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Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos, 22.10.2009 15:31




Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos, 22.10.2009 15:27

Antauro Humala victima de la vesania y prevaricato del poder judicial

Health Care Reform Bills Could Reverse Insurance Discrimination Against Women

Conducted by Scott Harris, 22.10.2009 15:16

Health Care Reform Bills Could Reverse Insurance Discrimination Against Women

Interview with Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority and past president of NOW, conducted by Scott Harris

Ten Days Left to Apply to the 2010 School of Authentic Journalism

Jose Smith, 22.10.2009 14:56

It is a herald of the hour we live in that the New York Times has to lay off eight percent of its news reporters but the Narco News School of Authentic Journalism is out scouting and recruiting for a different kind of journalism that is growing and on the ascent.

Ten Days Left to Apply to the 2010 School of Authentic Journalism

Jose Smith, 22.10.2009 14:40

Five years ago, I traveled to Bolivia to get schooled in a craft I thought, at the time, I had already mastered – given my 20-plus years of professional experience as a journalist.

CAM se adjudica ataque a camiones declarando la Guerra a la república de Chile/ Truck attack states mapuche declaration of war to the state of Chile

anonymous, 22.10.2009 11:08

Espanol / english. Hechos in el sur de Chile: Situation entre Mapuche (Indigenas) y estado de Chile esta escalando por el estado de Chile que sigue danando derechos humanos y contratos firmados con los Mapuche. Formando de un grupo activista militar.
Actions in south Chile: Situation between Mapuche (natives south americans of these region) end the chilean state is becoming worst, due to continuing violece between both and the constant violating of human rights and valid treaties by the chilean state. Declaring of a military activist group.

La hoja de ruta de Obama

germán gorraiz lopez, 22.10.2009 10:33

Repaso de la hoja de ruta que previsiblemente se verá obligado a seguir Obama en lo que le resta de mandato presidencial.

Israeli soldiers go unprosecuted

Carlos Niebla, 22.10.2009 09:52

Israeli soldiers go unprosecuted News of the recent arrest of an Israeli soldier accused of beating Mohammaed Khatib, secretary of the Bil'in Village Council and a prominent member of Bil’in’s Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, was met with little enthusiasm in the Palestinian community. "While I was happy to hear that one of my assailants was arrested," Khatib said, "the real problem is much wider—the nighttime raids directed against organizers and participants of grassroots protest in Bil'in and other villages; that Israel employs military means against civilians. 28 [Palestinians] have been arrested in Bil'in in the past three months and there has almost always been use of unjustified violence. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only case to have been seriously investigated."

Els deu anys de bombolla immobiliària van encarir el preu de l'habitatge un 306% i el del sòl un 949%

Crò, 22.10.2009 09:47

La recessió ha posat punt i final a la Bombolla immobiliària i ha permès mesurar quant ha costat a la butxaca de la ciutadania. A Catalunya, entre 1997 i 2007, el preu dels pisos va pujar un 306%, enfront del 288% estatal. L'augment més espectacular, però, és el del preu del sòl: 949% al Principat i 762% a tot l'Estat.

Listen live: Indigenous Uranium Forum

Brenda Norrell, 22.10.2009 06:45

Listen live Thursday 8:30 am through Saturday noon to the Indigenous Uranium Forum at Sky City, Acoma Pueblo, N.M.

¿Por qué la ORGANIZACIÓN MUNDIAL DEL COMERCIO apoya las negociaciones de apertura de mercados entre la UE y MERCOSUR a pesar del PERJUICIO AL SECTOR AGRÍCOLA que conllevarían tales políticas? ¿Qué hay detrás de estos acuerdos y a quienes benefician?

Sandra Ramos Abogada, 22.10.2009 00:49

En la década de los 90 la UE y MERCOSUR iniciaron una serie de negociaciones que tenían como objetivo la apertura comercial. Tras casi veinte años de reuniones no se han obtenido resultados. El motivo de este fracaso se centra en la protección al mercado agrícola, ya que tanto para la UE como para el MERCOSUR la liberalización del sector de la alimentación podría perjudicar a productores y consumidores a ambos lados del océano, por lo tanto, si esto es así ¿Por qué la OMC apoya e impulsa las negociaciones de apertura comercial entre la UE y MERCOSUR a pesar de los graves efectos que se podrían ocasionar? ¿Qué hay detrás de estos acuerdos y a quienes benefician?

¿Por qué la ORGANIZACIÓN MUNDIAL DEL COMERCIO apoya las negociaciones de apertura de mercados entre la UE y MERCOSUR a pesar del PERJUICIO AL SECTOR AGRÍCOLA que conllevarían tales políticas? ¿Qué hay detrás de estos acuerdos y a quienes benefician?

SANDRA RAMOS PULPÓN abogada, magíster en relaciones internacionales, 22.10.2009 00:40

En la década de los 90 la UE y MERCOSUR iniciaron una serie de negociaciones que tenían como objetivo la apertura comercial. Tras casi veinte años de reuniones no se han obtenido resultados. El motivo de este fracaso se centra en la protección al mercado agrícola, ya que tanto para la UE como para el MERCOSUR la liberalización del sector de la alimentación podría perjudicar a productores y consumidores a ambos lados del océano, por lo tanto, si esto es así ¿Por qué la OMC apoya e impulsa las negociaciones de apertura comercial entre la UE y MERCOSUR a pesar de los graves efectos que se podrían ocasionar? ¿Qué hay detrás de estos acuerdos y a quienes benefician?

Newly elected Albuquerque mayor to meet with New Mexico Vecinos United - grass roots organizers

press release - Andres Valdez, 21.10.2009 23:18

Why are killings of citizens by police officers not properly investigated

UK: Rassisten im Staatsfernsehen

John Trailer, 21.10.2009 21:54

BBC Nick Griffin BNP.png Die BBC hat den Chef der rassistischen BNP-Partei zu einer Sendung eingeladen. Und damit eine Debatte zum Thema Meinungsfreiheit ausgelöst. Die örtliche Bezirksregierung befürchtet ein Verkehrschaos, Scotland Yard bereitet sich auf mindestens 1000 Gegendemonstranten vor: Am Donnerstagabend wird das Sendezentrum der BBC im West-Londoner Stadtteil Shepherd’s Bush einer Festung gleichen. Zum ersten Mal erlaubt der öffentlich-rechtliche Sender dem Vorsitzenden der neofaschistischen British National Party (BNP), Nick Griffin, die Teilnahme an ihrem live ausgestrahlten Diskussionsprogramm «Question Time». Der Tabubruch sorgt seit Tagen für erregte Diskussionen auf der Insel.

Demand Public Hearings and Oversight of the Grand Junction Police

TheRedPill, 21.10.2009 21:45

The Police here in Grand Junction have for a long time been able to do whatever they want with little or no oversight by the community. Skateboarders, Latinos, poor people, and political activists have long known that the police have grudges they settle with force or through the justice system.

Obamacare Targets Entitlements

Stephen Lendman, 21.10.2009 19:54

the plan is to make America Guatemala

Free inquiry and the Socratic method *

M Concoyle, 21.10.2009 17:07

There are repeated structures of stable, definitive spectral and orbital properties in material systems for all different types of thermal conditions eg nuclei, atom, molecule, crystals, and planetary orbits. Valid useful descriptions of these systems does not exist, in the current paradigm of physics. There is an alternative descriptive structure.

Science, mathematics, and the Socratic method I

m Concoyle, 21.10.2009 17:05

The Socratic method is an inquiry method which is free and equal and thus questions authority and considers the limits of knowledge. Outside of the context of the Socratic method, both science and mathematics degenerate into the illusions held by authoritative dogmatists who define “professional” science, where the illusions are defined by their own authoritative dogmas. Within society, the practical aspects of science are used to develop engineering projects which serve the interests of the owners of society, ie the narrow authority that society defines for scientists is related to serving the interests of the owners of society. Otherwise this narrow authority, which the experts possess, is used to work on irrelevant illusions, eg particle physics and string theory (which are related to bomb engineering, and these illusions are thought to be the military industry’s “best bet” for developing a bigger bomb). These illusions are no different from any other religious illusions. In the aristocracy of intellect, authority is the measure of truth.

The Steady Stream of Lies about Venezuela or The Killers and Liars Prepare

Tim Anderson, 21.10.2009 13:47

"The fourth big lie is saved up to the end, and follows on that grand tradition of the great human rights abusers accusing others to deflect attention from themselves. Chavez is said to be “cultivating” regimes that are characterised by “rigged elections, media censorship, the criminalisation of dissent and leaders for life”. Not a touch of irony, as the death squads in Colombia murder trade unionists and civil leaders unchecked, as the Obama Administration pussyfoots around the coup regime in Honduras (which deposed a Chavez ally), as election fraud and bloody war rages in Afghanistan and as the US launches missile attacks on Pakistan.

It can be tedious to document such lies. They are so common and, no sooner is one lot done than the next day’s lies appear – if not in The Economist then in the Washington Post, The Australian or The Times. These monopolies count on the vulnerable, who do not have alternate sources of information, who do not read history and are able to be swayed by crude and often racist agitation.

In the bigger picture, this is a delegitimising process, organised by the private media monopolies which, in their hatred for the sort of popular democracy led by Chavez (as also in the past by Allende), are preparing the ground for coups, wars of intervention and conquest. It has been done before and – while these monopolies remain unchecked – it will be done again."

The Medical Cannabis Victory: A Textbook Case of Organizing and Resistance: On &quot;pot&quot; and organizing

Al Giordano, 21.10.2009 13:26

"The community organizing phase – that of referenda on the state level – quickly gave birth to a bona fide civil resistance movement: one in which tens of thousands of Americans openly committed nonviolent civil disobedience against federal law to implement the new state laws allowing distribution of medical marijuana to patients. The federal raids against cannabis dispensaries and patients provoked the public conscience and demonstrated the fundamental immorality and ineffectiveness not just of US enforcement against medical marijuana but also of pot prohibition overall. And public opinion on the wider question moved markedly toward legalizing marijuana.
In the Western states, according to Gallup, an outright majority of 53 percent of citizens now favor marijuana legalization compared to 46 percent against. Well, that makes perfect sense: that is precisely the cluster states that led the charge on the smaller matter of medical marijuana and where community organizing and civil resistance have garnered the most support and attention: thus, there is a causal effect of such organizing and resistance on public opinion."

Why a lot of e-commerce businesses influx online community?

lidongqun, 21.10.2009 08:15

Undoubtedly, this year SNS is still new favorite of network, e-commerce is presenting the situation with set the prairie ablaze, and popular in the Internet. - The Recognized Innovator of Swarovski Crystallization

Jay Maxar, 21.10.2009 07:58

Custom design is actually more of a challenging progression than a process, as each design is completely unique. We begin with your vision, which evolves to create a finished product that is tailored to your personality. Overwhelming? Not to worry. We strive to anticipate and to manage your timeline, making a meaningful design that suits your vision.

Appel international à participation au référendum organisé au Venezuela contre l'impérialisme américain

Greg, 21.10.2009 03:02

Le quartier du 23 de Enero à caracas au venezuela appelle les peuples du monde entier à aprticiper au grand référendum du dimanche 25 octobre, contre l'impérialisme américain

Foro Social Indígena 2009

Sarasuadi Ochoa, 21.10.2009 01:25

Invitación al foro Este breve artículo es una invitación y explicación del foro social indígena 2009, evento organizado por estudiantes de la Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y sociales y que tiene como fin, crear un espacio de debate en la universidad para las comunidades indígenas de México y sus problemáticas

Actors Complain of Election Theft and Anti-Union Practices at Screen Actors Guild National Meeting

Jason, 21.10.2009 00:54

Following what actors considered to be a stolen election, they came together to let the new board know how they felt. Will the Screen Actors Guild survive?

Luchas descolonizadoras en Francia

Houria Bouteldja, 20.10.2009 23:05

Este artículo es una entrevista con la portavoz del movimiento descolonial conocido como los indígenas de la República en Francia compuesto por jóvenes árabes, africanos, y antillanos que luchan contra la colonialidad del poder dentro del estado imperial francés hoy día.

Afghanistan: Karsai muss in die Stichwahl

Deniz Weber, 20.10.2009 18:20

Abdullah, Merkel und Karzai Genau zwei Monate nach der umstrittenen Präsidentenwahl hat die afghanische Wahlkommission eine Stichwahl angeordnet. Amtsinhaber Karsai akzeptierte die Entscheidung - und wird am 7. November gegen seinen Herausforderer Abdullah Abdullah antreten. In Afghanistan soll am 7. November eine Präsidenten-Stichwahl stattfinden. Dies teilte ein Sprecher der Wahlkommission mit. Präsident Hamid Karsai akzeptierte die Entscheidung und nannte sie "legal und verfassungsgemäß".

Physical description and spectral connections (or spectral derivatives)

m concoyle phd, 20.10.2009 17:41

What knowledge can be given to people? Answer: A useful description of existence which places life in its proper creative context.


SVALI, 20.10.2009 16:58


Venezuela: PCV: un gran organizador de derrotas

Miguel Angel Hernandez, 20.10.2009 15:34

Logo Este artículo sobre la historia y la política del PCV, no tiene otra intención que contribuir al debate sobre la naturaleza socialista de nuestro proceso revolucionario, así como sobre los métodos y las orientaciones de clase más adecuadas para avanzar efectivamente en esa dirección

Kids Celebrate a Drug-Free Life

Julieta Gil, 20.10.2009 15:26

Children show off their moves during the dance contest. Clearwater, FL -- This past Saturday, for the third year now, children from the Greenwood community enjoyed a DJ, dance contest, snacks, arts and crafts and balloons at the North Greenwood Recreation and Aquatics Center in celebration of Red Ribbon Week. The message was that living a drug-free live is more fun. The event was sponsored by the Foundation for a Drug Free World.


marcelo palermo, 20.10.2009 14:52


DEA Agents Accused in Court Pleadings of Dealing Heroin As Part of 1990s Pakistan Connection

Repost from Nancy Freedom, 20.10.2009 14:39

In his well-researched book, The Politics of Heroin, Professor Alfred McCoy documents the parallel increase in Heroin production in Afghanistan and Pakistan during the 1980s when the U.S. Government collaborated and supported the Mujahidin directly and indirectly. While in 1979 Pakistan had a small and local opium trade and produced no heroin, by 1981, according to U.S. Attorney General William French Smith, Pakistan emerged as the world's leading supplier of heroin, became the supplier of nearly 60% of U.S. heroin supply, and took over major sections of the market in Europe.
[McCoy writes:] “Who were the manufacturers? They were all either military factions connected with Pakistan intelligence, CIA allies, or Afghan resistance groups connected with the CIA and Pakistan intelligence. In May of 1990, ten years after this began, the Washington Post finally ran a front page story saying high U.S. officials admit that Gulbuddin Hekmatyar [leader of the Hezbi-i Islami guerilla group], and other leaders of the Afghan resistance are leading heroin manufacturers. This had been known for years, reported in the Pakistan press, indeed in 1980 reported in McClean's magazine. In fact in 1980 a White House narcotics advisor, Dr. David Musto of Yale University, went on the record demanding that we not ally with Afghan guerilla groups that were involved in narcotics.”
McCoy also documents interesting phenomena involving the DEA operations and actions (or inaction) in Afghanistan during the 80s:
[McCoy writes:] “During the 1980's from the time that heroin trade started, there were 17 DEA agents based in Pakistan. They neither made nor participated in any major seizures or arrests. At a time when other police forces, particularly Scandinavian forces, made some major seizures and brought down a very major syndicate connected with former president Zia ul-Haq of Pakistan.”


SVALI, 20.10.2009 13:07


Taobao published a SMS parity service to buyers

lidongqun, 20.10.2009 08:30

Before ordering, as long as a buyer spends one Mao made sending a short message; he can know whether the thing that he is ready to buy is worthwhile and cost-effective, and whether he needs to bargain.

Noble Anguish

Dr. A. Prabaharan, Research Director, Public Action, 20.10.2009 08:03

Winning Nobel prize and accepting the kudos coming from all over the world is not an easy task. The world's most coveted prize attracts everyone's attention. The celebration of the winner won't be confined to one nation or region. He or she belongs to the entire world. In this victory celebration, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan who won Noble prize for his path breaking protein research is an anguished man. Due to the thousands of congratulatory messages pouring into him, his email inbox got clogged. He was not able to access his official mails. Due to this tension he blasted people who ignored him during his student days. Understandable agony. But as a Noble winner he should also be a Noble human being to forget the bitter past and politely tell his fans that they can email messages in a separate id which can be created.


OEIL QUI VOIT TOUT, 20.10.2009 07:59



OEIL QUI VOIT TOUT, 20.10.2009 07:59


Mario Palacios: Afectación a las posibilidades de vida de la población indígena peruana

Colectivo Tierra InSurGente, 20.10.2009 04:32

Entrevista con el presidente de la Coordinadora Nacinal de Comunidades del Peru afectadas por la Minería - CONACAMI PERU, Mario Palacios.
Mario Palacios nos da un acercamiento a la realidad que viven miles de familias peruanas afectadas por la actividad minera en el país. Ademas denuncia la política inefectiva, irrespetuosa, y racista del gobierno peruano para "solucionar" los conflictos que involucran a las comunidades indígenas.

dissatisfaction from people of Marinduque

imc-marinduque core group, 20.10.2009 04:13

The first ever multi-energy summit was held in Marinduque State College last October 09, 2009 by the Marelco Board of Directors, NAPOCOR, Cooperative Development Authority, academic sector, business sector and industrial sector but unfortunately the representative of 3iPowergen, Gov. Carrion and Congresswoman Reyes were not there for they were the people whom Marinduqueños owe an explanation regarding the status of the power supply in the province.

marinduque power summut

imc-marinduque core group, 20.10.2009 04:11

Last October 09, 2009 9:00 am MARELCO conducted a first ever summit about un retained electricity in Marinduque held at Marinduque State College (MSC) Boac Campus Covered Court to clear the issue of Block out in the province.

October 12 Movement: The Awakening of Marinduqueños

imc-marinduque core group, 20.10.2009 04:03

October 12, 2009
Protest Action against Marelco
Ihatub, Boac, Marinduque

Multi Stakeholder Summit on Energy

imc-marinduque core group, 20.10.2009 04:01

October 9, 2009
Multi Stakeholder Summit on Energy
Marinduque State College
Tanza, Boac, Marinduque


Protest Action against Brownout, 20.10.2009 03:59

October 23, 2009
Marinduque Electric Cooperative
Ihatub, Boac, Marinduque

marinduque power situation

imc-marinduque core group, 20.10.2009 03:54

Light please!!!! Everybody is looking for light….a light that may answer the controversy about the energy crisis here in Marinduque, Philippines. For many, it is quite unbelievable that a small province like Marinduque will experience the critical state of energy crisis. That’s why there is so many unanswered questions that are still hanging in the mind of Marinduqueńos. What is the real reason of having the energy crisis? To whom is the blame about the problem?????


Rvdo. P. Dr. Hayr Gutierrez Herrera,.Ph.D, 20.10.2009 02:17


Graphic History of the Honduran Coup

Archcomix, 20.10.2009 01:44

Here's the first of a 7-page comic we've done about the history behind President Zelaya's forced removal from office in Honduras.

The Simplicity of 2012

Jeff Justice, 20.10.2009 01:31

A new book “The Simplicity of 2012” and single “2012” by award winning Joshua Poet and UFOetry are now available.

This Way Out: Equality March Invocation &amp; Tiber Takes Woodstock Back

Overnight Productions, Inc., 20.10.2009 00:44

October 19, 2009: US National Equality March clergy bring blessings from Bishop Tutu; more adventures with the inspiration for "Taking Woodstock." Plus Ugandan MP proposes death penalty for gay sex, Jamaica's PM nixes lesbigay rights, Russian celebrities speak out against bias, more news.

Smooth sailing ahead for The Pirate Bay.

berkhoven, 19.10.2009 22:50

After a series of lawsuits, police tampering, and odd weather, things are looking ahead for this tracker.

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