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Honduras y la torpeza de la oposición venezolana

Iván Oliver Rugeles, 16.07.2009 14:02

La oposición venezolana en su inmodificable estrategia de acabar con el gobierno de Hugo Chávez, ya no encuentra qué hacer y ha resuelto, ahora, no solamente defender, sino convertirse en el mayor propagandista de la salida militar que se produjo en Honduras. No considera que haya habido allí un golpe a la democracia, sino un mero cambio de gobierno "constitucional" porque fue avalado por un congreso integrado por diputados elegidos por el pueblo...!!!

Zhibin Gu: how China creates outourcing, tech, manufacturing, job centers

globalization forum, 16.07.2009 03:56

Get inside story about Chinese business and management. How is global financial crisis reshaping Chinese and world politics, finance, banking, trade and outsourcing? How to profit from rising Chinese trade, yuan and stock market? How do over a half million international companies make profits in China? How to do investing, travel, trade inside China? Get real investigations from onground probe.

Ex University of Montana student arrested at library -library blocked his freedom of speech?

Donald Iarussi MFA, 16.07.2009 00:40

photo by don iarussi ex u of m student arrested at library -library blocked his freedom of speech?
This writer has been in Montana, I call it whitelandia for two years and have witnessed extreme cases of bigotry and racism and violations of freedom of speech.

Ex University of Montana student arrested at library -library blocked his freedom of speech?

Donald Iarussi MFA, 16.07.2009 00:30

photo of arrest by don iarussi ex u of m student arrested at library -library blocked his freedom of speech?
This writer has been in Montana, I call it whitelandia for two years and have witnessed extreme cases of bigotry and racism and violations of freedom of speech.

The Truth about Painkillers

Antonella Antonecchia, 15.07.2009 20:27

Once prescribed, painkillers open the door to a tenacious addiction and a life dependency.

Giving farmed-animal abusers their due

By Dan Paden, 15.07.2009 20:09

Recent convictions in two separate cases have let the meat industry and its employees know that the courts won't tolerate animal abuse—and given the public yet another reason to go vegetarian.

ICRC - Israel Traps Gazans in Deprivation and Despair

Stephen Lendman, 15.07.2009 19:40

Israeli slow-motion genocide

Κίνα: ηλεκτροσόκ σε χρήστες Διαδικτύου!

Ψυχιατρική + Κράτος = Φρίκη, 15.07.2009 19:02

Στη Κίνα οι κυβερνητικοί γιατροί μαγείρεψαν μιά καινούργια ψυχιατρική ασθένεια: η πολύωρη χρήση διαδικτύου (στο οποίο κυκλοφορούν ενοχλητικά πολλές αντιεξουσιαστικές απόψεις) τώρα ονομάζεται... κυβερνοεξάρτηση, και όσοι νεαροί μπαίνουν πολύ στο διαδίκτυο τους πάνε με το ζόρι σε νοσοκομεία για ηλεκτρο-σόκ ή τους κατατάσουν στο στρατό!

Isolated and discredited 2 - the US in Latin America

toni solo and a note from General Joe, 15.07.2009 18:40

"With the latest murders there, Honduras seems to be lunging backwards into a death-squad-dark remake of John Negroponte's early 1980s dirty war in Honduras. From Nicaragua's capital, Managua, Negroponte's fellow National Security State promoter, Robert Callahan, looks on. With the 30th anniversary of the Sandinista Popular Revolution on July 19th, this is a good moment for taking stock.

The current situation in Honduras

Over the weekend in Honduras two local leaders of the left-wing Unificación Democrática political party were murdered in circumstances reminiscent of that 1980s Honduran dirty war. The coup regime expelled two teams of Venezuelan journalists on Sunday, meaning no international media remain there committed to ensuring fair coverage of resistance to the coup. Only a few independent radio stations transmit reliable information on resistance to the coup in Honduras – Radio Globo, Radio Progreso and Radio Es-lo-de-menos seem to be the main ones. All the main media stations belong to backers of the de facto usurper regime.

Both Radio Globo and Radio Progreso were briefly taken off the air by the army shortly after the coup. Despite continuing intimidation, they continue to broadcast. Likewise, the Libertador alternative newspaper has been under constant intimidating surveillance. Its editor Jhonny José Lagos is under constant threat of detention. The coup regime lifted the nightly curfew last weekend, after two weeks, but the state of emergency suspension of basic rights remains in place. So the army and police can do what they like, abusing due process, free of effective legal restraint.

The committee for the Defence of Human Rights in Honduras reports at least 400 people still detained. The two murders on Saturday night bring the total number of people killed by the armed forces to 5, including the cold-blooded murder of 19 year old Isis Obed Murillo. Murillo's father is an environmental activist from the conflictive Honduran department of Olancho. After publicly denouncing his son's murder, he was arrested on trumped up charges and spirited off to prison in Olancho.

While the curfew has been officially lifted, people continue to be arbitrarily detained by the army. Virtually no information is available of the large numbers of youths and boys forcibly recruited by the army in poor urban barrios and rural areas following the coup. Various municipal leaders in places like Concepción del Norte and Trinidad in the Santa Barbara area, or Tocoa in the Atlantida department seem to be incommunicado, either detained or in hiding, as is, reportedly, the mayor of San Pedro Sula, Honduras' second city."

"Obama supports this coup. It could not continue without his nod. It presents a major setback for progressives. It is possible it could still be reversed but not without making the "change" president uncomfortable and helping him understand how this so not "change" we could ever believe in. We can not let this pass. The time to mobilize and pressure is now. The consequences of not doing so will be dire indeed."

"Notorious former death squad leader Billy Joya has been named presidential adviser to usurper-in-chief Roberto Micheletti"

"That snowball lasted just a couple of microseconds into the infernal Honduran coup. In fact, it has been the ALBA countries led by Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua that have made the running. Their prompt determined response made Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama look even more like double talking frauds than they would have done otherwise. "

Minorities Disillusioned by Iran's Democracy Movement

The Advocacy Project, 15.07.2009 18:12

July 7, 2009, Vancouver, Canada: Iran's large Azerbaijani minority feels disappointed and ignored by the pro-democracy movement, which has been widely praised internationally for opposing the Iranian government's attempt to rig the June 12 election.

Jörges-STERN Kritik ( Ergänzung ATOM )

Dick Spencer, 15.07.2009 18:12

Im Mai 2006 geriet Jörges in die Kritik mit einem Kommentar zu Hartz IV unter der Überschrift „Der Kommunismus siegt - Arbeit wird verhöhnt, Nichtstun belohnt“. Er sprach darin und in einer Sendung von Sabine Christiansen in der gleichen Woche von „2.000 Euro Sozialleistungen“, die Familien mit mehreren Kindern unter „günstigsten Umständen“ bekommen könnten. Auf Anfrage der taz räumte er ein, dass er der Rechnung die Ausnahmesituation des Übergangs von Arbeitslosengeld zu Arbeitslosengeld II zugrunde gelegt hatte.[1]

BND konstruiert Iranische Atombombe

Friedrich Böhme, 15.07.2009 17:43

In einer interessanten Wendung hat heute der traditionsreiche deutsche Auslandsgeheimdienst “Bundesnachrichtendienst” (BND) nicht nur die Internationale Atomenergiebehörde IAEA der Lüge, Unfähigkeit und heimtückischen Sabotage am Weltfrieden, sondern auch noch das Konzernblatt “Stern” der Manipulation bezichtigt. Nun, viel Feind, viel..naja. ...........

Who's behind Lanny Davis' putsch paycheck? or Follow the money.

Bill Conroy, 15.07.2009 17:06

"And yet another player in CEAL, listed as its “coordinator,” is an individual named Miguel Mauricio Facusse Saenz, who lists his corporate affiliation as being with Corporación Dinant S.A., which is a subsidiary of another Honduran mega-business called the Grupo Dinant Cos. — which produces snacks, agricultural products and food products.
Just this past June, the Inter-American Investment Corp. (IIC) provided Grupo Dinant with a loan package worth up to $7 million. The IIC is part of the Inter-American Development Bank, which is based in Washington, D.C., and is charged with fostering economic and social development in Latin America. Luis Alberto Moreno, a Colombian diplomat, currently heads the bank.
But it appears the IIC isn’t the only entity that has lent Grupo Dinant money. A short news item carried by Summa News indicates that a syndicate of banks, including Banco Financiera Comercial Hondurena, last spring provided Grupo Dinant subsidiary Corporación Dinant with a $77 million loan."

appel de sôs soutien ô sans papiers

sôs soutien ô sans papiers, 15.07.2009 15:16


TV: Hartz IV &amp; die Armutsindustrie

Robert Schultze, 15.07.2009 12:51

GEGEN Armutsindustrie Derzeit entsteht ein neuer Markt rund um Armut und Hartz IV bei denen viele abkassieren, nur nicht die Betroffenen selbst. Die Reportage von der Autorin Eva Müller zeigt auf, wie Geschäftemacher mit 1-Euro-Jobbern und "subventionierten Mitarbeitern" viel Geld "erwirtschaften" und die Menschen selbst weiterhin in Armut gehalten werden. Müller greift ein brisantes Thema auf, dass bislang in den öffentlichen Medien kaum behandelt wurde. Um so wichtiger, dass möglichst viele Menschen die Reportage sehen. Heute im TV: Die Armutsindustrie: ARD| Mittwoch, 15.07.2009 | 21:45 Uhr ...

Kapitalismus-Recycling: Warum ... ?

Joe Banando, 15.07.2009 11:42

Crashonomics Warum? Kapitalismus-Recycling: Warum stellen wir nicht mehr die Warum-Fragen? ... Warum gibt es die Finanzkrise überhaupt? ... Die westlichen Industrienationen sind in den letzten Jahren geistig und moralisch völlig degeneriert. Trotz technologischen Fortschritten sind die Realeinkommen gesunken und die Bildung ist zu einem Spezialistentum ohne Verantwortung für das Ganze verkommen. Kein Wunder, dass Begriffe wie Ethik und Moral im entfesselten Kapitalismus scheinbar keine Rolle mehr spielten.


bruno berardi, 15.07.2009 10:39


RSS Feed Creator PRO 5.5 - Create RSS feeds quickly

Sergey Korovin, 15.07.2009 10:36

RSS Feed Creator PRO is a professional desktop RSS editor that allows you to create and maintain your own RSS newsfeeds and podcasts. RSS Feed Creator PRO generates feeds using version 2.0 of the RSS standard and it is the best solution for WYSIWYG editing of RSS feeds that does not require any basic knowledge of XML. With RSS Feed Creator PRO, creating RSS feeds will become a pleasure!

Get your ass over there! Greece: No Borders Camp @ Lesvos, 25-31 August 2009

·, 15.07.2009 03:36

Call for the noborder camp 2009 in Lesvos (Greece)

Repression has no place in our boat...

Η Ιαπωνία αναγκάζει την Ολλανδία να αλλάξει τη νομοθεσία της

Ολλ, 15.07.2009 03:08

Η Ολλανδία θέλει να απαγορέψει στην οργάνωση Sea Shepherd να έχει πλοία με Ολλανδική σημαία.

4 éme commnunique de l'assemblée de la clinique en exil

Collectif la clinique, 15.07.2009 02:04

Manif 4 éme commnunique de l'assemblée de la clinique en exil, retour sur la manif

Messages aux femmes d'Iran

Azadijan, 14.07.2009 23:35

Solidarité avec nos camarades iraniennes


GIOVANNI LOMBARDO, 14.07.2009 23:12

Operation spéciale pour soutenir RFI et salariés

La Peña Cultural Center presents Diáspora Negra – The African Legacy in Latin America

La Peña News, 14.07.2009 18:51

With the music and dances of eight countries from Latin American and the Caribbean, the program was conceived to integrate, unify, and educate the local Latin American community and general public about our cultural identity.
La Peña Cultural Center presents
Diáspora Negra – The African Legacy in Latin America
A cultural and historical program that takes place over two days.
It tells the passionate tale of African song and dance in Latin America.

Friday, Aug. 14 and Saturday, Aug. 15.
The performances are preceded by a free symposium lead by master musicians and dancers from 6:45 to 7:45pm; Performances begin at 8:30pm and are $18 adv., $20 door.

Friday's show: Jorge Alabe, Afro-Brazilian music & dance; De Rompe y Raja, Afro-Peruvian music & dance; Hanajpacha, Afro-Bolivian music, Cantuta, Afro-Bolivian dance; Son Tambor, Afro-Colombian dance; Antioquia, Afro-Colombian and West African rhythms and music.

Saturday's show: De Rompe y Raja, Afro-Peruvian music & dance; Ensemble Ballet Folklórico Mejicano, Afro-Mexican dances; La Mixta Criolla and Aguacero, Afro-Puerto Rican music & dance; Sandy Perez y Su Lade, Afro-Cuban music.
At La Peña Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley. 510-849-2568

Citizens Launch Group Aimed At Stopping Nuclear Expansion on the Chesapeake Bay

Cathy Garger, 14.07.2009 18:43

Radioactive emissions and the No. 1 Green House Water Vapor pour out daily Citizens launch organization in the backyard of Washington, DC in order to oppose a double-sized, French experimental nuclear reactor certain to finish off an already dead and dying Chesapeake Bay.


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 14.07.2009 18:14

Nunca antes un miembro de la Iglesia Católica había apoyado una propuesta del movimiento chileno de minorías sexuales. El sacerdote José Luis Ysern sostuvo en Chillán que el manual “es cristiano, porque es cristiano todo lo que camina a la verdad”. De esa manera se distanció del rechazo manifestado por el obispo de Chillán.

Chavez: US Government Giving Oxygen to Honduran Coup

Kiraz Janicke with a note from General Joe, 14.07.2009 17:26

Although Obama and secretary of state, Hilary Clinton have made comments condemning the ouster of Zelaya, the US government has thus far refused to legally recognize the coup as a "coup", maintained diplomatic ties with the illegitimate coup government in Honduras, and continued to send millions of dollars in aid.

"Obama withdraw your soldiers from Honduras, withdraw all support for the coup plotters, freeze their bank accounts, withdraw their visas so that this government falls immediately," the Venezuelan head of state said.

"If the US government truly doesn't support the coup, it would withdraw all of its troops from the military base at Palmerola," he added.

Chavez argued that it is imperative that his counter-part in the White House take a clear position on Honduras, and that this represents a test for Obama, who promised a shift away from previous US president George Bush's interventionist foreign policy approach.

"Don't deceive the world with a discourse that contradicts your actions," he warned Obama, "demonstrate that it's true that you are disposed to confront the imperialist hawks, if not, its better that you go away, because you will end up worse than Bush."

US-backed talks aimed at promoting "dialogue" between Zelaya and coup president Roberto Micheletti, mediated by Costa Rican president Oscar Arias ended last week without resolving the crisis.

During a press conference on Friday, Chavez slammed the US initiative of promoting dialogue with the coup government as a "crass error."

Find below an important statement on the coup from Hugo Chavez. After that find links to usefull media for keeping up with what is actually happening on the ground. Get out this weekend. Make yourselves visable. Resist and beat the coup!

"A dialogue with who? With these usurpers? The same people who are now persecuting the Honduran people? Those who have killed people?" he questioned.

"This would constitute a trap for democracy, a danger and a serious error, not only for Honduras, but for the whole American continent," he said.

Mandatory Swine Flu Alert

Stephen Lendman, 14.07.2009 17:21

swine flu and all other vaccines are toxic and dangerous

California Wealth Management

Mr Roger K. Olsson, 14.07.2009 17:11

Giuelith Diamond DIAMOND INVESTMENT - Worldwide Precious Gem Stone Development. A different Giuen multifarious business activity encouraged to a first class of consistency and precision of the knowledge and care required

Halcones y &quot;Neocons&quot; a la caza de Obama

Fernando Dorado, 14.07.2009 16:29

Usted dijo en Trinidad y Tobago: “Olvidemos la historia”. Las víctimas perdonan pero no olvidan. Esa historia es de tal peso y su impacto es tan oprobioso, que si los mismos estadounidenses no nos ayudan, se vuelve un obstáculo para ver con claridad los detalles del actual entramado interno del imperio norteamericano, que hoy afloran.

Rentner, die neuen &quot;Sündenböcke&quot;

Arndt Halbach, 14.07.2009 15:22

Arbeitslose-SCHMAROTZER- Die Hetzerei der etablierten Medien und der Politiker wird immer unerträglicher. Regelmäßig erscheinen Meldungen oder Studien über "schmarotzende" Arbeitslose, schlecht integrierte Migranten, Probleme im Liebesleben von Paaren, vernachlässigende Eltern und nun sind es die Rentner, d.h. Erwerbstätige werden gegen Arbeitslose, Inländer gegen Migranten, Männer gegen Frauen, Kinder gegen Eltern und Nicht-Rentner gegen Rentner aufgehetzt, "Ossis" gegen "Wessis" oder umgekehrt. Worüber soll man sich mehr monieren: über die berufsbedingten Hetzer, die dafür bezahlt werden oder die Bevölkerung, die darauf hereinfällt?

Honduran Military Kills Peaceful Protesters

Neil Brandvold, 14.07.2009 15:08

Saturday Protest in Tegucigalpa First hand account from massive protests in Tegucigalpa, Honduras demanding the return of president Zelaya and from the front line of protesters at the Toncontin Airport on Sunday, July 5th when the military open fired on peaceful demonstrators.


Arnold Pfeffer, 14.07.2009 14:45

Dick Cheney - LAT CIA's secret program: Paramilitary teams targeting Al Qaeda .... The agency had a plan after Sept. 11 for paramilitary forces to take out Al Qaeda figures overseas. Congress was never told. Reporting from Washington -- The secret CIA program halted last month by Director Leon E. Panetta involved establishing elite paramilitary teams that could be inserted into Pakistan or other locations to capture or kill top leaders of the Al Qaeda terrorist network, according to former U.S. intelligence officials. The program -- launched in the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks -- was never operational. But officials said that as recently as a year ago CIA executives discussed plans to deploy teams to test basic capabilities, including whether they could enter hostile territory and maneuver undetected, as well as gather intelligence and track high-value targets.

Lobbyist Lanny Davis Seeks a Rematch with Obama over Honduras Coup

Al Giordano, 14.07.2009 13:32

"And Zelaya is right. Playing along with such talks with an illegitimate coup regime any longer than they've gone on already would be folly. Diplomacy is for dealing with legitimate governments, not for criminals and terrorists.
And, Mr. President, even if that story blows over in the news media, because Honduras is a relatively small country, you just know that if the Honduras coup succeeds in remaining in power that other military generals in other Latin American countries are going to take it as a green light to do the same. And when that happens, the next coup - in Bolivia, perhaps? El Salvador? Nicaragua? Or completing the circle from 1955, Guatemala, Señor Presidente? - will be known far and wide as “Obama’s coup,” because your administration will then be accurately perceived as having not lowered the boom – in all the economic, political and judicial ways that everybody knows you can and must do - on its predecessor.
Worse, they’ll say you got beat by Lanny Davis."

Bloqueo del centro cerrado de detención en Lesquin, 24-06-2009

La Cumiche, 14.07.2009 13:26

Activistas de Bélgica, Francia, Alemania, Italia, España y Grecia bloquearon la valla del centro de detención para inmigrantes en Lesquin (Lille, Francia). Esta acción se realizó durante el comienzo del campamento No Border en Calais, el 24 de junio del 2009, donde la policía llegó con una fuerza exagerada para evitar cualquier acción directa...

Change in Iran

Keith Parkins, 14.07.2009 12:30

women on the streets The people of Iran have already effected change. They may not yet have overthrown the Supreme Being and his evil regime, but they have changed the world view of Iran. We now see a different Iran. The hated 'turnip tops' (the ayatollahs and mullahs) are isolated. This has only been possible through various networks and individuals.

Blockade of the closed detention centre of Lesquin, 24-06-2009

La Cumiche, 14.07.2009 12:06

Activists from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece blocked the gate of the closed detention centre in Lesquin (Lille, France). This action took place during the start of the No Border Camp in Calais, the 24th of June 2009, where an exagerated police force was summoned to avoid direct actions...

Iran Kameini doit être jugé pour crimes contre l'humanité

iran revolution, 14.07.2009 06:20

Solidarité internationale avec la résistance Iranienne


Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser to the OIPA in India, 14.07.2009 03:15

A team of the International Organization for Animal Protection - OIPA in India along with the activist of the People for Animals (PFA) Haryana led by Naresh Kadyan visited Jammu and Kashmir to investigate the treatment with Ponies, matter taken up with the Chief Minister and DGP of J&K along with local administration.....DM, Katra replied:-


Miguel Angel Moreiras, 14.07.2009 02:03

1er PRE MUNDIAL DE TANGO DE LA COSTA 2009 (nacional/internacional)

La corte al defendido: Deje de irradiar el cerebro de ese hombre!

Traduccion por Felipe Arias, enlace al articulo original publicado, 13.07.2009 22:42

El uso de armas no letales usada por grupos encubiertos de terrorismo locales o foreaneos, y el desarrollo de este tipo de armas de microondas o electromagneticas ya sea casero o industrial encubierto es un hecho que a venido ocurriendo desde hace algunos años, con todo tipo de objetivos, y esto implica reformas legislativas incluyendo este tipo de delitos, e incluso la posesion de este tipo de dispositivos.

En el momento este tema a sido tratado con muy poca seriedad, comenzando por la desestimacion de las denuncias y la asociacion de sus sintomas con enfermedades mentales, debido a que causa una sintomatologia parecida (ver congruence of microwave biological effects and schizophrenia, o congruencia de efectos biologicos de microondas y la esquizofrenia), hasta leyes mal preparadas no solamente en paises tercermundias sino con altos niveles de industrializacion y en los cuales inicia la atencion y actuacion contra este tipo de dispositivos y delitos

This Way Out: Ben &amp; Jessica Speak to the Future

Overnight Productions, Inc., 13.07.2009 20:13

July 13, 2009: 13-year-old violist and his older sister add their coming out story to a "time capsule" project; Billy Tipton bio. Plus petitions filed to keep gay sex banned in India, Europeans parade Pride from Madrid to Sofia, weapon of Mass. Constitution aimed at DOMA, slain sailor's family won't take "random" answer, gay kissing in El Paso "confuses" a cop, more news.

Les actions et relais de L214

marjo (L214), 13.07.2009 19:41

Foie gras : la plainte contre la France en vidéo

George Mougios Reports is still on line

George Mougios, 13.07.2009 19:29

George Mougios is still on line but had suffered a fire in his house, a fire of suspicious origin, which fire fighters refused to investigate.

Veronza Bowers - Another Victim of America's Criminal Justice System

Stephen Lendman, 13.07.2009 18:58

a political prisoner for 35 years

Der Oekoterrorist aus dem Bündnerland

Carlos del Ponte, 13.07.2009 18:49

Marco Camenisch - SF Marco Camenisch begann seine kriminelle Laufbahn 1979 mit Sprengstoffattentaten gegen Stromanlagen. 1989 ermordete der Bündner einen Grenzwächter. Es folgte ein Leben auf der Flucht und im Gefängnis. Der Film von Denise Chervet zeichnet das bewegte Leben des Anarchisten und Oekoterroristen nach. Marco Camenisch polarisiert bis heute: Für die einen ist er ein Held und Umweltaktivist, für die andern ein Mörder.

Obama schmiedet Allianz gegen Nuklearterrorismus

Hamid Kharamand, 13.07.2009 18:24

US-President Obama Sicherheitspolitik? ... Die USA haben 30 Staats- und Regierungschefs zu einem Treffen nach Washington geladen. Gemeinsam soll gegen die Verbreitung von Kernwaffen vorgegangen werden. Will die Welt gegen Staaten wie Iran in Stellung bringen: US-Präsident Obama .... Besonders im Visier: Iran

Kosovo Roma to be deported from France

Chachipe a.s.b.l, 13.07.2009 18:20

13 July 2009 – One day after the celebration of its national holiday, which commemorates the storming of the Bastille and the release of its prisoners, France is set to deport a Roma family from Kosovo.

Las comisiones por depósitos es una práctica de vieja data en Venezuela

Iván Oliver Rugeles, 13.07.2009 18:10

Ojalá que la advertencia de Chávez a los corruptos no se quede en veremos en las instancias que deben actuar con la mayor prontitud y diligencia.

Hat die CIA in der Schweiz einen Freifahrschein?

Reto Wallacher, 13.07.2009 17:45

Der Spion der aus dem Rheintal kam Der 51. Staat? Als letzte Woche der Krach zwischen Bundesanwaltschaft, Parlament und Bundesrat so richtig eskalierte, fragte sich wohl manch Schweizer Bürger, ob er in einer Bananenrepublik lebt: Zwei höchste Bundesbehörden, die sich gegenseitig bekriegen um Akten, die es eigentlich längst nicht mehr geben sollte, da sie vermeintlich schon längst vernichtet waren. Diese sollten in einem Prozess verwendet werden, in dem es um Atomschmuggel, Spionage, Doppelspionage, die Familie Tinner und deren kleine Rheintaler Hightech Firma geht, dank der Pakistan seine Atombombe bauen konnte und Libyen viel später vom Erwerb einer solchen abgehalten wurde.

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