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Petition seeks Maneka’s disqualification too - Naresh Kadyan

Naresh Kadyan, Representative of OIPA in India - Chairman PFA Haryana, 02.07.2009 16:10

Maneka Gandhi

Reports from the front: The population of Honduras is fighting back

Kristin Bricker and General Joe, 02.07.2009 14:05

"They claim they're fighting for their constitution, but they just ripped it apart.
Gone. All gone. Everything they claim to be defending is gone now, destroyed and in tatters at the hands of the very political class that claimed it was protecting them.
And now, with the Congress' invitation to enter the people's door, the vampires begin to come out... tonight."

"Battalion 316” a notorious death squad element within the Honduran army has been reactivated (last seen in the 1980’s) and is “operating” in that country again now.

Obama schweigt gegenüber Israel

Arnim Winsley, 02.07.2009 12:46

Obama schweigt gegenüber Israel Cynthia Ann McKinney ist eine US-amerikanische Politikerin des US-Bundesstaates Georgia und setzt sich u.a. für die Rechte von Schwarzen und der Abschaffung der Todesstrafe ein. Sie war als Mitglied der Demokratischen Partei im 109. Repräsentantenhaus von 1993 bis 2003 vertreten und zog 2005 wieder ein, um den 4. Wahlbezirk von Georgia zu repräsentieren. 2006 verlor sie ihren Sitz zum zweiten Mal. Seit Oktober 2007 ist sie Mitglied der Grünen Partei, als deren Präsidentschaftskandidatin McKinney zu den Wahlen im November 2008 antrat. ... Diese Frau war mit auf dem Boot, das von den Israelis sozusagen geentert, und die Menschen darauf verschleppt wurden.

Open letter for Director General of Haryana Police : Defamation of Lord Ganesha - Naresh Kadyan

Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser to the OIPA in India, 02.07.2009 08:07

Page one - complaint Kind attention:
Sri R.S. Dalal, IPS - Director General of Police, Haryana

Honduras: Ofensiva Propagandística de la Gran Burguesía Imperialista

Níkolas Stolpkin, 02.07.2009 04:53

Micheletti Fascista Se acabó el pequeño “relax”. Se ha iniciado la ofensiva propagandística de la Gran Burguesía Imperialista en favor de sus intereses particulares.


OEIL QUI VOIT TOUT, 02.07.2009 00:32


A rap-song for Thomas Schulz, aka Schmuddel

Azzoncao. ein Politcafé &amp; Antifaschistische Jugend Bochum (AJB), 01.07.2009 22:36

Thomas was an antifascist punk. He was killed at the 28.3 2005 by a
joung Nazi-Skinhead in Dortmund, Germany.
To remember him two members of the antifascist youth group AJB from the
neighbourtown Bochum put an antifascist rap in internet.
You will find a MP3-version of the song and a short selfmade video on

Trouble with probability and trouble with math: Or is smoothness a secondary property of existence which descends from discrete geometries, such as simplexes?

martin Concoyle, 01.07.2009 22:33

A few are allowed to dominate and control all the material and money in society. This allows these few to control how language is used and it also determines an elite structure for all of society, including an elite structure for how knowledge is developed. It is claimed that knowledge developed through this elite structure of society will be superior to knowledge based on egalitarianism and free inquiry (ie skepticism of the authoritarian representation of science that is being put forth by the elite structure of society) along with a desire to have knowledge in order to create, ie freedom based on equality as opposed to a society, and its creativity, based on elitism and authority (or the authoritative lies upon which elitism is based). It is clear that the domination by the few will lead to the deterioration of “knowledge” within society.
The recent economic collapse is directly related to the failure of elite institutions to be able to develop knowledge. Much of what the dominant society now calls “knowledge” is simply not true (eg risk management). The collapse is also the result of the failure of science to develop ideas which are relevant to the main material issue of the day (7-09), that of developing the “best” mathematical structure with which to describe existence so as to be able to use that knowledge in order to develop (or create) a clean cheap energy source, also of importance is determining, in an open discussion not dominated by materialism and probability, “what is the nature of life and mind?”
Dogmatic arrogance, which characterizes elitism (and its narrow definition), is the cause of the failure of the elite structure of society.
Below is an example of how dogmatic authority in regard to probability and smooth descriptions of existence leads to an elite structure of complicated irrelevance (complicated ways to get at a knowledge which exists isolated within a fixed descriptive language so that this limited (elite) knowledge is not likely to be useful) and this exposition is written within a context in which a better line of inquiry “as to the nature of existence and its relation to mathematical patterns” is proposed.

Namely, discrete geometries based on “cubical” simplexes (or space-forms) are more fundamental in regard to describing existence than is both calculus (and/or local measurability) and operators acting on function spaces (in order to find the spectral sets of physical systems), so that material does not reduce to elementary particles (rather both material and space reduce to space-forms, where material and space are essentially space-forms of adjacent dimensional levels), though the complete description of dynamics (contained within a particular metric-space state, at a particular dimensional level) is best done in terms of metric-space states and unitary fiber groups, whereas isometry groups apply to individual (or particular) metric-space states (ie within one of the two metric-space states), so that this new description is multi-dimensional and moves past the philosophy of materialism.

A Vincennes, les sans papiers en grève de la faim

Enrica, 01.07.2009 21:41

En réaction à une énième tentative de suicide, l'ensemble des retenus du centre de rétention de Vincennes a décidé de se mettre en grève de la fin mardi 30 juin 2009. Ils ont rédigé une liste de leurs revendications à lire ici et à diffuser.

The Consummate Animal Rights Reference

Donna Albergotti, 01.07.2009 20:07

Book Review: The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights
Ingrid E. Newkirk
St. Martin's Press, New York (2009)

Michael Hudson's &quot;Super Imperialism:&quot; The Economic Strategy of Imperial America

Stephen Lendman, 01.07.2009 19:01

How imperial America is funded

Protest against Lord Ganesha defamation : image on beedi and beer - Naresh Kadyan

Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser to the OIPA in India, 01.07.2009 18:38

INDICA PALE ALE BEER...... Mangalore Ganesh Beedi Works:-
Lord Ganesha image on beedi bandal and INDICA IPA beer........

Varun Gandhi's election challenged - Naresh Kadyan

Naresh Kadyan, Representative of OIPA in India - Chairman, PFA Haryana, 01.07.2009 16:41

Mataji of Varun Gandhi, siting with Naresh Kadyan in Hissar Let us see the court verdict on this petition......

A Look at the Venezuelan Healthcare System

General Joe, 01.07.2009 11:09

"Although the system began by focusing exclusively on preventative health, it has expanded to include emergency health services, mental health services, surgeries, cancer treatment, dental care, access to optometrists as well as free glasses and contact lenses, support systems for those with disabilities and their families, as well as access to a large variety of medical specialists. They have succeeded in taking an under funded, corrupt public health care system and changing not only the quality and accessibility but also the mentality of those working there. Instead of a for-profit industry systematically denying access to large sectors of the population, health care in Venezuela is seen as a basic human right. No one is turned away, and no one is denied care."


saffo, 01.07.2009 05:48

Call for submissions from radical queers for zine on why we hate the HRC

Los principales actores del golpe en Honduras

Denny Ortuño, 01.07.2009 02:43

El pueblo de Honduras debe exigir la inmediata restitución del presidente Zelaya como jefe del gobierno de Honduras, la renuncia inmediata de todos los integrantes del Congreso, de la Corte Suprema de Justicia y del alto mando militar de Honduras.

Foundation for A Drug Free World Helping to End Drug Abuse in Tampa Bay

Antonella Antonecchia, 01.07.2009 00:31

Clearwater, Florida – June 29th 2009 – In the wake of the untimely death of an entertainment icon, Michael Jackson, amid allegations of drug overdose and interactions and in commemoration of the June 26th United Nations'
“International day against Drug Abuse and illicit Trafficking”, young volunteers from the Foundation for a Drug Free World stepped up their activities in bringing home their anti-drug message to Tampa Bay.


Wilfredo Gutiérrez, 30.06.2009 23:09


Berliner Piratenpartei unterstützt die Brandenburger Piraten bei der Zulassung zur Bundestagswahl

Rik Aulfes, 30.06.2009 20:09

Die Berliner Piratenpartei hat genügend Unterstützerunterschriften für die Zulassung zur Bundestagswahl 2009 in Deutschland gesammelt und unterstützt nun mit allen Kräften die Brandenburger Piraten. Dort müssen innerhalb einer Woche 2000 Unterstützerunterschriften gesammelt werden. Originalton Martin:"Das schaffen wir"

Nicaragua: Ingenio San Antonio Production Practices Prove False Chronic Kidney Disease (CKF/CKD) Campaign Against Grupo Pellas, Nicaragua Sugar Estates and Boycott to Flor de Cana by ANAIRC and UITA

Xiomara Chamorro, 30.06.2009 19:20

Informative article on clean production practices followed by Ingenio San Antonio (ISA), the sugar processing estate owned by Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited (Grupo Pellas) in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua.

Doctors Warn Against 'Swine Flu Parties'

Mark Tutton, 30.06.2009 18:31

Parents consider throwing 'swine flu parties' to build up immunity to the virus in their kids' bodies.

Help us to save our best Center of Education

SavePetnica, 30.06.2009 17:39

Serbian authorities are, contrary to promises made in public during election campaign, cutting a lifeline funding to Petnica Science Center.Petnica, a unique center of educational excellence in Southeastern Europe, has survived Slobodan Milosevic, sanctions,and NATO bombing. Please help efforts to keep it open(and growing) by signing this petition:


Free Gaza Movement, 30.06.2009 15:54

Today the Israeli Navy have attacked and boarded the Free Gaza Movement boat, the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY, abducting 21 human rights workers from 11 countries, and have confiscated medicine, toys and olive trees. The passengers and crew are being forcibly dragged toward Israel and have now been seized by immigration (a ridiculous arrest since they were going to Gaza, not Israel). They were seized about 24 miles off the coast of Gaza, surrounded by 6 Israeli navy vessels, at one point threatening to fire at it.
For the latest updates on the situation, go to:

Coup d'Etat Underway in Honduras: OBAMA’S FIRST COUP D’ETAT

Eva Golinger, 30.06.2009 14:29

"Such an initiative has never taken place in the Central American nation, which has a very limited constitution that allows minimal participation by the people of Honduras in their political processes. The current constitution, written in 1982 during the height of the Reagan Administration’s dirty war in Central America, was designed to ensure those in power, both economic and political, would retain it with little interference from the people. Zelaya, elected in November 2005 on the platform of Honduras’ Liberal Party, had proposed the opinion poll be conducted to determine if a majority of citizens agreed that constitutional reform was necessary. He was backed by a majority of labor unions and social movements in the country. If the poll had occured, depending on the results, a referendum would have been conducted during the upcoming elections in November to vote on convening a constitutional assembly. Nevertheless, today’s scheduled poll was not binding by law."

Milada is calling for your help

milada, 30.06.2009 14:00

squat milada evicted


Deculop, 30.06.2009 13:18


Promote sustainable agriculture, support Negros's rejection of GMOs: Greenpeace

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 30.06.2009 08:43

Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, PHILIPPINES — Greenpeace today called on the national government to follow the example of Negros Occidental in its vigilance against GMO crops (genetically modified organisms) to protect and promote sustainable agriculture in the country. The call came at the conclusion of the province’s Environment Week celebrations last week which showcased Bacolod’s organic and sustainable farming initiatives.

Alan García: A la fe de la inmensa mayoría

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos, 30.06.2009 01:50

regalon del peru Los acontecimientos en Bagua le a estallado en la cara el mal manejo que hace de la cosa publica al Señor Alan Garcia, y el alicaida figuar del Felon de Yehude Simons Munaro

Video of CHicago protest against 68 riot cop reunion

fisheye, 29.06.2009 23:52

This is a video report on an End Police Brutality march organized in response to FOP reunion of 1968 DNC riot cops.

This Way Out: &quot;Fierce Advocate&quot; Rides Again &amp; New Queer CDs

Overnight Productions, Inc., 29.06.2009 22:19

June 29, 2009: New developments in the Obama Administration's handling of LGBT issues; cycles, sex and southern soul in song. Plus Irish activists unimpressed by Government's civil partnerships proposal; Lithuania's president nixes "no promo homo" law; Pride marches peacefully in Mexico City, Tijuana and Jerusalem; Phelps hate becomes mitzvah for gay New York synagogue; more news.


Shora-e defah az Mobarezat-e Khalqai-e Iran, 29.06.2009 19:11

Ist das iranische System ein antimperialistisches, oder ein vom Imperialismus abhängiges, gesteuertes, dirigiertes Heuchler- und Ausbeutersystem?

wahlomat-2009 Q-A-?

Guest, 29.06.2009 17:52

Q.: Welche Partei ist gemeint? Nun antwortet bitte vorurteilslos. ( )

A.: .............. !!! ok. ......... Mehr ............

Veterans Call For Release of Detainee Abuse Photos

Iraq Veterans Against the War, 29.06.2009 17:29

Three military veteran organizations are calling on the Obama Administration to release photographs depicting abuse of detainees in U.S. custody. Veterans For Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Common Sense wrote a joint letter to President Obama describing how releasing the pictures is crucial to U.S. national security, upholding international law and safe guarding democracy at home.

Twittern könnte Bundestagswahl torpedieren

Raymond Sellers, 29.06.2009 17:12

Current Torpedos Twittereinträge von Ulrich Kelber: Auszug aus Twittereinträgen des SPD-Fraktionsvize Ulrich Kelber nach der Bundespräsidentenwahl. Vergrößern Der Bundeswahlleiter und Abgeordnete von SPD und Union befürchten, die Bundestagswahl könnte durch Kurznachrichten im Online-Dienst Twitter unzulässig beeinflusst werden. Dies berichtet das Nachrichtenmagazin Der Spiegel in seiner kommenden Ausgabe. Schließlich könnten über Internetdienste wie Twitter die Ergebnisse der Wahltagsbefragungen nach Stimmabgabe schnell jedermann zugänglich gemacht werden. Erst kürzlich hatten Bundestagsabgeordnete das Ergebnis der Bundespräsidentenwahl vorzeitig über Twitter verbreitet.

Color Revolutions, Old and New

Stephen Lendman, 29.06.2009 17:02

Imperial America's ugly agenda

Zehuula mappa liva

Cedikola, 29.06.2009 16:07

Zehuula mappa liva

Cedoklia hos de milo

Decokiao, 29.06.2009 15:59

Cedoklia hos de milo

Telesur nos trajo la verdad de Honduras

Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 29.06.2009 13:28

Cuando esperábamos las informaciones sobre el desarrollo y resultados de la encuesta que se llevaría a cabo el domingo en Honduras, nos llegaron las noticias sobre el brutal golpe de estado contra el gobierno del Presidente Manuel Zelaya.

Honduras: voces para la verdad

Por Néstor Núñez, 29.06.2009 13:26

El valor de los medios alternativos de comunicación se hace cada vez más evidente, y sin dudas llega al clímax cuando se ponen en ciernes los intereses de las grandes masas a los cuales sirven y representan.

communiqué de sôs soutien ô sans papiers

sôs soutien ô sans papiers, 29.06.2009 12:59


éditions cartaginoiseries tunisie

cartaginoiseries, 29.06.2009 12:10

parutions livres

Shill Heaven

Michael David Morrissey, 29.06.2009 08:19

The recent Iranian election lets everyone play.


Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser to the OIPA in India, 29.06.2009 03:46

Logo of the company My friend Naresh Kadyan has started a petition to ask a California brewery to remove the image of the Indian God Ganesh from one of its products.I feel that companies must be respectful of the beliefs of others and that this image is not appropriate as a commercial image. There are surely other "oriental " images that portray the "mellow" or "spiritual" image without having to use a religious one. Christians and Jews would take offense at images of Jesus or God on beer bottles, and Muslims would not appreciate it either if one put Mohammad or Allah on alcoholic beverage bottles.So I ask you to join me in signing this petition, if you have not already, and to forward it to others - said Michelle M of France -

Jersey City Deluxe: A Cut Rate Beacon for FHA Buyers

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff, 28.06.2009 23:55

Holy housing bubble redux! The FHA is helping hip young professionals buy luxury condos deep in the heart of Jersey City, New Jersey. For almost no money down. In a nabe where almost 30 percent of the residents live below the poverty line. No need to fret; the public housing projects are being demolished.


Hendrik Voss-SOA Watch, 28.06.2009 22:18

This press release describes how attendees of the School of the Americas are directly linked to the current coup against Honduran President Manual Zelaya

Queers Fucking Queers

Up The Queer Punks, 28.06.2009 19:58

Over 250 people gathered in the parking lot of a defunct queer bar in Seattle to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Stonewall Riots. Police came quick and verbally/physicially assaulted the crowd.

Die Zeit arbeitet für die Taliban

Gernod Weber, 28.06.2009 18:47

The Talibans Die militärisch oktroyierte Stiftung von Frieden und Demokratie klappt seit Jahrzehnten nicht, wird aber wie in Afghanistan oder im Irak trotzdem fortgesetzt .... Mit den letzten drei toten deutschen Soldaten in Afghanistan stieg die Gesamtzahl der Opfer auf 35. Und kaum überraschend reißt die Nebelwand der Phrasen, mit denen der Krieg zur "Mission", zur "Militäroperation" oder zum "Friedenseinsatz" verklärt wird. Die sprachliche Kosmetik hat ausgedient. Der Kriegseinsatz soll - so das offiziell formulierte Ziel - den Afghanen Frieden und Demokratie bringen. Und das, obwohl die Bilanz vieler Versuche, sich diesen Zielen über militärische Strategien zu nähern, nicht sonderlich ermutigend aussieht. Tatsächlich erfolgreich war man damit seit 1945 genau genommen nur einmal, und das mit Abstrichen.

Congresss to view Jihad film - v.v.a.r.

leonard magruder, 28.06.2009 16:37

sumarizes the case that Islam is the root cause of world terrorism - gives Wilder film Fitna as documentation

Türkei schränkt Befugnisse des Militärs ein

Giovannie Scalone, 28.06.2009 15:36

Türkisches Parlament schränkt Befugnisse des Militärs ein Das türkische Parlament hat per Gesetz die Machtbefugnisse der Armee eingeschränkt. Die von der Regierungspartei AKP eingebrachten Änderungsvorschläge wurden Freitagabend in einer schnellen Abstimmung verabschiedet, wie gestern auf der Webseite des Abgeordnetenhauses mitgeteilt wurde. Demnach müssen Armeeangehörige künftig in Friedenszeiten vor zivile Gerichte gestellt werden, wenn ihnen Staatsstreiche, Vergehen gegen die nationale Sicherheit, organisiertes Verbrechen oder Verfassungsbruch vorgeworfen werden. Auch Zivilisten, die gegen Militärgesetze verstoßen, dürfen nur vor zivile Gerichte gestellt werden.

US &amp; Collaborators: major FEMA/military exercise July 2009

Henk Ruyssenaars + FEMA, 28.06.2009 10:16

FEMA exercise and Foreign forces: "This year the United States welcomes the participation of Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom in NLE 09."

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