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Early and Current Fears about Vaccine Dangers

Stephen Lendman, 28.08.2009 19:38

All vaccines are hazardous

Havasupai Gather to Halt Uranium Mining in Grand Canyon

Brenda Norrell, 28.08.2009 19:19

Indigenous Havasupai people held a gathering to stop uranium mining in the Grand Canyon and protect ancestral Havasupai Territory, at the south rim of the Grand Canyon, in July of 2009. Indigenous peoples and activists came from the four directions, from Arizona Hopi land and from as far away as Hawaii, to participate with sacred songs and ceremonies.
For four days, Havasupai elders gathered on sacred Red Butte and listened to the legacy of uranium mining on Indian lands. They heard directly from the victims of the trail of death and cancer left behind by uranium mining corporations that were never held responsible on Pueblo and Navajo lands in the Southwest United States. They also listened to the promise of solidarity from the hundreds who gathered here to stand with them: Navajos from Big Mountain, Hualapai, Hopi, Kaibab Paiute, Paiute, Aztecs, and other American Indians from throughout the Americas.

Weltregierung möchte Nationalstaaten zersetzen

Carlo Nugets, 28.08.2009 17:04

Köhler besucht BW in der Altmark Metropolitanräume – eine Strategie auf dem Weg zur «Weltregierung» .... Städte und kommunale Gebietskörperschaften sind für die Strategie der Globalisierer von zentraler Bedeutung. Um das Ziel einer Weltregierung zu erreichen, planen sie auf allen Ebenen die Nationalstaaten zu zersetzen, indem sie vordergründig die Gemeinden zu stärken vorgeben. Eine grossflächige, feine Vernetzung erlaubt dann das Einrichten von neuen Strukturen auf der untersten Ebene (lokal), die in regionalen politischen Organismen weitergeführt werden, dann in kontinentalen, um schliesslich in einer einzigen «Schleuse» zu enden, der Weltregierung (globale Ebene). .......

South America: U.S. Military Bases in Colombia and the Dispute over Resources

Raúl Zibechi, 28.08.2009 13:31

"An understanding of this situation depends on where it is observed from. As such, in Brazil the decision to enhance the military presence of SOUTHCOM in the region came as a shock. Chancellor Ceslo Amorim and the adviser on international affairs, Marco Aurelio Garcia, were very explicit. "What worries Brazil is a strong military presence whose objective and capabilities have the potential to go beyond Colombia's internal needs," stated Amorim a Folha de Sao Paulo. He added that there is a contradiction between Bogota's statement that the FARC has been practically
President Lula, for his part, has linked the bases in Colombia and the reactivation of the Fourth Fleet with the existence of enormous oil reserves, located at a depth of 7,000 meters off the coast of the Brazilian states of Santa Catarina and Espíritu Santo. So great are these reserves that they make Brazil independent of other sources of oil. Through this logic, Lula seems to be aligning himself with an old concern of Brazilian strategists and the military, known as the "Geopolitica del Cerco" (Barrier Geopolitics). In fact, in 2002 the Army Intelligence Center, located in Brasilia, carried out three studies that mapped out U.S. military presence in South America. The conclusions indicated that in 2001 and 2002 there were 6,300 U.S. soldiers constructing runways and outposts in a militarized "belt" around Brazil.8 annihilated, and an increase in U.S. military presence to combat them. "It is important that we have transparency and clarity in the region. Perhaps this has been lacking. One could have, for example, formal guarantees as to how the bases will be used," a Folha concluded."

meet the Greek anarchist arsonists

merry baby, 28.08.2009 13:01

For many years now in Greece, and mostly in Athens, we hear about arson against various targets of the state.

Wahl09: &quot;Merkel Runter vom Thron&quot;

Richard Vollhardt, 28.08.2009 11:43

MissaTschörmänie Merkel wusste seit 1996 von Atommüll-Risiken der Asse .... Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) war schon vor 13 Jahren über eine mögliche radioaktive Verseuchung des Trinkwassers durch das Atommüllager Asse II informiert. Dies geht aus einem Greenpeace vorliegenden Schreiben des Bundesamtes für Strahlenschutz (BfS) an das Bundesumweltministerium aus dem Jahr 1996 hervor. Die Untersuchungen des BfS zeigen auf, dass die Lagerung von Atommüll in Salzstöcken mit erheblichen Sicherheitsrisiken verbunden ist.

10 Easy Steps To An Organized Home Office

Marina, 28.08.2009 11:02

One of the pleasures of having your own space is the enjoyment of providing luxury bedding for your sleeping arrangements. Luxury bedding means different things to different people, but at the very least it means having something special to sleep on. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. Luxury bedding can simply be a texture, color or style you enjoy.

10 Easy Steps To An Organized Home Office

Marina, 28.08.2009 10:58

Power tools are indispensable for professionals and those who tackle DIY home improvement jobs. They are favored as they help users to save time and they also make the job easier.

The Brain Unravelled

Maria Lopes, 28.08.2009 10:39

Lodo The Brain Unravelled is an exhibition that brings art, anthropology and neuroscience under the same roof. It's at the Slade Research Centre in London and it runs from September 8 to 19. Admission is free.


MANUEL ALONSO, 28.08.2009 10:03


Consumer Trend Alert - Environment-Friendly Home Improvement Flooring Products Gain Mass Appeal

Marina, 28.08.2009 09:08

Leading allergists agree that wood floors are the perfect choice for a healthy home. According to the American Lung Association wood floors in your bedroom and other main living areas can drastically improve air quality.

10 Easy Tips To Refresh Your Space For Spring And Summer 2006

Marina, 28.08.2009 09:04

Discover ten of the most important things to consider before beginning any kind of renovation. Save yourself a lot of time and money by putting in some careful planning and decision making before you start renovating your home.

Fin del Caso Amey: Quemad las naves, salvad la dignidad

Por Mónica del Pilar Uribe Marín, 28.08.2009 08:37

Dos de los trabajadores que habían sido despedidos por Amey Plc en septiembre de 2008 y que pretendían lograr su reintegro e indemnización, perdieron recientemente la lucha jurídica que adelantaban hace casi un año.

10 Easy Steps To An Organized Home Office

Marina, 28.08.2009 07:44

Without the structure of an office outside of our homes, it is easy to scatter anything work related all over the house. We still need to complete our work in a timely and efficient manner. After all, the less time we spend working, the more time we have with our family. An organized home office will make for a faster and more pleasant workday. Here are a few ideas to get you and your home office organized.

The Shortwave Report 8/28/09 Listen Globally!

Dan Roberts, 27.08.2009 23:55

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

Make money online- learn how..., 27.08.2009 22:35

Learn how to make money online

Important interview with the Honduran resistance

Various resistance forces, 27.08.2009 19:10

See the top article/vedio at

Investigation of Abuse Shelters Continued

Nie Thunder, 27.08.2009 18:56

When women seek counseling for abuse, they are further victimized. False promises of confidentiality are easily handled out, and then the information is released without notice to the woman seeking relief. Women find out only too late that those from whom they have sought help have made their lives a real nightmare. There is a need for legislation to protect abused women and to allow them to obtain counseling without fear of reprisals.

Poland. second step of campaign against poverty of disabled and sick children

kalina, 27.08.2009 18:08

In Poland disabled and sick children live in poverty.
The campaign "postcard to the minister" is coming to an end.
But this has been only the first of the intended campaigns. On September 9, families of disabled children will meet in Warsaw, Aleja Ujazdowskie 1/3, at 11 o clock to protest against the government decisions which will make the situation worst!


Rudi Klaro, 27.08.2009 18:06

Bringt die Jungs Heim FOCUS berichtet über das „für-und-wider” des Bundeswehr Einsatzes in Afghanistan, zieht dann ein staatstragendes Resumee „wir müssen weitermachen… zuerst mehr kämpfen, um (irgendwann?) später weniger zu kämpfen” und fragt dann die User welche Partei das beste Konzept für den Krieg habe. Ergebnis: Über 38% nannte die Linken! Da hat wohl was mit der Gehirnwäsche nicht funktioniert?(!) ... ( das habt ihr dem Jung zu verdanken, ja, ja !)

Is It Safe?

Nie Thunder, 27.08.2009 17:52

Abused women really have nowhere to turn. Speaking to someone at a shelter could turn their lives into a nightmare if they provide any identifying information. Laws currently protect the men as information the women consider confidential is not confidential and those who run shelters often turn in wives who report spousal abuse. Women need a change in laws and policies to guarantee confidentiality.

El proyecto expansionista de Chávez

José Gregorio González Márquez, 27.08.2009 16:49

Uribe pretende acusar a Chávez de expansionista

Free pictures of German anti-nuclear resistance available

Diet Simon, 27.08.2009 14:09

Two photographers have started a website offering free images about opposition to nuclear waste dumping in the north German village of Gorleben.

They’ll start with the trek of 30 farm tractors, to be joined by more later, from Gorleben to the capital, Berlin, beginning Saturday. They’ll be doing about 500 km there and back, passing through several nuclear dump sites.
The convoy will have a kitchen car, mobile cinema and green power sign-up facility along.

Human Rights Prize Awarded to Western Saharan Campaigner

Free Western Sahara Network, 27.08.2009 09:28

Aminatou Haidar has won the Civil Courage Prize 2009 in recognition of her fight for self-determination for Western Sahara and against human rights abuses against the Saharawi people.

The Amey case: Burn your bridges, save your dignity

By Mónica del Pilar Uribe Marin, 27.08.2009 08:06

Two of the workers sacked by Amey in September 2008, who had fought for reinstatement and compensation, recently lost their legal battle, which had lasted almost a year. A judge made clear on August 10th that the verdict was final and cannot be appealed: the plaintiffs had defamed the company by handing out leaflets where the names of Amey and its manager Laura Jordan were in bold capital letters, something deemed aggressive and ‘inexcusable’ in the English language.


CAMAWARI, 27.08.2009 05:36

Masacre cometida contra 10 indígenas Awá en el Departamento de Nariño (Colombia)

Greek political prisoner nears death on hunger strike

OKDE-SPARTAKOS, 26.08.2009 19:14

Thirty-one year old Thodoris Iliopoulos is the last prisoner of the December 2008 Greek revolt. He has been in pre-trial detention for more than eight months after his arrest on December 18th in downtown Athens.

Growing Poverty and Despair in America

Stephen Lendman, 26.08.2009 18:42

what the dominant media won't tell you




studying greek anarchism

., 26.08.2009 17:43


la coste sneakers

la coste sneakers, 26.08.2009 17:31

la coste sneakers

Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession

Hugo Torres, 26.08.2009 16:25

Marijuana Joint Mexico decriminalized small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and heroin on Friday-a move that prosecutors say makes sense even in the midst of the government's grueling battle against drug traffickers. Prosecutors said the new law sets clear limits that keep Mexico's corruption-prone police from extorting casual users and offers addicts free treatment to keep growing domestic drug use in check. "This is not legalization, this is regulating the issue and giving citizens greater legal certainty," said Bernardo Espino del Castillo of the attorney general. - BBC

Take Action Oct 12-16: Global Mobilization in Defense of Mother Earth and the Peoples

Root Force, 26.08.2009 15:50

On May 31, the 4th Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples Abya Yala ("America") called for a Global Mobilization in Defense of Mother Earth and the Peoples from OCTOBER 12-16, 2009. Root Force is supporting this call and encouraging people throughout the Americas and across the world to answer it with actions targeting the infrastructure of global trade.

Ποιότητα δημοσιεύσεων! Αυστηρή τήρηση νόμων-μακιαβελισμός

τέτοια, 26.08.2009 14:50

Κοίτα, αυτές οι αντιστάσεις είναι στα πλαίσια των ηθικιστικών καταλοίπων που μπορεί να έχει η κοπέλα, και όπως έχεις πλου σωστα πεί, πρέπει πρώτα να γαμήσεις το μυαλό της και μετά τα υπόλοιπα..

Argentina: legal personal use of pot !

Pedro Casares, 26.08.2009 10:50

Pro-Contra-Marijuana Argentina court ruling would allow personal use of pot ...... Argentina's Supreme Court ruled Tuesday it is unconstitutional to punish an adult for private use of marijuana as long as it doesn't harm anyone else. A recent poll showed 29 percent of Americans believe the best way to deal with marijuana is to legalize it. A recent poll showed 29 percent of Americans believe the best way to deal with marijuana is to legalize it. The unanimous ruling makes Argentina the second Latin American country in the past four days to allow personal use of a formerly illegal drug.

Venezuela: U.S. Military in Colombia to Control Region’s Natural Resources and Colombian Elites Fear Bolivaran Revolution

James Suggett and Nikolas Kozloff, 26.08.2009 10:27

"Chavez said he intends to use his column to respond to the Colombian government's accusations that Venezuela supports Colombian guerrilla insurgents, amongst other misinformation and distorted news about Venezuela.
"I have the right to defend Venezuela with my words and address the people of Colombia... I call on the Colombian people not to allow themselves to be confused or intimidated," said Chavez. "Whoever claims to be anti-Colombian is anti-Venezuelan too, because we are the same thing."
Colombia firmly maintains that it will neither negotiate nor renege on its military plans with the U.S., and that neither President Alvaro Uribe nor Colombian Chancellor Jaime Bermúdez will attend this Friday's UNASUR summit. Most regional heads of state are expected to attend the summit, and a major item on the agenda will be the U.S. military buildup in Colombia."

Juan and Pedro Enter the Honduras Oil Import Business, Coup d’Etat Follows

Belén Fernández, 26.08.2009 09:31

"Padre Fausto pronounced the coup resistance a novel social phenomenon in Honduras and likened the Honduran people to a tsunami that cannot be stopped. One effect of this similarity, according to Fausto, is that unless Zelaya is reinstated prior to the November elections a natural disaster will effectively befall the ballot boxes. The possibility of more proximate natural disasters meanwhile surfaced Tuesday afternoon with the announcement regarding potential US suspension of Honduran travel visas, generating panic among certain pro-coup sectors."

Toppling a Coup, Part VI: Electoral, Armed, or Something Else

Al Giordano, 26.08.2009 00:00

"As Afro-Hondurans they have self-organized to defend and expand their civil rights and those of indigenous peoples and other minorities, to win proportional representation in Congress and other governmental bodies, to overturn NAFTA-style initiatives that would have opened the door wider to foreign ownership of Honduran property and resources and, among other conquests, to legalize 32,000 hectares of communal lands."

Carta de los senadores demócratas Christopher Dodd y Patrick Leahy a Hyllary Clinton sobre bases militares en Colombia

Christopher Dodd y Patrick Leahy, 25.08.2009 21:19

En esta misiva, de fecha de julio del año en curso, se revela la gran preocupación de importantes voces del congreso estadounidense sobre estos convenios militares con un gobierno, como el de Uribe Vélez, señalado de graves y muy terribles acusaciones en materia de derechos humanos (falsos positivos, asesinatos de cientos de dirigentes sindicales, desplazamientos forzados cada día mayores, al punto que el país pasó a ocupar, a esta fecha, el primer lugar en este tema, desplazando a la República de Sudan, el cual venía ocupando el primer lugar desde hace muchos años…), así como las implicaciones que pudieran tener en la región y, en particular, con los vecinos de Colombia.

ανώνυμα μαζικά sms, ανώνυμη offshore company, ανώνυμο ταχυδρομείο

τεχνοπροπαγάνδα, 25.08.2009 20:28

Πώς γίνεται μαζική ανώνυμη αποστολή sms, από το διαδίκτυο και πώς ανοίγουμε ανώνυμα offshore εταιρεία, αλλά και πώς να έχουμε μια σχετικά ανώνυμη διεύθυνση

Rel-UITA: Respaldo a la ANAIRC en su demanda de diálogo con Nicaragua Sugar Estates Ltd.

Giorgio Trucchi - Rel-UITA, 25.08.2009 19:09

UITA en Managua Misión de la Rel-UITA en Nicaragua

BRD: Grüne für Hartz IV &amp; Ein-Euro-Jobs

Andreij Kostas, 25.08.2009 18:15

Ein Euro Jobs INAKZEPTABEL Die Grünen sind offen für alles und bekennen sich zu Hartz IV. .... Hartz IV: Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen für Ein-Euro-Jobs: In einem offenen Brief an den Kölner ARGE-Geschäftsführer Müller-Starmann kritisieren Bündnis '90/Die Grünen die zeitweise Aussetzung von 1-Euro-Jobs. Die Zuweisungen von Arbeitslosen zum Maßnahmeträger „Jack in the Box“ habe sich von einst von 40 auf 21 fast halbiert, was sich selbstverständlich betriebswirtschaftlich bemerkbar mache. Nicht gedanken-, aber vermeintlich alternativlos schnürten die Grünen damals Seit' an Seit' mit Gerhard Schröder, Peter Hartz und Co. das Gesetzpaket Hartz I – IV. Die so genannten Ein-Euro-Jobs, wo tausende Erwerbslose auserhalb der Arbeitslosenstatistik geparkt werden, sind fester Bestandteil des Hartz-Konzeptes.


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 25.08.2009 17:55

Movilh Las iniciativas fueron lanzadas con un apoyo parlamentario transversal junto al Grupo de Madres y Padres y a la Brigada Escolar del Movilh. Con el respaldo de la Embajada del Reino de los Países Bajos, el proyecto y la campaña buscan derogar el artículo que fija a los homosexuales una edad de consentimiento sexual distinta a la de los heterosexuales.

La Peña releases it's September / October programming

La Peña News, 25.08.2009 17:28

Hugging global art & culture while embracing local artistry, La Peña's schedule includes a wide range of community events, benefits, and music styles such as Flamenco, Argentinean Tango, Folk (lots of it), Jazz, Nueva Canción, Andean, Arab, Salsa, and llaneras songs from Venezuela.

Review of science

m concoyle, 25.08.2009 16:10

Illusions about culture are (unfortunately) upheld by the pride that people have for their society’s “high” culture.

Supporting scientific experts is the same as supporting the oligarchic structure of society, with some exceptions.

The description of existence should be based on using the mathematics of discrete isometry subgroups, built from “cubical” simplexes (by quotient topology) so as to form space-forms, where both material and space are to be modeled as space-forms which have different dimensions.
Note: It cannot be proved that this new model of material and space is wrong.

Justice metered with compassion

Keith Parkins, 25.08.2009 15:01

Why the fuss?

No Border Camp on Lesbos - Protests in advance

coexistenz, 25.08.2009 14:16

Protests in Lesvos in the frame of the NoBorder Camp 2009

Munifus Landmark Estate ™ Luxury Property

Mr Roger K. Olsson, 25.08.2009 14:03

Building Construction Engineering

views of Gu, Johnson, and Frank: is globalization wrong?

globalization, leadership and finance forum, 25.08.2009 12:48

Watch out on the sudden surge of Asian giants! Is a new global war coming? Are emerging China and India the source of troubles? What is the next in world finance, outsourcing, labor, trade, politics, leadership? 3 challenging educators George Zhibin Gu, Chalmers Johnson, and Andre Gunder Frank talk about global development in the next stages and new century conflicts

There’s a New Marshal in Town

Antonella Antonecchia, 25.08.2009 12:23

Ocala, Florida - August 19, 2009 Ocala Mayor Randall Ewers took an important step on Monday toward leading his city in being a drug-free community. Seven-year old Drug-Free Marshal, Kevin Longoni, attired with proper hat and badge, swore in Mayor Ewers as the latest Drug-Free Marshal.

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