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Still Searching ofr an Intelligent Human

Terorism Makes Sense COmpared to the Liberal US Drivel, 24.07.2004 20:02

The excellent critiques of Moore's Center-Right info-news 911 - have slightly restored my faith that perhaps a few dozen intelligent people actually do exist - somewhere - Moore - Gore - Kerry - Indymedia - Amy Goodman - Nader - are all partnres in crime and agents of the Mosernist-Capitalist-Ruling Class power structure - AND SO ARE MOST OF YOU !

Si la globalización nos quiere globalizar, globalicemos la esperanza

Pacha, 24.07.2004 18:24

fuego y danza para el corazón. En velada espera a la delegación colombiana En el campamento de la juventudes de las Américas, los y las jóvenes se encuentran discutiendo seriamente propuestas para la articulación continental, en pro de la lucha contra ALCA, TLC, Medio Ambiente, entre otroaa

Were the Gnostics the original Christians?

Brent Herbert, 24.07.2004 16:42

Who were the heretics?

Attention: Dr. Edward Henry Jordan

Malcolm Everett, 24.07.2004 15:46

Your I.Q. test has come back "Negative"!

906 U.S. GI's now lost to Iraq oil grab and latest war details

jamie and, 24.07.2004 15:16

906 U.S. GI's now lost to Iraq oil grab. The situation is becoming increaseingly dysfunctional on the ground. More troops and "contractors" are being killed, foreign forces are withdrawing due to the ever stronger insurgent campaign in which they are a prime target, Iraq's oil wealth is not being pumped as the locals don't want it stolen, etc., etc.

The 9/11 Report Misses the Point

Marjorie Cohn - t r u t h o u t | Perspective, 24.07.2004 15:06

Can Americans Still Be Proud? ...until the American government undertakes a radical rethinking and remaking of our role in the world, we will never be safe from terrorist attacks.

Maps Used to Brainwash Israelis

Genevieve Cora Fraser, 24.07.2004 14:59

Spatial Socialization techniques used on Israelis condition them to believe Palestine belongs to them and Palestinians are intruders

Slam the Body Politik - 7 Days left to Take Part - Stand Up - Speak Out

Synaptic Graffiti Collective, 24.07.2004 14:41

7 Days left to Slam the Body Politik - Take Part - Stand Up - Speak Out. Submit your poetry/Art/Media (flash)/Music to the Revolutionary Multi-Art / Multi-Media CD.

BTL: U.S. Prison System Requires New Commitment to Treat Mentally Ill Inmates

Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus, 24.07.2004 14:22

...Interview with Mike Lawlor, Connecticut state representative, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus.

America before immigration - how boring?

am, 24.07.2004 12:10

America was so boring when it was 90% white

Gildan Tries to Cut and Run!

eugene, 24.07.2004 11:01

Maquila Solidarity Network / Ethical Trading Action Group / 606 Shaw St,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6G 3L6 / 416-532-8584 (phone) / 416-532-7688
(fax) / /


Pagans Against Animal Neglect- PAAN, 24.07.2004 10:56


Add alink to your website to stop the murder of stray dogs.

&quot;Married to the State&quot;: A queer callout for direct action at the RNC

Queers at the RNC, 24.07.2004 06:59

A callout by radical queers in San Francisco to protest at the Republican National Convention in NYC.

The Plight of Strays in Greece

Dianne Aldan, 24.07.2004 05:38

Dogs (and cats, birds etc) are regularly poisoned, not only in
Athens but all over Greece, including the islands.

The New Pearl Harbor

Rick Wilson, 24.07.2004 03:24

David Ray Griffin has contributed valuable samizdat with the meticulously-documented "The New Pearl Harbor."

Where's my Old IndyMedia??

Shami, 24.07.2004 02:36

Is the new NewsWire/Open Publishing part of this website the old IndyMedia open forum???

Why I am now a Republican

martin freed, 24.07.2004 02:06

A left-wing activist decides to vote for Bush. Why?

Fin avec la promotion der recherche nucléaire! Non au réacteur européen (EPR)! Solidarité avec les **jeûners** anti-nucléaires en France

Tobias Pflüger, 23.07.2004 20:32

Tobias Pflüger - *Fin avec la promotion der recherche nucléaire!*
- *Non au réacteur européen (EPR) !*
- *Solidarité avec les **jeûners** anti-nucléaires en France*

La renaissance de l’energie nucléaire devient de plus en plus concrete.
Plusieures pays (la Chine, la Russie, le Japon, le Brasil, L’Argentine,
l’Inde et l’Iran) veulent construire de nouveaux centrales nucléaires ou
veulent remplacer leurs centrales vieux et pourris.

Schluss mit der EU-Förderung für Atomenergieforschung! Kein neuer Europäischer Druckwasserreaktor (EPR)! Solidarität mit den fastenden Atomkraftgegner/innen in Frankreich!

Tobias Pflüger, 23.07.2004 20:27

Tobias Pflüger *- Schluss mit der EU-Förderung für Atomenergieforschung!*
*- Kein neuer Europäischer Druckwasserreaktor (EPR)!*
*- Solidarität mit den fastenden Atomkraftgegner/innen in Frankreich!*

Presseerklärung von Tobias Pflüger, parteiloser Europaabgeordnete, der über die Liste der PDS gewählt wurde und für die Fraktion GUE/NGL im EP sitzt (s. auch: - dt. Fasung unten

&quot;If We Don't Get Our Drugs We Will Die (Who is Watching Out For Your Health?)

Robert S. Brown, 23.07.2004 20:07

This article questions the belief that drugs are needed to sustain life. It is timely and thought provoking and encourages self empowerment. It is in MS Word.

Global Warming: A Clash of Interests of Titanic Proportions

Bob Marley, 23.07.2004 17:40

An excerpt from Ross Gelbspan's new book, Boiling Point, shows how global warming represents a clash of interests of titantic proportions, pitting the survival of the biggest commercial and governmental enterprise in history (coal, oil and the U.S. Presidency), against the survival of the planet, as we know it, and its people.


a, 23.07.2004 17:08

The State Cracks Down... FBI Arrests Activists in Denver, CO, Lawrence, KS, Kirksville, MO, Columbia, MO and other places in anticipation of DNC and RNC protests.

Unite the Right-Divide the Left. Enough Already! Bring on Proportional Representation

Santo Barbieri, 23.07.2004 16:47

A look at the Canadian federal election results which aren't making it into the headlines and the need for proportional representaion.

Death count for U.S. GI's now at 905

jamie, 23.07.2004 16:32

Dear friends,

Below please find details of some of the latest horrors from Iraq as compiled by Note that the death toll for U.S. GI's now stands at 905 and is rising fast. Please spread this report as widely as possible. jamie

Add To Watch List Email Article Print Article Jesse Helms is Back! And This Time, He's Black.

adamist, 23.07.2004 16:15

Vernon Robinson is African American, a leading candidate for Congress, and possesses a certain wit. Too bad he's lionized Jesse Helms, who showed contempt for the concerns of African Americans.

Did you Know?

always shariff, 23.07.2004 15:29

Read all about it EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA....... 1)Sexual and other abuses of children in jails in Iraq 2)Lack of safety gear in the military in Iraq. 3)How the Pentagon is thieving the tax payers and Iraq. 4)Bush and Riggs Bank love affair. 5) How this government is trying to undermine the Fourth and The Fifth Amendments sneakily.

El Partido Socialista español en el Gobierno, por la MEMORIA HISTÓRICA de los que defendieron la II República y lucharon contra el franquismo

Mara, 23.07.2004 15:00

El Gobierno aprueba crear una comisión para honrar a las víctimas de la Guerra Civil

Resurrection of Care at Bohemian Grove

Daniel Borgström, 23.07.2004 08:22

Report from the Sunday, July 18, 2004 protest at Bohemian Grove, near Monte Rio in Sonoma Country, California

BTL:Palestinians Suffering in Lebanese Refugee Camps Hold Onto Hope for...

Between the Lines' Stefan Christoff, 23.07.2004 08:20

...'Right of Return'~Interview with Raida Hatoum, Lebanese activist and organizer, conducted by Between the Lines' Stefan Christoff

New Netlabel... Noise and DEleuzian music from latinamerica to the world

gatoso, 23.07.2004 07:11

stencil art... new nihilistic propaganda new no-music proyect
netlabels of free distribution
a new scene is borning

an open letter to Ralph Nader

James Green-Armytage, 23.07.2004 06:03

how can we actually achieve a stronger democracy in this country? Nader should intelligently use his campaign as leverage to achieve well-defined goals.

Russian Premier: Saddam Reached Deal With US Before Attack

Daily Times, 23.07.2004 05:23

News report exposes Saddam statue toppling as &quot;staged event.&quot;

Me, 23.07.2004 04:40

WJLA Channel 7, the Washington, D.C. ABC affiliate, this evening aired a special investigative report on the toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. Basing its coverage on the release of an internal report by the Army, Channel 7's "I-Team" concludes the event was completely staged.

Democracy 101

Peter B. Lewis, 23.07.2004 04:26

Brother Ray, dubya and me all give you good reasons to register and vote. It only takes a minute to listen.

USA to deploy &quot;nonlethal&quot; torture weapon in the coming years

Greg Gordon -- Sacramento Bee Washington Bureau, 23.07.2004 02:38

Soon there will be a new meaning to the expression: you are toast!
Plans are already underway to legalize this new "nonlethal" torture weapon.
In principle it works just like the microwave oven. It agitates the water
molecules in the skin to cause extreme heat due to friction. At prolonged
durations it will do to the skin what microwave does to your food when you
want to cook it! Abu Ghuraib is only the begining! The advocates of this
"nonlethal" weapon have already proposed using it on the battle-field,
**peacekeeping**, **humanitarian** operations and crowd control!
All I have to say is that these individuals are not human. They are probably
lower than insects! Yes! This is our beloved democracy and capitalism at work!

TOES 2004 Experience in Georgia

Trent Schroyer and Susan Hunt, 22.07.2004 20:43

Our experience organizing and conducting a
counter G8 Summit in Georgia exposed the
oppressive domination of the Bush regime.
Previous TOES conferences in Houston (1990) and
Denver (1997) brought together over a thousand
people each from dozens of countries around the
world to contest the presumption of the G8 -- a
self-appointed rich countries' club - that they
have the right to govern the entire global
economy. See a survey of this experience on our

Razzia contra inmigrantes subsaharianos en Marruecos

Frontera Sur, 22.07.2004 18:16

Razzia contra inmigrantes subsaharianos en Marruecos

Coors, Molson to Merge

Reuters, 22.07.2004 18:00

Is this a merger from Hell, or what?


Diógenes Castellín Lezama, 22.07.2004 17:58

"Yo no creo que tenga ninhuna propuesta seria que hacerle al país ni que esté en condiciones de dirigir una transformación positiva de Venezuela. Creo que tiene otros méritos pero ésos no".

New Netlabel - New Noise Music... FRom Southamerica

Gatoso, 22.07.2004 17:55 New Netlabel noise against the machine VULGAR MUSIC

El expresidente de ESPAÑA.... Jose María Aznar y el dinero de los españoles para obtener una medalla

hans, 22.07.2004 14:47

Y Aznar hizo otra de las suyas con el dinero de los españoles

Worries, protests at many German nuclear transports

Diet Simon, 22.07.2004 14:03

Anti-nuclear activists in the west German Münsterland region bordering on Holland are joining forces to resist new plans for nuclear transports in the region. They say in a joint news release that for the past few days a consignment of depleted uranium for Russia has been assembled in the grounds of a uranium enrichment plant at Gronau. “It appears that the [German/Dutch/British] operating company, Urenco, with the approval of the Social Democrat/Greens government of North-Rhine Westphalia, intends to despatch a new transport right across Europe to Russia before the summer closure of the Gronau-Münster railway line on 30 July,” says the release (posted in German at, Gronau: Neuer Urantransport nach Russland noch Ende Juli). A previous consignment went through Rotterdam, Holland.

Oil Statistics as an Invisible Political Weapon

Sohbet Karbuz, 22.07.2004 14:00

It was generally believed that media, as a trustworthy dissemination subsidiary of knowledge, is an independent source of factual information whose purpose is to inform public objectively about current issues based on widest possible range of opinions. Statistics science is a powerful tool in shaping this factual information. Unfortunately it might nowadays used by media as an invisible weapon to promote a particular point of view and to sound more convincing. Laymen, mostly being statistically illiterate or innumerate, simply accept the statistics reported in the news as if they are proven facts. And we witness these more and more on oil!

Coca-cola Boycott: Interview with Javier Correa, President of Sinaltrainal - 16th of June 2004, Bogotá

Gearóid Ó Loingsigh, 22.07.2004 11:05

Q. What is your evaluation of the campaign one year after the beginning of the boycott?
The world wide campaign against Coca Cola is an on going systematic global process which includes various activities of protest, mobilization, a call for disinvestments in those institutions where Coca Cola is represented and a consumer boycott of its products; any way of expressing your rejection of the company.

BTL:'Banana Republicans' Examines How GOP Gained Virtual Control over...

Between the Lines' Scott Harris, 22.07.2004 09:07

...U.S. Political Power~Interview with John Stauber, co-author of 'Banana Republicans: How the Right-Wing is Turning America into a One-Party State,' conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

No gold medal for the environment in the Athens Olympics

Theodota Nantsou, 22.07.2004 08:23

WWF report assesses the environmental performance of the Athens Olympic Games. The poor score proves that the environment hits bottom in the priorities of both the International Olympic Committee and the Athens organisers.

Women entertainers lead the charge against Bush

Serena Blaiz, 22.07.2004 06:39

From the Dixie Chicks to Margaret Cho, women celebrities are expressing their political opinions and fighting the right-wing effort to stiffle dissent.


jorge carrillo guadalupe, 22.07.2004 03:21

Representantes de Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, se encuentra ya participando de la SEGUNDA CUMBRE CONTINENTAL DE LOS PUEBLOS Y NACIONALIDADES INDIGENAS DE ABYA YALA.


jorge carrillo Guadalupe, 22.07.2004 03:13

Representantes de Mexico, Brasil, Guatemala, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Estados Unidos, se encuentran ya en las instalaciones donde se efectuara la SEGUNDA CUMBRE CONTINENTAL DE LAS NACIONES Y PUEBLOS DE ABYA YALA.

CFL ALERT: Email, call or fax your representatives today and ask them to oppose Senate Resolution 408.

Citizens for Fair Legislation, 22.07.2004 02:10

CFL ALERT: Email, call or fax your representatives today and ask them to oppose Senate Resolution 408. This resolution supports Israel’s racist apartheid wall and condemns the ICJ and UN for their positions against the wall. The Senate is likely to vote on this resolution before it adjourns for its summer recess this Friday, your immediate action is critical.

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