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Mexico's Attorney General Gets Implanted!

CNN, 14.07.2004 07:04

Attorney General Rafael Macedo said a number of his staff had also been fitted with chips which will give them exclusive and secure access to a national, computerized database for crime investigators that went live on Monday.


MANUEL CORTEZ FERNANDEZ Secretario de Defensa CGTP, 14.07.2004 07:03

A pocos días del PARO NACIONAL, señalado para el 14 de julio, en el PERU, la lucha de los despedidos durante la dictadura de Fujimori continúa.

Bush´s Guidelines For Postponing November Election

Michel Chossudovsky, 14.07.2004 05:49

Concurrent with Homeland Security´s statement regarding the possibility of a large scale "9/11 type attack", EAC director DeForest B. Soaries , a Bush appointee, has hinted to the need for:

"establishing guidelines for canceling or rescheduling elections if terrorists strike the United States again".

Resistance Video

Vandy, 14.07.2004 04:27

Resistance at Home ... a nice vid made for Deep Dish TV ... by VANistas, Asaf and Jeff

Madres Contra La Guerra visit Connecticut

Paul Karolczyk, 14.07.2004 03:28

Mothers! Have you given life to your children so that they may kill the children of other mothers?

Exceptional events in the skies over Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Brent Herbert, 14.07.2004 02:29

A couple of months ago I wrote one my weird pieces where I described a very unusual event in Saskatoon and then speculated that this must mean that there would be some terrible terrorist attack about to take place. Something big was about to happen, I suggested, but after waiting for some time, and watching these events repeat on a nightly basis it has become obvious that this initial speculative conclusion was wrong, although something really big is happening...

ICJ condemns Israel's Apartheid Wall

ISM Australia, 14.07.2004 00:44

The International Court of Justice has ruled in an advisory opinion that the construction of Israel's Apartheid Wall deep in Palestinian territory is illegal and unjustified by military necessity.

interesting article about terrorists

canyye, 13.07.2004 22:37

interesting article about terrorists

Federation of American Scientists on Government Secrecy

..., 13.07.2004 20:40

On their site, among other things, they have some discussion of microwave voice to skull devices (devices that transmit sound or speech into the skull of person or animals) that were mentioned on an US army page. These devices can be obviously used for mimicking mental illness or high tech forms of communication

Support Needed for Leonard Peltier- A political prisoner for over 25 years!!

niishinikwe, 13.07.2004 19:58

These are supporting links and places to write to, in the support to free Leonard Peltier

Iraqi Insurgent Recruitment Video

Ken, 13.07.2004 19:20

This short video proves that the US is weak, and losing the battle against the Iraqi insurgency.

SIGN UP TO BECOME AN IRAQI FREEDOM FIGHTER TODAY! Then, you too can experience the fate of those in this video.

Bolivia's Divisions: Too Deep to Heal?

International Crisis Group, 13.07.2004 19:05

Interesting analysis of the situation in Bolivia right now by the ICG.

Little Red Hen

Sublime, 13.07.2004 19:04

Once upon a time, on a farm in Argentina, there was a little red hen who scratched about the barnyard until she uncovered quite a few
grains of wheat.


Yuri, 13.07.2004 16:57

An interesting quote

Eurpoa lacht über itialienisches Konsulat in Köln - Deutsch über alles

Marco Zarbano, 13.07.2004 15:17

Deutsche Ausweißpapiere gelten in Italien mehr als die eigenen.
Italienisches Konsulat verlangt einen deutsches Personalausweiß, damit Sie einen itialienischen aushändigen.

Millardenschaden durch deutsche Behörden werden vertuscht unten gets weiter
Regierungsunfähigkrit der BRD wurde angedroht beim Wachbataillion in Siegburg
Europol hat Beweise die von Italien und Deutschland unterdrückt werden

Rosia Montana: The war for gold is killing people

RCW, 13.07.2004 15:11

The Mining Company S.C. „R.M. Gold Corporation” offered the amount of 840,000,000 lei to the family physician Florin Georgescu, so that he would leave Rosia Montana . For a year, the largest commune in Romania was left without medical assistance. Many of the local inhabitants claim that doctor Georgescu was paid to leave, because he held certain medical files of patients who had died, or became gravely ill, because of the powerful psychological pressures they were subjected to, for several years, by the mercenaries of the Company.
The war for gold has begun to kill people.

Original article at:
Translation courtesy of T.L.
Complementary infos:

Diary note: Amnesty International's Secretary General speaking at International AIDS Conference

news.amnesty, 13.07.2004 14:31

Amnesty International's Secretary General, Irene Khan, will make one of the closing speeches at the XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok. The topic will be 'Human rights and rules: national policies on HIV and the human impact'.

&quot;Revolution&quot; VIdeo/DVD release party

czelikson, 13.07.2004 07:35

Release Party for "Revolution" Video/DVD

enes de EE.UU. continuarán estudios en Cuba, a pesar de medidas de Bush

Combate News, 13.07.2004 02:58

La semana pasada, algunos medios de prensa habían reportado sobre la intempestiva retirada de la mayoría de los becarios estadounidenses, por temor a las nuevas restricciones de la Administración Bush. “La prensa no ha estado correcta en ese criterio”, aseveró Narciso Ortiz, quien acaba de concluir los exámenes.

Squatting The Surreal Story

Bill Posters, 13.07.2004 00:51

A coollections of stories all about the joys and hazards of squatting is being collected.

Ralph Nader interview by Pat Buchanan: progressive makes pitch for disenfranchised right

imcista, 13.07.2004 00:15


Ralph Nader recently accepted Pat Buchanan's invitation to sit down with us and explain why his third-party presidential bid ought to appeal to conservatives disaffected with George W. Bush. We think readers will be interested in the reflections of a man who has been a major figure in American public life for 40 years-and who now finds himself that rarest of birds, a conviction politician.

. . .

PB: Well, it's a pleasure. Thank you very much for coming over, Ralph.

RN: Thank you very much.

Right Wing Group Publishes Michael Moore's Home Address ... turnabouts fair play

PiratePrentice, 12.07.2004 23:17

If you think putting Michael Moore's wife and children in mortal danger is a disgusting act, call Focus on the Family and ask them why they did it. Their OFFICE phone number is 1-800-232-6459. It's a toll-free call, with all the charges will be paid for by FOTF,.

negationism at its best in Belgium forums

tabbuferkwa, 12.07.2004 21:25

negationism at its best in Belgium forums

Mediation Offered for Burial Remains Discovered in Maryland

Indian Moon Revanstone, 12.07.2004 20:51

an offer made by Chief Indian Moon Ravenstone, empowered by Grand Continental Head Chief Kaneekaneet, to resolve the conflict over the burial remins recently discovered in Maryland

Japan: Schoolkids to be tagged with RFID chips

Jo Best, 12.07.2004 19:42

First comes tagging, then comes implantation. Are you ready for that?

Russia: Environmental camp against Lockheed Martin started in Perm/Ural

russia indymedia, 12.07.2004 19:22

On July, 2nd the protest camp against illegal utilization of hard rocket propellant at Perm Kirovsky Factory started.

Russia: No to abolishment of social security!

russia imc, 12.07.2004 19:20

A long-term social campaign against passing the Parliament pack of antisocial laws started on July, 1st in Russia. Actions & meetings of protest had been planned to be held all over this country for that day by various groups & organizations. It’s understood that one day of protest is not enough.


IPC+ Agencies, 12.07.2004 16:57

A Roadside Bomb Goes off at a Tel-Aviv Bus Stop
Israeli police sources believed the incident was not a
Palestinian attack and that it has resulted from a
roadside bomb that went off abruptly when a bus no. 28
arrived at a bus stop in the Zion Mountain area, south
of Tel-Aviv, Israeli radio reported.
The radio said that ambulances and Israeli security
forces rushed to the scene and cordoned off the area.


jeanmarry, 12.07.2004 16:32

in this turbid world, Marléne Dietrich has the beauty of peace!! FOR THE WAR MUCH OF DOLLARS, PEACE TOO!! HELP the UNICEF

Fascism Means War was once the slogan of the left

commentator, 12.07.2004 12:52

Fascism Means War. That was once a slogan of the left; its point is that war and aggression are essential qualities of fascism, and that no compromise or co-existence with it is possible, let alone desirable.

.....guardia civil gangters working.......... whit.......... Al Qaida´s....

free press now, 12.07.2004 11:03

letters from some of the police informers to the oficial press from the guvernaments saying that the victims have the right to know for ho is working ....for armed groups ....or... some guardia civil(gestapo)gangsters

.....guardia civil gangters working.......... whit.......... Al Qaida´s....

free press now, 12.07.2004 10:50

letters from some of the police informers to the oficial press from the guvernaments saying that the victims have the right to know for ho is working ....for armed groups ....or... some guardia civil(gestapo)gangsters

spanish police gangsters from the guardia civil GESTAPO ....11 M

free press, 12.07.2004 10:43

the last police informer ... ho sell the explosive to the supoust ...alqaidas..tells today to the oficial press that he do not now for how is working ...with ... a armed group ...or...
guardia civil gangster group ...

Terrorism Alert

Clinton Fein /, 12.07.2004 06:47

Counterterrorism officials, citing what they call "alarming" intelligence about a possible Qaeda strike inside the United States this fall, are reviewing a proposal that could allow for the postponement of the November presidential election. Tom Ridge said he saw no contradiction in the government's renewed public warning of likely terrorist act and its unwillingness to raise the official alert status.


Pedro Rodriguez Medina, 12.07.2004 05:18

El dato choca una vez más con aquel discurso que pronunció el 1º de mayo de 2003 George W. Bush. A bordo del portaaviones “Abraham Lincoln”, el presidente de EE.UU. declaró el fin de las operaciones militares en Iraq y la “victoria sobre el terrorismo".


Concerned Citizen, 12.07.2004 04:31

Destruction and chaos In an inhuman action, the Goa Government demolished the Baina red light area of Goa. Using the pretext of a High Court order, but going contrary to its letter and spirit, thousands of people, including sex workers, daily wage labourers, women and children were thrown out onto the streets in pouring rain, in a blatant attempt to grab prime real estate.

En la UNI : Rector Reelegido y Universitarios Detenidos.

cmi Peru, 12.07.2004 03:56

universidad nacional de ingenieria de lima peru

November Surprise! Bush Security Department trying to postpone Nov. Election

ecomcon, 12.07.2004 02:14

November Surprise. Bush Homeland Security Department trying to postpone November presidential election if another terror attack occurs.

'Amal' is the Arabic Word for 'Hope'

Maha Zimmo, 12.07.2004 00:28

He's right. The wall doesn't "kill," it merely paralyses the movement of those who are encircled by it, cutting them off from their schools, farms, work and even their families. The wall, while it doesn't "kill" Palestinians, shatters their hope of a viable and contiguous state of their own where they can live in peace and under their own sovereign rule, free from occupation and all its glorious decoration (most commonly seen in the shade of ‘blood red'). This wall that doesn't "kill," merely facilitate the suffocation of Palestinians, but when Israel's only concern is its own Jewish demographic, the suffocation of non-Jews isn't their problem.


Immo Klink, 12.07.2004 00:13

wePod Flyer a Has the iPod madness not caught up with you yet? It was on the news: the shop shelves are empty and people go completely crazy! Don't panic... There is still hope. If you really, really feel the urge -just plug yourself in and enjoy: wePod best Immo

Let's Reject Normalization of Relations With the Zionist Enemy!

., 11.07.2004 22:05


Zionism as Jewish National Socialism

Lasse Wilhelmson, 11.07.2004 21:10

Israel is not only a traditional colonial State with apartheid and racism, but also a Western imperialist fortress in The Orient. Zionism also means expansion and ethnic cleansing. Furthermore, it is an elitist ideology. It grows politically and religiously amongst the broad masses of people and is thereby strengthened. Religious totalitarianism is its ideological base with strong links to National Socialism and Fascism.

Cost of the War in Iraq- setting policy priorities

Brent Herbert, 11.07.2004 20:46

Some useful facts and figures to consider which help to illustrate just how and who sets the global policy priorities, and the motivations which underly these choices.

Bush Plans to cancel US election

Verity Sparks, 11.07.2004 20:01

US Cluster bombing towards democracy While the UN asks for elction monitors in the US and "Bush-lite" Kerry forges ahead... the Bush cartel has plan B..

Bush plans to cancel the US election

Verity Sparks, 11.07.2004 19:48

While the UN asks for election monitors and "Bush-lite" Kerry forges ahead.. the Bush cartel has Plan B..

Zionist entity occupying Palestine bombs itself and blames it on the International Court!

Angry Manc, 11.07.2004 16:05

Mossad have done their usual trick of blowing up a bomb and blaming Palestinians! This time though they have said that the first bomb in 4 months is due to the ruling of the International Court!!!! Nice one! You zionist nazis are getting SO PREDICTABLE ....

Journalists hit by new US visa rules

Chris P Bury, 11.07.2004 11:42

I read this article in the Guardian today and thought that we might need the whole of North American IMCs to work towords doing the proper reporting about the Elections.
"A crackdown by US authorities on issuing visas to foreign journalists threatens to cause chaos for overseas broadcasters and newspapers just five months before the presidential election."

Proof of the Demolition of WTC 1, 2, 6, 7 by Internal Explosives

Alexander James, 11.07.2004 11:30

This expose lays to rest the conspiracy theory advanced by Bush, Sharon & their cronies that Arab hijackers caused the collapse of WTC 1, 2, 6, 7. The empirical scientific research explained in this document brings out the truth that these buildings collapsed due to internal explosives. For the pictures, please see the attached document.

National Press Club UFO declaration obn video!

henk, 11.07.2004 10:38

Voltaire (?) who is watching a saucer UFOs, Global Warming, and Missile Defense
A Summer Interning on Capitol Hill, By Derek Garcia

Twin speeches move the China issue

CSN, 11.07.2004 08:50

When Communist China shot a Falun Gong activist in South Africa, these two activists took their shot in speeches against Communist China.

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