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World's First Rocketbelt Pilot Found Dead in Nashville

Rocketman, 26.10.2009 15:08

Harold M. Graham, The first man to fly a rocket belt device in free flight, was found dead in Nashville, TN. on Thursday evening.

Fetch a dog from a shelter this October

Lindsay Pollard-Post, 26.10.2009 14:34

October is "Adopt a Shelter Dog" Month: If you're ready to provide a dog with lots of walks and belly rubs—and receive plenty of tail wags and unconditional love in return—look no further than your local animal shelter. There, you'll find loving dogs of all shapes and sizes, just waiting for a forever home.

The happiest people in the world?

Stop The Capitalist and Climate Caos, 26.10.2009 14:25

In a Oprah show regarding Denmark and the Danish society from October 2009, the Danes is presented as the “the most happy people in the world”! In the 20 minutes show reel the Danish society is presented as an almost para-dise on earth.

silvio berlusconi rimpasta il governo italiano...stiamo lavorando per noi e basta

Bruno Berardi, 26.10.2009 13:50

AL CAPONE-is live ecco le new entry

Against the COP15 summit in copenhagen in december!

Autonome Kraft, 26.10.2009 10:27

The Never Trust A COP network was formed in April 2009 by individuals who want to link social struggles and climate activism based on an anti-capitalist analysis to mobilize against the COP15 summit.

NTAC is a non-hierarchical network of radical left individuals and groups based on consensus decision making.

We are encouraging all radical left, anarchist and autonomous individuals and groups to come to Copenhagen and join the actions between the 12th and the 18th of December.

To put a stop to the capitalist fluxes we call for decentralized actions throughout the summit.


BRUNO BERARDI, 26.10.2009 10:00

ciao come vi butta? oggi ho avuto un culo ad entrate in regione lazio mmmm PIETRO MARRAZZO REGIONE LAZIO-NON HA SOLDI PER LA SANITA PUBBLICA - MA PER ANDARE A FROCI I SOLDI PUBBLICI CI SONO!

AFGHANISTAN: ‘Say Af-Pak and Face a Fine’

ERNEST COREA, 26.10.2009 09:25

IDN-InDepthNews Service

WASHINGTON DC (IDN) - The contrived label “Af-Pak” should be banned, and anybody who uses it should be fined, says U.S. Congressman Adam Smith who chairs the House of Representatives Armed Services Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats, and Capabilities. His comment was made to a group of academics, diplomats, journalists and others whom he addressed recently on the topic ‘Committing to a Strategy for Success in Uncertain Times’.

DISARMAMENT: Closer To Making Utopia Feasible?

TARO ICHIKAWA, 26.10.2009 09:21

IDN-InDepthNews Service

HIROSHIMA (IDN) – “What we see here is tragic, but even more tragic is all that was lost without a trace,” said Yoriko Kawaguchi as tears welled up in her eyes. She had just completed a tour of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

DEVELOPMENT: Land Grab No ‘Win-Win’ For The Poor

J. CHANDLER, 26.10.2009 09:13

IDN-InDepthNews Service

TORONTO (IDN) - They are not just grabbing their farmlands but also snatching away their livelihoods and extinguishing the flicker of hope for a future better than the present and the past. They are multilateral corporations that have lined up with wealthier nations to purchase or lease vast tracts of land in small and big developing countries.

MIDDLE EAST: Are France, U.S. Pushing Arabs Into Nuclear Race?

Fareed Mahdy, 26.10.2009 09:09

IDN-InDepthNews Service

ISTANBUL (IDN) - The oil-rich United Arab Emirates’ decision to build nuclear reactors on its soil has unleashed a frenetic, politically backed competition between giant corporations from France, U.S., Japan and South Korea, to win the $40 billion bid for this project, which may lead to a nuclear race involving other Gulf Arab state

Inocente hasta ser declarado muerto

Por: Carter Pargel* (trad. Eleonora Poggio), 25.10.2009 15:55

Reginald Blanton, febrero de 2008 En Texas no importa si eres inocente, te matarán de cualquier modo. El estado de la “estrella solitaria” solidificó esta reputación vergonzosa en 2004 cuando llevó a cabo la ejecución de Cameron Todd Willingham a pesar de que un informe de científicos reconocidos descartaba la mayoría de la evidencia que lo había mandado al corredor de la muerte.

Ahora el estado se niega nuevamente a escuchar las declaraciones de inocencia de otro hombre que tiene fecha de ejecución el 27 de octubre de 2009. Al igual que Willingham, Reginald Blanton dice que ha sido acusado y condenado por un crimen que no cometió. Pero, a diferencia de Willingham, la vida de Reginald todavía se puede salvar.

Berlin: CDU fördert Rassismus gegen Muslime

Danilo Kreutzer, 25.10.2009 15:30

CDU fördert den Rassismus ! Die CDU-Berlin veranstaltet eine Podiumsdiskussion zum Thema: “Der Islam – Ein Integrationshindernis?” – Die Antwort auf diese Frage kann, wenn man sich die Besetzung der Veranstaltung anschaut, nur lauten: “Ja!” – Die Teilnehmerliste der Podiumsdiskussion ist klar Anti-Muslimisch organisiert worden. Wessen Geistes Kind hier eigentlich von der CDU gefördert wird ist klar. Der Rassismus getarnt als Islamkritik erlebt seine Renaissance dank der “bürgerlichen” Partei in Berlin. Tatsächliche Selbstkritik bleibt aus, auch die nötige Empörung. CDU fördert Rassismus gegen Muslime:


Grattan Puxon, 25.10.2009 09:38

Dale Farm A UK local authority, apparantly bowing
to the wishes of BNP voters, is planning to
spend two million pounds to clear some
100 Gypsy families from their own land and
drive them from the district.

Kaiser Deliberately Spreads Contagious Diseases to California’s Population

Steven Stars, 24.10.2009 22:12

Kaiser is deliberately creating epidemics. Could the reason to increase the public's need for medical care?

BRD: SPD-Spitze hält an Hartz IV &amp; Rente mit 67 fest

Renee Ögerman, 24.10.2009 20:46

Münte mit neuer Liebe Die SPD-Spitze bekennt sich zu Hartz IV und der "Rente mit 67". Allenfalls "diskutierbar" sollen die sozialen Einschnitte werden .... Auch nach dem SPD Wahldebakel bei der Bundestagswahl hält die Parteispitze an der Einführung der Hartz IV Gesetze sowie an der Anhebung des Renteneintrittsalter - Rente mit 67 - fest. Glaubt man den wissenschaftlichen Wahlbeobachtern, waren es genau diese einschneidenden unsozialen Gesetzesänderungen, die das schlechte Abschneiden der SPD verursachten.

Biggest African land-grab ever ahead in Congo Republic will displace subsistence farmers and destroy jungle

Klaus Schenk and Diet Simon, 24.10.2009 20:44

Congo jungle to go for South African agrofuel More than a billion people suffer hunger. Most of them live in Africa, where yet again a spectacular land-grab is imminent. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is leasing almost a third of its area to South African investors for 99 years. While the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations deplores that land in poor countries is increasingly becoming an object for speculation, the biggest land-grab on the continent, 10 million hectares, is imminent. 100,000 square kilometres is to be leased to Agri SA, South Africa's biggest farmers union.

Idealistische Forderungen????Bitte mehr davon!!!

Sula, 24.10.2009 19:01

Die Forderungen der Studierenden an der Universität Wien mögen als zu allgemein, träumerisch, weltfremd und unfinanzierbar erscheinen. Idealismus scheint in der heutigen Gesellschaft nicht mehr erwünscht zu sein. Warum er dennoch das Salz in der Suppe ist.........


Hayes for Congress, 24.10.2009 18:48

“My district is a largely African-American community, which voted for, and still likes, President Obama. Mao Tse-Tung, however, is not the idea of hope and change we have in our neighborhoods. We want better jobs, school choice, prosperity, and freedom. We don't want our fellow Americans to be attacked by radical White House underlings. ‘We the people’ are not ‘the enemy.’ We are the proud citizens of the United States of America.”

Evidence mounts on corruption case against the City of Denton, the City of Denton Police Department, et al.

Eli Gemini, 24.10.2009 18:20

Transcript:Significant evidence on corruption case against the City of Denton,
City of Denton Police Department, Interfaith Ministries of Denton, Inc.(IMODI),
Jorge D. Urbina (Current Chair of the Denton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,
former Chair of IMODI Board of Directors), Condell Garden (Current Executive
Director for IMODI), Charles Wiley (Current Chief of Police for the City of
Galveston and former Chief of Police for the City of Denton; former Chief of
Police for the Houston Independent School District), Stephanie Berry (Current
City of Denton Prosecution Attorney), et al.*

BRD: Wohin der Apfel fällt

Eduard Packenfeld, 24.10.2009 15:10

Hungerlohn Schon als der junge Karl-Theodor Freiherr zu Guttenberg (A.d.A. ... kurz: KTFz Guttenberg) mit dem Amt des CSU-Generalsekretärs betraut wurde, hatte ich mir das Buch seines Großvaters Karl Theodor Freiherr zu Guttenberg aus dem Bücherregal geholt, das er als Bundestagabgeordneter der Christlich Sozialen Union 1964 auf Wunsch des konservativen Seewald Verlages geschrieben hat. Es trägt den Titel »Wenn der Westen will« und war mir wegen seines scharfmacherischen Inhalts im Gedächtnis geblieben. Nun, da der Enkel einen weiteren Sprung nach oben gemacht hat, blättere ich noch einmal in dem alten Schinken und bekomme wieder eine Gänsehaut. Lange vor George W. Bush predigte er den Präventivkrieg: »Gegen die sowjetische Überlegenheit an konventionellen Streitkräften gibt es nur die Androhung des Einsatzes nuklearer Waffen.« (Seite 122) .......... Mehr .........

Cinismo eclesiástico

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos, 24.10.2009 14:36

La iglesia es muy cinica en cuanto a sus discrepancias con las leyes

W. Virginia Community Rallies to Safeguard Schoolchildren from Coal-Processing Health Hazards Interview with Ed Wiley, West Virginia coal country activist, conducted by Melinda Tuhus Ed Wiley is a resident of Rock Creek, W.Va., in the Coal River Valley.

Distributed by Squeaky Wheel Productions, 24.10.2009 12:50

W. Virginia Community Rallies to Safeguard Schoolchildren from Coal-Processing Health Hazards

Interview with Ed Wiley, West Virginia coal country activist, conducted by Melinda Tuhus

Update- Demo Schwarzerkanal bleibt

Dan, 24.10.2009 12:35

Police stress in the meeting point- Warschauer brücke

Move Beyond RTI

Dr.A.prabaharan, Research Director, Public Action, 24.10.2009 07:03

Truly the RTI has revolutionised the information world of India. Having placed this revoluntionary zeal of RTI I must also talk about the pseudo RTI champions whose full time job is to file RTI petitions. This is for their publicity. But jams the network and disturbs the genuine information seeker. As we know that Indian bureaucracy moves in a snail pace, pseduo RTI applicants job complicates the problem. Moving beyond the RTI the goverment must think about introducing DTP – Duty to Publish as a rule. All the contract, recruitment, government functioning which doesn’t disturb the strategic functioning and policies of the government must be available in the websites. This can lessen the trouble. Let us see below how the information commissioners have fared in the last few years of RTI introduction.

Spectrum Scam Raja

Dr.A.Prabaharan, Research Director, Public Action, 24.10.2009 05:44

Why to protest the CBI raid if there is no fishy deal in the telecom ministry? Karunanidhi the octagenrian chief minister of Tamil Nadu don't lose even a minute to defend his family members. In these kinds of family rescue his health problem is not a deterrence. No idea from where he gets the energy to defend his tainted family members. A. Raja the union telecom minister for the past four years has been ruining the cash rich telecom sector. From the profit making BSNL he took the company to the begging stage. Such a non performing but a corrupt minister is ruining the potential public sector company. The Prime Minster Dr. Manmohan Singh has been dragged by Karunanidhi in his letter protesting CBI raids. Although the P.M has been compelled to utter few decent words about Raja when the UPA II was reluctant to add him as the minister the same words has been quoted as P.M's genuine certificate to the scam tainted Raja. To save the publc telecom companies from further collapse, P.M must dismiss Raja from the ministry to save the industry.

Name Changing States

Dr.A.Prabaharan, Research Director, Public Action, 24.10.2009 04:54

Politics play a dirty role in every decision of the Governments in Centre and States. Changing the name of a city or state is one of these many dirty games. It is understandable that localisation of the names is to respect the language and culture. But when even that local names are changed when governments change tell the malafide intentions. Uttranchal to Uttrakhand is the best example. Everyone is put under heavy strain with these name change tamashas. It must stop immediately.

Cool MP3 Players Released by ePathChina Bring You Pleasant Surprise

lidongqun, 24.10.2009 03:32

Electronic products are constantly updated, although music player has upgraded to fifth generation, MP3 players are still unwilling to exit the stage of the history and constantly giving pleasant surprise.

Orange County Residents Learn They Have Been Nuked by San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

J.J. James, 23.10.2009 23:23

Orange County residents have been subjected to dangerous radiation spikes from San Onofre while the government ignores the danger and allows San Onofre to continue risking the livers of Southern California residents.

Papua New Guinea tuna factories threaten regional ecology, livelihoods

Klaus Schenk and Diet Simon, 23.10.2009 22:49

Protesting against tuna industry plans With its large schools of tuna the South Pacific off Papua New Guinea ranks as one of the last rich fisheries of the world’s oceans. Ten large tuna factories are now to be built in the coastal city of Madang with the help of the World Bank. Within a few years industrial tuna harvesting would destroy the region’s rich fish stocks and irrevocably destroy Madang’s beautiful coast.

Republik Kongo: Afrika steht größte Landnahme des Kontinents bevor

Rettet den Regenwald, 23.10.2009 20:56

Mehr als eine Milliarde Menschen auf der Erde hungern. Die meisten von ihnen leben in Afrika, und genau dort steht wieder einmal eine spektakuläre Landnahme kurz vor dem Abschluss. Die Republik Kongo will fast ein Drittel ihrer Fläche für 99 Jahre an eine Gruppe südafrikanischer Investoren abtreten.

AARP's Tradition of Betrayal

Stephen Lendman, 23.10.2009 19:39

they choose profits over member interests

Austria: Student protests, several universities squatted

Austrian students, 23.10.2009 19:00

On October 20 several hundred students squatted Vienna University of Fine Arts, protesting against recent reforms worsening study conditions in Austria and the implementation of Bologna-Style programmes. Two days later, on October 22 students widened their uprising with taking the University of Viennas largest lecture hall and demanding several points of action.

Next: A Popular Referendum for a New Honduras Constitution?

Al Giordano assisted here by General Joe, 23.10.2009 17:57

"The coup was held on June 28 precisely to stop a non-binding referendum – one that asked if Hondurans wanted the right to vote for or against a new Constitution – but the regime’s own insistence on holding faux “elections” on November 29 inadvertently provides the people with the opportunity to do the very thing the coup was intended to stop: To put up ballot boxes outside of every “official” polling place and survey the people on that original question.
Now that the Honduran civil resistance and its diverse social movements are so much better organized in every town and city than ever before, the little bird asked, why not utilize the November 29 date of the regime’s sham “elections” to hold a real referendum? The suggestion is to place a “First Ballot Box” (“primera urna”), outside of every official polling place, that asks the first question anew: “Do you favor convening a national Constituent Assembly to democratically write a new Constitution for the Republic of Honduras?” “Yes” or “No?”
That little bird must have likewise carefully listened to the voices from below.
We heard it - and reported it to you - from the northeastern cities of Trujillo, Tocoa, and Saba and the nearby farms of Guadalupe Tepayac. We heard it throughout our reporting from coastal La Ceiba and from the Afro-Honduran and Garifuna communities throughout that coast. From the popular barrios of San Pedro Sula and the highway blockades of Comayagua the same central demand was on everyone’s lips: ¡Constituente!"

New 6U VPX Ethernet Switch from Elma Offers Full-wire Speed Switching Capacity of 125 Mpps over Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet for IP Routing

Elma Electronic Systems Division, 23.10.2009 17:31

Elma Electronic System Division's ComEth 4340a 6U VPX 28 port Ethernet switch Elma Electronic Inc.’s Systems division now offers a highly innovative 6U VPX 28 port Ethernet switch that provides full-wire speed switching of up to 125 Mpps, with 24 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) ports and up to four 10 GigE ports.

Éléments pour un appel combatif contre l’OMC

Action Autonome, 23.10.2009 17:29

Affiche A la fin de cette année se tiendra à Genève la septième session de la conférence ministérielle de l’OMC. Dix ans après Seattle qui avait vu naître le mouvement antiglobalisation, ce sera l’occasion pour les puissants de ce monde de réengager les négociations sur le cycle de Doha pour essayer de recoller les morceaux d’un capitalisme affaibli par le séisme financier d’octobre 2008. L’objectif est toujours le même, il s’agit de favoriser le libre-échange, d’activer la circulation des marchandises avec toutes les conséquences délétères que nous connaissons : délocalisations, mise au ban des personnes et collectivités pas assez rentables, enrichissement des plus riches, pollution accrue, destruction massive des matières premières non renouvelables et de la nature.

Entregan Príncipe de Asturias a la UNAM

José Víctor Rodríguez Nájera, 23.10.2009 17:02

El rector José Narro Robles de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México recibió el galardón.

Theoretical Description of an 'Anti-Gravity' Device

Brent Herbert, 23.10.2009 16:28

We require the Unified Field Theory if we are to avoid being up to our nostrils in toxic nuclear sludge (the answer to 'peak oil'). In a recent experiment, a frog was enclosed within a chamber and then an electromagnetic field was formed which created a small pocket of zero gravity. The frog can then be seen floating around much like an astronaut in a space capsule traveling to the moon. An 'anti-gravity effect is real. What is missing here is the correct theoretical explanation for this phenomenon.

La quinta columna ocupa áreas sensibles y estratégicas del gobierno venezolano - ¿Ingenua tolerancia o complicidad concertada?

Iván Oliver Rugeles, 23.10.2009 16:25

No podemos en las actuales circunstancias en que los grupos de la oposición todavía persisten en sus esquemas golpistas, con el apoyo cada día mayor del gobierno del norte y sus lacayos criollos, seguir aceptando con una tolerancia que ya raya en una gran irresponsabilidad, que el alto gobierno consienta que muchos de sus integrantes admitan la permanencia de enemigos de este proceso de cambios en las instituciones del Estado. Eso es inadmisible y cuanto antes hay que ponerle coto a esa situación, o de lo contrario, nos veríamos en el terrible trance de tener que presenciar, con la mayor perplejidad, que nuestro Comandante de nuevo sea sacado de Miraflores y esta vez ocurra que no sepamos lo que hagan con él, pues no creo que se les ocurrirá repetir lo de Zelaya…!!! No olvidemos que el imperio no cejará en su empeño por apoderarse de nuestro país y para hacerlo, ya sabemos que no desdeña cualquier fórmula que haya para hacerlo, así sea el asesinato planificado de nuestro Presidente o una invasión sangrienta al estilo de la de Panamá, en 1989.

Campagne électorale ukrainienne entachée de pédocriminalité haut de gamme

admin, 23.10.2009 14:02

Ukraine, un député dénonce les viols de deux enfants, par leur père adoptif, le journaliste Dmytro Polioukhovitch.

Vote de la loi belge sur l'identification, cybercafés

MRD, 23.10.2009 13:54

La Belgique veut faire passer une loi sur l'identification des utilisateurs dans les cybercafés(archive).

Report about Greek prisons

Greek anarchist, 23.10.2009 13:21

Christos Stratigopoulos is a greek anarchist who recently arrested for bank robbery together with Italian anarchist Alfredo Bonnano. They both are in prison

Liebe ALG II-Empfänger, wir lernen doch noch...

Josef Dackelmann, 23.10.2009 11:46

Willy Brandt Die Bundesregierung gerät beim Thema ALG II zunehmend in Erklärungsnot. Eine Rolle spielen Pelzmäntel, Lernprozesse und Haarshampoo. Eigentlich ging es dem Kläger Thomas Thomas K. nur darum, dass die ALG II-Regelsätze "ordnungsgemäß, rechtskonform, transparent und nachvollziehbar bemessen werden". Die Klage könnte aber durchaus dazu führen, dass die gesamte Regelsatzpolitik geändert werden muss, z.B. hin zu einer individuellen Leistung, was durch die Regelsätze ja abgeschafft wurde (bis auf wenige Ausnahmen).

Relay for Lifestyle

seeingitagain, 23.10.2009 03:39

Bringing back the honesty and accountability to a charitable organizations gone out of line.

October 17th Boston Humancare Not Warfare Protest &amp; March

Robert Malin, 23.10.2009 03:09

News Magazine story on on event

Transcript:Significant evidence on corruption case against the City of Denton, ...

Eli Gemini, 23.10.2009 00:59

Transcript:Significant evidence on corruption case against the City of Denton, City of Denton Police Department, Interfaith Ministries of Denton, Inc.(IMODI), Jorge D. Urbina (Current Chair of the Denton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, former Chair of IMODI Board of Directors), Condell Garden (Current Executive Director for IMODI), Charles Wiley (Current Chief of Police for the City of Galveston and former Chief of Police for the City of Denton; former Chief of Police for the Houston Independent School District), Stephanie Berry (Current City of Denton Prosecution Attorney), et al.*

The Shortwave Report 10/23/09 Listen Globally

Dan Roberts, 23.10.2009 00:00

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

Wie gefährlich ist nun die Schweinegrippe?

Fritz Dressler, 22.10.2009 22:45

Schweinegrippe Hier in Deutschland gab es bei etwa 22.000 Infizierten zwei gesicherte Todesfälle. Im Vergleich dazu schätzt man die „Grippetoten“, die durch „grippale Infekte“ hervorgerufen werden, allein in Deutschland zwischen 10.000 bis 30.000 pro Jahr. Das ist weitaus mehr als die Sterblichkeit von 0,01% bei der Schweinegrippe, die deshalb zu recht als milde eingestuft wird.


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 22.10.2009 17:03

Movilh El Movilh y su Brigada Escolar de la Diversidad Sexual comenzaron la distribución del Manual en liceos de Valparaíso, contando con el apoyo del Colegio de Profesores. Grupos conservadores anunciaron acciones políticas y legales para boicotear la iniciativa, que incluye campañas contra la homofobia y la transfobia.

Pre Fixed Spywares

Dr.A.Prabaharan, Research Director, Public Action, 22.10.2009 16:02

Cyber crime has taken the ultimate technological turn. With the strategies built to handle the cyber criminals they got alerted. Instead of playing with the computer,internet and stealing the passwords now they fix the spywares before selling the computers. So no extra effort for them to loot. Automatically the sold computers will send all the secret information to the central server to steal the crucial data including credit information, bank transactions etc. Almighty only can help the cyber world.


Dr.A. Prabaharan, Research Director, Public Action, 22.10.2009 15:53

Sex and statistics go well. This is what Durex Global Sex Survey had proved. In a cross-country analysis it reveals hot and spicey information about the bed side adventures. From the number of times sexventured people to the environmental problems created by condoms to sex toys, the survey brings out interesting information.

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