, in 1993, Eritrea became an independent state. But instead of realizing the goals mentioned above, the president of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, who was also fighting in the independence war, turned the country into a brutal dictatorship. This open letter is addressed to all Eritrean Officials and intends to help them realize their situation and responsibilities.

I WON'T be voting for Nader again!

wreckz, 23.02.2004 08:51

I took my chances in Nader four years ago. Not that I disagree with his positions. But I absolutely cannot stomach another 4 years of George W Bush!

Let's Get Nader Declared Insane And Lock Him Up!!!......

Democratic Fanatic, 23.02.2004 08:31

...and lets round up his supporters as well!!! The niceties of democracy need to be put aside for now because the most important item on the agenda is the defeat of Bush. At some future date we'll allow independents and Greens to vote the way they want, but not now.

Nicaragua to claim US money

anonymous, 23.02.2004 03:06

Never were Nicaraguans' chances better to get what the International Court ruled the US owed to them. A new initiative at the United Nations Security Council may be worthwhile given the current member situation.

Supporting the Terrorists

Kap Fulton, 23.02.2004 02:50

What is a terrorist?

New political magazine launched at

Seven Oaks Magazine, 22.02.2004 23:34

A new alternative political magazine was launched today by activists and journalists at A new issue of Seven Oaks magazine will be posted online every Monday. Every issue will include features, columns, and reviews dealing with today's relevant political, social, and cultural issues. They will also include Seven Questions with a notable personality.

International Women’s Day celebration, The Politics of Health: Women Mobilize Globally

Anne Slater, 22.02.2004 22:27

A dynamic panel about what women around the world are doing to solve the environment and health crisis. Topics will include depleted uranium, AIDS, domestic violence, reproductive services, and access to medical and social services. Saturday, March 6, 7:30pm.

Discussion About Helen Keller: The Myth and the Reality

Anne Slater, 22.02.2004 22:21

Ann Yzkanin will discuss the complex and contradictory woman behind the icon through an examination of a new book by Kim Nielson, "The Radical Lives of Helen Keller". Yzkanin’s perspectives on Keller is informed by her own life experiences as a blind woman in a world where to be female and disabled often means to be treated as less than a human being. Thursday, March 18, 7:30pm.

Bush Movie

Big Dick Cheney, 22.02.2004 18:14

I made a movie about the president and wanted to share it with you from my undisclosed location. By the way, I am really running the country, don't listen to the dummy.

Migrant workers struggle in S. Korea (updated)

KCTU/ETU-MB, 22.02.2004 18:03

yesterday's migrant workers demo in seoul Yesterday’s migrant workers demonstration in Seoul – a victory on the whole line (we thought in the beginning, but read the end of the article)

Homeland Security at your service.

email hack, 22.02.2004 17:31

Ah sweet freedom

NEW VERSION PUBLISHED: German asylum policy and their deadly consequences - 1993 to 2003

Antirassistische Initiative Berlin, 22.02.2004 17:26

Seat of the Berlin Minister of the Interior, 18.5.1995 Die documentation on hand proofs the effects of this rigorous politic of refusing asylum. The numbers are actually not declining but are constant (Exception: 55 incidences of selfharm and attempted suicide in the first four months of 2003 alone in the deportation prison Berlin-Köpenick)The documentation describes in about 3400 single events the consequences of the politic of exclusion and shutting down the borders for refugees; people who had hoped that they would find protection and safety in this country, but instead died or have been damaged by this system.

NEU ERSCHIENEN: Bundesdeutsche Flüchtlingspolitik und ihre tödlichen Folgen - 1993 bis 2003

Antirassistische Initiative Berlin, 22.02.2004 17:16

Sitz des Innensenators von Berlin am 18.5.1995 Die vorliegende Dokumentation belegt die Auswirkungen dieser rigorosen Asylverweigerungspolitik. Diese Zahlen sind nicht sinkend, sondern bleiben mit Schwankungen konstant (Ausnahme: 55 Selbstverletzungen und Suizidversuche im Abschiebegefängnis Berlin-Köpenick allein in den ersten vier Monaten des Jahres 2003).
Die Dokumentation beschreibt in circa 3400 Einzelgeschehnissen die Folgen der Ausgrenzungs- und Abschottungspolitik auf die Flüchtlinge. Menschen, die gehofft hatten, in diesem Land Schutz und Sicherheit zu finden, und letztlich an diesem System zugrunde gingen oder zu Schaden kamen.

The Election is Rigged

John Kerry's Mom, 22.02.2004 17:04

IfYouVoteFor.gif Tweedledee vs Tweedledum. Support Kucinich and Nader


Francisco Trindade, 22.02.2004 16:43


Balwaristan National Front writes to Kofi Annan

Gaizuddin, 22.02.2004 16:42

Balwaristan National Front writes to Kofi Annan ,
Balawaristan is pakistan occupied region og GILGIT BALTISTAN .

BritishAmerican spy op wrecked peace move

The Observer, 22.02.2004 15:25

Say it with me now. "IM-PEACH-MENT".

CIA, GOP thinktank linked to Haiti uprising

Michael Dempsey, 22.02.2004 14:58

Exclusive Report: CIA, GOP institute seen abetting rebels to upset Aristide. - Saving Democracy from Crooked Capitalism, 22.02.2004 14:31

please forward

Bird flu moves into wild animals and pigs

Brent Herbert, 22.02.2004 13:37

Recent stories indicate that the bird flu has been hopping between species, and is now infecting wild animals.

La importancia de un Sistema Operativo

A.S.Fonseka, 22.02.2004 11:40

Todo trae causas y consecuencias. ¿Acaso iba a ser diferente un sistema operativo?. Aquello que "gestiona" nuestros ordenadores de forma invisible para el usuario.
Detrás de todo el lenguaje empleado para poner el ordenador en marcha se hayan grandes secretos que desconocemos y ahora no solo gestiona nuestros ordenadores, también nuestras vidas.

60 Top Scientists Accuse White House of Manipulating Scientific Reports

Seth Borenstein, 22.02.2004 08:14

More than 60 top scientists - including 20 Nobel laureates and several science advisors to past Republican presidents - accuse the Bush administration of manipulating and censoring science for political purposes.

tell the world that Iraq has paid enough!

Nadia, 22.02.2004 07:20

Please if you can come and join us we need lots of supporters!/Nadia

Kusumi to activists: Activate This!

John Kusumi, 22.02.2004 04:27

Especially for fair trade activists...

Generation X Is Largely To Blame For The Ascendancy Of The Right

Jeff Softley, 22.02.2004 03:29

None of this seems to give Gen-X pause. While Generation X has postured and posed, familiarized itself with every vulgarized, dumbed-down musical act, tattooed and pierced every conceivable skin fold and orifice, the threats to its self-interest and well-being have grown exponentially. As Gen-X ignored its civic responsibilities, the intolerance and Machiavellian Orwell-speak of the right poured into this vacuum — giving them hegemony over our politics simply because a generation gave up before ever entering the fray.

Now the Pentagon tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us

Mark Townsend and Paul Harris, 22.02.2004 03:15

The findings will prove humiliating to the Bush administration, which has repeatedly denied that climate change even exists. Experts said that they will also make unsettling reading for a President who has insisted national defence is a priority.

Alternative media site launches -- A liberal alternative to Drudge

Michael Dempsey, 22.02.2004 02:20

A team of fresh-out-of-college progessives have teamed up to launch the liberal alternative to Drudge: The Raw Story (

Ahram: Buses and Bantustants at the HAGUE

Ahram, 21.02.2004 22:49

The Palestinians are likely to win the legal debate over Israel's separation wall in the World Court next week. But Tel Aviv has more leverage outside the courtroom. Amira Howeidy wonders who will have the last laugh


Infoshop/AMP, 21.02.2004 19:37

Nine years. Nine years of tweaking the nose of authority. Nine years of alternative news. In January 2004, observed its ninth birthday. Nine years ago, in January 1995, this website started small as a collection of web pages called the Mid-Atlantic Infoshop.

John Kerry: Far from a Hero

G.L. Ruppert, 21.02.2004 18:59

The holes to sink the "Kerry: War Hero" myth

Words from the front-lines

Traveling Soldier, 21.02.2004 16:43

American soldiers sound off about the occupation of Iraq.

South Korea: Migrant workers protest is continuing

KCTU/ETU-MB, 21.02.2004 16:31

Now since 100 days migrant workers are in sit-in strike in Seoul.

Time for a Shopping Spree!

ShoppingSpree.MeetUp.Com, 21.02.2004 15:28

From the "If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them" Department

U.S. soldier seeks asylum in Canada

Various, 21.02.2004 15:25

Here is a viable option for those of you facing military service, and being asked to violate the basic tenets of International Law.

Israelis Excavations Leading To WW3?

Shoshana Mandelboum, 21.02.2004 11:50

Something's going on underground.

A Note to My Dem Friends on the Presidential Campaign

Don DeBar, 21.02.2004 11:45

A response to a Democratic friend who demands that Nader and all other progressives subsume their political activity to the Kerry campaign in order to defeat Bush.

COLOMBIA: The Truth Behind Ingrid Betancourt 'Rescue Mission'

Constanza Vieira IPS - Inter Press Service, 21.02.2004 11:21

An exclusive journalistic investigation by IPS sought to get at the truth behind a supposed attempt by France to rescue former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, who was kidnapped by the FARC guerrillas two years ago as of next Monday.

a negev( al naqab) desert israeli genocide of 80 000 BEDUINS + misinformation on iraq

press agency, 21.02.2004 10:12

a plan for forcibly removing 80 000 palestinian beduin from their land, even if they are israeli citizens since 48!

Why Australian Aboriginal kids are enraged and desperate

Newspapers, 21.02.2004 09:15

A quick insight into the underlying causes of the Redfern (Sydney) Aboriginal riots. If you wish to receive this kind of news regularly as email write to Trudy Bray at and tell her Diet sent you.

Book On Skull &amp; Bones Proves To Be Disinfo

Kris Milligan, 21.02.2004 06:06

This book is not an expose it is a paean to The Order of Skull & Bones. Secrets of the Tomb is designed to deflect mounting exposure and criticism of The Order’s secrecy and its malignant effect upon our body politic and our republic.

Rothschilds Conduct 'Red Symphony'

Henry Makow PhD, 21.02.2004 05:43

Rakovsky gives his interrogator an astonishing inside view of modern history in order to prove that his sponsors control the world.

"Money is the basis of power," Rakovsky says, and the Rothschilds manufacture it thanks to the banking system.

The "Revolutionary Movement" was an attempt by Meyer Rothschild and his allies to protect and extend this monopoly by establishing a New World Order using the "revolutionary movement."

A response to a friend who is a Democratic partisan regarding the Nader candidacy and the Democratic primary process

Don DeBar, 21.02.2004 04:52

I don't want to say the below to you personally, since I like you and have harsh stuff to say politically which I don't want to encumber our friendship. So please take this as a political statement, ok? After all, we do want the same outcome, only disagreement is over methodology.

How are we supposed to bring in the actual antiwar folks - the ones who endure ridicule by the idiot local politicos as they resist Bush at real cost to their careers - in the face of Kerry's record? I can sell a lot of shit, but I am lost on that one...

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