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&quot;random&quot; thoughts: Asian banking collapse, US gov borrowing from asian banks, Ba'ath party power tricks

George Bush, 27.07.2004 19:38

Speech at DNC tells, for first time, of tax cuts paid for by social security "surplus", and of US gov borrowing money from asian bankers... Made me think of the asian banking collapse... that bankers make a profit from interest payments, that drug companies profit from drug sales. I was reading on Wiccanpedia about "socialism" and it tells me, for first time, that Ba'ath party began as socialist... still is? Banned? By whom? Where discuss, email list?

The time is now.

£, 27.07.2004 18:04

w$ Be weary of that burnout factor amoungst friends!

Campaña internacional de fax y e-mail para la liberación de lqs presqs politicqs de Guadalajara ,México

Cravana Libertaria Carlo Giuliani,México DF, 27.07.2004 17:27

urgent action

On the New World Order and Refugee Rights

International Federation of Iranian Refugees, 27.07.2004 15:40

On the New World Order and Refugee Rights
IFIR Tenth International Conference
July 30- August 1, 2004
Köln, Germany

The Politics Behind Cultural Relativism

International TV, 27.07.2004 15:39

The Politics Behind Cultural Relativism
International TV Interview with Fariborz Pooya and Bahram Soroush

Poem: Israeli Death Trap

Genevieve Cora Fraser, 27.07.2004 15:10

An-Najah University professor Dr. Khaled Salah Dedicated to the memory of Palestinian- American Dr. Khaled Salah and his son 16-year-old Mohammed who were murdered in cold blood in their Nablus home by Israeli soldiers. May his wife Salam, and their surviving children find the strength to carry on and bear witness to the extreme sadism and criminality of Israeli state terrorism.

North American Anarchist Convergence - Athens, Ohio August 13-15

NAAC 2004, 27.07.2004 14:52

Join us in the beautiful foothills of Appalachia to network, brainstorm, and discuss social change through building a positive movement toward a free and responsible society. We will focus on practical alternatives to problems associated with power-based governments, institutions, and internalized systems of oppression.

What The 911 Commission Didn't Ask

William Thomas, 27.07.2004 14:21

911 Commmission ignored the stand down of Us air defenses on Sept. 11 says author of STAND DOWN: Why America's Air Defenses Failed on Sept. 11

America is not a charitable organisation

jamie, 27.07.2004 13:17

Dear friends,

The following interview by Robert Fisk with a Shia cleric/historian does a nice job of addressing many of the distortions and the propaganda that continue about Iraq these days, despite the fact that in many ways it is clear the occupation is falling apart. Please read and share. Jamie


'America is not a charitable organisation - they came to steal from Iraq'
By: Robert Fisk on: 26.07.2004 [20:32 ] (98 reads)

Outside on Sayed Ayatollah Ahmed Hassani al-Baghdadi's little lawn, the temperature is touching 60C. But inside his spacious library with its shelves of leather-bound volumes of Islamic science and law, the political heat soars between 3,000 degrees and minus 20. The Shia marja leading Shia scholars are known for their outspokenness but Sayed Baghdadi more than speaks his mind.

audio from baghdad

sansibar, 27.07.2004 12:06

As every wensday, we stream from Baghdad in english
from 12.00 to 13.00 (CET middle europa time)

Online video: Fahrenheit 420 - the Bush Clan and their ties to wars and drugwars

David Malmo-Levine (host of &quot;High Society&quot; on Pot TV), 27.07.2004 07:27

Sam, Prescott, Sr. and Dubya Bush are all stars of this show! We explore their connection with WW1, Skull & Bones, WW2, the CIA, Operation Zapata, 11/22/63, Operation Chaos, Charles Manson, Altamont, Ely Lilly, Iran Contra, the Panama Invasion, Barry Seal & World War 3.

The DNC - Day 1

Anisha Kumra,, 27.07.2004 05:39

A California delegate reading The Democratic National Convention in Boston, MA - Day 1


MATTHEW RUSLING, 27.07.2004 04:52

NGO members call for action against China's human rights policies For Kim Bong-soon, a South Korean mother of two living in Seoul, the past 18 months have been a time of unforeseen turmoil. Her troubles started on January 18, 2003 when her husband, Choi Yong-hun, was arrested in Yantai, China, for attempting to help a group of North Korean refugees escape to South Korea by boat. Before the plan could be executed, however, an unknown party informed the police. In the end, Chinese authorities arrested the entire group of about 50 North Koreans, along with Mr. Choi, another South Korean activist, and a photojournalist.

Death of a Civilization, Welcome 21st Century American Slave

Keyser, 27.07.2004 03:13

America is under siege, and they must be the winds of change
if they want to preserve the future for their children, or just put the chains on now.

Succeed Financially and be Debt Free

Roldimy Montinar, 27.07.2004 01:51


Texas Sodomy Law

hg, 27.07.2004 01:18

Gay rights judgement

Summer Send-Off Party.

Adrienne Weller, 26.07.2004 22:55

Send-off party for Native American activist moving from Seattle to NYC.

Zapatistas: 'The tongue is not made of bone'

Brenda Norrell, 26.07.2004 22:28

Zapatista comandantes building new autonomous governments inspire Tohono O'odham and Mayo struggling for land and liberty in Mexico

Fahrenheit 9/11 is Having &quot;Devastating&quot; Impact on Military Morale

Amy Ridenour, 26.07.2004 22:22

DNC Gov Security-Yahoo Muzzle Whistleblower, 26.07.2004 22:20

Yahoo has just restored access to the TSCM-L list. They are refusing to tell me why they muzzled it in the first place, but given that Yahoo has been all over my website today I suspect they realized that the governments attempt to muzzle me backfired.

for pga in belgrade...actions beside campus....we call pga activists to be there..

machyee cashaly, 26.07.2004 21:31

about strike i belgrade...

The Lady of Liberty

Christine Rose, 26.07.2004 18:19

A brief look at the state of civil liberties in America.

Bush AWOL Alert

Laurie Manis, 26.07.2004 18:07

Undesirable Discharge Certificate, that's what Bush Jr got.

Look Out CNN! Anarchists are Gonna Get Your Mama!

Scott Mylxine, 26.07.2004 17:24

As the political conventions come closer, Boston and New York's law enforcement brace for protests. In their battle to protect the citizenry from itself, police and FBI (with the help of a lap dog media) are using an age-old tactic: Demonize the Anarchists!

more news from todays activitys in belgrade whit people global action

exil-a.r.t;, 26.07.2004 17:15

today 26 JULY 2004

A test Case for CAFTA: Why CAFTA fails workers in NIcaragua

The National Labor Committee, 26.07.2004 15:45

This report issued by the National Labor committee, (the same group that made Kathy Lee Gifford cry and forced GAP to change their labor policies), provides a test case for CAFTA by exposing how the Trade preference levels as negociated by the agreement actually cut breaks for the factories in the Free trade zones of Central America that have the worst records of abuse.

Documentaries Bound for Liberty

Marie Macuiogae, 26.07.2004 15:17

Are documentaires changing the face of politics in the USA?

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 22 July 2004 through Saturday, 24 July 2004

Muhammad Abu Nasr, 26.07.2004 12:36

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 22 July 2004 through Saturday, 24 July 2004
By: Muhammad Abu Nasr on: 25.07.2004 [09:34 ] (488 reads)

Agent Orange Victims Battle New Front: Chemical Giants

VNS, 26.07.2004 11:49

The Association of Agent Orange and Dioxin Victims of Viet Nam recently filed a lawsuit against 37 American companies that produced the deadly dioxin used during the American War.

Let Katumba Explain

Unknown, 26.07.2004 11:39

Police brutality in Northern Uganada.

Hunger Striker Ernest Barraquias Jr., now on his 36th day of fasting but still no actions from the Philippine Government

Ernest Barraquias Jr., 26.07.2004 11:38

Hunger Strike announcement of the discoverer & whistle-blower of seized drugs distribution by high-ranking police generals & drug lords in the Philippines. They used his company. Assasination attempts on him. Richswaze, his nephew-dependent, now 10 held virtual hostage.

The Battle of Cuba.

George Papanastasiou, 26.07.2004 07:23

Failing in opinion polls, high on Jesus, haemorrhaging incompetence and in delusion and denial over Iraq, Bush is staring down the barrel of political oblivion. All seems lost. Unless of course, in desperation, Mr. “I’m a war President” decides to go to war. Again.

Pre-convention conversation

Stewart Ogilby, 26.07.2004 04:16

A short hypothetical conversation prior to the Democratic National Convention.

Domestic Terrorist/Gang Cells in LA and Orange County Areas

Duck Twacy, 26.07.2004 01:48

LBZ decal used by perps Go to these links to see more on this topic.

Soliders of Marshal KIM JONG IL!--- Essay by John Paul Cupp

John Paul Cupp, 25.07.2004 22:07

Songun On-line Discussion Forum:

John Paul Cupp,

Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

Chairman of the US Solidarity Committee to Support the NDFSK and the South Korean People's Struggle

Public Relations Officer, C.C. of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism

You can do more in a moment of direct action, than in a lifetime of voting

iobjector, 25.07.2004 20:26

Does your vote count anymore? Did it ever? Should you consign your only political voice to voting, or is there more than you can do in this "democracy?"

FRAUD--The Secrets of Bush's Payroll Records Revealed

paul lukasiak, 25.07.2004 20:17

On February 10, 2004, the White House released George W Bush’s quarterly payroll summaries for his last year in the Texas Air National Guard, claiming that they proved that Bush had “fulfilled his duties” as a member of the US Armed Forces. However, An examination of these records within the context of laws and policies of that time reveals that at least half (and as much as two thirds) of the pay and “points” credited toward Bush’s mandatory monthly training were fraudulent. When one deducts these fraudulent points from Bush’s records, Bush does not achieve the minimum number of points under the White House’s own (erroneous) criteria.

PRESS RELEASE: Iranian Muslims Launch New Website To Dispel Lies..., 25.07.2004 17:47

Iranian Muslims Iranian Muslims launch new website to dispel lies about Iranians and Iranian conversions to other religions.

Palestinians 'made millions' selling cheap cement for barrier they bitterly oppose...

isolation, 25.07.2004 16:40

Palestinian businessmen have made millions of pounds supplying cement for Israel's "security barrier" in the full knowledge of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader and one of the wall's most vocal critics.

DNC establishes &quot;Free Speech Zones&quot;

George Thought, 25.07.2004 16:24

In a move straight out of the Republican handbook, the Democratic National Committee has established Free Speech Zones for the upcoming convention.

Informacion sobre Colombia

Miguel Suarez, 25.07.2004 14:40

Escucha en Radio Cafe Stereo la mas veraz informacion sobre Colombia

Death count of U.S. forces at 907

jamie, 25.07.2004 14:13

Number U.S. GI's killed in the most recent phase of the Iraq war is now at 907 according to These losses are all acknowledged by "central command." If Vietnam is any guide, actual killed and wounded are more numerous. Details follow. jamie

Roger Williams of NewsChat Speaks Out

Tom Swift, 25.07.2004 13:41

Roger Williams cliams, "Indymedia is a biased liberal website."

PGA Belgrade set off despite difficulties

maxigas^, 25.07.2004 12:20

Afterparty with the band... notice the indymedia The People's Global Action network helds its yearly meeting in Jajinci, Belgrade, Serbia; July 23-29. After the previous meetings in countries of Western Europe, now the PGA is opening up for Eastern European countries.

Argentina: Foro Social Paraná Medio

Comité Movilizador, 25.07.2004 07:06


Foro Social Paraná Medio - 2004
“Globalizando la solidaridad”
La Paz – Entre Ríos - Argentina


Jerry GarCIA, 25.07.2004 05:12

Occidental resident Mickey Hart will join fellow Grateful Dead member Bob Weir. The musicians, along with rocker Steve Miller, are part of an effort to bring a younger vibe to the grove, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Canadian Govt. can't justify its Pro Israel voting stance!

k.hawley, 25.07.2004 04:29

Canadian Govt. can't make "Secret Deals" and justify its Pro Israel voting stance!

The Canadian Govt. can't justify its Pro Israel voting stance!

k.hawley, 25.07.2004 04:27

The Canadian Govt.can't make "Secret Deals" and justify its Pro Israel voting stance!

Communist Study Corner: Quotes From Karl Marx, Josef Stalin, and Kim Jong Il

NACAZAI Digest #1, 25.07.2004 02:21

Communist Study Corner: Excerpts from “On the Jewish Question”- Karl Marx, “Foundations Of Leninism”- Josef V. Stalin, and Various Passages from Marshal Kim Jong Il on the Role of the Leader


Combate News, 24.07.2004 20:52

La película es básicamente un documento profundamente conservador, algo que en general ha pasado desapercibido con la excepción de la perspicaz reseña de Robert Jensen: "Una estúpida película blanca". Peor todavía, no explica casi nada de los eventos que pretende examinar.

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