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America On A Downspiral

Daniel, 30.11.2009 20:09

America’s democracy could be leading down a path towards destruction if we as Americans do not take a stand.

This Way Out: 2 memoirs of survival &amp; recovery + A movie &quot;Dare&quot;

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 30.11.2009 20:01

November 30, 2009: Gay Asian Canadian writer Wilson Choy's life is "Not Yet" over (the 70-year-old survivor of 2 near-death heart attacks chats about his new memoir in the first of a reflective 2-part conversation); Janet Mason reviews Mary Cappello's "Called Back: My Reply to Cancer, My Return to Life"; and how the hit 2005 gay festival short "Dare" became a 2009 feature film challenging movie audiences to take risks.

Index of Patient Abuses

Patient Advocacy, 30.11.2009 20:01

Index of

Selling Out Democracy in Honduras: The U.S. and the Honduran Election

Isabel Macdonald and General Joe, 30.11.2009 19:35

"The 23 Latin American and Caribbean nations of the Rio Group do not recognize Sunday's election. However the Obama administration is now going ahead in recognizing the vote held in the midst of what Amnesty International has characterized as a "human rights crisis," marked by an"increasingly disproportionate and excessive use of force being used by the police and military to repress legitimate and peaceful protests across the country." Since Zelaya's overthrow, over 3,500 people have been illegally detained, over 600 have been beaten and dozens have been killed, according to the Committee of Families of the Disappeared (COFADEH), with media workers, human rights defenders and female protesters particularly targeted, according to Amnesty. "

Perhaps it is time for "progressives" to recognize that Obama was "hired" to do a "job" that a Bush or Clinton or whoever white establishment person could never have done. But As we have been rendered so pleased with "America's" progress we have failed to see that the time for unity and dedicated "fight back" was at hand. We will wake up soon or else? The world is dying all around us and Obama is now a facilitator for this mass murder of unknown scope. With the coup in Honduras, mountaintop removal in North Carolina, and mounting imperial war making and increasingly outlandish economic theft of the many by the few. There is no "beef" to Obama and our time is so short.

Mayor Villaraigosa accepts bribes for jobs

No Kill Joe, 30.11.2009 17:20

Left to right : Ed Boks, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Dr. Gary Michelson Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa appointed Ed Boks as the Director of Animal Services even though Boks had been fired from his two previous jobs for poor performance. After many, many mistakes and costly lawsuits the Mayor continued to stand by his appointment. Finally, City Council made a motion of "no confidence" in Ed Boks' leadership in 2009 and demanded that he be fired. Ultimately Boks was forced to resign. Why did the Mayor appoint Ed Boks, a man with no college education and a bad track record? It seems a local billionaire offered Villaraigosa $10,000,000 if he would hire Boks, and the Mayor accepted.

Sondage foie gras : 44% des Français sont favorables à l'interdiction du gavage

L214, 30.11.2009 16:47

Sondage foie gras : 44% des Français sont favorables à l'interdiction du gavage

Medical Secrets Exposed

Medicalese Canada, 30.11.2009 16:17

government censorship What the Canadian government and its medical establishment does NOT want the public to know...

Index of MashCan.Org

MashCan.Org, 30.11.2009 13:30

Warning the public about medical atrocities in Canada.

Canadian Justice: What's on the Menu?, 30.11.2009 13:12

Warning the public about medical murder and the organ trade in Canada

British MP's call on Morocco to allow Western Saharan Hungerstriker home

Free Western Sahara Campaign, 30.11.2009 13:10

British MP's have signed an open letter calling on the Morrocan authorities to allow Aminatou Haidar, the Western Saharan peace activist now in the third week of her hunger strike, to return to her country.

Cues and Clues to Murder for Organs, 30.11.2009 13:09

Warning the public about medical murder and the organ trade in Canada

Marked for Murder

MashCan.Org, 30.11.2009 13:06

Warning the public about medical murder and the organ trade in Canada

Y el médico sustituyó al sacerdote

Pascual Serrano, 30.11.2009 11:46

Prólogo del libro "El rapto de Higea. Mecanismos de poder en el terreno de la salud y la enfermedad", de Jesús García Blanca, que publicará en los próximos días Virus Editorial.

Honduras State Employees Forced to Attend Santos Campaign Rally

Al Giordano assisted here by General Joe, 30.11.2009 07:39

"On Saturday November 28 military soldiers raided the offices of small business collective RED-COMAL in Siguatepeque, Comayagua, a city approximately 2 hours north from the capital. The Police Commissioner issued a search warrant 15 minutes after the raid began with the purpose of looking for weapons, posters and any documents that call on the population not to vote. Ricardo Bueso, speaking to, reported that the military and police stole four laptops along with money from some of the organization’s sales
The National Front Against the Coup d'Etat has called on its participants to remain indoors in a "voluntary curfew" in noncooperation with the fraudulent vote. Should any incidents of violence occur today it won't be from the Resistance, but, rather, the result of the regime's own provocateurs. National presidential candidate Carlos H. Reyes withdrew from the ballot last month, as did many Congressional candidates and one major-party vice presidential candidate: Santos' own running mate on the Liberal Party line is among those who reject this fraudulent process as illegitimate."

National Port Drivers Association Meets with L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich

Sofia G. Quinones, 30.11.2009 07:27

Mr. Patchett is joined by Dr. James Enstrom, UCLA; James Morgester (retired Chief of the Compliance Division, CARB); Charles Lamoureux, president, ECM Group, and Sofia Quinones in a request to extend the deadline and review the draconian effect of the CARB regulation on the California economy and its infringement on the civil rights of the rail and port truckers.Mr. Patchett is requesting a federal investigation of the Clean Truck Programs of the Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland ports for conspiracy, antitrust and civil rights violations

BI Umweltschutz zur Konrad-Entscheidung - &quot;Türöffner für eine Endlagerung zu Lasten späterer Generationen&quot;

Wolfgang Ehmke, 29.11.2009 21:36

Pressemitteilung 29.11.09

Das Bundesverfassungsgericht hatte am Donnerstag eine Verfassungsbeschwerde der Konrad-Gegner abgewiesen. Die Gefahr von Schäden für spätere Generationen bei der Einrichtung der geplanten Atommülldeponie in dem ausgedienten Erzbergwerk könne nicht mit einer Verfassungsbeschwerde geltend gemacht werden. Atomkraftgegner an den Endlagerstandorten, die seit Jahren eng vernetzt zusammen arbeiten, reagieren entsetzt und kündigen Aktionen an. "Selbstverständlich werden wir die Konrad-Gegner bei ihren politischen Aktionen solidarisch unterstützen," kündigte die Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg (BI) an. Dass die Verfassungsrichter den Fall abschmetterten, sei auf dem Hintergrund der havarierten Atommüllendlager Asse II und Morsleben wirklichkeitsfremd.

Medical Secrets Index

Malcolm Everett, 29.11.2009 19:44

Censorship Censorship is alive and well in Sudbury Ontario, Canada

7 decembre 2009 les iraniens redescendront dans la rue

Solidaritè avec la lutte du peuple iranien, 29.11.2009 18:43

16 Azar-7 decembre 2009 les iraniens redescendront dans la rue :

These are the charges set against the flying Vet, Maurice Kirk - an inncocent man.

Norman Scarth, 29.11.2009 17:56

These are the charges set against the flying Vet Maurice Kirk - an inncocent man.
See below the original article of this case, but the following gives the unsavoury flavour of the depth of corruption. The second article goes into greater detail concerning official corruption in this case. It is time honourable Members of Parliament took up the baton and demand answers. The behaviour of police and the judiciary is typical of the Middle Ages, not of the 21st century!

BRD: Rochade im Bundestag

Jochen Busser, 29.11.2009 17:51

Familienministerin Kristina Köhler Es hätte ein richtig medialer Coup werden können: Das Merkel holt eine junge, kompetente Politikerin ins Kabinett – Kristina Köhler. Merkel, von der Leyen, Köhler – Frauenpower pur! Das Problem: Merkel ist vergesslich, von der Leyen kann nicht rechnen und Frau Köhler ist – rechtsextrem! .... Weiblich, ledig, jung und aus Hessen = Familienministerin ... Bevor jetzt Herrscharen von Anwälten über mich herfallen - Wikipedia beschreibt Rechtsextremismus u.a. so: Ungleichheit der Menschen .... Rechtsextremisten begründen einen minderen Wert und Rechtsstatus bestimmter Individuen und Gruppen durch ethnische, kulturelle, geistige und körperliche Unterschiede[1]. ....... Vergleichen Sie bitte hier:

Who or better what controls the European media?

Hans Ceustermans, 29.11.2009 14:57

The origin of Silvio Berlusconi's fortune has never been clarified.
This man owns a substantial part of the European media(Telecinco,Endemol...)
In the meanwhile this man and his party are the biggest fraction in the European parliament(thanks to the EPP and Wilfried Martens) and decide about the European media policy...

Das Massaker von Kundus und die Lügen der Regierung

Anton D. Weber, 29.11.2009 13:36

Kundus-AFGHANISTAN-Ermordete-Kinder ! Das Massaker von Kundus und die Lügen der Regierung ... Der ehemalige Verteidigungsminister Franz Josef Jung (CDU) ist am Freitag von seinem gegenwärtigen Regierungsposten als Arbeitsminister zurückgetreten. Er hat damit die Konsequenz aus den Lügen gezogen, mit denen das Massaker vertuscht worden war, dem Anfang September im afghanischen Kundus bis zu 142 Menschen, darunter zahlreiche Zivilisten, zum Opfer gefallen waren. Aus demselben Grund waren am Vortag bereits Generalinspekteur Wolfgang Schneiderhan und Staatssekretär Peter Wichert entlassen worden.


Grattan Puxon, 29.11.2009 09:16

Dale Farm On the eve of a two million pound contract award to a bailiff company
brought in for the huge Dale Farm eviction, a whistlerblower has sparked
an investigation into complaints the company burned caravans and
endangered children's lives during previous eviction operations.

Mr. Limbaugh’s Nazi Obsession

Steven J. Gulitti, 29.11.2009 01:45

To what degree can we continue to take Rush Limbaugh seriously.

Obama administration express concern over hunger striking Nobel Peace Prize nominee

Stefan Simanowitz, 29.11.2009 00:38

As the hunger strike of Western Saharan human rights activist enters its third week, the US State Department have issued a statement expressing concern for her well being and urging " a speedy determination of her legal status and full respect for due process and human rights.”

Call-in for Carrie!

supportcarrie, 28.11.2009 18:22

Carrie Feldman is still being held on civil contempt and needs our support and solidarity. She’ll remain in custody over the long weekend as state officials enjoy time with their families. We can’t let them go back to an easy work day come Monday while they continue to hold our friend in civil contempt for taking a principled stand against state repression!

THIS MONDAY, November 30, CALL IN to Cronk’s boss, US Attorney Nicholas Klinefeldt, from 9am to 4pm to demand that they dismiss Carrie’s subpoena and release her immediately.

Monday November 30, 9am-4pm CST, (515) 473-9300

Venezuela: &quot;socialismo bolivariano&quot; e le libertà civili

El Libertario, Venezuela, 28.11.2009 17:58

Mijail Martínez * El Libertario, rivista anarchica venezuelana, denuncia l’assassinio di Mijail Martínez come un nuovo capitolo dell’attacco governativo contro le organizzazioni di base, autonome, e dissidenti. Questo fatto rivela la sistematica politica dello Stato venezuelano contro la dissidenza e le classi popolari.

Venezuela: Anti-police impunity activist assassinated

El Libertario, Venezuela, 28.11.2009 17:56

Mijail Martinez * El Libertario, the Venezuelan anarchist newspaper, denounce the assassination of Mijail Martinez as the latest chapter in the Chavez government’s attack against base-level, autonomous, revolutionary and dissident organisations.

Yale Goon Squads to Rub Out Nazi Stupidity!

Bobby Meade, 28.11.2009 16:13

Epidemic of Dummies - Surely there must be a plague of dummies in order for stupidity to be so prevalent; plus a lot of them behave like Moses has gone up on the mountaintop! (Exodus 32)

U.S. Still Plans Assault on Latin America. Will We Stop this Madness?

Eva Golinger and Friends, 28.11.2009 15:07

"Washington can try to erase its language regarding intentions of war, espionage and military operations in Latin America, but the U.S. can’t erase the truth. The original U.S. Air Force document from May 2009 remains the principal justification behind the U.S.-Colombia military accord."

Kundus-Massaker: 179 zivile Opfer und 5 Taliban

Richard Demmel, 28.11.2009 13:51

Opferzahlen des Kundus-Massakers Tatsächliche Opferzahlen des Massakers von Kundus bekanntgegeben: 179 zivile Opfer und 5 Taliban! Ex-Verteidigungsminister Franz Josef Jung tritt von seinem neuen Ministeramt zurück und hinterlässt eine blutige Spur der Vertuschung - Die Anwälte der Opfer des von der Bundeswehr angeforderten Luftangriffs auf zwei Tanklastwagen im afghanischen Kundus haben auf einer Presskonferenz in Berlin am heutigen Freitag ihre Entschädigungsforderungen an die Bundesregierung erneuert. Bisher habe das Verteidigungsministerium nicht auf das Angebot für außergerichtliche Gespräche über einen Schadenersatz reagiert, sagten die Anwälte.

Merkel im Massaker von Kundus?

Wolfgang Watson, 28.11.2009 10:04

Massaker von Kundus Was wusste Merkel über das Massaker von Kundus? ... Arbeitsminister Jung trat wegen einer »Informationspanne« in seinem ehemaligen Verteidigungsministerium zurück – doch es geht um mehr ..... Das – wie man sagt – politische Berlin bereitete sich gestern auf den Bundespresseball vor. Die Kanzlerin erschien nicht. Sie hatte in dieser Woche auch genügend »Tanz«. Ihr »Partner« war da vor allem Parteifreund Franz Josef Jung, bis gestern um 13.30 Uhr noch Bundesarbeitsminister.

Getsuei Yaju: failure?

Kensei, 28.11.2009 03:27

showing the failure of the getsuei yajuu

Locos de la secta Nueva Era envenenando con gas a traves d elos conductos de tu casa

Natasha Lee Bernabeu, 27.11.2009 19:48

Los Christianos de la Nueva Era Creen en el fin del mundo. Entre otras, se dedican a enfermar a aquellos que no lo son con gas a traves de los conductos de aire de tu propia casa. Sentiras:dolor de cabeza, Mareos y nausias. Abre las ventanas y mantente ventilado.


Online Review, 27.11.2009 19:42

According to a CMAJ-JAMC report on medical ethics "The profession has accepted that dishonesty is necessary because of the dire consequences of being truthful.". Alert On Ontario MD's! Did you know that if you become ill in Ontario, Canada and you put yourself in the hands of "mainstream" medical care and need to be admitted to hospital that the chances of you dying from an unrelated problem are high? DID YOU KNOW THAT A GREAT MANY CANADIANS HAVE SOME SORT OF MEDICAL LEGAL SITUATION OR PROBLEM THAT THEY ARE EITHER IGNORING OR CANNOT AFFORD TO DEAL WITH? MOST CANADIANS HAVE OR WILL WILL ENCOUNTER A POTENTIAL LEGAL SITUATION INVOLVING MEDICAL INJURY OR LOSS OF A LOVED ONE DUE TO MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE. IN FACT, MANY CASES ARE DUE TO OUTRIGHT CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE. By turning a blind eye on doctor caused death, our government is responsible for "mass murder". The medical profession is notorious for protecting its own, which, all things being equal, is admirable, but all things are not equal. Tens of thousands of patients die every year at the hands of bad doctors while their colleagues look the other way in a conspiracy of silence. The public response to the doctors and their demands should be an unrelenting demand for medical truth, and for civil and criminal accountability. Get the FACTS: "How system helps shield bad doctors". View the medical record of a patient who was murdered by proxy on the order of her physician to coverup medical stupidity, and a crooked system bent on "obstructing and perverting the course of justice." Learn the truth about Corruption in the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services via the Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario, and socially unacceptable medical corruption and criminal coverup under shield of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario that has sought to institutionalize rip-offs with OHIP; to keep sick people sick and their families oblivious to it, and to shield bad doctors from Medical Procedure Mistake and civil and criminal accountability. According to a CMAJ-JAMC report on medical ethics "The profession has accepted that dishonesty is necessary because of the dire consequences of being truthful.". The truth is that the coroners office is used as a dumping ground for cases embarrassing either to the government or the medical profession, as in the case of Arlene H. Berry, who died suddenly, and unexpectedly at the age of 41. She was the victim of a horrific chain of medical negligence that is nothing short of criminal. No autopsy was performed. A family request for a formal inquest was also denied.

Deutsches Kriegsverbrechen: Merkel ist fällig

Nunca Mas, 27.11.2009 18:27

merkel, jung u. z.guttenberg Rund 16 Wochen nach dem auf Befehl Deutschlands zwei von ZivilistInnen umringte Tanklaster in Kunduz bombadiert wurden, trat heute Ex-Verteidigungs - und aktueller Arbeitsminister Jung von der CDU zurück. Obwohl der Guardian ( schon vor 15 Wochen das berichtete was nun durch ein BILD-Zeitungsvideo bestätigt wurde und durch einen Feldjägerbericht bereits früher bekannt war, ließ man diesen Meldungen im Wahlkampf keinen Platz. Möglicherweise wäre die Wahl dann völlig anders ausgegangen und Merkel hätte bereits ihr AMt verlassen müssen.

Korruptionsprozess gegen Berlusconi geht weiter

Salvatore Brucello, 27.11.2009 17:56

Berlusconis Korruptionsprozesse Wegen seinem Wahlkampf wurde ein Korruptionsprozess gegen den italienischen Regierungschef Silvio Berlusconi unterbrochen. Am kommenden Freitag muss er deswegen wieder vor Gericht erscheinen.
Aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben: Berlusconi muss sich nach einem Unterbruch wieder wegen Korruption vor Gericht verantworten.

Dirty WhiteHouse Dinner with PM Manmohan, Platinum-II Copenhagen and the rest.

Not gold plates, nor silver seals, its Platinum, Platinum-II, 27.11.2009 16:48

Platinum-II SS Oceanic Independence Obama Singh Manmohan WhiteHouse Dinner Image WhiteHouse Decorum for the Indian dinner may indicate a more severe security concern than any mass media entity could handle. Hijacked American Cruise Ship full of toxic and radioactive waste dumped at Alang, India and the WhiteHouse dinner theme is identical... Dirty. Very Dirty.

Hunger-striking Nobel Prize nominee in “critical condition”

Free Western Sahara Network, 27.11.2009 11:49

Actor Javier Bardem has joined calls for Aminatou Haidar, the Saharawi Gandhi to be allowed home to Western Sahara, as she enters the third week of her hunger strike.

Philippines: Abduction and killings of journalists and politicians must be investigated

Amnesty International, 27.11.2009 06:30

Maguindanao Massacre Amnesty International condemns the killings of at least 21 civilians, including journalists and members of a politician’s family, in the southern Philippines province of Maguindanao, the first reported killings linked to national elections to be held in May 2010.


OSCAR VALBUENA VEGA, 27.11.2009 05:44

Con la ausencia de los representantes legales de la Asociación Waya Wayuu, el dia 24 de noviembre del presente año se reunió la Junta General de Socios de la empresa SAMA Ltda. El tema principal de la JUNTA GENERAL DE SOCIOS, fue la revisión de los pre pliegos en el proceso de licitación pública, a fin de contratar un operador privado que sería el encargado de operar las Salinas Marítimas de Manaure. La aprobación final de los pre pliegos quedó postergada para el próximo martes, cuando nuevamente se reúna la Junta General de Socios de la empresa SAMA Ltda.

Unique Partnership Brings Emotional Intelligence to Call Centers

Keith Fiveson, 27.11.2009 04:59

New York, November 27, 2009 - ITESA and EQ Leader (ITESA-EQL) announced the first partnership focused on developing emotional intelligence for the call center industry. While IQ is essential, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) might just be the key to unlocking further potential for quality performance, lower attrition and operational performance. The partnership brings together the first scientifically validated measure for star performers, with proprietary coaching techniques to manage and grow emotionally intelligent leadership teams and customer service representatives.

Venezuela: asesinado activista de Derechos Humanos

El Libertario, Venezuela, 26.11.2009 23:41

¡Mijail Martínez, presente! * El asesinato de un activista de derechos humanos en Barquisimeto revela la sistemática política del Estado venezolano contra la disidencia y las clases populares. Desde el periódico El Libertario denunciamos este hecho como un nuevo capítulo de la arremetida gubernamental contra las organizaciones de base, autónomas, revolucionarias y disidentes.

Australian Aboriginal body will be “toothless and non-representative”, activist charges

Michael Anderson, 26.11.2009 23:02

Goodooga, northwest NSW, 26 November – Euahlayi activist Michael Anderson says the organisation being put together by Tom Calma totally ignores the more aggressive Aboriginal voices and will have prominent conservative Aborigines as key stakeholders. Mr Anderson states in a media release that this is likely to repeat a history of conservative Aborigines joining forces with conservative government to thwart grassroots needs and aspirations. “This been repeated in various Aboriginal rep bodies since the 1970s. From my view at this point in time, a number of these key conservative Aborigines appear to be key stakeholders and players in this more recent approach to a ‘rep body’, while the more aggressive political voices are totally ignored and left out to dry.”

21st CENTURY PARTNERSHIPS: ‘Pacific President’ on First Visit to Asia

ERNEST COREA, 26.11.2009 22:54

IDN-InDepthNews Service

WASHINGTON DC (IDN) - Much has happened since President Barack Obama made his four-nations-in-eight-days visit to Asia. The first state visit of a foreign leader (India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh) hosted by Obama, and the ninth round of strategic consultations between the president and his advisers on which direction to take in Afghanistan, are behind us. The groaning tables and traveling travails of Thanksgiving Day are more on people’s minds than Obama’s walk up the majestic Great Wall of China.

GLOBAL GREENS PUBLIC EVENT, 13 DEC - Copenhagen and beyond: delivering a meaningful deal on climate change

Global Greens, 26.11.2009 21:01

Copenhagen and beyond: delivering a meaningful deal on climate change
Global Greens Public Event

Sunday December 13 2009 18:00 to 21:00
Venue: Klimaforum09, DGI-byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 København, Danmark

No a las bases gringas en Colombia

Jorge Enrique Robledo, Senador del Polo Democrático, 26.11.2009 19:39

"Estados Unidos, el Pentágono o Washington no representan los intereses de las hermanitas de la caridad. Estados Unidos no es un país que haya demostrado en la historia de la humanidad que no pone el uso de la fuerza al servicio de sus intereses. Lo voy a decir de una manera más directa. Estados Unidos es un imperio. La política global que adelanta es una política imperialista. Es el más grande imperio de la historia de la humanidad. Nunca había habido un imperio más armado en el mundo que el de Estados Unidos. Estados Unidos tiene medio millón de tropas por fuera de sus fronteras. Estados Unidos gasta este año en todo su aparato militar 612 mil millones de dólares, igual a lo que gasta todo el resto del mundo en su conjunto. ¿Y para qué ese gasto militar? ¿Para qué los centenares de bases que tienen localizadas en todos los confines del planeta? ¿Para llevar la felicidad al África? ¿Para llevar la felicidad a Asia, para llevar la felicidad a América Latina, para traer la felicidad a Colombia?"

Afghanistan: Jung im Sumpf von Kundus

Karel Puentes, 26.11.2009 17:28

Landminen BRD: Ex-Verteidigungsminister unter Druck - Jung im Sumpf von Kundus ... Die Bundeswehr-Einsatzführung wusste schon nach dem Luftangriff in Afghanistan von zivilen Opfern. Nun droht Ex-Verteidigungsminister Jung als Arbeitsminister das Aus. .... Strafvereitlung? Haben sich Ex-Generalinspekteur Schneiderhan und Ex-Verteidigungsminister Franz-Josef Jung möglicherweise sogar strafbar gemacht? ..... LANDMINEN .....

Ctrl-V :: VideoControl

Roberta Milward - Divercult, 26.11.2009 17:00

Jornada aborda los efectos de la industria audiovisual en Iberoamérica con estreno de webdocumental y red virtual

Home Based Job

dhanish, 26.11.2009 15:34

Home Based Job

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