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wendo-sp/Zula-argentina, 16.07.2004 17:34

Romina foi estuprada há um ano e meio por Eduardo Vargas e ficou grávida. Durante sete meses escondeu a gravidez e tentou abortar com métodos caseiros. Com sete meses de gravidez pariu sozinha no banheiro de sua casa e por ser vítima de estresse pós-traumático feriu mortalmente à recém-nascida. O estuprador está livre e Romina vai ser condenada à prisão perpétua.

United Cerebral Palsy Launches To Advance Equal Access for Voters with Disabilities

UCP, 16.07.2004 16:57

Launched Wednesday, United Cerebral Palsy's online campaign,, allows activists to send a free letter to their Congressmen calling for full funding of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), which guarantees equal access to polling places and voting machines for millions of Americans with disabilities. With the last Presidential election hinging on a little over 500 votes, the potential disenfranchisement of 26 million voters with disabilities is an important and significant cause, and the lack of full funding for HAVA could greatly swing a potentially close election. UCP is also in partnership with Rock the Vote, calling on people to register for this year’s elections.

A Review of The Filmore Hotel, Activism though Powerful Performance Art

T, 16.07.2004 15:51

Della and Mrs. and Mr. Guest through performance art. I encourage the community to witness history in the making and I highly recommend that you take a friend, maybe even a business acquaintance, to go see it. You may both encounter a message so powerful that it changes your lives.

uglf communique

urban guerrilla liberation front, 16.07.2004 15:14

a message to the movement


£, 16.07.2004 14:14


Independent Vilnius Short Film &amp; Video Festival visits ICA

Paul Paper, 16.07.2004 13:43

Independent art from Lithuania first time will be presented in London, ICA !

BTL:Senate Committee Slams CIA on Pre-Iraq War Intelligence

Between the Lines' Scott Harris, 16.07.2004 11:31

~Report on White House role in manipulating intelligence delayed until after election~Interview with author and former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

You Calling Me An Unpatriotic Wimp ?

Jack Dalton, 16.07.2004 09:39

Peace Flag When Americans opposed to Bush are called unpatriotic wimps, a disabled veteran in a wheelchair goes on the attack.
By Jack Dalton

To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, right or wrong, is not only un-patriotic, but it is morally treasonable to the American people.
--President Theodore Roosevelt


Walden Bello, 16.07.2004 05:31

Big Pharma’s position o­n the necessity and efficiency of corporate R&D is based o­n a number of myths and outright distortions.

The Long Hot Summer may be Hotter than you think

Craig B Hulet?, 16.07.2004 04:31

Hotter Than You Think! I assure you this regime in power, especially this present crew in the White House, are fully prepared to go to war with whomever crosses their line. I just don’t any longer know where the line is, ... it keeps moving.

Get Some? Rumsfeld’s all-volunteer Army

Craig B Hulet?, 16.07.2004 04:20

I did' ent do anything wrong! A 1998 study estimated that one-third of military recruits had arrest records. A 1995 report found that one out of four Army career enlisted personnel had committed one or more criminal offenses while on active duty. Yet many were allowed to reenlist or received promotions. Some received good-conduct medals or held top secret security clearances

Election Year Mythology and the Rising Asian Challenge

Craig B Hulet?, 16.07.2004 04:05

Bush moves East Militarily, the United States is hedging its bets with the most extensive realignment of U.S. power in half a century. Part of this realignment is the opening of a second front in Asia. No longer is the United States poised with several large, toehold bases on the Pacific rim of the Asian continent; today, it has made significant moves into the heart of Asia itself, building a network of smaller, jumping-off bases in Central Asia.

Call for Artists

Wesley Cook, 15.07.2004 22:52

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS:an evening of audio/visual activism, produced by is calling for artists of all disciplines and party people to participate in a one night show to benefit the Adbusters Media Foundation and's Political Action Committee.

Save Nazila's life!

International Federation of Iranian Refugees- Refugee Women's Project, 15.07.2004 22:39

According to the latest news from IFIR’s branch in Turkey, Nazila Mohamad Hasani Zamani’s life is in serious danger and she is threatened to be deported back to Iran by the Turkish Government. She was told by the Turkish police that the Iranian embassy has asked the Turkish police to hand Nazila over to them.

A Personal Farewell to Ronald Reagan

Kirby Krackle, 15.07.2004 22:37

A Personal Farewell to Ronald Reagan Kirby Krackle reports on his experience at the Lying in State of Ronald Wilson Reagan

IWW Baristas Union Prevails

Industrial Workers of the World, 15.07.2004 22:34

Labor Board Affirms Starbucks Workers; Right to a Vote - July 2, 2004

TERRORISM AND THE ELECTION: California is the Target!, 15.07.2004 21:40

You have to give the right-wingers credit. The fear tactics they learned from arch-Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels remain at the front of their political playbook. First, they put out the notion that in the event of a terrorist attack around the time of the November 2 election, a postponement of the vote may be necessary. Second, they start talking about the Federal government’s response to such a scenario. It’s the second item we must all be focused upon.

fbi retaliation against 'one of their own'

barbara hartwell, 15.07.2004 21:00

This article was written by my good friend and professional colleague, Barbara Hartwell, in efforts to shed light on the need to stop the fbi and the cia from retaliation against whisleblowers.geral sosbee

fbi and cia tactics

geral sosbee, 15.07.2004 20:57

this is a glympse of the fbi/cia methodology for world domination:

fbi/cia corruption and incompetence

geral sosbee, 15.07.2004 20:53

The fbi and the cia are the most dangerous and deadly assassins in history, but their hideous crimes are being covered up by the very U.S. commission required to uncover/expose their crimes against Humanity.

FAS discusses Army Voice-to-Skull device on and about the Army website

..., 15.07.2004 19:59

FAS discusses Army Voice-to-Skull device on and about the Army website

Englehart Hospital Guest Book

Kozak Lois, 15.07.2004 19:15

&quot;Health for the District of Timiskaming&quot; We would like to hear from you. Please leave your comments in this public guest book so we can share your thoughts with other visitors.

Tell them where you stand on the Patriot Act

Bill of Rights Defense Committee, 15.07.2004 19:13

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee encourages citizens to engage their candidates about issues relating to the Bill of Rights

John Stewart's the Daily Show to feature Black Te(A) Society tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

commie, 15.07.2004 18:18

The Black Te(A) Society (,
the leading anarchist group in Boston organizing
the protests against the Democratic National
Convention later this month, is to slated to be
featured on a segment of John Stewart's the Daily
Show on an episode premiering today.

Millions of Movie-Goers Take Gibson Film &quot;Far Too Seriously&quot;

guy, 15.07.2004 17:10

In the most startling display of people taking a film's inherent message far too seriously, almost 75% of Americans now base their religion on the story depicted in Mel Gibson's "The Passion of The Christ." Theologian Tom Sandell sat down and talked to us about this extraordinary phenomenon.

Finally Bowing to Increasing Pressure, 50s Cafe Changes Seating, Hiring Policies

guy, 15.07.2004 17:07

Aliso Viejo, CA - Patric Rayburn, spokesperson for [50's-themed restaurant] Johnny Rockets Group, Inc., stated that the company is making efforts to "finally to move into the 21st century," during a news briefing earlier today.

Seymour Hersh says the US government has videotapes of boys being sodomized at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq

Ed Cone, 15.07.2004 15:32

"The worst is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking," the reporter told an ACLU convention last week. Hersh says there was "a massive amount of criminal wrongdoing that was covered up at the highest command out there, and higher."

Institutionalized Cheating in Community Colleges and their CISCO Academies

Reda el Aandaloussi, 15.07.2004 15:30

Cheaters are good business for Community Colleges, allowing faculty members, and the top level of College administration alike to steal and pocket Tax Dollars. Is there such a thing as the grand Brotherhood of Cheaters and Thieves installed everywhere, taking good care of each other starting at school?

Top Kony Planner Captured

Alfred Wasike, Justine Moro, 15.07.2004 13:31

HAPPY TO BE ALIVE: Brigadier Banya poses at the army barracks in Gulu Banya was captured by the UPDF on Tuesday at Atiak, 60km north of Gulu town.

The (second) coming of Christ

henk, 15.07.2004 10:25

Great changes must soon come to many of our traditional Christian mindsets if we too are not to miss the day of our visitation

Subway hijacks American Heart Association

marco, 15.07.2004 10:25

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman ask in a recent story, "What's the largest fast junk
food chain in the country?"
You might be surprised to know it's Subway.

NZ PM announces virtual suspension of diplomatic relations with Israel

NZ Herald, 15.07.2004 10:12

"This type of behaviour is unacceptable internationally by any country. It is a sorry indictment of Israel that it has again taken such actions against a country with which it has friendly relations."

Der Krieg der Kulturen

badhofer, 15.07.2004 08:35

Macht und Ohnmacht von Religionen

Important Venezuelan Geopolitical Oil Item, 15.07.2004 07:11

This item provides the real evidence for US imperial assaults on president Chavez. His proposal is for the sharing of hydrocarbon resources between all of the states south of the USE, which would provide for the region's ability to cope with its transition to the quickly coming post oil world, otherwise known as Peak Oil or Hubbert's Peak. It makes it clear why the US Empire is in Colombia.

Chavez's plan is an example for all the world as we enter the Post-Oil Age.

Individualist Anarchist site 'Listen Liberty!' updated

L, 15.07.2004 07:03

2nd try. Apologies for all the errors in the article about 'Utopia' the first time around.

Tim Donoghue 2nd motion to dismiss his attorney

..., 15.07.2004 02:54

Tim Donoghue is a human rights activist who was fasley charged with bank robbery in an effort to shut him about about US government abuses. Below is his second motion dismiss his lawyer who is acting unreasonable. Tim Donoghue's main site is at:

For Freedom of Movement - Anti-Lager action Tour in Germany

The VOICE Refugee Forum,Germany, 15.07.2004 02:18

For Freedom of Movement - Anti-Lager action Tour
Against deportation and social exclusion
20 August – 5 September 2004
We demand the closing down of all camps: deportation prisons, deportation camps and mass collection camps. And we demand the abolition of the Law of Residenzpflicht!
Every person has the right to live wherever she or he wants to!
For freedom of movement – ANTI-LAGER action TOUR against deportation and exclusion
In early 1998, the first special deportation camps (Projekt X, „Ausreisezentren“) were opened in Germany. They are a new version of camps in the German system of refugee camps created by the ministers of interior. Even though deportation or the so-called “voluntary” emigration are the official goals of the camps, they are in fact camps designed to illegalise migrants – refugees who are directed into these camps are confronted with so many constraints and so much pressure that half of them prefer to go underground and live without any rights. From the official viewpoint, this is a success, since further Sans Papiers and irregular workers are being created. Refugees, whose application for asylum was denied, but who cannot be deported because they, for instance don’t have a passport, are ordered into deportation camps. In the words of the bureaucrats, this is called a “Verfügung einer Wohnsitznahmeverpflichtung als Auflage zur Duldung”, which doesn’t mean much else than detention.


Jeremy West, 14.07.2004 21:48

On 7/19/04 ther will be a benefit concert for the Haiti Action Committee and the Accompaniment Project at Stanford from 4-9 pm. Seconds on End will be playing,

Benefit Concert for Haiti this Sunday Afternoon, Stanford campus

Yermej Westley, 14.07.2004 21:45

Benefit Concert will be at Stanford for the Haiti Action Committee and the Accompaniment Project. Seconds on End, will be playing music. 7/18/04, 4-9pm, FREE, donations accepted. Address below. Come help Berkleyize this conservative Stanford campus!

PWW Top Stories

People's Weekly WORLD, 14.07.2004 21:22

News & Views from PWW

Australians call for charges against Prime Minister

Charge John Howard, 14.07.2004 20:21

A group of Australians has launched a new website dedicated to seeing John Howard face the democratic justice he is so happy to espouse.

ahorristas Banco de Credito

Alvaro Laxaga, 14.07.2004 20:07

Replica al discurso del Presidente Batlle por cadena de TV Devastation in Darfur, 14.07.2004 19:49

The newly formed African Union, made up African nations to create a more united secure Africa in an effort to overcome the structural weakness that made the Organization of African Union inept, must now step up and protect the native Sudanese in Darfur.

Our century

Reality, 14.07.2004 19:06

A short veiw of what the 20th century has been in retrospect.

Film Showing of Life and Debt

Luma Nichol, 14.07.2004 18:34

The gripping expose of the economic strangulation of Jamaica by the International Monetary Fund is showing, Friday, July 16 in Seattle.

How Your Insurance Premium Supports Murder and Mutilation

MaryLou, 14.07.2004 17:04

A money laundering scheme uses staged accidents. Actual deaths and serious injuries occur. Higher US auto liability insurance premiums result from the claims from staged accidents.

Greece: 9-12,000 Stray Dogs to be Poisoned or Gassed before Olympics!

RSPCA, 14.07.2004 16:47

RSPCA-The Society is deeply concerned that Athens will be keen to present a good image to the world and look for a 'quick fix' for its 9,000-12,000 strays

2nd Annual Nuclear Free Future Run

peacehq, 14.07.2004 12:38

We run and walk to bring focus not only on the horror of
nuclear weapons but the damage caused to the Earth by the
production not only of these weapons but also by the use of
nuclear energy.

&quot; 2 Viet Nam Veterans to hold Press Conference in Heidelberg Germany 15.07.04&quot;

STWB, 14.07.2004 11:10

On Thursday, July 15, 2004 at 1500 hours two American Viet Nam Veterans, Dave Blalock and Darnell Summers will be holding a Press Conference outside the Gates of the US Army’s 5th Corps Headquarters, Campbell Barracks, in Heidelberg. Both will speak out about the Injustices and Crimes that they witnessed while on active duty in the US Army. They will also announce the launching of a campaign to broadly distribute, throughout the US Armed Forces based in Europe, the “Call for Sisters and Brothers in the Armed Forces to Resist … Refuse to torture prisoners… Refuse to obey illegal orders… Refuse to commit atrocities against an innocent population…”

Am Donnerstag, den 15.7.2004 um 15.00 Uhr werden 2 Vietnamveteranen, Dave Blalock und Darnell S. Summers, eine Pressekonferenz vor den Toren des Hauptquartiers der US Armee in Heidelberg abhalten.

STWB, 14.07.2004 11:06

Am Donnerstag, den 15.7.2004 um 15.00 Uhr werden 2 Vietnamveteranen, Dave Blalock und Darnell S. Summers, eine Pressekonferenz vor den Toren des Hauptquartiers der US Armee in Heidelberg abhalten. Beide werden über die Ungerechtigkeit und die Verbrechen sprechen, die sie als dienende Soldaten in der US Armee bezeugen können.

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