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PM given letter from hunger-striking Nobel Peace Prize activist

Free Western Sahara Network, 11.12.2009 17:58

Celebrities and MP's join campaigners to deliver a hand-signed letter from Aminatou Haidar, Nobel Peace Prize activist, to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the 25th day of her hunger strike

BRD: Neues aus dem schwarz-gelben Horrorladen

Fritz Feldhoff, 11.12.2009 17:45

Koalitionsvertrag - Neue Ära .... Dass unsere Justiz nicht richtig aufgestellt ist, habe ich hier bereits zum Thema gemacht. Dass Staatsanwälte bei uns regelmäßig weit über 1.000 Fälle per anno abarbeiten müssen, ist ohnehin schon ein Skandal. Dass dabei die nötige Sorgfalt zwangsläufig auf der Strecke bleiben muss, steht außer Frage. Die personelle Ausstattung unserer Staatsanwaltschaften ist jämmerlich und sorgt alle Weile wieder dafür, dass Strafverfahren nicht korrekt und zeitnah abgewickelt werden können.




City Attorney John Russo Threathens Reporter, Censors Show on His and Jerry Brown Corruption, Aided by Twitter

Martin Silverman, 11.12.2009 16:35

Alex Katz Threatening Email to Gabrielle Wilson Oakland City Attorney John Russo engaged in censorship by threatening a KPFA reporter, forcing the cancellation of the show and trying to conceal it from the public, those actions are public now as the reporter released a statement with emails and voicemails on their crimes of which this is merely another instance of. Now Twitter has joined them by engaging in censorship.

Boicot Flor de Caña: Diálogo entre Nicaragua Sugar y ASOCHIVIDA, derrota para ANAIRC

GP2009, 11.12.2009 16:34

Nicaragua Sugar y ASOCHIVIDA han contratado a la Universidad de Boston para que realice un estudio científico que determine las causalidades para las afectaciones de Insuficiencia Renal Crónica en el Occidente de Nicaragua.

8th International Symposium against Isolation

Sin, 11.12.2009 15:17


&quot;Save the Himalayas&quot; movie and intro for news from COP 15

mgriks, 11.12.2009 15:02

Spirit Of Squatters info about news from COP 15 and link to the first movie and rapport from "Save the Himalayas" demonstration.

Bundeswehr: Afghanistan - Tarnkappen-Aufklärungsdrohne

Andrey Costa, 11.12.2009 13:14

Tarnkappen-DROHNEN Guttenbergs-Afghanistan-Krieg: Hitlers Traum vom Tarnbomber - Kein Rumpf, kein Leitwerk - trotzdem hebt er ab ... Für Hitler entwickelten zwei deutsche Brüder den ersten Nurflügel-Kampfjet. Die absurde Konstruktion war der Beginn der Stealth-Technologie: Eine Kohlestaubbeschichtung machte die Horten IX für das Radar unsichtbar. (Kundus ohne 'Täter'?)... Blitzlicht statt Blitzkrieg .... Friedenspreis für Kriegspräsidenten? ... Bundeswehr: Aufträge ohne Ausschreibung! ... Heroin von Afghanistan nach Mitteleuropa! ....

La derecha fascista venezolana prefiere guardar silencio ante este horroroso crimen del expresidente chileno...

Iván Oliver Rugeles, 11.12.2009 12:58

La gente no se imagina, en Europa, que este país está destruido. No saben lo que ha pasado. Los medios informativos, o callaron lo que estaba ocurriendo desde 1970, en que Salvador Allende, rompiendo todas sus promesas, y alejándose de la legalidad, inicia una obra de destrucción sistemática de la nación, o dieron noticias falsas al mundo, porque eran, acaso, sin saberlo, cómplices de esta enorme falsedad: que se estaba haciendo un raro experimento político, consistente en la implantación del marxismo por métodos legales, constitucionales, civilizados. Y eso no ha sido verdad, ni es verdad. Y el mundo entero ha contribuido a la destrucción de este país, que hoy no tiene más salida salvadora que el gobierno de los militares.

Something in a Name

Michael David Morrissey, 11.12.2009 12:39

The pipes are calling.

Feministas en las calles granadinas

Maria Viadero, Mugarik Gabe, 11.12.2009 11:28

Del 5 al 7 de diciembre han tenido lugar en Granada las Jornadas Feministas Estatales. Diversidad de temáticas, identidades y actividades que visibilizan la vigencia e importancia del movimiento feminista.

International human violation under way Government of Canada

Dr.Gary Lee munroe Barney, 11.12.2009 10:29

Spy Chip Indigenous human violation Gov. of Canada &amp; USA The Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples: OverviewDespite some progress over the last decade, indigenous peoples around the world continue to live in hardship and danger due to the failure of states to uphold their fundamental human rights

Big Mountain Message to Copenhagen

Brenda Norrell, 11.12.2009 10:20

Photo Dan Harrison/Clan Dyken Thanksgiving Black Mesa Louise Benally, Navajo resisting relocation at Big Mountain on Black Mesa, sends a message to the world leaders and Indigenous Peoples at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

Obama Approves Oil Drilling in Arctic

Red OIL, 11.12.2009 10:15

Inuit/Red OIL photo. Alaska Natives from the Chukchi Sea, in Copenhagen for the Climate Talks, are reeling today after an announcement that the Obama administration has approved Royal Dutch Shell Plc's (RDSa.L) plan to drill for oil off Alaska's northwest coast as early as next summer. In a move revealing of the US agenda at Copenhagen, the Department of the Interior has endorsed drilling for fossil fuels in the climate-effected ecosystems of the Arctic, where global warming already impacts Alaska Natives and entire villages are in danger of losing their lands and way of life.

Indigenous in Copenhagen: Halt Destruction

Indigenous Environmental Network, 11.12.2009 10:13

Indigenous Peoples from across North America and their allies from around the world gathered at the US Embassy in Copenhagen today to deliver a message to President Obama as he traveled to Oslo to accept his Nobel Prize. The delegation of Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and First Nations Peoples is in Denmark this week for the historic COP 15 Climate Talks, and is calling for a climate deal that includes a moratorium on all new exploration of oil, gas, coal and uranium as a first step towards the full phase-out of fossil fuels and a just solution to the climate crisis.

Govt may penalise Reliance Comm, says minister

Global News, 11.12.2009 09:42

Government may impose a penalty on Reliance Communications Ltd after examining a state audit report that found the No. 2 telecoms firm under-reported revenue for two years, the telecoms minister said on Thursday.

Radio 911?

maikeru333, 11.12.2009 07:44

Do people people we might not want to eavesdrop on important 911 calls? Is this a threat to our community's security?

*needs edit: can resubmit new article later

International Violation implanting into humans Spy Chip Teck,Part 2

Dr.Garu Lee MunroeBarney, 11.12.2009 06:20

Truth Implantable chips of varying degrees of complexity, function and implant location may well have a significant role in the future of our society to judge by the investors and the amount invested. Here we have an historical overview, a present study, and a consideration of future trajectory - the latter infused with a Christian perspective.

Andrew Cuomo and the Incredible Industry-Wide Mortgage Fraud Investigation

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff, 11.12.2009 02:56

Cast your mind back to November, 2007. When the bursting housing bubble made it seem as if mortgage fraud perped by parties larger than brokers, bank clerks, and appraisers might finally matter. New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo sent an ominous missive to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He was launching an "industry-wide investigation into mortgage fraud"...

World Music Workshop by Ancient Future Leader Matthew Montfort at Esalen New Year's Day 2010

Ancient-Future.Com Records, 11.12.2009 01:50

Matthew Montfort, leader of the pioneering world fusion music ensemble Ancient Future, is leading a world rhythm workshop starting on New Years Day 2010 at Esalen, located at 55000 Highway One in Big Sur, California. The workshop covering African polyrhythms, Balinese kotèkan and Indian classical music is presented in an easy to follow, entertaining yet educational format for all music lovers. This training can help anyone with a desire to improve their rhythmic skills. Melodic aspects of the traditions will also be explored through vocal chanting and ensemble performance in a supportive setting. The workshop is open to all levels, and no musical background is required. Visit for more info. For reservations, call 831-667-3005.">

Schweinegrippe avanciert zum Polit-Skandal: Ist tatsächlich Korruption im Spiel?

Norbert F. Drenkmann, 10.12.2009 19:40

Pläne der Bundesregierung Die Neue Grippe erreicht eine politische Dimension: Mitglieder der am Robert Koch Institut angesiedelten Ständigen Impfkomission (STIKO) sind massiv mit Herstellern von Impfstoffen gegen Schweinegrippe verbunden und zum Teil direkt an der Entwicklung von Pandemie-Impfstoffen beteiligt gewesen. Aus diesem Grund sei der von Transparency International bereits aufgezeigter Korruptionsverdacht wahrscheinlich berechtigt. Zu diesem Ergebnis gelang nach im Sachbuch "Schweinegrippe als Jahrtausend-Fake", das jetzt bei Books on Demand erschienen ist.

Sylter Immobilien-Haie im Ghetto

Urs Osho, 10.12.2009 19:16

Haarsträubend menschenverachtendes Spekulanten-Spiel mit Mietern auf der deutschen Edel-Insel Sylt

8th International Symposium against Isolation

IPAI, 10.12.2009 16:20

Colombia: Independencia (Increible preparativos gobierno de Uribe para la celebración de los 200 años)

Antonio Caballero - Revista Semana, 10.12.2009 15:41

No importa: ya vamos por el Segundo. ¿Y qué más da lo que hubiera en esa impenetrable caja fuerte cerrada hace cien años -papeles comidos de moho, fotografías desvaídas por el tiempo, testimonios vueltos polvo- si lo que nos preparan nuestras autoridades de hoy para el Segundo Centenario es absolutamente fabuloso?

Carta abierta de Michel Moore al presidente Obama

Michel Moore | Kaosenlared | 9-12-2009, 10.12.2009 15:30

Así de simple. Y así hará lo peor que Usted puede hacer –destruir los sueños y esperanzas que muchos millones de personas han depositado en su persona–.

California Universities Still Raising Tuition

Ryan Stevens, 10.12.2009 02:32

CSU Trustees and California Government are trying to raise tuition on schools in California to protect the rich. They will not raise taxes on the rich to help our failing economy instead they will punish the student for the governments failures. This should not go undetected.

The Subprime Mortgage Crisis and San Francisco North Bay Hispanics

Christopher McManus, 09.12.2009 22:46

Minorities were disproportionally affected by the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States.This article explores the techniques that lured Hispanics into subprime mortgages in the San Francisco North Bay area of Sonoma and Napa Counties.


G Jordan, 09.12.2009 22:26

The other day I met by chance an American girl. She was taller than me, whiter than me and wiser than me. She asks me "hey what is life about down there in south America?" "always problems there is it not?""I heard on the news that they like to fight right?" -"OMG I cannot imagine being there"- she thought I think. Well -I told her slowly with my foreign accent- really I do not like to fight. "No"? she requires me

International Violation implanting into humans Spy Chip Teck

Dr.Gary Lee Munroe Barney, 09.12.2009 19:55

international Brain implants, often referred to as neural implants, are technological devices that connect directly to a biological subject's brain - usually placed on the surface of the brain, or attached to the brain's cortex.

Fraud used by Indiana library officials in 2004 tax increase, 2009 bond issue

Gary W. Moody, 09.12.2009 19:48

Johnson County (Indiana) Public Library (aka JCPL) management, board members, and staff, with possible collaboration from other local officials, perpetrated fraud in order to evade laws passed by the Indiana Legislature to protect taxpayers from tax hikes and the costs of capital projects bond issues. JCPL Director Beverly A. Martin and JCPL Attorney Brian J. Deppe (who is also a Franklin official) were the primary perpetrators of these acts of fraud, along with JCPL Board of Directors President Tom Armor (whose son was involved in a recent shooting) and the complicity, at least, of other board members and executive staff. Fraud was used in 2004 order to obtain a maximum property tax hike, which preceded the issuance of muni bonds for the Trafalgar library branch, and fraud was used again in 2009 in order to issue $2 million dollars in muni bonds as a step towards imposing a top-down plan upon the citizens of Franklin for a new downtown library. The firms Umbaugh & Associates and Ice-Miller have been paid by JCPL to plan and issue the muni bonds. These matters are currently being investigated by the Indiana Secretary of State, Securities Division.

Details, a timeline, documents, and audio files are posted online at:


Narconon Brasil, 09.12.2009 19:36

As mulheres necessitam ser mais cuidadosas que os homens com respeito do consumo de álcool porque elas precisam reconhecer estas diferencias e comportar-se de acordo a isso. Esta informação deve ser usada para ajudar a intervir no consumo de mulheres alcoólatras e ajudar-las a entender que o tratamento para este vicio é essencial para impedir mais dano físico e emocionais. É obvio que o tempo não é amigo das mulheres que abusam do álcool.

Obama's War Speech: The Questions It Raises… And The Answer That Must Be Given

Larry Everest, 09.12.2009 19:11

On Tuesday, December 1, at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, President Barack Obama announced that he would send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. He also called for 10,000 more NATO troops, which pushes the total U.S.-led forces to nearly 150,000, and he announced plans to step up the war on a number of fronts including (without being specific) in Pakistan. Obama has now tripled the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan since he took office.

Las crisis que se avecinan

germán gorraiz, 09.12.2009 18:54

La irrupción de la crisis económica en la aldea global ha provocado la aparición de nuevos retos, dibujándose un escenario de crisis que terminará de perfilarse en la próxima década

The Great Game: U.S., NATO War In Afghanistan: Is the Entire World the Target?

Rick Rozoff and General Joe, 09.12.2009 18:25

"The U.S. (and Britain) began bombing the Afghan capital of Kabul on October 7, 2001 with Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from warships and submarines and bombs dropped from warplanes and shortly thereafter American special forces began ground operations, a task that has been conducted since by regular Army and Marine units. The bombing and the ground combat operations continue more than eight years later and both will be intensified to record levels in short order.

The combined U.S. and NATO forces would represent a staggering number, in excess of 150,000 soldiers. By way of comparison, as of September of this year there were approximately 120,000 U.S. troops in Iraq and only a small handful of other nations' personnel, those assigned to the NATO Training Mission - Iraq, remaining with them.

"Secretary Gates has made clear that the conflicts we're in should be at the very forefront of our agenda. He wants to make sure we're not giving up capabilities needed now for those needed for some unknown future conflict. He wants to make sure the Pentagon is truly on war footing....For the first time in decades, the political and economic stars are aligned for a fundamental overhaul of the way the Pentagon does business."

U.K.: Der geschwätzige Taxifahrer

John Travelier, 09.12.2009 17:34

Taxifahrer Bagdad Großbritannien und der Irakkrieg ... Taxifahrer sind dankbare Quellen. Dankbar, aber wenig zuverlässig. Doch Tony Blair genügte das Geschwätz eines irakischen Taxifahrers, um den Einmarsch in den Irak zu rechtfertigen. Sie schnappen oft mal was auf, sie reden gern und viel, sie haben zu allem eine dezidierte Meinung, und selbst in den exotischsten Weltgegenden beherrschen sie ein paar Brocken einer Fremdsprache, um sich mit Ausländern verständigen zu können - kein Wunder, dass Taxifahrer weltweit als dankbare Quellen geschätzt werden. Dankbar, aber nicht unbedingt zuverlässig.

Honduras: Drogenbehörde-Direktor erschossen

Raul Gonzales, 09.12.2009 17:10

Julian Aristides González Direktor der Nationalen Drogenbehörde in Honduras erschossen ... Honduras ist ein Transitland für den Drogenschmuggel von Süd- nach Nordamerika. Immer mehr Drogen gelangen über den zentralamerikanischen Staat ins Ausland. Nachdem der Direktor der nationalen Drogenbehörde dieses öffentlich feststellte, wurde er heue erschossen. Der Direktor der nationalen Drogenbehörde in Honduras, General im Ruhestand Julian Aristides González, wurde heute von zwei Bewaffneten während der Fahrt in seinem Auto auf der Hauptstraße nach Tegucigalpa erschossen.

Founding Statement of International Bureau for 'Laicite'

BLI, 09.12.2009 14:53

A wide number of non governmental organizations and individuals from across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas have signed a common public statement affirming the nefarious role of fundamentalist politics and the need to counter it internationally.

Aufbau von weltweiter Aktionseinheit der Linken

Danilo Perez, 09.12.2009 10:01

Protestage gegen Militarisierung - Caracas, Ve. präsentiert die Übersetzung der "Vereinbarung von Caracas". Protesttage gegen Militarisierung kommende Woche in Venezuela geplant ....

Ambani gas row: Apex court questions family MoU

ranjit, 09.12.2009 09:08

As the gas dispute between the two Ambani brothers nears the last phase of arguments in the Supreme Court, the bench has posed some questions to both the companies that can be best described as sticky.

Algunas consideraciones sobre la jornada electoral en Bolivia, 2009.

Fernando Munguía Galeana, 09.12.2009 02:17

Los resultados electorales obtenidos por Evo Morales el pasado domingo se entienden sobre todo si volvemos la mirada sobre las jornadas de movilización socio-política que sacudieron aquel país andino desde el año 2000, cuando se quiebra con la hegemonía neoliberal y con las prácticas políticas del Estado excluyente, reproducido por siglos de dominación colonial. La continuidad del MAS tiene abierta la posibilidad de materializar las demandas vertidas en aquel ciclo de lucha, la refundación del Estado boliviano.

Algunas consideraciones sobre la jornada electoral en Bolivia, 2009.

Fernando Munguía Galeana, 09.12.2009 02:00

Los resultados electorales obtenidos por Evo Morales el pasado domingo se entienden sobre todo si volvemos la mirada sobre las jornadas de movilización socio-política que sacudieron aquel país andino desde el año 2000, cuando se quiebra con la hegemonía neoliberal y con las prácticas políticas del Estado excluyente, reproducido por siglos de dominación colonial. La continuidad del MAS tiene abierta la posibilidad de materializar las demandas vertidas en aquel ciclo de lucha, la refundación del Estado boliviano.

8 décembre les milices basidj'is attaquent de nouveau les facs de téhéran

Solidarité avec le soulévement populaire iranien, 09.12.2009 01:38

Honduras Grece Iran solidarité internationale avec la jeunesse qui résiste au fascisme des oligarchies réactionaires qui les oppriment

Have URL, Will Travel

Michael David Morrissey, 09.12.2009 01:06

Cyberlife and death.

America On A Downspiral

Daniel Nimoy (Sonoma State University Student Researcher), 09.12.2009 00:29

America’s democracy could be leading down a path towards destruction if we as Americans do not take a stand.

Evo Morales: 63% y sigue subiendo. ¿No demasiado «decepcionado»?

Daniel Viñar Ulriksen, 08.12.2009 23:13

Domingo por la noche celebramos hasta horas avanzadas la victoria de Evo Morales, con más del 63% de los votos - y aún queda por contabilizar las cifras de zonas rurales, que en general le son más favorables.

Doble standard

G Jordan, 08.12.2009 22:40

Habia una vez un pais que surgio de la nada, un pais que cuando empezo a nacer no lloro como todos, se quedo quieto calladito, y miro a todos los que le rodeaban, ellos parecian adorar al bebe, tan tierno y puro, todos pensaban lo bueno, grande y fuerte que seria, todos se empeñaron en cubrirlo, ayudarlo y darle una buena vida.

Deutsche Kriegsverbrechen gestern und heute

Fritz Deibel, 08.12.2009 22:37

Deutsche Kriegsverbrechen gestern und heute ... ohne Worte ...
(Sollte den LeserInnen einen Eindruck davon vermitteln, worum es in Deinem Artikel geht. Wenn Du hier den ersten Absatz Deines Textes benutzt, achte darauf, dass Du ihn im Hauptteil nicht nocheinmal einsetzt.maximal 5 Zeilen)

Ring in the New Year at La Peña!!! Orquesta La Moderna Tradición

La Peña News, 08.12.2009 21:46

Orquesta La Moderna Tradición Ring in the 2010 New Year at La Peña with a dance party featuring Orquesta La Moderna Tradición!!! The Orquesta performs classic and modern Cuban dance music. To purchase tickets visit or call (510) 849-2568 ext. 20. A portion of the proceeds benefits La Peña Cultural Center. There is also a special New Year’s Eve Menu at Café Valparaíso. Call (510) 841-3800 for dinner reservations.

Double Standard

G Jordan, 08.12.2009 20:43

Once upon a time there was a country which emerged from nothing. A country when was born did not cry as all we do, he just kept quiet and silent, and he looked to people surrounding, they seemed like they loved the baby so pure and tender. Everyone tried so hard to cover the baby, help him, and give to him a good life. No one thought in harm him on the contrary they belief he was an idol, maybe a God.

The Truth About Marijuana

Antonella Antonecchia, 08.12.2009 20:23

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the world.

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