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INTERNET HANNOVER, 05.06.2009 09:42


Ferhat Ataman von  http://C.2.AG hat es geschafft
bei auf Seite 1 folgende begriffe zu bringen:
"Internet Hannover"

Se reporta sismo en Japón

José Víctor Rodríguez Nájera, 05.06.2009 07:38

6.3 grados en la escala de Richter

La grande bouche de Dieudonné n’a pas osé affronter le marché de Montreuil

les garibaldiens, 05.06.2009 04:36

le film de comdemi un collistier du "parti anti sioniste" sur dieudonné dont la premiére au cinéma l'entrepot a paris dans le 14 éme arrondissement a été annulée hier

une piteuse reculade a montreuil aujourd'hui pour le bouffon négationiste

disons le tout de suite nous ne laisserons pas la rue a ces fascistes

communiquè des camarades garibaldiens qui étaient présent hier au marché de Montreuil pour dire non au racisme, au negationisme et a la bétise antisémite

4 Juin Dieudo Facho casse toi Montreuil ne veut pas de Toi

ils ne passerons pas, 05.06.2009 04:34

4 Juin Dieudo Facho casse toi Montreuil ne veut pas de Toi

Ce matin du 4 juin les branquignoles et les loosers fascistes du P.A.S ou « parti antisioniste » pardon le Parti anti sémite du trio Dieudonné-Soral -Yahia Gouasmi comptaient faire une nouvelle visite de marketing pour leur parti de la haine raciste sur le marché de la croix de Chavaux a Montreuil

Warning Against Adverse Health Effects from the Operation of Digital Broadcast Television Stations

NO DTV, 05.06.2009 00:50

In the US, digital broadcast television is scheduled to start operating on JUNE 12, 2009. We

write to you today because we wish to save you from the significant negative health

consequences that have occurred here in Germany.

In Germany, analog broadcast television stations have gradually been switching to digital

broadcast signals since 2003. This switchover first took place in metropolitan areas. In those

areas, however, the RF exposures in public places as well as at home continued to increase at

the same time. As a result, the continuing declining health status of children, adolescents, and

adults in urban areas could not be attributed to any single cause.

The Shortwave Report 6/05/09 Listen Globally!

Dan Roberts, 04.06.2009 23:33

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

Guttenberg: Opel Insolvenz

Sergio Ponce, 04.06.2009 23:06

wiki / Guttenberg "Graf isser ja nun nich', dieser Baron aus Bayern", soll Altkanzler Gerhard Schröder (SPD) Anfang vergangener Woche mit Blick auf unseren Wirtschaftsminister gelästert haben. Der seltsame Unterton lässt zumindest einen Schluss zu: Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (CSU) beeindruckt auch die Sozialdemokraten. Zu recht, denn er macht eine gute Figur. Auch und besonders in der aktuellen Opel-Situation. Auch und besonders, weil ihm übel mitgespielt wird. Sogar aus den eigenen Reihen.

Europa-Wahl Schein-Wahl?

Eugen Loderer, 04.06.2009 22:27

Europa-Wahl Schein-Wahl ? Sonntag wählt Deutschland das neue EU-Parlament. Bevölkerung will Volksabstimmung und wurde über den Lissabon Vertrag nicht ausreichend informiert. Europäische Verfassung: 74 % der Bevölkerung wünschen Volksentscheid. Eine von Libertas beauftragte und in den letzten Tagen durchgeführte repräsentative Meinungsumfrage bei Wählern in Deutschland ergab: 84 % sind nicht oder kaum über den Lissabon Vertrag informiert. Nur ein Drittel vermutet, dass er auch mit Außen- und Verteidigungspolitik zusammenhängen könnte. Das Ergebnis zieht sich relativ gleichmäßig durch alle Alters- und Bildungsgruppen. Gut die Hälfte der Bevölkerung glaubt, dass es vor allem um Wirtschafts-, Effizienzfragen und Ähnliches geht. Dies könnte auf der Sprachregelung beruhen, mit der sich Regierungsvertreter zum Lissabon Vertrag geäußert haben.


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 04.06.2009 22:26

FREI Y MOVILH Es la primera cita sostenida en la historia de Chile entre un candidato presidencial de la Democracia Cristiana y el Movimiento de la Diversidad Sexual. Se abordaron los derechos de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transexuales, además de acordarse compromisos de trabajo conjunto. El Movilh entregó al abanderado una propuesta concreta de unión civil entre personas del mismo sexo.

Canadian and US forces surround Mohawks for final genocide.

Jane Burgermeister, 04.06.2009 22:25

The natural resources of the North American Indian's teritories have become a prize for the global elite, and the Mohawks on the US-Canada border are facing a new government-sponsored genocide as the merger of the USA and Canada into a militarized North American Union accelerates.

Free Artem Loskutov!

Chto Delat Platform, 04.06.2009 21:14

On May 15, Artem Loskutov, a young Novosibirsk was arrested and charge with drugs possession. He and his supporters claim that the police planted the drugs, and that his arrest is act of revenge on their part for Artem's role in the annual "Monstration" flash mob marches. Artists and activists all over Russia have organized protests and actions on his behalf. They are calling on comrades to join them in their campaign in advance of the next hearing of Artem's case, scheduled for June 10.

A propósito de estatización de la General Motors - La hipocresía de Vargas Llosa

Iván Oliver Rugeles, 04.06.2009 14:55

Increíble que estos intelectuales neoliberales de la derecha pretendan seguir engañando a los pueblos del mundo con esa cantaleta de que el libre mercado les traerá felicidad y bienestar a montón, cuando vemos hoy que no sólo se desploma la General Motors, empresa emblemática del imperio yanqui, sino que el desempleo cada día crece a niveles muy alarmantes en los centros del primer mundo, generando con ello inmensas tragedias sociales: en Usa ya van más de cinco millones las familias que han pèrdido sus casas, en España se ven en las calles cientos de miles de personas mendigando un mendrugo y paremos de contar...

What are Human Rights?

Antonella Antonecchia, 04.06.2009 12:34

Human Rights are the rights you have simply because you are human. (Summary)

Greenpeace Statement on Mark Cojuangco's sponsorship speech of HB 6300

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 04.06.2009 11:14

Manila, PHILIPPINES — Greenpeace today condemned Cong. Mark Cojuangco's underhanded attempt to railroad the passage of the HB 6300 at the Lower House that seeks to commission the obsolete, mothballed and therefore dangerous Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP).

Is Employee Free Choice dead?, 04.06.2009 05:40

Adam Turl explains how Corporate America is outmaneuvering organized labor in the battle over a law that would make it easier for workers to join unions.

Chand Mohammed urf Chander Mohan - Anuradha Bali urf Fiza marry to sleep together - Naresh Kadyan

Naresh Kadyan, Representative of OIPA in India - Chairman PFA Haryana, 04.06.2009 04:36

Chand - Fiza episode : No liquor....No prostitution, TAUBA...... End of Chand - Fiza marriage controversy, this put big question mark on the provisions of Muslim second marriage where as first wife alive with children s , then why second - for child or to sex enjoyment, this question left for public???????

Free the Holy Land Five

Candice Bernd, 04.06.2009 04:22

Gives a leftist analysis of the sentencing and trial of the United States vs Holy Land Foundation case. In the support of the defendants by showing the injustice that has been done against them.

Labor Leaders Put All “Our” Eggs in the NLRB and EFCA Baskets

Richard Mellor, 04.06.2009 03:15

Worker’s relying on our own strength and not the courts will drive back the capitalist’s offensive.


Naresh Kadyan, Representative of OIPA in India - Chairman PFA Haryana, 04.06.2009 01:34

Horn bill beak cap..... The Commissioner of Delhi Police along with the Chief Wild Life Warden have to take action to recover the Wild Life trophy:- Horn bill beak with feathers from the MP Takam Sanjoy -, investigation and legal action if found guilty - The International Organization for Animal Protection - OIPA in India along with the People for Animals (PFA) Haryana.

Nicaragua: Grupo Pellas contrató una manifestación de autoapoyo

Rel-UITA, 04.06.2009 00:32

ANAIRC frente Edificio Pellas Foto G. Trucchi
Reacción ante la campaña de respaldo a la ANAIRC


ReŞ, 03.06.2009 19:24


Remembering Father Gerry

Stephen Lendman, 03.06.2009 19:18

Honoring a remarkable man


Radio Malva, 03.06.2009 18:58

Sobre la aplicación de la ley del audiovisual en el País Valenciano y el cierre de las radios libres.
Artículo en castellano y valenciano.

El Salvador Inaugurates its First Leftist Government

CISPES, 03.06.2009 18:56

EL PUEBLO TOMA POSESION Several steps President Funes will take to confront the deep economic and social crisis in El Salvador include an employment program to build over 25,000 new houses, a central bank to guarantee credit to small-scale agricultural producers, and the re-imagination of the Rural Community Solidarity Network to guarantee access to health, nutrition and free public education for the most vulnerable sectors of society.

Nikos Kountardas' letter - Hunger and Thirst strike

G, 03.06.2009 18:12

Nikos Kountardas' letter from Hospital in Greece, where he is during his 13th day of hunger-strike. Since yesterday he started again thirst-strike.

Grecia: Carta de Nikos Kountardas

anarcore, 03.06.2009 18:08

Carta de Nikos Kountardas (en Grecia), desde el hospital, lugar donde se encuentra por 13 día consecutivo estando en huelga de hambre. Dado que el jueves 28 del mayo ha vuelto a empezar huelga de sed.

Nueva vuelta de tuerca al bloqueo contra Cuba

Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 03.06.2009 18:02

Todo indica que la reciente decisión de la poderosa Microsoft de suspender el servicio de mensajería on line Messenger, que venía ofreciendo a los internautas cubanos, es otra nueva vuelta de tuerca al bloqueo que desde hace 50 años mantiene el gobierno de Estados Unidos contra la Isla.

How to Give Powerful Presentations that Get You Noticed and Leave Your Audience Wanting More

Angelique L. Rewers, ABC, APR, 03.06.2009 11:34

Bon Mot Communications logo Bon Mot Communications LLC, a communications consulting and training business, has published a new special report: “How to Give Powerful Presentations that Get You Noticed and Leave Your Audience Wanting More.” The report provides a three-phase process to help professionals improve their presentation skills, particularly when using PowerPoint slides.

Criminel networks: Vervloesem case on BFM - TV

Jan Boeykens, 03.06.2009 09:11

The belgian activist Marcel Vervloesem, who has discovered the file of 90.000 victims of abuse, is dying in the Bruges Guantanamo-prison... This evening, Serge Garde, author of the Book of Shame on the French branch of the paedocriminal network Zandvoort, will speak of treatment of Marcel Vervloesem in the belgian prison.

Heresy of the First Order: We are the “Third Chimpanzees”

Jason Miller, 03.06.2009 02:41

Because if nonhuman animals ceased to be legally and morally (according to the dominant culture) subject to our perverse desire to subjugate, dominate, objectify, and exploit nearly every other being on the planet, our diseased means by which we’ve organized our existence, often referred to as “civilization,” would collapse in favor of a radical alternative.

G8 Genova Diaz Raid : “Martin Hogbin is responsible”

d, 03.06.2009 00:46

G8 Genova Diaz Raid : “Martin Hogbin is responsible” Lawyers representing victims of the police raid on the Diaz Centre in Genoa in July 2001 have issued an appeal for anyone with information on the movements of the spy and provocateur ,Martin Hogbin ,while at the summit to contact them.


Antonella Antonecchia, 02.06.2009 23:54

There are solutions to the drug problem.


kaypakkaya partizan, 02.06.2009 23:21


Die theoretische und praktische Demokratin

Andreas Kolbe, 02.06.2009 22:13

Die Schlimste Regierungsform Die theoretische und praktische Demokratie ... Der Bericht differenziert die praktische Demokratie von der theoretischen... Teil 1: Die Idee und Theorie mittels Demokratie staatliche Entscheide zu Fällen ist nicht schlecht. Die Herrschaft über einen Staat (Gebiet, Rechte, Gesetze, Menschen, etc.) den betroffenen und ansässigen Individuen zu zuteilen, klingt beinahe utopisch. Das aber genau soll der Fall in einem demokratischen Staat sein. .... ........


Dario Keller, 02.06.2009 21:27

newropeans Es ist richtig, dass das EP sehr wenig Gewicht hat. Man sollte aber dann in einem Beitrag über neue Parteien nicht in erster Linie Anekdotisches bringen, sondern auf Entwicklungen eingehen, die in Europa etwas bewirken können. Seit 2005 gibt es in ganz Europa Newropeans. 2009 treten die Newropeans in Frankreich, Holland und Deutschland mit einem Programm an.

Rigor and truth

martin concoyle, 02.06.2009 20:14

A society is about what it creates, and what a society can create is related to what knowledge the culture possesses.
If knowledge depends on a precise descriptive language then that precise language cannot be held fixed to certain assumptions, axioms, definitions, or interpretations of observed patterns. This is particularly true if one wants truth to be determined by a description’s wide applicability and usefulness.
Consider the idea that, if the criterion for the truth of a precise description (of existence) is related to the widely applicable, usefulness of the description then a true description must have a wide range of uses. If a precise descriptive language fails at these criterion then its narrow basis in assumption, definition, and interpretation need adjustments and re-visions.
That is, the patterns upon which a precise descriptive language is built must always be changed, because a precise descriptive language has a fixed (or narrow) range of patterns which it can describe, ie Godel’s incompleteness theorem, and a more useful truth (based on description) might lie outside the narrow constraints of a particular precise language’s assumptions, axioms, and definitions, ie a new context for description needs to be developed.

Writing about magic (or Writing about science “fiction”)

martin concoyle, 02.06.2009 20:10

In either case (magic or science) if one uses the ideas presented below, tied casually (in terms of material existence and material interaction) to a multi-dimensional array of space-forms so as to create a consistent context with regular science (or regular existence), ie classical physics, so as to describe experiences within existence, which go beyond what the idea to which materialism requires that experience be limited, then one will be describing magic experiences which are reproducibly true, and the science fiction based on these ideas would have a deeper basis in truth than the currently accepted idea of material based science does (have a basis in truth).
Below is a set of descriptions of practical experience that deal with dimension, position, place, time, motion, spectra, identification of positions and times, the nature of knowledge and the nature of intent as well as the possible models for living things and the active role that living beings play in creativity of existence itself. The universe is intending its further properties but it needs the help of a useful (correct) knowledge, ie understanding the context of creativity.

Aitech Defense Systems Provides Multiple Card Sets for TacSat-3 First Generation Modular Satellite Bus

Aitech, 02.06.2009 18:58

Chatsworth, Calif. June 2009 – Aitech Defense Systems Inc., the world’s first and largest independent manufacturer of open architecture electronic boards and subsystem level products for harsh, environmentally-demanding defense, aerospace and space applications, has provided a low-power, radiation-tolerant 3U CompactPCI (cPCI) conduction-cooled bus avionics card set for the ATK Space Systems’ Responsive Space Modular Bus (RSMB) used on the Tactical Satellite-3, which was successfully launched on May 19, 2009.


JOJO, 02.06.2009 18:26



Scott Huminski, 02.06.2009 18:19

Sotomayor flunks on getting the most basic principle of appellate law wrong – the Standard of Review.



INTI RAYMI Manizales 2009”, es un evento que por primera vez se realizara en la ciudad; un encuentro de culturas, saberes y ante todo un espacio para que Manizales, Caldas sea el nuevo punto de encuentro cultural y social"

avis à l'opinion publique national et international&quot; familles des détenus politique à Marrakech Maroc

assoulkhttabi, 02.06.2009 16:35

les familles des détenus politiques à Marrakech sont victimes de la reppression des forces de reppression du régimes en place au Maroc ci dessous un de leurs communiqués

AUDIT THE FED by Bill Gallagher

bg, 02.06.2009 16:15


Weltwirtschaftskrise hat die BRD fest im Griff

Eugen Delgert, 02.06.2009 16:01

BIP-Katastrophe Deutschland fest im Griff der Weltwirtschaftskrise ... Axel Wieandt, der Vorstandsvorsitzende der Hypo Real Estate, meldet mal wieder weiteren Geldbedarf an. Wieviel er genau braucht, weiß er noch nicht, das weiß er erst nach der Hauptversammlung, wenn die HRE dann komplett dem Staat gehört. Nein, er schämt sich nicht; und sein Institut ist so wichtig, dass es unbedingt gerettet werden muss, um den deutschen Pfandbrief zu retten. Selbst nach dem Wechsel im Vorstand stinkt der Fisch eben immer noch vom Kopf her. .... Das Deutsche-Bank-Modell heisst Leverage ....

Peace Conference Shannon Ireland

Jim Monaghan, 02.06.2009 15:41

Peace Conference on War NATO and the Lisbon Treaty
Park Inn, Shannon
Saturday 5th of September 2009
for more information contact Roger Cole Tel: 00 353 87-2611597

Numéro de juin de L'Agitateur

Henri Casta, 02.06.2009 11:34

L’Agitateur sort son numéro de juin.

Korea: Evicted residents from Yongsan file charges against prosecution for not disclosing

campaign, 02.06.2009 03:35

,, Residents accuse the prosecutors with dereliction of duty and appeal to the Constitutional Court to end unfair trial

OperationGreen RX Police Entrapment

Hope Unlimited, 01.06.2009 22:08

San Diego police entrap San Diego medical marijuana collectives.

This Way Out: California Decision Day: Marriage Inequality Upheld

Overnight Productions, Inc., 01.06.2009 21:27

June 1, 2009: As California's Supreme Court decides to uphold Proposition 8, demonstrations abound, legal strategies collide, and the married stay married while the rights of the rest are revoked. Coverage of the ruling, reactions and the way forward, including protests, a controversial federal lawsuit challenging the proposition, and the "Meet in the Middle" rally in Fresno.

Sacramento Artists Show at Reno Motel Art Festival in June

Ann Tracy, 01.06.2009 21:16

Motel Variation: Biggest Little City Two Sacramento artists will be a part of this year's NadaDada Motel Art Festival in downtown Reno, NV.

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