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BRD: Anwohner gegen Lärmbelästigung

Julius Feldhaus, 15.08.2009 09:41

LÄRM ! - BASTA ! Anwohner protestieren gegen anhaltende Lärmbelästigung .... Eine Demonstration gegen den Verkehrslärm in der Potsdamer Straße organisiert die Bürgerinitiative „Betonpiste B 273 – Lärm macht krank“ am kommenden Mittwoch, dem 19. August, um 17 Uhr. Die Potsdamer Straße (B 273) ist eine der Hauptverkehrsstraßen der Stadt. Seit über zwei Jahren fordern die Anwohner eine Lösung von der Stadtverwaltung. Die Demonstration startet in der Potsdamer Straße/ Ecke Amundsenstraße und führt stadteinwärts bis zum Bornstedt-Carré, wo für einige Minuten die Potsdamer Straße voll gesperrt sein wird. Anschließend geht es weiter zum Schulplatz. Von 17 bis 19 Uhr ist die Potsdamer Straße halbseitig gesperrt.

ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA! Neonazi-Flashmob-Aktion zum 22. Todestag von Rudolf Heß VERHINDERN!

Zottel, 15.08.2009 09:25

Eine "Bundesweite dezentrale Flashmob-Aktion zum 22. Todestag von Rudolf Heß" planen die Herrschaften in braun.

African Lion Narsinhma rescued and released today on the complaint lodged by Naresh Kadyan and Zee news.

Sukanya Kadyan, Spokperson - activist of the OIPA in India, 15.08.2009 02:01

A nine year old Narsinha African lion was kept in very bad condition by his so called owner Rajeev Gupta of Asian circus. FIR No. 933 and 934 dated 13-8-2009 lodged with Police station Purkagi against accused who has been sent jail, where as another FIR for recovery of four trophies was also lodged against him in Muzaffarnagar - African lion rescued on the complaint of Naresh Kadyan, representative of the International Organization for Animal Protection - OIPA in India / founder chairman, People for Animals (PFA) Haryana.

Mestizo Concept: A Product of European Imperialism idea to divide and conquer

fred, 14.08.2009 23:15

Mestizo Concept: A Product of European Imperialism idea to divide and conquer
The terms mestizo and metis (as well as such comparable words as half-caste, half-breed, ladino, cholo, coyote, and so on) have been and are now frequently used in Anishinabe-waki (the Americas) to refer to large numbers of people who are either of mixed European and Anishinabe (Native American) racial background or who poses a so-called mixed culture.

Honduras Resiste: A Speech on the Global Day of Action

Simon Rios, 14.08.2009 20:26

"The coup leaders insist:

Every arbitrary detention is for liberty.
Every truncheon to the body of a protestor is for the common good.
Every tear-gas canister is for order.
Every death-threat is for stability.
Every torture is for security.
Every radio station shut down is for awareness.
Every civil liberty suspended is for freedom.
Every TV signal interrupted is for free expression.
Every violation of the constitution is to maintain constitutional order.
Every lie is for truth.
Every violation of a woman by a soldier is for justice.
Every knife wound in the body of a unionist is for the fatherland.
Every bullet in the head of a young freedom-fighter is for peace.
Alas, that every killing is carried out in the name of life"

Honduras Coup a &quot;Lesson&quot; for Zelaya Not to Follow Venezuela's Path or US Warning

Phil Stuart Cournoyer, 14.08.2009 20:05

"An effective resistance

Meanwhile, the Honduran resistance has had immense impact on the population, the regime, the national and regional economy and international opinion. This outcome is horrifying the local ruling class and Washington.

The Honduran economy is in tatters. Import-export activity is down an estimated 60 per cent. Zelaya reported in a press conference in Mexico City that over 200 road barricades had been erected, most of them heavily repressed by the army in an attempt to keep produce moving. Public schools have not functioned since the coup because of teachers' strikes and student boycotts. Health workers have maintained a long strike, and many other work centres have been hit by shorter strikes and slowdowns.

The de facto government has been unable to meet payrolls, and the profits of the ten ruling families are starting to dry up.

Adidas, Nike and GAP -- flagships of the maquila sector -- have urged the U.S. government to accelerate Zelaya's return because their products are not being exported, and they are losing millions.

The crisis is also hitting Nicaraguan and El Salvadoran import-export enterprises that depend on the northern Honduran port of Cortes for commerce with the eastern and southern U.S. and Europe."

Global Depression and Regional Warsd - Part I

Stephen Lendman, 14.08.2009 19:28

economic hard times and wars

Find below 4 articles (each not too long) with more good info on the situation in Honduras

Bill Conroy and Al Giordano, 14.08.2009 18:53

"But on that same day last week, Santos then went to the national university and upon being booed and cat-called by students, his private bodyguards pulled out pistols – caught on video – to threaten the youths. Students responded to his provocation by blocking a street outside the university, and National Police troops were nearby, ready and waiting with a violent attack that included knocking the university’s rector to the pavement."

"The ability to more freely pursue their domestic agendas is the main reason why, over the past eighteen months, three English-speaking Caribbean states have developed a rather perspicacious outlook and become members of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA -- an acronym that also means "dawn"). In their view, the regional bloc is not oriented towards a competitive model that exploits weaknesses but is instead an example of a cooperative model that creates space for states to cultivate some degree of self-sufficiency.
The coup against Zelaya, the utterly illegal removal of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide five and a half years before that, and the short-lived coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez two years before that all show that international capitalism cannot tolerate any domestic agenda which includes an objective of self-sufficiency. Added to this intolerance is capitalism's long-standing fear of the threat of a good example."

"As for reports that more detainees were being beaten in the depths of the Congress building downtown, Radio Globo Honduras demonstrated once again that it was deserving of the coup regime’s ire when a commentator implied that the Honduran Congress was supposed to be a forum in which the will of the people was carried out, not repressed. When I in turn suggested to the recent medical graduate outside la Pedagógica that Zelaya’s raising of the minimum wage might also have been in the interest of popular will, the graduate regarded me skeptically and pronounced me a partisan of the political left. I refrained from any further suggestions such as that Fidel Castro had funded the graduate’s medical education, and accepted that his skepticism may have had something to do with the fact that I was wearing a press badge bearing the name and photograph of Joe Shansky of Democracy Now! en Español."

Thanks Indymedia

Supporters of Honduran People's Fight Back, 14.08.2009 17:04

"We, the supporters of the Honduran People's Fight Back, wish to thank indymedia's coverage of this "primary struggle." That is to say that with victory in Honduras the stage is set for the greatest "rollback" of imperalism in our lifetime. Do not be fooled. That is no less what this battle is about. Progressive people everywhere should do all they can to assist the brave people of that tortured Central American slave zone. The people of Honduras are writing a most beautiful page in the history of progress. Thanks Indymedia for your frontpage support of this wonderful moment. Looks like you're back in the game. SHPFB"

Censored News

Publisher Brenda Norrell, 14.08.2009 15:30

Havasupai gathering to halt uranium mining. Photo Brenda Norrell From the Havasupai gathering to halt uranium mining, to the Obama administration's continued abuse of Indigenous Peoples and people of color in the US borderzones, the mainstream media is silent. Censored News is updated with news coverage:


parents of disabled children, 14.08.2009 14:42

Together we can more.

We change the ridiculous reality of disabled children and their parents.

We cannot feed our children with love only!

Terror-Organisation: Arbeits-Agentur-de.!

Bin Sauer, 14.08.2009 14:05

Video - TERROR-ARBEITSAGENTUR Monitor: Arbeitsagentur lässt Frau für "geistig behindert" erklären ....... Video:

Open Letter to the Presidents of the Union of South American Nations

Hugo Chávez Frías, 14.08.2009 12:51

"However, after presenting all this historical synthesis, I have to say with absolute regret that the unity and independence of our countries constitutes a threat to those who aspire to continue controlling our natural resources, our economies and our political will; that is, our sovereignty.

Clearly, faced with the progressive and democratic advances in our continent, the U.S. Empire - which in the past one hundred years exercised its hegemony over the life of our republics - has launched a retrograde and anti-historic counteroffensive, with the aim of rolling back the union, sovereignty and democracy of our continent, and imposing the restoration of imperial domination in all spheres of life of our societies.

In this sense, we share the vision of many in Latin America and the world: this counteroffensive was launched on June 28 of this year, with the perverse coup d'état committed in the sister nation of Honduras. The putchists in Honduras, and the powerful conservative spokespeople in Washington, say that this operation against President Zelaya was a manoeuvre designed to destroy the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas (ALBA).

Our alliance is a project of peace, social justice, of solidarity-based union, of participatory democracy with and for the majorities of our countries; and at the same time a project of independence guided by legitimate leaderships of the humble people of today.

This infamous coup was met with a dignified response by the Honduran, confronting repression and showing that they are worthy successors of the heroic Morazán [4] that 200 years later still watches on."

"We want to denounce, here and now, that this is part of a political and military plan orchestrated to put an end to the project of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), as well as being the biggest threat in this historical moment to the infinite riches that lie in our continent, that is: black gold, our oil; blue gold, our huge water reserves; green gold, our Amazon."

Deutschland: am Hindukusch verteidigt ?

Andreas Jaloumy, 14.08.2009 12:48

Krieg in Afghanistan 1.: "Jede Propaganda hat volkstümlich zu sein und ihr geistiges Niveau einzustellen nach der Aufnahmefähigkeit des Beschränktesten unter denen, an die sie sich zu richten gedenkt. Damit wird ihre rein geistige Höhe um so tiefer zu stellen sein, je größer die zu erfassende Masse der Menschen sein soll. Handelt es sich aber, wie bei der Propaganda für die Durchhaltung eines Krieges, darum, ein ganzes Volk in ihren Wirkungsbereich zu ziehen, so kann die Vorsicht bei der Vermeidung zu hoher geistiger Voraussetzungen gar nicht groß genug sein." --- 2.: "Deutschland wird am Hindukusch verteidigt."
1.: Diktator Adolf Hitler (NSDAP) 2.: Peter Struck (SPD)

Heujdik Djuen dyuw

Heujdik, 14.08.2009 12:03



BRUNO BERARDI, 14.08.2009 05:37

domus civitas Fabrizio Pelli, altro brigatista rosso, reggiano, (ASSASSINO) morto trent’anni fa in carcere, grazie a Dio


Jim Brown, 14.08.2009 04:54

Father withholds college funds from daughter after wife endured years of beatings under the guarantee he would fund the daughter's college. This is a civil rights issue common to abused mothers. If they leave, their children's dreams go up in smoke. Legislation is needed to guarantee the dads follow through with college if the mom seeks help.

La revolución Bolivariana y sus percances - Lina y los sucesos en Globovión

Iván Oliver Rugeles, 14.08.2009 02:50

Toda revolución como la Bolivariana debe marchar dentro del marco de las leyas e igualmente enfrentar con firmeza toda tendencia que apunte hacia la anarquía.


CORRUPTION, 14.08.2009 01:54



The Shortwave Report 8/14/09 Listen Globally!

Dan Roberts, 14.08.2009 00:01

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.


WORLD, 13.08.2009 22:25

Antifa Demos on 15 of August in Budapest

Mojito, 13.08.2009 22:14

3 antifa demos are planned in Budapest on 15th of August to protest against the demo dedicated to Rudolf Hass. The latter was officially banned recently, but there are rumors about another smaller nazi demo on the same date.

Jean-Loup Lapointe's Case part 1 (Police violence in Canada)

Belette_Curieuse, 13.08.2009 22:04

Arbitrary search refusal Leads to four bullets

bundesweite nazi-flashmobs verhindern!!!

reso, 13.08.2009 19:41

Am 17. August wollen Neo-Nazis Bundesweite Flashmobs durchführen! Diese gilt es natürlich zu verhindern!

BRD: Karl-Theodor Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg

Richard Vandenberg, 13.08.2009 19:11

K.T. Freiherr v.u.z. Guttenberg, Gebrauchtwagen Informations-Panne: Der neue Wirtschaftsminister führte früher kein mittelständisches Unternehmen, sondern nur eine Drei-Mann-Firma .... Die Firma "von Guttenberg" verkauft Stahlzargen und Dämmschalen. Der Minister "zu Guttenberg" hat von solchen Dingen keine Ahnung. .... ... Auch das Ministerium wusste es nicht genau: Tatsächlich gibt es die Trockenbaufirma "Von Guttenberg! in Aschheim – sie hat mit dem neuen Wirtschaftsminister aber nichts zu tun. Auf der Homepage der Firma war heute zu lesen: "Aufgrund nicht zutreffender Informationen wird unser Fachgroßhandel mit Dr. Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg in Verbindung gebracht. Unser Unternehmen hat zu der Guttenberg GmbH in München keinerlei Bezug." Unterzeichnet ist der Text von den Geschäftsführern Christoph Freiherr von Guttenberg und Jörg von Guttenberg. Beide waren auf Anfrage gestern nicht zu erreichen.


Mohamed Jean Veneuse, 13.08.2009 18:56

As an anarchist and a Muslim, I have witnessed troubled times as a result of extreme divisions that exist between these two identities and communities. To minimize these divisions, I argue for an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian Islam, an ‘anarca-Islam’, that disrupts two commonly held beliefs: one, that Islam is necessarily authoritarian and capitalist; two, that anarchism is necessarily anti-religious. From this position I offer ‘anarca-Islam’ which I believe can help open-minded (non-essentialist/non-dogmatic) Muslims and anarchists to better understand each other, and therefore to more effectively collaborate in the context of what Richard JF Day has called the ’newest’ social movements.

24 Octobre 2009 - International day of climate action

Support 350, 13.08.2009 17:28

Logo 350 Dear World, This is an invitation to help build a movement— to take one day and use it to stop the climate crisis. We are a group of people from around the planet—young and old, scientists and writers and activists—who have one thing in common. We know the most important number on earth: 350. And we know how to use that number to finally get global action on the worst crisis humans have ever faced. But we can only do it if you help.

Eva Golinger: U.S. Privatizes Colombian War with its Transnational Mercenaries or Some &quot;Change&quot;

Eva Golinger, 13.08.2009 15:17

"Moreover, she sustained that the contract stipulates the use of the Echelon system, the largest known espionage system, invented in the 1970s by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

"It is a satellite system that has the capacity to monitor all worldwide communications. They enter a specific word in the system, and this is linked to the rest of the communications systems. If they find that someone used that word on the telephone, cell phone, or computer, attention is directed toward that place. It gives the exact location and permits the conversation to be monitored," she commented.

In conclusion, Golinger expressed that the financing implies a continuation of the escalated offensive and imperialist aggression against the region.

"We saw the coup d'état in Honduras, the resurgence of the Colombian-Venezuelan conflict and the concern on the part of the countries of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) over the [new U.S.] military bases [in Colombia]... This is not the end of it," she affirmed."

Drogenversorgung mit Heroin für Deutschland sichergestellt

Raul Grimaud, 13.08.2009 14:52

Genug Heroin für Deutschland Afghanistan: Riesiger Drogenfund bei Karzais Halbbruder ..... Britische Eliteeinheiten haben in Südafghanistan mehrere Tonnen Rohopium in einem Gehöft beschlagnahmt, das Ahmed Wali Karzai gehört. Er ist der Halbbruder des afghanischen Präsidenten Hamid Karzai. Wie der stern in seiner neuen, am Donnerstag erscheinenden Ausgabe berichtet, gelang der Fund am 22. Juli bei einer Operation gegen den Drogenhandel im Süden der Provinz Kandahar ... .... Mehr: ....

que se vajan tod@s

sindi@s, 13.08.2009 14:20

amazzonia libre amazzonia verde

El companero Fidel Castro Ruz

Panfilo, 13.08.2009 14:10

Viva Fidel por siempre

Sarkozy-De Gaulle

germán gorraiz lopez, 13.08.2009 10:40

Semblanza de los mandatos presidenciales de Sarkozy y De Gaulle, separados por cerca de medio siglo pero hermanados por el posible regreso a escenarios de Guerra Fría y la restauración de la Grandeur.

Αναρχική μουσική στο Καναδά

fuck epsilonists, E is for Equality!, 13.08.2009 04:02

Μερικά links για Καναδική αναρχομουσική :)

Βουλγαρία: 16χρονη πυροβόλησε μπάτσο

Ανώνυμος, 13.08.2009 03:40

Μερικές αναρχικές ειδήσεις από Βουλγαρία. Ιούλης 2009.

News from Bulgaria - July 2009

@, 13.08.2009 03:18

Some anarchist news from Bulgaria


Fernando Dorado, 13.08.2009 01:04

Rompamos las barreras y los esquemas que nos separan de quienes – desde las entrañas del monstruo – pueden jugar un papel vital en el triunfo de los pueblos y de los trabajadores. “¡Proletarios de todos los países…uníos!”

Youth Sing and Dance Portraying Human Rights “Freedom of Expression” and “The Right To Play”

Antonella Antonecchia, 13.08.2009 01:00

“Annie Jr.” Opens to a Standing Ovation As It Promotes the Cause of Human Rights

National &quot;Healthcare for All&quot; March - September 9th 2009

Dallas Taylor, 12.08.2009 22:12

We Need To March in Support of Healthcare on the Trinumeral 9-9-09

Greece: Teo Eliopulos still not in a real hospital!

The real struggle begins now!, 12.08.2009 21:40

Solidarity in Keratsini Teo Eliopulos is an anarchist and the last prisoner from the December Revolt still in pre-trial detention and is denied bail for his beliefs.

BRD: Opposition gegen Überwachungspläne

Hans-Jürgen Finck, 12.08.2009 18:58

Internet Ball Global Die Regierung im “kalten Krieg” mit ihren eigenen Bürgern als Internetnutzer ... Das Internet sei eine Art ungezügelter Ort des Verbrechens. Dies behaupten einige Politiker ungeachtet der Tatsache, dass täglich viele Millionen Nutzer ganz normale Aktivitäten verfolgen, ohne zugleich Strafbares zu tun oder dabei irgendwie geschädigt zu werden. Aber das Internet wird nicht nach dem normalen Nutzerverhalten im Alltag bewertet, sondern nach den Ausnahmefällen. Das zeigen die neuesten Überlegungen der Regierung, deren wichtigstes Anliegen unsere Sicherheit und geistige Gesundheit ist.

Religious Fundamentalism in Israel

Stephen Lendman, 12.08.2009 18:14

religious extremism in Israel

teste de fotos

jjjdddd, 12.08.2009 17:04

teste1 only test


Naresh Kadyan, Representative of OIPA in India - Chairman PFA Haryana, 12.08.2009 16:42

No one can keep wild animals or any trophy with them but a person in Mujjafarnagar keeping lions illegally in his farm house at Mauja Hedi village, where as complaint against Asian circus about these animals was lodged with the Gurgaon Police in 2002. The International Organization for Animal Protection - OIPA in India demanding the immediate rescue of all captive lions, strict legal actions as well against all offenders including wildlife authorities who issued the ownership certificates for African lions.

BRD: Achtung, Köln hört schon mit!

Karl Zuckmann, 12.08.2009 16:29

BVA-Anerkennung-Schiessportverbände Eine neue Superabhörzentrale des Bundesverwaltungsamtes (BVA) in Köln ist ein gewaltiger Schritt auf dem Weg hin zum Überwachungsstaat und es gibt keine Rechtsgrundlage für ihren Betrieb. Nach Informationen der Eifelzeitung hat diese neue Superabhörzentrale vergangene Woche bereits ihren Betrieb aufgenommen, ganz ohne gesetzliche Grundlage. Das ist ein Skandal! .... Dass die Abhörzentrale ihren Betrieb bereits aufgenommen hat, ohne eine Bundestagsentscheidung abzuwarten, ist ein riesen Skandal und eine bösartige Missachtung des Parlaments. ....

Multitudinaria marcha llega a Tegucigalpa: &quot;Nos tienen miedo porque no tenemos miedo&quot;

Granma, 12.08.2009 14:36

"Nos tienen miedo porque no tenemos miedo", cantó la hija de Zelaya, Hortensia, más conocida como ‘La Pichu’, ante los miles de hondureños que la seguían en coro, levantando los puños, en una marcha por el bulevar Juan Pablo II, de la capital, en las proximidades de la Casa Presidencial, reseña AFP."

Drogues : La rentrée approche, informez vos enfants avant les dealers !

GALIBERT Robert, 12.08.2009 14:19

Stand information anti drogue à St ferréol Marseille Le nombre d’usagers de Cannabis a augmenté de 33 % entre 2007 et 2008. Comment agir ? L’arme la plus efficace contre la drogue reste la prévention.
Marseille : Comme tous les samedis matin, les bénévoles de l’association « Non à la drogue, oui à la vie » installeront leur stand d’information sur le danger des drogues. Ils étaient samedi dernier rue St Ferréol et seront ce samedi 15 août sur le Vieux Port de Marseille, à partir de 11h pour dire Non à la drogue.

Two Important Articles to Help Defeat the &quot;Clinton Coup&quot;

Al Giordano and Bill Conroy, 12.08.2009 13:40

"While it’s possible that the US President doesn’t know about this sabotage of his stated policy – a small Central American nation with a population smaller than that of New York City might not exactly be front and center of his attention – his Secretary of State is on the frickin’ board of directors of the entity that, we now know, has been quietly funding the coup even after it was consummated.
So while I wholeheartedly agree with part of what the President said in Guadalajara this weekend – that it would be “hypocrisy” for the US to respond to the Honduras coup with military invasion, assassination, traditional covert black ops, electoral fraud, and the rest of the bag of tricks that have defined US-Latin American relations for all of Obama’s 48 years – the real hypocrisy at work comes, rather, when Washington tells us it has put funding for the coup regime “on pause” when it is now demonstrably true that it has not.
Last week, Obama told reporters that he couldn’t “push a button” and make the coup regime go away. That was also too cute by half, because there are buttons left unused through which it could do what it falsely claims it has already done: stop the flow of US dollars to the Honduran oligarchy and its coup regime.
At very least, his Secretary of State could make a motion on the board upon which she sits to stop that meddlesome anti-democracy funding."

Interview with singer Mariam Hassan, voice of the Western Sahara

Free Western Sahara Network, 12.08.2009 12:57

An interview and music review from WOMAD festival

ObamaCare: Real Reform or Sham?

Paul Joseph Poposky, 12.08.2009 12:42

a hard-hitting, in depth analysis of the healthcare debate and the fight for real healthcare reform

Negros sustainable agriculture under attack

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 12.08.2009 08:23

Manila, PHILIPPINES — The Philippines is in danger of losing its organic farming capital because a provincial ordinance promoting sustainable agriculture is under attack. Greenpeace issued the warning today as a series of deliberations are launched in Negros Occidental which could repeal a landmark provincial ordinance aimed at transforming Negros Island into the premier organic food bowl of Asia.

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