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Fox’s New 2.5-volt XpressO XO LVDS Oscillators Provide Low Noise, Wide Frequency Range

Fox Electronics, 17.12.2009 19:23

Fox Electronics recently released the FXO-LC32 series LVDS oscillators as an expansion of the XpressO XO LVDS oscillators line.

Caravan Block.Reclaim Power Demo.-video.

Spirit Of Squatters Collective, 17.12.2009 19:20

Spirit Of Squatters Collective link to video

MIGRATION: Wonderland Vision and Painful Reality

RAMESH JAURA, 17.12.2009 18:43

IDN-InDepthNews Service

BERLIN (IDN) - Imagine a day when migrant workers and members of their families shall be free to leave any country, including their country of origin. Their right to life shall be protected by law. None of them shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. None of them shall be held in slavery or servitude. None shall be required to perform forced or compulsory labour.

Support of arrested peaceful action-video report + petition

Spirit Of Squatters Collective, 17.12.2009 18:38

Spirit Of Squatters Collective link to video

Kunduz: Wer ermordete den Tanklastwagenfahrer?

Justus A. Weber, 17.12.2009 18:09

Merkel in Kunduz Jan van Aken (LINKE): Das Mandat muss weg, und der Krieg muss jetzt aufhören. (Zuruf von der CDU/CSU: Menschenverachtend!) ... Eine erregte Debatte im Deutschen Bundestag über den Afghanistan-Krieg - Die "aktuelle Stunde" mit 12 Reden im Wortlaut .... Am 16. Dezember 2009 hat sich der Bundestag erneut mit dem Einsatz der deutschen Streitkräfte in Afghanistan beschäftigt. Auf Antrag der Koalitionsfraktionen wurde in einer Aktuellen Stunde über das Thema beraten. Im Mittelpunkt der emotional aufgeladenen Debatte stand der vom Bundeswehr-Oberst Georg Klein angeordnete Luftschlag gegen zwei von Taliban entführte Tanklastwagen, bei dem am 4. September bis zu 142 Menschen getötet wurden. Während die Opposition im Handeln der Bundesregierung eine Verschleierungstaktik erkannte, warf die Regierung vor allem der SPD vor, sich aus der Verantwortung stehlen zu wollen. .... Afghanistan - Mogeln and bedrieten .... Wer ermordete den Tanklastwagenfahrer von Kunduz? ....

Measurement and probability

m concoyle, 17.12.2009 17:17

The local changes of coordinates which leave the metric-function invariant (or isometries) allows for a consistent context for measurable properties.

Under diffeomorphism, where local changes of coordinates are [locally] invertible (Note: Isometries are also locally invertible), what stable unit of measurement determines the basis for the distinguishing measurable properties at arbitrary points in space? That is, does any stable unit of measurement exist within the space upon which diffeomorphism patterns are being described?

The national security state is about protecting those who own society, owners who interpret existence in terms of a pyramid scheme, ie a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling more people into the scheme, of development or growth in which the owners of society continue to make large enough profits by continuing to control material and information in a destructive process of exploiting material and knowledge for their own selfish interests, of having power to create (in the narrow structure) that which supports primarily themselves. Fixed rules are defined through which the value of a person (and their salary) can be determined by the owners of society is the basis for this pyramid scheme.

abstract 2010...Consciousness studies

m concoyle, 17.12.2009 17:11

Consciousness studies (as well as all of science) needs a mathematical model of existence which transcends materialism. All of physical science is based on materialism and thus is not capable of describing consciousness. A mind requires: a self sustaining energy source for a system, a memory, a means through which motion or growth in space can be realized (or a process preformed), and an intent (or a creative purpose).


Corbin Johnson, 17.12.2009 16:46

Announcing the FIRST EVER scientifically designed microfiber cleaning towels that KILL VIRUSES and BACTERIA upon contact!

Bolivia: Why did Evo Morales win?

Atilio A. Boron, translated by Richard Fidler and an assist from General Joe, 17.12.2009 16:41

"The Bolivian leader’s performance is impressive. He obtained an overwhelming triumph in the convening of the Constituent Assembly, in July 2006, which would establish the institutional foundations of the future Plurinational State. He won another crushing victory in August 2008 (67%) in the recall referendum forced on him by the opposition-controlled Senate with the openly professed objective of overthrowing him. In January 2009, 62% of the voters approved the new Political Constitution of the State, and just a few hours ago he obtained a further plebiscitory ratification by almost two thirds of the electorate. What lies behind this impressively successful electoral machine — indestructible notwithstanding the erosion of four years of administration, the obstacles imposed by the National Electoral Court, the hostility of the United States, numerous campaigns of destabilisation, attempted coups d’état, separatist threats and assassination plots?
This is a government that has fulfilled its election promises and accordingly has developed an active social policy that has won it the indelible gratitude of its people: the Bono Juancito Pinto [a family allowance] that is given to more than a million children; the Renta Dignidad, a universal [pension] program for all Bolivians over the age of 60 who lack another source of income; and the Bono Juana Azurduy, a payment to pregnant mothers. A government that has eradicated illiteracy, applying the Cuban “Yo Sí Puedo” methodology that has taught more than a million and a half people to read and write in about two years, with the result that on December 20, 2008, UNESCO (not Evo’s supporters) declared Bolivia a territory free of illiteracy. This is an extraordinary achievement for a country that has suffered an age-old history of oppression and exploitation, subjected to heartbreaking poverty by its ruling classes and their imperial friends despite the enormous wealth it retains in its depths, and which now, with Evo’s government, is being recovered and placed in the service of the people."

Hunger-striking human rights activist hospitalised

Free Western Sahara Network, 17.12.2009 16:15

Hunger-striking Western Saharan human rights activist hospitalised as British delegation arrive with letter from 34 Members of Parliament. Stefan Simanowitz reports from Lanzarote


Rvdo. P. Dr. Hayr Gutierrez Herrera,.Ph.D, 17.12.2009 15:13

x (D)-ANTOLOGIA DE NUEVOS NARRADORES.En sus buenas 08 desarrolladas ideas necesarias para hoy.
-EL PATIO DE ATRAS.Maraña de violencia desentrañado por una mujer ya para vivir o morir en paz.
-LA CONQUISTA CIENTIFICA.La nanotecnologia liberandonos en lo biologico/limitaciones abriendonos
a su vez a lo inimaginable de la inmortalidad.
(AL)-AUTOAYUDA.EL ARTE DE LA VENTAJA.Al pan,pan al vino,vino.lo que es,es.Al que quiera sobrevivir,
que lo aprenda ya.
-KAFKA ANTE LA LEY.En lo intenso hoy sobre el tema para soportarlo

Cultivating a Passion for Agriculture

Danielle Nierenberg, 17.12.2009 15:05

This is the third in a three-part series of blogs about my visit with DISC project schools in Mukono District, Uganda. Cross posted from Nourishing the Planet.

Sahara-Occidental: Marche Mondiale des Femmes communique: TOUTES AVEC AMINATOU HAIDAR !

Marche Mondiale des Femmes, 17.12.2009 13:39

Nous, les femmes de la Marche Mondiale des Femmes, mouvement féministe qui lutte contre la pauvreté et contre tous types de violences faites aux femmes, voulons exprimer à Aminetu et à nos amies de l'Association des Femmes Sahraouies toute notre solidarité et notre soutien dans ces moments qui nous serrent le coeur. Nous avons besoin qu'Aminetu Haidar vive ! Sa vie est précieuse et nécessaire pour sa famille, pour son peuple et pour faire un monde un peu meilleur et un peu plus humain.

The Clearwater Human Rights Experience

Stazja McFadyen, 17.12.2009 13:29

The Clearwater Human Rights Experience is a multi-faceted event that transcends the normal boundaries of our society.

Ambani gas row: govt approval must, RIL tells SC

somesh ahuja, 17.12.2009 12:21

Reliance Industries Ltd on Wednesday reiterated its earlier stand before the Supreme Court that the government being the owner had the last word on gas pricing.

Reclaim Power !-peaceful demonstration -video report

Spirit Of Squatters Collective, 17.12.2009 11:24

Spirit Of Squatters Collective link to video + Climate Justice Action Press Release

Choose Pearls To Add Value to Your Jewelry Shop

hibeads001, 17.12.2009 10:03

Pearl jewelry from China are always wonderful ornaments that provide a touch of elegance and beauty to the woman wearing them. These gems have a certain allure that is unique from other jewelries. Pearls evoke the classic glamour look of the fifties when celebrities like Jackie O and Katherine Hepburn started a fashion trend in pearl jewelries.

Reform: The Making of a Philippine Presidential Campaign

Joel Rocamora, 17.12.2009 08:57

There is real possibility for a significant leap in the reform process in the Philippines after the 2010 elections. If, as seems likely at this time, Noynoy Aquino wins the presidency, a number of converging developments could produce the conditions necessary for change. The first is Noynoy himself, who has successfully embodied the political legacy of his mother Cory, and his father Ninoy. This, in turn, has introduced a new dimension of enthusiastic voluntarism to the election campaign. Finally, the people running Noynoy’s campaign constitute the leading core of an enlarged reform constituency.

Free the Belgrade Six, 17.12.2009 06:14

On Sunday, November 23 some comrades from the Metal Union and the Union for Various Services of the CNT-Madrid interviewed a member of the Federacija za Anarhistično Organiziranje (FAO)

Alberto Fujimori’s Daughter Wants to Rule in Peru: A Criminal Dynasty

Seinforma Canada, 17.12.2009 02:21

Some incidents clearly reflects the attachment or the Fujimori family members to power and crime. During Alberto’s first ruling in the early 90’s, the former First Lady Susana Higushi denounces that the president’s brothers were stealing from donations. Further allegations come to light regarding abuse and torture against her. Now, it’s been confirmed that in 1999, Keiko Fujimori got US$327,325 from the sale of her father’s property and withdrew them in 2001.
Read More at:

A Healthy Advice on the Canada-Colombia FTA: Prime Minister Needs a Checkup

Seinforma Canada, 17.12.2009 02:16

I am wondering, with all due respect, if Mr. Stephen Harper is going blind and deaf. May be it is time for him to get a checkup with his family doctor because he’s not listening to his fellow Canadians at all and is missing the entire picture of Colombian reality as well.
Read More at:

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Sofia, 17.12.2009 02:15

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TURKMENISTAN-JAPAN: Energy Without Human Rights?

BERNHARD SCHELL*, 17.12.2009 02:05

IDN-InDepthNews Service

ASHGABAT (IDN) – Will Turkmen President Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov’s talks in Japan open up new export markets for Central Asia’s biggest natural gas producer without the East Asian nation showing any interest in rights violations in Turkmenistan?


KELLY OFOMA, 16.12.2009 23:29


Los asesinos al lado Blackwater en Colombia

Eva Golinger - Rebelión, 16.12.2009 21:45

El polémico acuerdo militar entre Colombia y Estados Unidos, firmado el pasado 30 de octubre, significa la expansión militarista más grande de Washington en América Latina en toda la historia.

Live Bountifully, Donate Generously. La Peña's Real Appeal

La Peña News, 16.12.2009 19:49

The moon rises over La Peña La Peña is entering its 35th year of cultural activism thanks to your support. Please join us in keeping La Peña alive and well . Together, let’s take La Peña well into the future. Send your donations today!

RadioRai senza barriere, anche sul web

Andrea Lawendel, 16.12.2009 19:44

La nuova interfaccia della Community (i forum di discussione) del sito lanciata pochi mesi fa è molto meno accessibile che in passato. Lo stesso vale per tutto il nuovo portale Rai, che in barba alle normative vigenti in materia risulta assai poco accessibile soprattutto agli ipovedenti, grandi fruitori dei contenuti sonori della radio e della televisione. Un gruppo di frequentatori della Community, collezionisti di podcast e ascoltatori, si è rivolto ai vertici Rai lanciando una campagna di sensibilizzazione. Per firmare la petizione:

Schlag ins Gesicht: Polizeiübergriff bei Demonstration

Hans D. Bredlow, 16.12.2009 18:40

Im dänischen Klimagefängnis Ein Video zeigt, wie ein Mann am Rande einer Demonstration in Berlin von Beamten ins Gesicht geschlagen, zu Boden gezerrt und getreten wird. Jetzt ermittelt die Polizei in den eigenen Reihen.
Polizeiübergriff bei Demonstration in Berlin,

Es la vida o las máquinas

Permahabitante, 16.12.2009 18:16

Es la vida o las máquinas

Same-Sex Marriage: Legal or Illegal in California?

M. Hatcher, 16.12.2009 17:57

The legal status of same-sex relationships, including marriage and civil unions, has been a cultural war between Americans for years. Political observers have their own theoretical, legal and political arguments for why same-sex marriage should be legal or illegal and since California issued almost 4,000 licenses back in 2004. Equal marriage activists are fighting to challenge Proposition 8, while many have failed to recognize the impact of extending marriage to same-sex couples, will have on the government revenue, locally and statewide.

Friedrich Engels über Afghanistan

Raul C. Fuentes, 16.12.2009 17:38

Afghanistan braucht Hilfe Interessant was 1857 Friedrich Engels über Afghanistan von sich gab ... z.Bsp.: "Der Krieg ist für sie ein erregendes Erlebnis und eine Abwechslung von der monotonen Erwerbsarbeit. Die Afghanen sind in Clans aufgeteilt, über welche die verschiedenen Häuptlinge eine Art feudaler Oberhoheit ausüben. Nur ihr unbezwinglicher Haß auf jede Herrschaft und ihre Vorliebe für persönliche Unabhängigkeit verhindern, daß sie eine mächtige Nation werden; aber gerade diese Ziellosigkeit und Unbeständigkeit im Handeln machen sie zu gefährlichen Nachbarn, die leicht vom Wind der Laune aufgewühlt oder durch politische Intriganten, die geschickt ihre Leidenschaften entfachen, in Erregung versetzt werden können." .... mehr ..... 16.12.2009 - Untersuchungsausschuss zu Kundus konstituiert ..... 2009 mehr Asylbewerber (Afghaninnen) als im Vorjahr

Uganda, Like Everywhere Else We've Been in Africa, Is Vegetarian Friendly!

BorderJumpers, 16.12.2009 16:03

Traditional Ugandan Meal While traveling through Danielle and Bernard have not found problems when trying to eat vegetarian food. Follow them on their trip through Africa at

911: CALL OBAMA FOR REPARATIONS NOW FOR CLIMATE CRIMES!!! (Live from Copenhagen Report #5)

Baba Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma'at, 16.12.2009 15:45

Call to action for those in the U.S. to support demands of G77, Africa Group and Alliance of Small Island States at the ongoing United Nations' Climate Change Meetings in Copehagen, Denmark.

The Man on the Moon

Michael David Morrissey, 16.12.2009 15:32

Daniel was right to smell the snake oil.

Es la vida, o las máquinas

Permahabitante, 16.12.2009 15:20

Es la vida, o las máquinas

Es la vida, o las máquinas

Permahabitante, 16.12.2009 15:04

Es la vida, o las máquinas

Australian Government pushes to introduce mandatory ISP filtering.

concerned Australian citizen, 16.12.2009 14:16

no clean feed Australia joins China, North Korea and Iran by introducing internet censorship

U.S. Creates Its Antithesis in Iraq

Nicola Nasser, 16.12.2009 12:32

Nowhere it is more obvious than in Iraq that the existence of an election law, elections themselves and the constitution they are based on are not indicators of democracy or legitimacy, because these mechanisms are merely symbols of the antithesis of the mechanisms of democracy as practiced back home by the U.S. occupying power.

By Nicola Nasser*

HERRIAabian! ocupa una oficina del INEM en Gasteiz y llama a salir a la calle el sábado 19

HERRIAabian!, 16.12.2009 11:47

HERRIAabian! ha ocupado hoy el INEM Hoy, 16 de Diciembre, HERRIAabian! ha realizado una ocupación simbólica de una oficina del INEM en Gasteiz para denunciar que en Euskal Herria existen 166. 703 personas en paro. La crisis económica está profundizando en el recorte de derechos de la clase trabajadora.

Mukesh Ambani lays out aggressive vision for RIL

Ranjit, 16.12.2009 11:07

Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd, India’s largest private company, today laid down a road map for business transformation and value creation for the company at its 35th annual general meeting.

EXXON FOX NEWS runs aground - Denialist-gate.

Mell O, 16.12.2009 07:07

"Everything everwhere is covered in oil" say locals.

'Denialist-gate' shows how the fossil-fuel friendly Fox News spins to mislead and deceive public.


Rvdo. P. Dr. Hayr Gutierrez Herrera.,Ph.D, 16.12.2009 05:38

De camino al Colegio de Abogados donde se presentara el libro PALABRA CON FILO LIBERADOR del Obispo Vera-iglesia Metodista-.Ponentes Lic. M. Fernós-presidente de Inter.Metro.Edu; Luis R.Pagán , J.Muriente catedraticos y Fr.Rosali F. Pola de la Iglesia Episcopal SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO 15/12/2009. Dan fe de un escrito TESTIMONIAL DE MEMORIA donde la vida de este Obispo se enmarca hacia el destino de los desposeidos como compañero, resonando como voz profetica Puertorriqueña.

Land Rush on going for Food Production

Eric Herbert, 16.12.2009 02:42

This article explains the new global phenomenon known as Land Grabbing.

Teachers Will Drive Ferrari’s and Children will remain mal-Educated

Gina R. Sarpy, 15.12.2009 23:56

Obama’s new education stimulus plan that offers $4 billion to school districts, but under one condition transform public schools into being privatized charter schools. Obama’s policy is an arm-twisting financial weapon that is forcing state governments to increase the amount of charter schools within each state.

Agricultural Day 2 video report with Naomi Klein

Spirit Of Squatters Colective, 15.12.2009 23:55

Spirit Of Squatters Colective link to video

Poor Get Poorer and the Rich Keep Building

Thomas Gojkovich and Gina R. Sarpy, 15.12.2009 23:53

A casino is being proposed to Rohnert Park, CA by the Graton Rancheria tribe which will help spur economic growth and give many opportunities to the lower class community. They will be offering 3,000 union jobs with medical, dental, and retirement benefits. This casino will bring much needed tourism into the city and while this project is getting so much negative publicity, The Green Music Center of Sonoma State University is not receiving such harsh scrutiny.

Food System Change Not Climate Change

Scott, 15.12.2009 23:04

Copenhagen, 15th of December- Today in Copenhagen, 1000 people marched in a demonstration, organised by Climate Justice Action(CJA), looking to bring awareness between agriculture and climate change. Led by the message 'Food System Change, NOT Climate Change,' the protesters braved the wind and snow to highlight key corporations in the industrial agriculture system.

Youth Walk on United Nations Human Rights Day to Deliver a Message of Non-Discrimination

Denise McGahee, 15.12.2009 22:45

DECEMBER 10, 2009 - In honor of the United Nations Human Rights Day, Dec 10th, hundreds walked across the Clearwater Memorial Bridge in the Tampa Bay area carrying signs and singing songs to forward the message, "Embrace Diversity - End Discrimination" in the first ever "International Walk for Human for Human Rights" organized by Youth for Human Rights Florida. It was a diverse group of youth from several cultures, religions, races, and educational levels that walked with signs representing the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights across Memorial Bridge.

BRD: Merkel war schlecht informiert

Reinhard Bergmann, 15.12.2009 20:45

BRD: Der inszenierte Minister 15.12.2009 - Führungschaos: Nach SZ-Informationen hielt das Verteidigungsministerium Berichte zum Luftangriff bei Kundus zurück - und informierte Kanzlerin Merkel tagelang nicht. Der Druck auf Merkel wächst: Nicht nur die Opposition verlangt von der Kanzlerin Aufklärung über die Vorfälle in Kundus - auch in der CDU fordert man klare Worte....bereits einig, jetzt strebt auch der Bund eine zügige Verbesserung der Studienbedingungen in Deutschland an. Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) wird den Ländern nach Informationen der Deutschen Presse-Agentur dpa beim Bildungsgipfel in der kommenden Woche einen Qualitätspakt für das umstrittene Bachelor-Studium...

Latin American Countries Reject Clinton’s Threats over Iran Ties

Kiraz Janicke with a note from General Joe, 15.12.2009 19:44

"The time is at hand for the progressive movement to fight the “Obama sham.” It is clearer everyday from just about every move this administration makes that Obama is on the wrong side of history. He stands with Zionism against the legitimate and just rights of the Palestinian people. U.S. preparations for war with Iran are obvious to any but the most gullible. Similarly, the U.S. war machine is preparing to recapture it’s “backyard.” in America. Even the environment gets no respite as mountains and their ecosystems, which grew over millions of years, are still being blown away for the pittance of dirty coal desired by corporate mining giants. The rich nations, lead by the U.S.. will not even press for meaningful emissions reductions in Copenhagen.

Progressive forces need to wake up before it is too late. Obama was chosen because he could accomplish (for the ruling class) what we would never have allowed the Bush Fascists to succeed at. Namely to keep capitalism alive as the world around us revolts. Despite his obvious charisma, intelligence, and amazing personal power and inspirational gifts, Obama currently stands against the people of the world and with the reactionary hangers on of the “old order.” We must clear our political eyes now and get on to building the “better world” we know is possible."

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