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G Jordan, 15.12.2009 19:05

El amor en estos tiempos se ha reducido a un mero negocio, a un lugar de donde lo unico que sale es dinero, se ha objetivizado tanto que se ha convertido en una mercancia ya qeu se le ha transformado en sexo. El amor para el capitalismo es sexo, y el vende.

Senator Inhofe calls on Nobel hunger striker to be allowed home

Free Western Sahara Network, 15.12.2009 19:01

An influential American Senator has called for hunger striking human rights activist to be allowed back to Western Sahara and says he "strongly supports the independence movement of the Saharawi people of Western Sahara, which demands the fulfillment of a 1991 United Nations resolution calling for a referendum on self-determination in the Western Sahara"

Afghanistan: Truppenabzug sofort einleiten

Martin F. Meyer, 15.12.2009 17:33

KT vuz Guttenberg Truppenabzug aus Afghanistan sofort einleiten ... "Realität ist, dass jede militärische Kraftanstrengung in Afghanistan den Karren tiefer in den Dreck gefahren hat; und Realität ist, dass die Zahl der Gefechte im Gleichschritt mit der Zahl der NATO-Soldaten steigt", kommentiert Paul Schäfer, verteidigungspolitischer Sprecher der Fraktion DIE LINKE, die Aussage von Bundesverteidigungsminister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, man müsse sich bei der Bewertung des Bombenangriffs von Kundus an der Realität orientieren. Schäfer weiter: .....

Agriculture Day of Action-video report(COP15)

mgriks, 15.12.2009 17:02

Spirit Of Squatters colective link to video report

Tragedy for Western Sahara

Brian Eno &amp; Stefan Simanowitz, 15.12.2009 13:45

A longer version of the article about the hunger striking Nobel Prize nominee, Aminatou Haidar, published in the Guardian yesterday.

Call to an Aboriginal summit in Canberra

Ngurampaa, 15.12.2009 12:27

Goodooga, northwest NSW, 15 December 09 -- Aboriginal political activist, Michael Anderson, is calling for Elders from around the country to join him in Canberra for a ‘New Way’ summit on 30 January and 1 February next year.

The summit will be at the Aboriginal Centre ‘Jabal’ at the Australian National University (ANU).

RIL woos Lyondell creditors as mgmt fights back

somesh ahuja, 15.12.2009 11:55

New York bankruptcy court to hear former owner’s updated rescue plan today. Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), in its efforts to gain control over LyondellBasell, is looking to team up with the unsecured creditors and bond holders of the bankrupt Dutch petrochemicals giant.

RIL set to decide on LyondellBasell

Ranjit, 15.12.2009 10:47

The firm is expected to take a call within a day on whether to submit a final proposal to buy the petrochemicals firm

India’s most valuble company, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), is expected to take a call within a day on whether to submit a final proposal to acquire bankrupt petrochemicals maker LyondellBasell Industries AF, according to people familiar with the situation.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Bhutan Pledges Carbon Neutrality

NEDUP TSHERING, 15.12.2009 10:09

IDN-InDepthNews Service

THIMPHU (IDN) – The under-reported Bhutan’s National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) to combat climate change recognizes that the landlocked South Asian nation is highly vulnerable to climate change.

RIGHTS: Arab Region ‘Bastion of Impunity, Mirage of Reform’

FAREED MAHDY*, 15.12.2009 10:07

IDN-InDepthNews Service

ISTANBUL (IDN) - The title of the 2009 Report on Human Rights in the Arab World could not be more eloquent: ‘Bastion of Impunity, Mirage of Reform’.

VIEWPOINT ON MIDDLE EAST: Don’t Touch The King, The President

KAREEM EZZAT*, 15.12.2009 10:05

IDN-InDepthNews Service

(IDN) - Unlike chess games, where players are eager to win by overthrowing the king, the situation in Western-blessed Arab ruling regimes is completely the opposite. There, the king (or his factual equivalent -- the president) is simply unapproachable, untouchable and untellable.

MIDDLE EAST: 'Kill Babies If You Think They Threaten Israelis' - Jewish Rabbis

FAREDD MAHDY*, 15.12.2009 10:03

IDN-InDepthNews Service

ISTANBUL (IDN) - A new book, ‘The King’s Torah’, has been published in Israel to invigorate Jewish teachings for future generations. Written by Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, who heads Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva religious school in the Yitzhar settlement, occupied West Bank, the book justifies the killing of babies and children if they pose a threat to Israelis.

CANADA-INDIA: The Nuclear Bonanza

SURESH JAURA, 15.12.2009 10:02

IDN-InDepthNews Service

TORONTO (IDN) - With an eye on more than one million Canadians of Indian ancestry and India’s civilian nuclear energy market holding out the promise of enormous business opportunities over the next 20 years, Canada has secured a significant nuclear deal with India.

PERSPECTIVES: Nuclear Power ‘Yes’ – Nuclear Proliferation ‘No’

CLIVE BANERJEE, 15.12.2009 10:00

IDN-InDepthNews Service

VIENNA (IDN) - Nuclear power is a dirty word for those who champion the cause of clean energy. It needs some guts, therefore, to take up the cudgels on behalf of the atom as an important source of non-fossil energy.

CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE: ‘We All Breathe the Same Air’

ERNEST COREA, 15.12.2009 09:58

IDN-InDepthNews Service

WASHINGTON DC (IDN) - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently made the legally required determination that will enable it to crackdown on green house gas (GHG) emissions. EPA’s positive move is likely to have improved, even slightly, America’s credibility as a partner in climate change negotiations.

GLOBAL ECONOMY: ‘Over $1 Trillion Invested in Green’

J. CHANDLER, 15.12.2009 09:56

IDN-InDepthNews Service

TORONTO (IDN) - Private investors from industrialised and emerging economies have invested a record amount of more than 1.248 trillion USD ($1,248,740,645,993.00) since 2007 in promoting technological innovation and resource efficiency that will accelerate environmentally and socially sustainable industrial growth and economic development throughout the world.

SOUTH-SOUTH: Developing World ‘Comes of Age’

JEROME MWANDA, 15.12.2009 09:53

IDN-InDepthNews Service

NAIROBI (IDN) - The governments of dynamic emerging economies are ready to improve socio-economic conditions at home and help raise development prospects across the global South, senior officials assured at the United Nations High-level Conference on South-South Cooperation, thus underlining that many developing countries were now capable of taking the lead in designing and implementing their own long-term development plans.

La crisis económica y sus efectos colaterlaes en España

germán gorraiz lopez, 15.12.2009 03:51

Análisis de los cambios socioeconómicos que se avecinan en España debido a la crisis de una economía global que se terminará de perfilar en el próximo quinquenio.

No Child Left Behind Decreases Family Time

Kriss Laney, 15.12.2009 02:22

The amount of homework that teachers have been pressured to assign is doing a great injustice to children. Kids today spend more time doing homework then with their families. They spend 8 hours a day sitting sedentary at their desk and performing tasks that teachers assigns to them. When the time comes that these children can be themselves and do the “normal” kid activities they are not able to do so as they are required to spend hours on academic homework.

Why Multicultural Education Should Be Taught In Schools

Kriss Laney, 15.12.2009 02:18

To break the cycle of racism and hate, we must have children learn multicultural education in the school system throughout our country; this process is extremely important. These are the children whose ideas and thoughts are going to change the way in which the future of our country thinks. Without these ideas being taught in our school system their will be little advances in the world of race equality for all. Children must learn a new way of thinking in order to pass on the current ideals and continue to grow and advance in terms of race equality.

Environmental Racism Continues in the U.S.

Marylou German, 15.12.2009 01:39

There are staggering disproportionate high levels of pollution in communities of color in the U.S. and other cities of the world. Environmental Racism refers to the targeting of minority communities with industrial operations that use unsafe environmental procedures. This can be intentional and unintentional, resulting in unsafe environments for that community.

Casino Controversy

Jessica N. Swinson, 15.12.2009 01:09

This article discusses the problems with building a casino in Rohnert Park, California.

On Global Warming: Response to FT Gideon Rachman's 'And now for a world government'

Zahir Ebrahim, Project, 15.12.2009 00:57

Actually, if you look at the coefficients of contributions, things become manifest. Pollution isn't exactly the same thing as global warming, or global cooling, although it certainly impacts them both. Yes, reducing pollution is very important, so is increasing sustainable living, and respecting the power of the earth to create bounties which make our lives both comfortable and pleasurable. This isn't what is being talked about here however, although, the disinformationists would like one to think so. Here, you have to assume that the text-books/articles/literature/Nobel-Prizes could also be lying, telling half-truths through omissions and distortions, or spinning politically motivated mantras as axioms upon which all further discussions are being based. Just like 911 and the 'war on terror'. That is quite a difference in approach to studying! It requires one being a Sherlock Holmes trying to solve a complex puzzle laden with deliberate red herrings more than being a naïve grad-student!

George Orwell's &quot;1984&quot; / &quot;Goldstein's Book&quot; / implications

You_know_me, 14.12.2009 22:38

Why has every well intentioned revolution failed? Is there something in the psychological condition of all human beings that needs addressing?

Police Violence Towards Peaceful Activists- Video

mgriks, 14.12.2009 22:37

Spirit Of Squatters
link to the video

Bayern: Hypo-Alpe-Adria-Desaster

Werner Sims, 14.12.2009 21:27

HYPO-ALPE-ADRIA-BANK Das Hypo-Alpe-Adria-Desaster: Noch mal sind 825 Millionen Steuergeld weg .... Für die Hinrichtung ließ sich Ministerpräsident Seehofer Zeit. Erst am Nachmittag, in einer Sondersitzung des bayerischen Kabinetts, wurde das Bauernopfer ausgesucht: Der Vorstandsvorsitzende der BayernLB, Michael Kemmer (52), soll die Verantwortung für das Desaster um den Erwerb der maroden österreichischen Hypo Groupe Alpe Adria übernehmen. Doch ob sich Kemmer so einfach schlachten lässt, war noch nicht klar. Schon eimal war er kurz vor dem Rauswurf gestanden: Bei seinem Amtsantritt 2008 war Seehofer sauer, weil er sich von Kemmer über die Milliarden-Belastungen der Bank durch faule US-Immobilien-Hypotheken falsch informiert gefühlt hatte.

This Way Out: Queer couples count+Lavender history+global LGBT news+more!

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 14.12.2009 20:37

December 14, 2009: The U.S. Census counts queer couples; juicy dish about "Queers in History"; saluting US lesbigay soldiers during the holidays serving overseas in silence; Plus Austria approves civil unions, death & life imprisonment reportedly removed from Uganda "Anti-Homosexuality Act", the Vatican condemns anti-gay persecution, Episcopals may get their 1st openly lesbian bishop, and more news.


Pacha, 14.12.2009 20:35


Free all the climate justice Prisoners in Copenhagen!
Stop a police state and a repressive capitalist summit!
For our autonomy on the streets!

Take simultaneous actions on WEDNESDAY 16th December.

If chimpanzees could talk, what would they say?

By Kathy Guillermo, 14.12.2009 18:13

The U.S. is the only country in the world that continues large-scale use of chimpanzees in experiments. It's time to stop viewing our closest living relatives as little more than test tubes with fur.

Zur Kolonial-u.Militärgeschichte Europa-Afghanistan

Hans Christian Wellershof, 14.12.2009 18:09

G-Collage-b-e-de-01 Natürlich gibt es in vielen Kriegen viel Schlimmeres als die über 100 “lufterschlagenen” Menschen jetzt bei Kundus. Z.B. in GAZA. Aber bei meiner Ausbildung zum Reserveoffizier wurden und waren wir auf solche Massaker kaum vorbereitet - doch, in der Einzelkämpferausbildung - da standen die entsprechenden Anleitungen sogar im Handbuch. Ich will nur darauf hinweisen, dass ich Selbstjustiz auch nach solchen Massakern nicht richtig finde. Doch es gibt andere Kulturkreise, in denen ist Blutrache ein Grundrecht, eine Grundpflicht. Das mag man schlimm finden.

CIA Agent Captured in Cuba: Beware &quot;DAI&quot; also in Venezuela

Eva Golinger with an assist from General Joe, 14.12.2009 18:02

"Now that Cuba has exposed the intelligence operations that DAI was engaging in (recluting agents, infiltrating political groups and distributing resources destined to promote destabilization and regime change are all intelligence activities and illegal), the Venezuelan government should respond firmly by expelling this grave threat from the country. DAI has now been operating in Venezuela for over seven and a half years, feeding the conflict with more than $50 million dollars and promoting destabilization, counterrevolution, media warfare and sabotage.

In an ironic twist, currently in the United States five Cuban citizens are imprisoned on charges of alleged espionage, yet their actions in US territory were not directed towards harming US interests. But the DAI employee detained in Cuba – working for a CIA front company – was engaged in activities intended to directly harm and destabilize the Cuban government. The distribution of materials to be used for political purposes by a foreign government with the intent of promoting regime change in a nation not favorable to US interests is clearly a violation of sovereignty and an act of espionage.

Development Alternatives, Inc. is one of the largest US government contractors in the world. Currently, DAI has a $50 million contract in Afghanistan. In Latin America, DAI is presently operating in Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haití, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Perú, República Dominicana and Venezuela.

All references in this article to DAI in Venezuela are thoroughly documented in The Chávez Code: Cracking US Intervention in Venezuela by Eva Golinger (Olive Branch Press 2006). "

Indigenous Peoples in Copenhagen

Censored News, 14.12.2009 17:27

Ben Powless photo/Indigenous Peoples lead the 100,000 strong Peoples March. Censored News has videos, photos and articles from Indigenous Peoples at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

¿Y la Responsabilidad Social del Grupo PELLAS?

Giorgio Trucchi - Rel-UITA, 14.12.2009 16:47

boicot Flor de Caña Ley que promueve buenas prácticas productivas en el sector agropecuario y contrarresta la IRC asusta a los empresarios

Much In Pipeline - Reliance Industries Ltd

Ranjit, 14.12.2009 12:32

In a boost to its bid to acquire troubled petrochem firm LyondellBasell Industries, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has got support from the official, court-recognized committee of unsecured creditors.

100,000 Protest at COP15.1/3 part &quot;walking&quot; video

mgriks(at), 14.12.2009 09:09

Spirit Of Squatters link to the video


A. ELLIOTT, 14.12.2009 08:06

Article discusses predatory lending in 2009.

bpa monkey wreanch campain

monkey wreanch, 14.12.2009 08:05

how to get bpa banned


A. ELLIOTT, 14.12.2009 08:04

Article discusses predatory lending in 2009.

The United Nations' Role in Peace and War: &quot;The UN of the arms dealers.&quot;

Denis Halliday, 14.12.2009 06:30

"As Bill Clinton and Madame Albright liked to say – the United Nations is there to further the best interests – of US foreign policy. However, to be fair, other States undoubtedly see it much the same way, but are more discrete! And lack ambitions and military capacity for global empire!

And now we have President Obama – who wants to work with the United Nations and be a player rather than to dominate and control. Sounds good – we await the reality as he expands the war in Afghanistan, keeps Bagram airbase prison full of the tortured and uncharged, finishes off the destruction of Iraq, refuses to end the occupation of Okinawa, has the thick skin to criticize China for human rights abuses when America itself has a deplorable record, and now militarily threatens Iran! Not exactly the sort of new player we had hoped for perhaps! But let’s keep our fingers crossed..."

Nathan Archer goes to court again.

Nathan Archer, 14.12.2009 03:42

Peace. I have stood up for mine and many others rights and am continuing to do so.
I will be in San Diego on Monday 14th to go to court on Tuesday.
Will you show your support for personal rights and medical marijuana patients rights.

To gamble or not to gamble

Areej Dajani, 14.12.2009 03:20

Explains key reasons why the building of a casino in Rohnert Park Ca would hurt the city and its communty memebers.

Rage Against The Machine for UK Christmas No.1

Al, 14.12.2009 03:08

A massive grassroots campaign has begun on Facebook to make Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name the UK No.1 this Christmas. The main group currently has over 700,000 members.

Colombia: Paramilitares son los responsables por los más de 3.000 asesinatos de niños

Adital-Brasil, 14.12.2009 02:33

el argentino Sergio Tapia y Fiscal Internacional Los grupos paramilitares son los principales responsables de la violación a los derechos humanos de niños, niñas y adolescentes en Colombia.


HEINZ DIETERICH, 14.12.2009 01:18

Sobre la naturaleza de la presidencia imperial de Obama tampoco hay incógnitas ya. Fomentando ciertos derechos civiles dentro de Estados Unidos, impone brutalmente los intereses imperialistas en el Tercer Mundo

Rohnert Park, California Casino

Amy Mariah, 14.12.2009 00:41

Article looks at research regarding the Rohnert Park Casino and its positive and negatives affects that it would have on the community.

When a Music Program is Dwarfed by an Extra Curricular Ensemble Program

Kelly Greene, 14.12.2009 00:30

Due to budget cuts and poor planning, Berkeley's official music program for credit is inferior to the non-credited ensemble program. It's time that Berkeley's music reputation was elevated by an increase in the music budget that attracts conservatory level students.

BASES MILITARES: Efecto bumerán

Revista Semana 12 Diciembre 2009, 14.12.2009 00:02

Las bases militares se han convertido en un dolor de cabeza para Uribe: aislaron a Colombia, y las Farc encontraron un nuevo caballo de batalla

PROTEST ! Zensierte Kommentare: Stoppt ZENSUR!

Gegen Zensur, 13.12.2009 23:33

Zensierte Kommentare: Stoppt ZENSUR bei
Basken/Zeitungsverbot: Prozess nach 7 Jahren - Uschi Grandel (Info Baskenland) 13.12.2009 - 23:00
Bild am Sonntag! Am nächsten Dienstag beginnt der Prozess gegen fünf führende Mitarbeiter der baskischsprachigen Zeitung Egunkaria - sieben Jahre nach ihrer Schliessung. Martxelo Otamendi, Iñaki Uria, Xabier Oleaga, Joan Mari Torrealdai und Txema Auzmendi, die die 1990 gegründete, erste baskischsprachige Zeitung leiteten, sind der Mitgliedschaft in ETA angeklagt. In zwei Verfahren lautet die Anklage auf insgesamt 70 Jahre Haft. Dabei hatte selbst die Staatsanwaltschaft des spanischen Sondergerichts Audiencia Nacional, vor dem der Fall verhandelt wird, eine Einstellung des Verfahrens mangels Beweisen gefordert.

Protest: UN supports land theft and destruction of rainforests

Reinhard Behrend , translated by Diet Simon, 13.12.2009 23:10

The executive of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has decided to give emission credits to soy, oil palm and other plantations for producing agrofuels. The agro-energy industries subsidised by the European and American governments can look forward to even greater windfalls in the millions. This decision has to be overturned. P{lease support our protest action because this decision will worsen climate change and escalates the destruction of rainforest. Land robbery, water and environment pollution as well as hunger will increase.

Non a la venue du dictateur fasciste Ahmadinejad a Copenhague

iranfrihed, 13.12.2009 22:56

Non a la venue du dictateur fasciste Ahmadinejad a Copenhague

Nous n’accepterons pas la présence et la venue du boucher du peuple iranien et l’assassin de Neda a copenhague

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