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Political asylum to the refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea in Bruzzano (Milan)

EveryOne Group, 18.04.2009 17:38

No Human Rights in Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea EveryOne Group is asking the institutions to grant political asylum to the refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea in Bruzzano (Milan) according to the regulations laid down by international law.

Al-shabab arrested a Somalia Journalist and likely face death sentence

SOJRA, 18.04.2009 17:33

Mohuyadiin Hassan Mohamed Mohuyadiin Hassan Mohamed was arrested yesterday night by members of Alshabab who control Bay region Somalia where he was reporting for Shabelle Media Inc.

Poll projects low voter turnout in Haiti: Protests banned

Haiti Information Project/ Kevin Pina, 18.04.2009 16:28

Will Haitian voters simply stay home? Whether or not the polling information and conclusions of the Haiti Priorities Project are correct, the upcoming elections in Haiti are shaping up to be the first real foreign policy debacle of the Obama administration since it took office.

Reporter Susan Roesgen is uniformed

woodward bernstein, 18.04.2009 16:14

Ignorant comments from CNN Reporter Susan Roesgen


SOS COLOMBIE- CANADA, 18.04.2009 16:12

Depojados de sus tierras,desplazados y condenados a la miseria Llamado urgente desde Canadá a las organizaciones sindicales, campesinas, indígenas, afrocolombianas, a las organizaciones de estudiantes, de jóvenes y de mujeres, y a los parlamentarios de las fuerzas progresistas y democráticas de Colombia, en America latina y espana a escribir al parlamento Canadiense solicitando No ratificar el TLC-Canada Colombia por esto significa un acto de complicidad con la violacion de los derechos humanos en colombia.

Misteri di Stato

berardoviola, 18.04.2009 14:32

Ecco di seguito il Bollettino quindicinale di ATTAC:


Venerdì 17 aprile 2009

Bush Folly Plain to Everyone (Prov. 13:16)

Bobby Meade, 18.04.2009 13:30

I heard that the Bushes brought home a pack of defective inbred mutts and left them in your "backyard"! Why don't you get rid of them for US? You know! Practice marches, love festivals, etc. 4/10 Bioterrorism; i.e. "harmless stuff"!

EU-Abgeordnete: Fette Zusatzrente trotz Finanzkrise

Silvio Sabiattore, 18.04.2009 13:14

Tricksen EU-Abgeordnete? EU-Pensionsfonds für umstrittene Zusatzrenten von EU-Parlamentariern steht wegen der Finanzkrise unter Wasser. Der EU-Steuerzahler soll die Verluste nun ausgleichen. Kein Ausgleich dagegen für Wertverlust von Pensionsfonds „für normale Menschen“.
Folgende deutsche Politiker profitieren von dem umstrittenen Zusatz-Pensionsfonds: ---> Nach Neuesten-Informationen waren oder sind folgende deutsche Politiker im
Zusammenhang mit ihrer Tätigkeit als Mitglieder des Europaparlamentes
(MdEP) an dem profitablen Luxemburger Pensionsfonds beteiligt (Stand 26.2.2009) ....

EMEUTES de STRASBOURG du 4 AVRIL : un document très instructif de la police du pays de Bad Wuertemberg

no nato, 18.04.2009 12:39

des questions a se poser sur les manipulations et violences policiéres

Advertisement with Elite Sportsmen

Mr Roger K. Olsson, 18.04.2009 09:51

Internet Online Marketing - Official Website Banner - Webmaster 2009

Fund Traders Association - The Bigger Picture

Mr Roger K. Olsson, 18.04.2009 09:45

Financial Derivatives

Affärsbolaget Konsult för en Gemensam Europeisk Marknad

Mr Roger K. Olsson, 18.04.2009 09:44

Fondförvaltning och Investering

Global Pension Plan (GPP)

Mr Roger K. Olsson, 18.04.2009 09:42

Corporate Actions Investing - Future Share Researchers


god, 18.04.2009 02:57


Skandal: WC-Personal muss Trinkgeld abgeben

Karl Krause, 17.04.2009 23:39

WC Shoppingcenter CentrO und Reinigungsfirma InterClean in der Kritik ... Das WC-Personal des Shopping- und Freizeitzentrums CentrO darf sein Kundentrinkgeld nicht behalten, sondern muss es an Arbeitgeber und Reinigungsdienstleister InterClean abgeben. Obwohl die WC-Männer und -Frauen mit 4,50 Euro je Stunde gerade einmal ein wenig mehr als die Hälfte des tarifbezogenen Branchenlohns von 8,15 verdienen, landet jeder zusätzliche Obolus auf dem InterClean-Geschäftskonto. Die für Reinigungsunternehmen in Nordrhein-Westfalen zuständige Gewerkschaft IG BAU läuft gegen diese Art der Mitarbeiterführung Sturm. IG-BAU-Gewerkschaftssekretärin Zeynep Bicici bezeichnet das Vorgehen des InterClean-Managements als "schamloses Ausnutzen".

Bash Back Gets Fabulous

BashBack!, 17.04.2009 23:34

Bash Back responds to the Puget Sound community's unwilingeness to hold Ken Hutcherson accountable for his connections to Watchmen on The Walls. They do this by spray painting on his church and gluing the doors shut.

Dialogo con Roque de Pablo ( Zheta)

alba, 17.04.2009 23:11


A small report of 1 year of 'christian democratic' governance in Italy

Matucana, 17.04.2009 18:27

Elected member of the party of 'the people of freedom' and good friend of Mr.B Is this possible just in one year in a European country?
This is the roadmap of Silvio Berlusconi...
Is this Europe 1939?

Launch of the University Jean-Paul Sartre of the sartrian intellectuals

University Jean-Paul Sartre, 17.04.2009 17:38

Launch of the University Jean-Paul Sartre the sartrian intellectuals International Campaign to declare April 15 as International Day of the committed intellectual, an initiative of the University of International Solidarity Jean-Paul Sartre

Iran: Delara Darabi a rischio di esecuzione imminente

berrdoviola, 17.04.2009 17:12

Firmate il seguente appello di Amnesty International per salvare la vita di Delara Darabi:

UK news: G20 police assault on Ian Tomlinson

Leroy Johnson, 17.04.2009 16:27

The DEAD of I. TOMLINSON G20 protest videos: Growing catalogue of evidence against police ..... Watch a collection of videos passed to the Guardian that appear to show police using excessive force against G20 protesters .... Police manhandle two demonstrators to the ground before letting the men get up and leave. During the second of these incidents, a policeman in a black uniform appears to aim a kick at the protester as he lies on the ground, sending him sprawling. .....

Music-Piraten gehen in die Berufung

Victor Nestle, 17.04.2009 15:48

Sunde und Svatholm Urteil: Pirate Bay-Betreiber müssen ein Jahr in Haft .... Die Betreiber des BitTorrent-Trackers `The Pirate Bay` haben in dem von der Musikindustrie angestrengten Verfahren vor einem schwedischen Gericht verloren. Der Richter befand sie für schuldig.

U.S. and Canadian groups oppose elections in Haiti

Haiti Information Project, 17.04.2009 14:25

We must appeal to our fellow Americans and Canadians... Over dozen members of the San Francisco Bay Area Haiti Action Committee confront the former Head of the U.N. Mission in Haiti Juan Gabriel Valdés last year when he visited UC Berkeley to gloss over his record of injustices. The group left placards showing Haitians — killed by UN occupation forces in Haiti — outside the meeting room where Valdés is seen speaking.

Poll projects low voter turnout in Haiti: Protests banned

Haiti Information Project/ Kevin Pina, 17.04.2009 14:22

Can elections be fair if they exclude the majority party? Whether or not the polling information and conclusions of the Haiti Priorities Project are correct, the upcoming elections in Haiti are shaping up to be the first real foreign policy debacle of the Obama administration since it took office.


Florin Muntean, 17.04.2009 13:32

Chis Cristian Mihai, a Romanian "jornalist" always taking pictures at European demos but hardly ever publishing objective reports, was by a strange irony of fate arrested by the police in Strasbourg on 4th of April. Nonetheless, the unusual top intervention of Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs led to his release on the spot. His profile, activity, and connections make him anything but a plain newspaper man.

Depression Time or Worse: The &quot;Bailout&quot; the Banksters Made

General Joe and Friends, 17.04.2009 12:19

“All the ingredients they have so far are weak, and there are several missing ingredients,” Stiglitz said in an interview yesterday. The people who designed the plans are “either in the pocket of the banks or they’re incompetent.”

The Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, isn’t large enough to recapitalize the banking system, and the administration hasn’t been direct in addressing that shortfall, he said. Stiglitz said there are conflicts of interest at the White House because some of Obama’s advisers have close ties to Wall Street.

“We don’t have enough money, they don’t want to go back to Congress, and they don’t want to do it in an open way and they don’t want to get control” of the banks, a set of constraints that will guarantee failure, Stiglitz said.

Movilización en defensa del derecho de asilo

CEAR-Euskadi / Harresiak Apurtuz / SOS Racismo Bizkaia, 17.04.2009 09:21

Llamamos a movilizarnos en contra de un proyecto de Ley de Asilo injusto y retrógrado a todos los colectivos, asociaciones y personas que luchamos por una sociedad sin exclusiones el viernes 17 de abril a las 20:00 en la plaza del Arriaga.
¡Os esperamos!!!!
CEAR-Euskadi, Harresiak Apurtuz, SOS Racismo-Bizkaiko SOS Arrazakeria

DHL im Mittelpunkt der Kritik / Friedensfahrt der Motorradfahrer/innen 2009 in Köln

Gine Willrich, 17.04.2009 09:09

Friedensfahrer/innen vor dem DHL-Zentrale in Köln/Eifeltor (12.04.09) Rund 200 Motorradfahrer/innen nahmen am Ostersonntag 2009 an der Friedensfahrt in Köln statt. Im Mittelpunkt der Kritik stand die DHL, die bei ihrer Zusammenarbeit mit Bundeswehr und US-Armee Milliardengeschäfte macht. Zusätzlich Gefahr birgt ein möglicher Datenmissbrauch von Kund/innendaten in aller Welt zu repressiven und militärischen Zwecken.

Moscow anti-fascist is on trial for his anti-fascist believes. International solidarity is needed!

russian anti-fascist movement, 17.04.2009 08:36

On the 21th of April 2009, a verdict will be announced in Moscow for an anti-fascist Alexei Olesinov. The prosecutor demands 5 years of prison for his anti-fascist affiliation. International solidarity is needed! Organize actions at Russian embassies demanding immediate freedom to Alexei Olesinov. Send a fax or a telegram to the court where the case is being treated.

Se reporta sismo en Chile

José Víctor Rodríguez Nájera, 17.04.2009 04:12

Hasta el momento no se reportan daños

MEDIA RELEASE, Wednesday 15th April 2009: Forest Activists say now is the time for forest resolution

Still Wild Still Threatened, 17.04.2009 00:25

A forest defender narrowly escaped injury yesterday in the Upper Florentine Valley. An excavator shovel was used to damage a structure supporting a tree-sit, endangering the protester who occupied it. Police and Forestry officials were present at the scene but took no immediate action. Search and Rescue personnel had left the area some time before. This event has caused concern amongst the peaceful protestors in the Upper Florentine Valley.

The Shortwave Report 4/17/09 Listen Globally!

Dan Roberts, 17.04.2009 00:04

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

Camerun: comunità Lgbt a rischio

berardoviola, 16.04.2009 22:33

Firmate anche voi il seguente appello di Amnesty international in difesa della comunità Lgbt:

Der große Schwindel mit der Arbeitslosigkeit

Nino Angeloti, 16.04.2009 22:32

Arge Schon seit Jahren sind die Arbeitslosenzahlen der Glücksindikator der bundesdeutschen Politik. Sinkende Arbeitslosenzahlen werden mit guter Politik und steigende Arbeitslosenzahlen mit schlechter Politik gleichgesetzt. Das ist wie das meiste, was die deutsche Politik verzapft, natürlich absoluter Blödsinn. Nicht die Politik schafft Arbeitsplätze oder schafft sie ab, das tun die Unternehmen. ..... ALG II – Töten per Gesetz? „Wer auch immer in die Mühlen der Hartz 4-Behörde (ARGE) gerät, ...... " ......

A small report of one year of 'christian democratic' governance in Italy: Is this Europe 1939?

matucana, 16.04.2009 21:16

Elected member of the party of 'people of freedom' and good friend of Berlusconi A small report of one year of 'christian democratic' governance in Italy:
Is there a country in Europe where all this is possible in one year?

V.d. Leyen: Lernen vom geliebten Führer?

Udo Knapp, 16.04.2009 20:01

Missbrauchsopfer kämpfen gegen Netzsperren Die Tage des freien Internets sind gezählt. Demnächst bestimmt das BKA, wohin die Untertanen surfen. Die Familienministerin hat das gut eingefädelt. - Vorbild: Nordkorea. Vorwand: Kinderpornographie. Ergebnis: Überwachungsstaat.

Asi se defiende la educacion publica

ayudantes de Segunda Alumnos de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales, 16.04.2009 19:36

Carta abierta a todos los estudiantes docentes y no docentes de las universidades del pais

Electoral Sham in Haiti

Stephen Lendman, 16.04.2009 19:07

Haiti's democracy is illusory

G20 les 9 vidéos du gardian qui accusent la police et la répression

en colére, 16.04.2009 16:04

G 20 les 9 vidéos du gardian qui accusent la police

G20 les 9 vidéos du gardian qui accusent la police et la répression

en colére, 16.04.2009 16:03

G 20 les 9 vidéos du gardian qui accusent la police

Now Accepting Submissions for Be Yr Own Hero Fest 2009, 16.04.2009 14:54

Be Yr Own Hero Fest is an annual radical Do It Yourself (DIY) festival in Wilmington, NC. It includes workshops, info sessions, awesome live music, rad art, free stuff, free food, lots of fun and friends from far away and close by! This year's Hero Fest is September 5-6, 2009 (Labor Day Weekend). Be Yr Own Hero is now accepting music, art, film, performance, fashion, zine/DIY/craft, and workshop/info session submissions. The deadline for submissions is July 19th, 2009.

Appel de Grenoble - Pétition pour donner suite aux grèves générales du 29 janvier et du 19 mars

Olivier Kraif, 16.04.2009 08:30

Le collectif ¡M.A.R.R.E.! (Mobilisés pour une Autre Réforme de la Recherche et de l'Enseignement) a lancé une pétition pour donner des suites aux journées de grève générale du 29 janvier et du 19 mars :

Merci de faire circuler !

Rumor falso paro IPN y UNAM

NullCool, 16.04.2009 04:23

Sobre el rumor creado entre los mismos alumnos y autoridades de ambas instituciones dentro de los planteles sobre un supuesto paro...

Como &quot;conbaten&quot; el debgue las grandes superficies comerciales

Inconforme Anticapitalista, 16.04.2009 01:26

Como el descuido cómplice de las autoridades municipales y sanitarias de la ciudad de Córdoba "ayudan" a los mosquitos trasmisores del dengue

Chicago NISN National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conf: Successful Conference!

Lee Siu Hin - National Immigrant Solidarity Network, 16.04.2009 00:10

Successful Ending! Together We Build A New Immigrant Workers Rights and Justice Movements of 2009!


alba, 15.04.2009 21:48


A 29 años de la muerte del Intelectual comprometido Jean-Paul Sartre

periodico sartreano El Intelectual Comprometido, 15.04.2009 21:30

A 29 años de la muerte del Intelectual comprometido Jean-Paul Sartre Declaran el 15 de Abril como el Dia Internacional del Intelectual Comprometido, una iniciativa de la Universidad de Solidaridad Internacional Jean-Paul Sartre

I terremoti distruggono le case e uccidono le persone - Il silenzio dell'informazione uccide le coscienze

berardoviola, 15.04.2009 20:08

Ecco di seguito l'invito di Megachip e Radiocittàaperta:

Venerdi 17 aprile tutti sotto la RAI a Viale Mazzini alle ore 17.00

Vauro sospeso da Annozero...
Santoro in "penitenza"...

Investigating Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Stephen Lendman, 15.04.2009 18:56

evidence of Israeli war crimes


AGD, 15.04.2009 18:37


Un buen espectáculo teatral de Pablo Pereda el que se desarrolló el pasado 29 de noviembre del 2008 en el Museo Wührt de Arte Contemporáneo en La Rioja .

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