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On fait quoi après le 1er mai ?

Colargolette, 03.05.2009 09:08

ET bien on commence vraiment à se fâcher calmement et de manière réfléchie pour être percutant !

Join ISM's Summer Campaign in Palestine

International Solidarity Movement, 02.05.2009 20:26

The International Solidarity Movement is issuing a call-out for internationals to volunteer as field activists and office workers in the West Bank, Gaza, and occupied East Jerusalem this summer.

Whether you can come for only few weeks or several months, your presence is needed to support Palestinian communities who are nonviolently resisting the Israeli occupation. Freedom Summer 2009, which will run from June 6th until August 15th, aims to challenge the continued theft of Palestinian land for the rapid expansion of illegal Israeli settlements and their infrastructure in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Turchia: violenta repressione contro i rappresentanti del popolo kurdo

berardoviola, 02.05.2009 20:14

Il DTP (Partito della società democratica) é un partito democratico, riconosciuto dalle leggi turche, presente anche nel parlamento turco.


David Van Deusen, 02.05.2009 19:02

Massive Rally For Healthcare in Vermont! The healthcare demonstration was the largest recorded rally in the history of the capital held during a weekday during working hours.

Holistic Health Initiative Launched Against Swine Flu!



Obama, 100 días de continuismo feroz

orwell-media, 02.05.2009 14:36

ilustracion de Mr. Fish Obama cumplió 100 días de gobierno, y el "cambio" prometido por supuesto no ha llegado. Al contrario, la guerra global antiterrorista iniciada por Bush es desarrollada pero con menos resistencias.

1. Mai 2009 Wuppertal

Pogorausch58, 02.05.2009 08:57

Polizisten entreißen grundlos Transparente der Demonstranten The same procedure als last year madame? - The same procedure as every year James! Provokation und Agressivität von Seiten der Polizei all Demo long

Human Rights. Mario Mauro must not be elected President of the European Parliament

EveryOne Group, 01.05.2009 22:42

Mario Mauro is in favour... Mauro does not represent the values expressed in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, he is a promoter of homophobic and xenophobic ideologies and challenges European civil and democratic achievements

Obama &amp; a Fragmented World

John Reimann, 01.05.2009 22:37

The US capitalist class installed Obama into office because a more complex world situation is facing them and they needed a representative who is capable of more subtle thinking and policies.

Adjustable Pressure Pad on New Aries Electronics’ CSP Test Socket Enables Testing of Extremely Small and Fragile Devices without Damage

Aries Electronics, 01.05.2009 19:05

Aries Electronics, an international manufacturer of standard, programmed and custom interconnection products, now offers its 27mm CSP (chip scale package)/MicroBGA (ball grid array) test and burn-in sockets with an optional adjustable pressure pad.

KKR Names Ken Mehlman to Lead Global Public Affairs and Further Drive Firm's Focus on Multiple Stakeholder Interests

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts &amp; Co, 01.05.2009 16:35

Ken Mehlman NEW YORK, April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. today announced that Ken Mehlman, noted counselor on national legislative and public affairs initiatives, will join the firm as Managing Director and Head of Global Public Affairs, a new position.

Secte, anti-secte, franc-maçon et néo-nazi

Paul Lavandière, 01.05.2009 15:01

un remède pire que le mal

Relations of the Left with political Islam

Hisbollah, 01.05.2009 14:50

“I am interested in whether you fight imperialism, not in whether you are Islamist or Marxist”.

algunas de las acciones en solidaridad con amadeu casellas en madrid

anonimo, 01.05.2009 12:47

estas son algunas de las acciones llevadas a cabo en madrid en solidaridad con amadeu casellas en las ultimas semanas


anne.s, 01.05.2009 12:18

According to mass media hype we are on the verge ‘again’ of a global pandemic even though more sober experts point out there is no evidence the so-called Swine flu is as deadly as depicted or that the strain differs very much from ordinary flu.

More puzzling still, there is no evidence that those fatalities reported died from ‘swine-flu’ and not ordinary flu which also takes its annual death toll, though rarely reported. And there is lots of evidence that if treated early this latest ‘flu’ symptom is not deadly at all.

In the meantime however certain pharmaceutical companies are making massive fortunes as health authorities around the world - prompted by media hysteria - stockpile their exclusive and patented anti-flu serums.

Who does not remember the chicken (Avian) flu outbreak and the anthrax scare?

The pharmaceutical company that developed the antidotes to those mu

ALL OUT THE STREET! May Day 2009 National Immigrant Workers Mobilization!

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network, 30.04.2009 23:51

We are calling A national day of multi-ethnic unity with youth, labor, peace and justice communities in solidarity with immigrant workers and building new immigrant rights & civil rights movement!

The Shortwave Report 5/01/09 Listen Globally!

Dan Roberts, 30.04.2009 23:36

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

&quot;Nobody can hear you Scream&quot;

Rory Winter, 30.04.2009 20:33

Craig Murray at JCHR Former UK Ambassador gives Parliamentary Committee evidence of UK Government Complicity in Torture

Sahara occidentale: Torturato difensore dei diritti umani

berardoviola, 30.04.2009 19:22

Il difensore dei diritti umani, Yahya Mohamed el Hafed Aaza, sarebbe stato torturato e posto in isolamento nella prigione di Ayat-Melol in Marocco.

Lappersfort la repression continue!

Lappersfort antinational, 30.04.2009 18:58

Nouvelle arrestation a Lapperfort, les abus policiers continuent...

Viruspandemie-Panik: Vorwand für eine Weltregierung

Carlos de Aragon, 30.04.2009 18:54

Bodenbildung Jaaa, jetzt noch Bombenalarm im Atomkraftwerk ..... Wie, Sie haben immer noch nicht die Hosen voll? Sie schlottern immer noch nicht vor Angst? Sie kriechen immer noch nicht auf allen Vieren vor der Obrigkeit und winseln, "hhhmmmmgggnaaaanaaaanaaaa, beschütze mich, beschütze mich, ohhhhh jaaaaa, beschütze mich, oh Herr und Meister"? Nein? Na dann gibt´s eben noch nen Bombenalarm im Atomkraftwerk Chinon, Frankreich. ...,-jetzt-noch-Bombenalarm-im-Atomkraftwerk ... gerade hörte ich doch bei Radio Utopie: Aha - WHO will gern Pandemie-Phase 6 ausrufen .... Panik wegen Viruspandemie: Ein weiterer Vorwand für eine Weltregierung ....

FDR's New Deal v. Obamanomics in Their First 100 Days

Stephen Lendman, 30.04.2009 18:33

stark mirror opposites

RADIO JOYSTICK jetzt aus Bad Kreuznach

Charlie Prince, 30.04.2009 17:51

Neue Ruhr Zeitung Rheinland-Pfalz lockte - nach einem Vierteljahrhundert im Ruhrgebiet

Justice pour les animaux !

marjo, 30.04.2009 17:38

Justice pour les animaux !

Welcome to Obamaville: Homelessness and the Crisis of Capitalism

Paul Joseph Poposky, 30.04.2009 15:52

In an uncharacteristic break from the focus on “Obamamania,” the mainstream media recently cast a cautious spotlight on the plight of America's “newly homeless” and a phenomenon that should send a chill through anyone even remotely familiar with the history of the Great Depression: the return of the shanty town.

The truth about swine flu

m4trix87, 30.04.2009 15:32

The truth about swine flu
(or when the 3rd World problems become our own)
The responsibilities of Smithfield Foods american multinational and the mexican government.The effort to cover up.

Tessa 96 heures de garde à vue - Rassemblement aujourd'hui

tarnacinfos, 30.04.2009 11:29

Ce mardi 28 avril, dans
le cadre de l'enquête « anti-terroriste » sur le
sabotage des lignes SNCF en novembre 2008, Tessa Polak a été
violemment interpellée dans son véhicule, arme sur la tempe, et son
domicile perquisitionné. Depuis, elle est maintenue en garde à vue.

The Foundation for A Drug Free World Distributes Millions of Drug Education Booklets Around the World

Julieta Santagostino, 30.04.2009 05:17

Youth Volunteers for Foundation for a Drug-Free World The Foundation for A Drug Free World volunteers made an impact into local Tampa Bay communities by distributing informational materials on the dangers of drugs.

Death Recipes

bg, 30.04.2009 05:06

Good plausible deniability is the difference between murder and not.

The shame of Durban II/Western boycott and walkout at Ahmedinejad speech

Astrid Essed, 30.04.2009 00:55

Not only the Western boycott of Durban II and the attitude on the Ahmadinejad speech lacks a fundamental respect for fundamental human rights, it is also hypocritical seeing in the light of her implicite support for the Israeli regime of occupation, letting get Israel away with human rights violations and war-crimes

Getting away with Murder: Whatever happened to ‘above all, do no harm’?

Jason Miller, 30.04.2009 00:47

So why, in defiance of conscience and logic, does such a heinous and grossly ineffective research method predominate and persist? Look no further than money, the lifeblood of our pitiless, narcissistic culture of death.

El TAV: gasto inútil y nocivo

Javier Mariskos, 29.04.2009 23:03

El TAV no es una inversión: es un gasto inútil y nocivo .... AHT Gelditu! Elkarlana» El importe de la “Y vasca” po r habitante, según los presupuestos actuales, será de 4.859 euros par a todos los mayores de edad de la CAPV. Los bancos, empresas constructoras, políticos, no nos dirán que pretenden desviar más de 4.000 euros por cada ciudadan@ vasc@ a una infraestructura despilfarradora que ni hemos debatido ni hemos pedido. No lo dirán, pero así lo quieren hacer, y así lo harán, si nosotr@s, l@s ciudadan@s, no mostramos nuestro no rotundo y paralizamos el TAV. Por eso, la coordinadora opositora al TAV AHT Gelditu! ha tenido que buzonear unos 800.000 documentos en las capitales, grandes ciudades y todos los municipios afectados por el TAV en Hego Euskal Herria, haciendo saber a todos los mayores de edad de la CAPV pagarán 4.859 euros para financiar la “Y vasca”, y a l@s navarr@s que para poder adelantar el dinero de la construcción del TAV se tendrán que reducir numerosos gastos sociales.

The Nakba - The Catastrophe (Palestine 1948)

Juba, 29.04.2009 19:26

Refugee Camp, 1948 Documentaries about the roots of the Conflict in Palestine

The Global Research News Hour - Media As It Should Be

Stephen Lendman, 29.04.2009 19:17

covering world and national issues fully and truthfully

Moldova: protezione per i manifestanti pacifici

berardoviola, 29.04.2009 19:14

Molte persone sono state arrestate con l'accusa di aver creato disordini durante la manifestazione del 6 aprile 2009 in Moldova.

How the ‘Obama puppy’ can help end animal homelessness

By Daphna Nachminovitch, 29.04.2009 18:06

It won’t happen overnight, but if we vow always to do two simple things—adopt animals from shelters or rescue groups rather than buy them from breeders or pet shops and get our animals spayed or neutered—then together, yes, we can end animal homelessness once and for all.

errorist wanted: qwx-show ur lingua, 29.04.2009 17:31 startet die Online-Aktion qwx - show ur lingua. Ziel der Aktion ist es den selbstdisziplinierende Konfliktvermeidungsstrategien anderssprachiger Bürgern der Türkei, durch eine individuelle Imagebildung, entgegenzuwirken.

The Nail In Our Economic Coffin

William Lewis, 29.04.2009 16:58

We Americans commonly refer to our system of government as a "great experiment," but we rarely look at our economic system in the same light.

BRD - Hartz IV: Hausbesuch ohne Folgen für Arge

Tito Puente, 29.04.2009 16:55

ARBEITSLOS Hartz IV: Illegale Hausbesuche - Staatsanwaltschaft Osnabrück lehnt Strafverfolgung gegen Mitarbeiter des SGB-II Amts "Ma?nahme kA?R" ab. Hintergrund - Eine Anzeige wegen illegaler Hausbesuche war bei der "Staatsanwaltschaft Osnabrück" unauffindbar verschwunden (siehe Artikel). .....

Venezuela: El Libertario warns of possible sentence to the 14 SIDOR workers

El Libertario, Venezuela, 29.04.2009 15:20

Workers could be sentenced to jail * After taking part in a demonstration for lack of job security in 2006, 14 workers of contractor “Transportes Camila de SIDOR” could be sentenced to 5 to 10 years in jail.

Oposición nazifascista amenaza con violencia y sangre

Iván Oliver Rugeles, 29.04.2009 14:49

Un llamado de alerta ante las amenazas de la oposición radical nazifascista venezolana de generar violencia y derramamiento de sangre en su proyecto permanente de derrocar el gobierno de Hugo Chávez, dado su precario y cada vez menos respaldo en el pueblo.

Nazi &quot;Swine&quot; Terror (WWW IMC is Worthless! Too Slow! Worthless Features!)

Bobby Meade, 29.04.2009 14:21

This Swine Flu "epidemic" is a good example of what happens when you tell dumkopf Nazi swine to " something, whether good or bad, so that we will be dismayed and filled with fear." (Is. 41:23) (Whoever is editting these articles has ruined this site. IMC is supposed to be automatic. Let the posts appear immediately, or you are saying that it is not IMC anymore. It is a Nazi site controlled by idiotic illiterate morons, I am sure.)

BASTA YA: Obama entmachtete US-Pentagons DARPA

Jerry King, 29.04.2009 12:45

Bush Total Info US-Pentagon Obama entmachtete während Panik-Flug des Militärs über New York die Forschungsabteilung des Pentagon DARPA ... Gestern flog eine der Air Force One, dem Flugzeug des Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten, zum Verwechseln ähnliche Boeing 747 zusammen mit zwei Jagdflugzeugen des Pentagon im Tiefflug über New York und löste eine Massenpanik aus (1). Präsident Obama befand sich nicht an Bord dieser Maschine.

Lets do it again: Prevent the Anti-Islam-Congress in Cologne, 29.04.2009 11:42

Demo After the disastrous “Anti-Islam-Congress” last year, the party “pro Köln“(pro Cologne) tries one more time to organize a congress in the centre of cologne with many patriotic guests from whole Europe. This text includes information about the last year’s congress, the current program of “pro Köln”, the actions being prepared and practical details.

communique de presse du syndicat Force Ouvrière de l'AP-HP

jack, 29.04.2009 11:16

Nous sommes stupéfaits que Madame Bachelot ait refusé de rencontrer une délégation des médecins et de l’intersyndicale FO, CGT, SUD et CFTC des personnels non médicaux et nous considérons ce refus comme un affront et un manque de considération vis à vis des 15 000 personnels de toutes catégories qui ont manifesté le 28 avril « contre les suppressions de postes, pour le retrait de la loi Bachelot et de l’amendement N°868, contre les pôles, pour le maintien des services,… ».

Communique de presse du syndicat Force Ouvrière de l'AP-HP

jack, 29.04.2009 11:14

Force Ouvrière AP-HP s’oppose à la mise en place des Agences Régionales de Santé (ARS) et exige le retrait de l’amendement N° 868.

Communique de presse du syndicat Force Ouvrière de l'AP-HP

jack, 29.04.2009 11:14

Force Ouvrière AP-HP s’oppose à la mise en place des Agences Régionales de Santé (ARS) et exige le retrait de l’amendement N° 868.

Communique de presse du syndicat Force Ouvrière de l'AP-HP

jack, 29.04.2009 11:14

Force Ouvrière AP-HP s’oppose à la mise en place des Agences Régionales de Santé (ARS) et exige le retrait de l’amendement N° 868.

Horses, Stocks and Booze: Calculating the Losses of the Financial Crisis

by Billy Wharton, 29.04.2009 04:51

Now, as the economic miracle of Wall Street has degenerated into a nightmare of zombie banks, state bailouts and toxic assets, Kate’s patrons are left to wrestle with a destruction of wealth so monumental that it swept away their stock market illusions.

Franc Tarnac la Dcri et le journal le point les bobards continuent

pas dupes, 29.04.2009 02:15

Tarnac la Dcri ne sait plus quoi inventer comme bobards

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