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Harry say, &quot;fuck the masses&quot;

£, 08.07.2004 12:23

Harry the heron word to the cranes

They knew all along

jamie, 08.07.2004 12:15

The U.S. military admits 876 U.S. GI's killed in the Iraq war as of today, 7/8/04, Losses are rising fast now. It is likely that the true number of "poverty draft" deaths is far greater than they were ever going to admit and they knew they would be. No wonder they would not allow the flag draped caskets to be photographed. People can count. Spread the numbers. jamie


TXUPICARLOTA Y ONDINAS, 08.07.2004 11:06

Resumen del libro de Adela Cortina y editado por Taurus "Por una ética del consumo". Se trata de un trabajo para clase de ética

BTL:Violence and Scandals Surround Newly Appointed Iraqi Interim Government

Between the Lines' Scott Harris, 08.07.2004 10:58

Interview with Denis Halliday, former United Nations under-secretary general and past coordinator of Iraq's oil for food program, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

Liberation Demo For Mumia And Against Oppression WorldWide

Sons Of Norway, 08.07.2004 07:49

July 4 - Liberation Demo For Mumia And Against Oppression WorldWide

Algerian MP Ahmed Zaoui Affidavits Reveal Serious Prison Abuses

Selwyn Manning - Scoop Co-Editor, 08.07.2004 07:23

New Zealand’s reputation as a fair and egalitarian society continues to erode as revelations emerge of ongoing prison abuse of Algerian MP and refugee Ahmed Zaoui. Here for the first time Scoop publishes Zaoui’s account of being imprisoned awaiting asylum application.

Activists join forces in national postering campaign!

M. Lindsay, 08.07.2004 01:04

Join the 'Anybody But Bush' Sanints and Sinners Voter Registration Campaign! This election season, American progressives throughout the country will participate in the 2004 Anybody But Bush poster and voter registration campaign, organized by

Donald Rumsfeld's Al Qeada

john stanton and wayne madsen, 08.07.2004 00:59

Iraq Survey Group is Rumsfeld's little legion.

Republican Congressman admits CIA connection, 07.07.2004 23:49

Mark Kirk (Republican, 10th District – Illinois) admitted on the floor of Congress that he has been working for the Central Intelligence Agency at the same time he is serving in Congress. Lee Goodman, Kirk’s Democratic opponent, called for Kirk’s resignation from Congress. “The conflict of interest is blatant and appalling,” said Goodman. “Congress has been struggling to investigate intelligence failures by the CIA and now it turns out Kirk is working for the CIA. No wonder Kirk voted not to investigate these failures after 9/11. He is working for the people who didn’t want to be investigated. Any high-schooler who has studied the separation of powers in U.S. history class would recognize the problem.”

California State Controller Westly proposes Anti-Torture Investment Policy, defense contractor calls news baseless, inflammatory and malicious, 07.07.2004 22:14

California State Controller Steve Westly called Tuesday for the California State Teacher’s Retirement System to become the first among the nation’s largest pension funds to restrict investments in companies engaged in torture.

“As a matter of common sense and common decency, companies looking to profit from the torture of human beings don’t belong in our portfolio,” said Westly, who serves on the CalSTRS board.

! Ojo con el Vice !

Combate News, 07.07.2004 21:51

En la vieja política cubana- los que tienen buena memoria o los mas jóvenes que han estudiado historia- conocen de una frase popular que se hizo famosa en unas elecciones presidenciales cubanas: !Ojo con el Vice!...

News from the &quot;resistance&quot; in Iraq

Reposted from by jamie, 07.07.2004 21:51

This is an important report as it suggests that, frustrated by lack of success on the ground, "coalition" forces have resorted to massive aerial bombardments of civilian neighborhoods and infrastructure in cities such as al-Fallujah and ar-Ramadi and elsewhere where resistance is strong and getting stronger. This is a war-crime and those that authorize such actions and those that carry them out are war criminals. Noone in the U.S military is obliged to carry out any such illegal action. We must call on all coalition personnel to follow their consciences and refuse and resist now! Please spread this appeal and the attached reports. Peace, jamie

Rape Nation

Kari Lydersen / Brendan Themes, 07.07.2004 20:23

From prisons to barracks and from Iraq to Tennessee, military sexual abuse is running rampant

Haiti's civil society

Haiti Support Group, 07.07.2004 20:08

The Haiti Support Group (HSG)- a solidarity organisation based in the UK that has sought to accompany progressive organisations from Haiti's civil society over the last decade - is dismayed about the lack of consultation with these organisations in the current discussions of strategies for short and medium term economic recovery and democratisation.

Largest Union Endorses Million Worker March

Jonathan Nack, 07.07.2004 19:15

The 2.7 million member National Education Association (NEA) voted to endorse the call for a Million Worker March in Washington, D.C. on October 17, 2004. The endorsement was made on July 7th at the NEA’s national convention held in Washington, D.C.

Bush supporters &quot;ignore&quot; widespread criminal actions of their leader!

k.hawley, 07.07.2004 19:09

Bush supporters "ignore" (and disavow) widespread criminal actions of their leader and the republican party!

International Student/Young Pugwash to discuss new mechanisms to establish sustainable peace

Juan Pablo Pardo, 07.07.2004 18:56

International Student/Young Pugwash, a global network of concerned students and young professionals, will discuss the complex issues related to international peace and cooperation in the 2nd ISYP Conference "Towards a new paradigm of international governance", to take place on October 3rd and 4th 2004 in Seoul, Korea.

Israelis Using Chemical Weapons On Palestinians?

James Brooks, 07.07.2004 17:53

"On June 10th, 2004, the two clinics in Al-Zawiya treated 130 patients
for gas inhalation. The patients were children, women, old people and
young men. Dr. Abu Madi related that there was a high number of cases
of [tetany], spasm in legs and hands, connected to the nervous system.
Pupils were dilated...Other symptoms included shock,
semi-consciousness, hyperventilation, irritation and sweating."

Israeli Wall at Roskilde Festival-1st -5th July-2004

piapil, 07.07.2004 17:41

The renowned annual music event,Roskilde Festival(Denmark) together with the National Church Relief Agency built a scaled copy of the wall/fence dividing Israelis and Palestinians on the site of the Festival.

Hunger strike demanding the release of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters imprisoned in the US and protest against the US’s plans for actions of war towards Cuba and Venezuela

Swedish-Cuban Associacion, 07.07.2004 17:39

In Stockholm, on the 4th of July at 8.00 am two Swedish solidarity activists, Mr Tomas Widén and Mr Toni Lappalainen, began a hunger strike demanding the release of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters who are imprisoned in the United States for life.
The hunger strike is a way of emphasizing the demand that the five political prisoners held by the US: Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González, should immediately be set free. This action is also a protest against the US’s plans for actions of war towards Cuba and Venezuela.

Translation of the Abu Hafs al-Zarqawi's Masri Brigade Roadmap

Abu Hafs al-Zarqawi, 07.07.2004 15:46

Statement from Abu Hafs Masri Brigade claims credit for Ricin in US Senate in February, issues warning to Muslims

GLOBAL RELOCALIZATION -- A CALL TO ACTION posting for, 07.07.2004 15:24

"Relocalization is the process by which communities localize their
economies and essential systems, such as food and energy production,
water, money, culture, governance, media, and ownership"

ITALY ANIMAL (the heartsdiamondsspadesclubs and stripes)

£, 07.07.2004 15:00

ITALY ANIMAL (caps only) Redesign of my first album cover from 1991.

Things are heating up in Iraq

jamie, 07.07.2004 14:19

Things seem to really be heating up in Iraq. Now , at least, 872 U.S. troops have been killed there. That’s 5 in the last 24 hrs. according to Details follow. Spread this really sick news all around as the mainstream just wants to spin it as “making progress.” Be the media! Peace, jamie

Same shit

qwerg, 07.07.2004 11:49


censorship indymedia style.

bob marley, 07.07.2004 11:21

indymedia only let u see what they want u to see.

Conflict between Students and Administration in Sumy (Ukraine)

[s]AINT-Tsypa, 07.07.2004 11:03

Joining up of three universities of Sumy is the Crime! The universities are Sumy State University ( - SumSU, Sumy National Agricultural University ( - SNAU, and Sumy State Pedagogical University - SSPU. The reason of joining is an attempt to hide the financial collapse of Sumy National Agricultural University (SNAU), to conceal its debts in other universities. Another reason is political ambitions of Tsarenko, the rector of SNAU, who is also a deputy of Parlament and a member of the United Social-Democratic Party of Ukraine (SDPU (u)). On the eve of forthcoming elections, his powerless students and employees are not enough for him. Now, he tries to extend his administrative pressure to other universities.

No Victory: The Supreme Court &amp; Enemy Combatants

Joe Hill, 07.07.2004 10:14

"What the Supreme Court did was not a 'major victory' at all. What the Supreme Court has actually done is enshrine the concept of Enemy Combatants into our legal system..."


oliverhaddo, 07.07.2004 05:43

The judge said he couldn't explain further because his explanation itself would expose sensitive secrets.


Anon, 07.07.2004 05:40

Candidate for state office David Blomstrom is advocating the death penalty for George W. Bush.

Question for Howard and Latham?

Australian Coalition Against Death Penalty, 07.07.2004 03:26

Howard and Latham - two fools of the same kind!

Hello Friends and Family - It is time to follow in Mendocino County by helping to make the county GE (Genetically Engineered) Free

lunacy, 07.07.2004 00:36

For the future - no more GE foods Hello Friends and Family - It is time to follow in Mendocino County by helping to make the county GE(Genetically Engineered) Free.

Was abraham a little loony?

someone, 07.07.2004 00:28

This is A workable alternative to the confusion and misery that has been surrounding us for quite some time.
What must change is not what they do but what is being DONE in the name of all Jews.
We are not their slaves that they can demand our loyalty (in the form of silence) to get away with what they’ve been getting away with up to this point in time.

The USSA KGB : U.S.Congressman Mark Kirk Admits He Is Also Working for the CIA

Lee Goodman, 06.07.2004 23:13

“Kirk’s CIA connection also explains his support for the Patriot Act,” said Goodman. “He works for a surveillance agency. Of course he thinks it’s a good idea for the government to be able to spy on people.”

Sad Times for NH's Water

Olivia Zink, 06.07.2004 23:11

06 Jul 2004
Save Our Groundwater regrettfully announces that the state of NH issued a large groundwater withdrawal permit to USA Springs, Inc, despite years of protest, education, and general flat our resistance.
On July 2nd, NH state issued a large groundwater withdrawal permit to USA Springs, Inc. to pump more than 307,000 gal/day from our aquifer once certain conditions are met.

Kerry Picks Gephardt!

Thomas Dewey, 06.07.2004 23:01

Sorry if somebody else has already posted this. It belongs here for historical purposes.

Learning Advocacy Journalism On The Fly

marco, 06.07.2004 21:56

Young Ali is attending a conference on journalism.
She walked by a protest on her lunch break and joined in.
George Orwell ["you are there"] eat your heart out.

Journalism Horrific

Clinton fein /, 06.07.2004 20:51

The unfortunate survivors of anthrax at Murdoch's New York Post are at it again, calling Gephardt the VP choice for Kerry on their front page, instantly recalled online.

Torture of Iraqi children in front of their parents.

unicef hack, 06.07.2004 20:19

Training Iraqi children on Advanced American Freedom Techniques

VIDEO : View The 'Zarqawi' suicide bombers &amp; more

' Zarqawi', 06.07.2004 20:09

VIDEO : View The 'Zarqawi' suicide bombers

Plus get a free download of Fahrenheit 9/11

My Tin Foil Hat

£, 06.07.2004 19:04

Hat and wand Let the orgy nationalism commence!

Cuban &quot;Caravanistas&quot; Mass in McAllen Texas

Philip Harris, 06.07.2004 18:52

Carvanista Readies the 'Tania' bus for Mexican Crossing Over a hundred people from throughout the US, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, and Mexico are currently in San Juan, Texas making final preparations to pass into Mexico with 100 tons of humanitarian aid bound for Cuba. They will attempt to pass through US Customs on July 7th, in McAllen, Texas.



La violencia institucionalizada, el crimen legitimado, el asesinato reglamentado. Es posible que algunos Estados actúen de esta manera en el año 2004?. Desafortunadamente la respuesta es afirmativa: la pena de muerte esta todavía en vigor en varios países. A pesar que algunos países ya la han abolido, la lucha por suprimir la pena de muerte de nuestro planeta no se termina todavía.

100's of kids tortured in fron of parents

Once the parents have been liberated, 06.07.2004 18:22

Once the parents have been liberated Then it is the turn of the children to be liberated.

The Colombian Holocaust

Nicolás Zea, 06.07.2004 17:20

A Colombian conflict introduction

Ein Quasi-Nachruf auf den Tierschützer Günther Röll

Hans-Jürgen Lutz, 06.07.2004 15:17

Günther Röll starb kürzlich unerwartet und plötzlich; die Umstände seines Todes werden beschrieben, ebenso sein Leben für die Tiere. Zwei Anhänge zeigen Tips auf und bringen Persönliches seines Zusammentreffens mit TUN-Präsident Hans-Jürgen Lutz.

Marshal KIM JONG IL Study Packet #1

John Paul Cupp, 06.07.2004 14:55


867 U.S. troops killed, havoc spreading. Iran prepares.

jamie, 06.07.2004 13:32

“Death beat” continues for U.S. troops (now 867 “confirmed” dead GI’s) in Iraq and a statement from Iran indicates that nation is preparing for guerilla war should their nation be attacked. STOP WAR! Please spread widely. jamie

Free review copy of book about Underground Railroad

Gerald Allen Wunsch, 06.07.2004 12:56

My children's novel about the Underground Railroad is in 66 elementary school and public library collections, so far. I offered 18 Underground Railroad/Slavery programs during the last school year with my booksignings. See it at under "Gerald Allen Wunsch." Many thanks, independent media! Jerry Wunsch,

If Voting Changed Anything...

expatriated, 06.07.2004 11:57

If Voting Changed Anything, It Would Be Illegal In the year 2004, will the Democrats save us all from the madness of King George II and the pupper-master himself, Dick Cheney? After four years of a President who was handed the office by the Supreme Court and the Electoral College without securing even 48% of the popular vote, progressives are touting the "Anybody But Bush" campaign. Millions of dollars and countless hours of people's energy is being expended to elect "Anybody But Bush". Could this energy be better spent?

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