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Heinz-Kerry speaks her mind

Annah Dale, 30.07.2004 04:56

Teresa Heinz-Kerry Since her speech at the Democratic National Convention, Teresa Heinz-Kerry has been widely criticized for her remarks. This strong, brave woman, who speaks her mind and stands up for women, humanity, and the environment is too often chastized for not being a quiet soft-spoken woman who puts on a fake smile and talks about her family life and her pumpkin spice cookies.

The Great Candy Bar Bust

Lee White, 30.07.2004 01:24

From my blog at Don't look now, but America has turned into a cross between Red China and Nazi Germany. A horrifying view from the heartland.

UPDF Kills 120 lra In Sudan

Emmy Allio, 30.07.2004 01:11

Mbabazi A joint air and ground UPDF attack on the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) main camp at Bilinyiang, on Wednesday left 120 rebels dead, defence minister Amama Mbabazi said yesterday.

UPDF Kills 120 lra In Sudan

Emmy Allio, 30.07.2004 01:10

Mbabazi A joint air and ground UPDF attack on the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) main camp at Bilinyiang, on Wednesday left 120 rebels dead, defence minister Amama Mbabazi said yesterday.

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior

By TERESA HAMPTON, 29.07.2004 22:31

President George W. Bush is taking powerful anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia.
The prescription drugs, administered by Col. Richard J. Tubb, the White House physician, can impair the President’s mental faculties and decrease both his physical capabilities and his ability to respond to a crisis, administration aides admit privately.

White House to Project Record Deficit

xx, 29.07.2004 22:02


The Americas Social Forum

Joaquin Pastor, 29.07.2004 21:11

Events during the Americas Social Forum

THE FIGHTBACK: Students, Youth &amp; the Dump Bush Movement August 13-15, New York City

YDS, 29.07.2004 20:45

Youth Activist Conference

Arabs Vs. Jews

Jibjab, 29.07.2004 18:58

For the many readers who have requested a brief synopsis of the moral arguments in the Arab-Israeli conflict, I offer the following list of numerical data.

I am chemically sensitive person! For others who are not, they may say F*ck You, Wimp!

M. Omoto, 29.07.2004 18:23

I am a Chemically Sensitive Person. So what does that mean really? It means many things to many different people. It means I have to avoid people who wear too much cologne, perfume, other odours, smoke, sprays and other chemical sources that seem tame.

Torture In The U.S.A. -- Charles Schlund

Martin F. Abernathy, 29.07.2004 17:16

When torture happens in Iraq [under Saddam Hussein, at Abu Ghraib, etc.] it gets *some* media coverage. Torture committed in the U.S.A. using the CIA's secret weapon [injectable torure and tracking devices which were developed in the 1970s] gets *NO* media coverage.

If you have any doubts about Charles Schlund's credibility, I urge you to CALL him. His phone number is included in this message.


Ahmed, 29.07.2004 16:44

That's the latest on the grapevine.

Education Ministry Refused to Accredit European Humanities University, 29.07.2004 16:44

14:42, 15/06/2004
A check by a certification board organized by Education Ministry was finished in the European Humanities University. Despite of positive attestation of the EHU work by the members of the board, the chairman of the certification board Uladzimir Samusevich does not find it possible to accredit the EHU this year.

Free markey moronographical subject

£, 29.07.2004 15:19

&quot;segway&quot; The prez fell from it.


jamie and others, 29.07.2004 14:53

The citizens of the United States need to consider fully the utter folly their “leaders” have taken them into. Currently, we are occupying two recently sovereign nations which were conquered in our names. No solid evidence that either of those nations had harmed a single hair on the head of one of our own has ever been presented! 50,000 plus human beings are dead (mostly civilians). The lands of Iraq are poisoned with depleted uranium, perhaps forever. Birth defects in their populations (not to mention in the families of our own soldiers) are now incredibly and abnormally high. The country is physically devastated. Little real reconstruction is taking place, and this was true well before the insurgency kicked into high gear. Nearly a thousand of our sons and daughters have been killed in this stupid, stupid adventure. And they had been told they would be loved and welcomed as liberators (from the tyrant we installed). Whose child will be next? And for what? The rich may feel like the class structure of U.S. society is somehow more secure, what with so much money that could have gone into health care, environmental protection, education, jobs, social security, etc., etc, now “safely wasted” into the hands of corporate CEO’s and grotesquely wealthy “shareholders.” The class that never works may never have had it so good. But I doubt it. Capitalists like George Soros understand that unchecked idiots at the wheel like GW Bush and the crowed of hyper thieves he really works for will eventually run the ship a ground and spoil the deck party.

Now, if we had a fair distribution of the world’s oil resources within the concept of an energy plan as recently suggested by a former British civil service official……………….,3604,1270414,00.html

Please do all you can to stop this madness. GW and his accomplices need to be removed from office now. After that, we will have to address the problem that the democrats are as well bought and paid for. It’s a long road, but there is no other. Please spread these notes and watch out for massive evote machine cheating at the polls jamie

MoD bought thousands of stay awake pills in advance of war in Iraq (Source: The Guardian)

Ian Sample and Rob Evans, 29.07.2004 14:51

The Guardian Lead Story 29 07 2004 A controversial drug which can keep people awake for days has been bought in significant quantities by the Ministry of Defence, the Guardian has learned.

Jamie Doran investigated this story back in April 2003 with the film documentary 'Need For Speed: Going to war on drugs'.

Film Clips available at

Anti Coca Cola Festival in Turkey

turnusol, 29.07.2004 12:53

Anti Coca Cola Festival is organising once more, in the same day of CocaCola supported Festival. 21 22 August 2004 İstanbul

Atlantis - Aktiendemokratie durch Telekomstandart und z.B. EADS - STIMMRECHT

Cesare della Tera, Oberhaupt der Siamesen (Zwillinge), 29.07.2004 08:13

Falls dies keine Welt für Träume ist, dann gibt es keinen Staat.
Ist dies der Platz für denn Sie sich auf dem Meer entschieden hatten oder
nicht. gez. Ihr Cesare della Tera

Eine Welt ein Stimmrecht - WIr öffnen z.B. Konten und suchen keine Bomben


Kartenvertrag für Telefonzellen absofort über den Hausanschluss abzurechnen

Marco Berges, 29.07.2004 07:57

Felcher "Feige Anwalt" hat keine Angst das alles umgedreht wird um den Leumund zu zerstören

über 10 und nicht zletzt über 20 Jahre wurde meine Firma unterdrückt,
jetzt werden meine Prozeße unterdrückt und die Staatlichen Unternehmen vermarkten meine Produkte
MultimedialePionts ( Funkgesteuert und mehr zum Telefonieren Internet und Everneth - Produkte und vieles mehr

Jesus, Jihadis, and the Red-State Blues

Steve Weissman - t r u t h o u t | Perspective, 29.07.2004 03:15

Steve Weissman If rationally fighting terror and making a just peace delays the return of Jesus and his Rapture, the End-Timers had best pray for their sins.


Cynthia Price, 29.07.2004 03:08


Barrack Obama Speaks to America

Rick Wilson, 29.07.2004 02:45

Obama spoke at the Democratic Convention July 28, giving a masterful address on unity and hope.

El Don de la Supervivencia

Por Shikry Gama --- Iquitos, 3/1989, 29.07.2004 02:08

La existencia ha sido siempre una constante lucha contra los adversarios, sean estos irracionales o racionales. El que no aprende a defender su integridad psicofísica y su patrimonio social y espiritual será victima de la depredación de sus congéneres.

Environmental Impacts of Coca Production and Erradication in Colombia

Merel van der Mark, 29.07.2004 00:39

There is an ongoing debate on whether the production of coca and cocaine has a higher environmental impact than the spraying of the crops. However, this is really not the most relevant part of the discussion. It should be realized that spraying coca fields will not end coca production. It will not end deforestation nor will it end pollution. As long as the coca farmers have no real alternatives and there is a market willing to pay huge prices for cocaine, the destruction and pollution will go on.

As the occupation &quot;progresses&quot;

Joe, 28.07.2004 23:36

Some interesting notes as the occupation “progresses.” These posts were taken from Joe

911 U.S. GI's now dead from Iraq invasion.

jamie, 28.07.2004 21:51

911 U.S. GI's have now lost their lives for the oil men and other's that would be saviors of capitalism. All this terrible waste must stop. Go to for details updated everyday. And please help spread this message. jamie

Source reason for 'whitewestworlds' problems....

King Amdo., 28.07.2004 21:42

Here it is again, a critique/expose of the problems inherent to 'the west'/christianity, and outline of reality possibilities after transcendence of 'deathstar'...individually and collectively.

How Government Can Help

David Arthur Johnston, 28.07.2004 21:13


New Website Created to Monitor the Activities of Sutter Health

sutter corporate watch, 28.07.2004 20:03

Caregivers, Patient Advocates launch site to provide information about Sutter’s track record of putting profits before patients


critical, 28.07.2004 19:32


Take a deep breath.

Wednesday November 3rd is a significant day in the United States, and a day that will reverberate around the world. It is the day to send a clear message to the newly selected figurehead of an increasingly corrupt global Empire that “business as usual” is going to change!


ruxi, 28.07.2004 19:04

Ukraine will continue building a navigational canal in the Danube River Delta. A senior Ukrainian Foreign Ministry official has confirmed the construction of the canal, despite a European Union call to halt work amid fears the waterway could harm the environment.

Environmentalists and other members of the Ukraininan, Romanian, and international community have initiated a protest. The online petition can be signed at: .

Milosovic and the Haag.

Pillenau, 28.07.2004 18:40

Milosovic-guilty or scapegoat?

Get Enlightenment and Prosperity all Tax Deductible

Get Enlightenment and Prosperity all Tax Deductible, 28.07.2004 18:09

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McCarthyism at the San Francisco Chronicle?

Sarah Norr, 28.07.2004 18:00

Examining the purge of progressives at the Bay Area's leading newspaper.

First Annual Disability Pride Parade in Nation's History, Chicago

Rich Feldman, 28.07.2004 16:49

Disabled &amp; Proud Banner &amp; Participants On July 18,2004 more than 1500 people came together in Chicago to celebrate the first Diability Pride Parade in the Nation's History. Their voices were heard as they marched from Chicago's Museum area to Soldier Field.

Democracy Rocks Seoul

Linda Wasson, 28.07.2004 15:49

2 posters July 24th was a hot Saturday nite in Seoul, S.K. and activists from Korean human rights organizations came together in solidarity for peace. Simultaneously they also voiced opposition to the war in Iraq as well as to demand troop withdrawal by the S.Korean military.

Birmingham Flashmob Story

Matthew Revell, 28.07.2004 14:51

2003's Birmingham flashmob was the UK's first altruistic flashmob. A year on, I've made a 15 minute radio retrospective, in which the secretive organiser of the mob gave me an exclusive interview.

Non-Profit Group Launches “Real Food” Web Commercial

Kitchen Gardeners International, 28.07.2004 13:25

Real Food web commercial screenshot The global nonprofit organization Kitchen Gardeners International (KGI) has launched a web-based video commercial (see ) for what it calls “real food”. The ad is meant to offer an entertaining alternative to the unhealthy food messages filling the internet and television airwaves, many of which are directed at children.

Elections Comic Relief - Jib Jab

Will not follow herd of blind sheep, 28.07.2004 13:08

The blows keep coming from Left and Right!

Tear Down this Wall

James M. Atkinson, 28.07.2004 08:39

I was recently able to examine the so called "Free Speech Zone" located near the Fleet Center in Boston, MA at the site of the Democratic National Convention. I walked around the outside perimeter, and I walked around inside of it.

Persecution of young anarchist in Bulgaria

Peter from IMC BG, 28.07.2004 07:29

The most flagrant example of the new wave of repression against alternative expression in the country is the arrest of Elitsa, a 20-year-old anarchist in mid-July, in the city of Dobrich in far northeastern Bulgaria.

Persecution of young anarchist in Bulgaria

Peter from IMC BG, 28.07.2004 07:06

The most flagrant example of the new wave of repression against alternative expression in the country is the arrest of Elitsa, a 20-year-old anarchist in mid-July, in the city of Dobrich in far northeastern Bulgaria.

US, FBI harassment of anarchists (digest)

Kahe, 28.07.2004 05:35

FBI continuing to harass Anarchists, Midwest, Boston, NYC, Atlanta, Detroit.

Copyleft Image - Monster vs. Munster - VOTE NADER

Publius, 28.07.2004 03:55

if you like this image, you may use it, even if only to mock it or profit from it. you may print copies and attempt to use them as legal tender in any establishment and if they are accepted, more power to you. this image is free, as in liberated. ralph nader did not approve this message.

La Educación Ambiental en el Perú

Fanny Fernández Melo, 28.07.2004 00:06

Como está la educación ambiental en el Perú, que logros se ha conseguido a la fecha y que tenemos a futuro.

Why you should vote for John Kerry this November

Voice of Dissent, 27.07.2004 22:46

There is a myth going around that the Democrats and the Republicans are the same thing. I however, attempt to bust this urban legend once and for all.


SARIF KOEN, 27.07.2004 22:00


The Real Desperado

Paul F. Heller, 27.07.2004 21:33

Conservatives show their real feelings about free speech and other Constitutional issues, not to mention law and order in general.

Lockout poison

T Total, 27.07.2004 20:09

What if each of us bought a tube of super glue, and used it to glue the doors shut on ...


DAJ, 27.07.2004 20:00


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