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The Abuser's Ploy: A Means for Dominion and Downfall

Joyce Walker, 25.02.2004 13:09

Do you think a person has to be smart to run for the office of RULER OF THE WORLD? Think again!!

The missing people-shredder

Brendan O'Neill, 25.02.2004 12:55

The horror of one of Saddam's execution methods made a powerful pro-war rallying cry - but the evidence suggests it never existed

Georgia Gov.Threatens Health of G-8 Activists

PAUL KAPLAN, 25.02.2004 11:54

Perdue's G-8 words no 'joke' to writers

Bush education secretary calls teachers union a “terrorist organization”

Patrick Martin, 25.02.2004 11:33

Secretary of Education Roderick Paige The top education official in the Bush administration said he regarded the largest US teachers union as a "terrorist organization," in remarks to a delegation of state governors visiting the White House Monday.

In that context, branding opponents as terrorists—i.e., the equivalent of Al Qaeda—has the most ominous implications. It suggests that the Bush administration is preparing to use the same methods of repression and violence at home that it is carrying out abroad.

What happened to the goals of our martyrs?

Sium S. / Germany, 25.02.2004 11:33

The present Eritrean government did not keep her promises which she had given the martyrs and us the people of Eritrea. At the moment, you cannot speak of Eritrea as a democratic state since the constitution which had been ratified in 1997 never came into effect. Hence, the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press and equal rights for all people are not protected.
The regime rules over the country and its people in a brutal way.
Because of the dictatorial wheelings and dealings of this government in Eritrea, the people arenot united. They do not trust each other anymore. Everybody is scared of getting observed and betrayed.

Searching for hi res anti-bush posters

My humble self, 25.02.2004 11:25

I am searching for hi res anti-bush posters and wallpapers since we want to print them and use them as posters.

Epidemics of Bigotry

Man Si-wai, 25.02.2004 11:09

What is worrying about the messages concerning "Avian Flu" that have been transmitted to the public does not only lie in the disease being deemed an epidemic based on lots of social biases (hence, like others before it, this "epidemic" is socially constructed).

BJP’s Pre-election Hoax

Proletarian Era, 25.02.2004 10:18

Article was published in Proletarian Era, Central Organ of
Socialist Unity Center Of India (SUCI)in their 15th January 2004 issue.

PIC: Bush Decides to Revamp Mount Rushmore, in line with PNAC goals and heritage

satire?, 25.02.2004 08:31

Bush's Project for a New American Century Bush compares himself smugly to a long line of despotic dictatorial regimes.

CHEMTRAIL CONFESSIONS: mechanics,airline execs, doctors talk of Project Cloverleaf, 1998-

action, 25.02.2004 07:47


chemtrail documents freely available at

original post at:
Chemtrails Over Portland [50+ comments]

There is an organization as well: CACTUS (Citizens Against Chemtrails U.S.)

Colombia-RightWing WallStreet Narco-No-Brainers

Al Sarif, 25.02.2004 06:29

She advised Colombia "legalize self-defense groups." Anyone with knowledge of the country's conflict can get the unsubtle hint. Right-wing narco-paramilitary groups legal most of the last 4 decades. Uribe intent on cleansing paramilitaries' records yet again. So what if they massacre THOUSANDS of innocent civilians each year..fighting bad guys.

US-Narco Bullets Fly: Left Media Lies! Will We Learn?

Obsrevadora 1.7 J, 25.02.2004 06:21

The AUC is the government of Colombia - Imaginine having a cease-fire with yourself ! ha! This is all media hype and look who swalloiws it - The Auc has ruled Colombia for a decade - they are the largest drug organization in western hemisphere

Corporate Pigs in Paradise

Eric Wagner, 25.02.2004 05:25

Corporate Pigs in Paradise

German anti-nuke waste group publishes booklet

Umbruch Bildarchiv /Abridged translation: Diet Simon, 25.02.2004 04:29

Full story in German at

The main group resisting the storage of nuclear waste at Gorleben in northern Germany has put together a 92-page booklet about last year's resistance, culminating in the transport of 12 Castor caskets in November.

It's called 'Castor '03 - Ein subjektiver Rückblick' (Castor 03 - a subjective look back) and will be available from 1 March.

Repressão policial acaba com bloco do Carnaval Revolução

CMI - BRASIL, 25.02.2004 04:08

Abaixo ao Fascismo !!!

Norman Finkelstein's Mideast in 15 Minutes (Part I): An original transcript from theExperiment

Norman Finkelstein, 25.02.2004 01:43

After the Balfour Declaration, the Zionist movement's main challenge was the indigenous population of Palestine. Because Palestine, not withstanding what others have said, wasn't empty at the end of the 19th century—even the 10% who was Jewish was fanatically anti-Zionist. In the real world there are only two ways to resolve the dilemma: expulsion, or an Apartheid-like arrangement.

MKULTRA Subproject 119

..., 24.02.2004 23:50

The following is a post by the scientist Allen Barker on one of the declassified CIA MK-Ultra projects for remote behavior modification. His excellent site is at which has been awarded as an USA Today Hotsite by the national newspaper USA Today at:

Bilderbergs Dumping The Dollar and America

Rick Lacey, 24.02.2004 21:12

Realistically, police state policies are being rapidly enacted and deployed all across our nation even as an ever widen segment of our population is beginning to wake up and smell the corpses. Ironically, our fight to spread the word is pushing the Bilderberg to accelerate its plans.

Nader the Re-Framer; A Progressive's Friend For Sure

Frank Snapp, 24.02.2004 19:44

Nader's Value in Re-Framing Corporate Dictatorship Moves Within the Corporate Media. Revolution of Framing Debate.

EDN: STOP the discrimination wall in the new to build European Union! Not only Israel builds a Wall.....

Hans, 24.02.2004 19:39

EU Discrimination Free Movement of EU citizens? There is a big WALL in the European union of Citizens!


Gabe, 24.02.2004 18:19

ISM are Terrorists

right wing updates

gavriel sigoly, 24.02.2004 17:55

gavriel sigoly - right wing updates

Details of Israel’s path to peace and security: assassinations, incursions, and destruction.

Amos Harel and Gideon Alon, 24.02.2004 17:51

The IDF plans to step up its activities in the Gaza Strip over the coming period, including sending in forces for short-term operations inside Palestinian Authority areas and stepping up assassinations of senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials in the Strip

Mel Gibson and the Killing of the Christ

Dr. Gerry Lower, 24.02.2004 15:22

Ancient cultural despotism killed the Christ. Then the Christian message was killed for 1700 years by the Romanesque church built in His name. Jefferson and Franklin had this well comprehended two centuries ago.

&quot;The Abuser's Ploy&quot;

Joyce Walker, 24.02.2004 14:24

The "power grabbing and graft promoting coalition" that has been scheming for decades to achieve world control uses techniques commonly used by the abuser. By these means, even a person who is not very intelligent can sometimes make mental slaves of others. But be warned! the price to be paid is high.

I’ll report to the induction base and say once again that I refuse to enlist.”

Laura Milo, 24.02.2004 13:23

"I cannot take part in the injustices that our country carries out through the IDF.

I am not a pacifist; my objection is to the occupation."

The reappearance of the FRAPH/FAD'H is nothing less than a stinking stain on today's Haiti.

Haiti Support Group press release - 23 February 2004, 24.02.2004 13:20

In December 2003, the Workers' Struggle (Batay Ouvriye) organisation succinctly summed up the main protagonists in the struggle for political power in Haiti: "Lavalas and the bourgeois opposition are two rotten buttocks in a torn pair of trousers."

Today, 23 February 2004, as Haitians wake up to the news that the northern city of Cap-Haitien has fallen to a rebel force composed of former Haitian Army (FAD'H) soldiers led by FRAPH leader, Louis Jodel Chamblain, we can perhaps continue with this analogy, and say:

"The reappearance of the FRAPH/FAD'H is nothing less than the excrement that's making a stinking stain on the torn trousers that is Haiti today."

EU Commission fördert E-Slavery

Martin Werner, 24.02.2004 11:55

Mit einer Richtlinie zur Durchsetzung des "Geistigen Eigentums" setzt sich die EU Kommission für elektronische Versklavungstechnik für Konsumenten ein.

up rooting of 80 000 negev beduins in israel+ false wmd info in iraq

new york times, 24.02.2004 08:10

israeli plan to move permanently arab-israeli beduins to make room for future settlements

[SAGE - Action Alert] Haiti Needs Your Voice Immediately (Reposted To Correct Formatting)

Eric Brooks, 24.02.2004 06:24

Contrary to nearly all mainstream and even some progressive news reports, the violence that is underway in Haiti is being lead by CIA linked convicted murderers and thug squads, who are maneuvering to help big business fat cats regain control and financial subjugation of that country. Demand that immediate action be taken to end the violence in Haiti and protect current democratically elected president Jean Bertrand Aristide from this corporate coup.

So it begins...

Freedom Fighters, 24.02.2004 06:18

Warren Buffet's posterboy will soon be "made" president.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed an amendment to the Constitution to allow immigrants who have been citizens for at least 20 years to run for president."

[SAGE- Action Alert] Haiti Needs Your Voice Immediately

Eric Brooks, 24.02.2004 06:06

Contrary to nearly all mainstream and even some progressive news reports, the violence that is underway in Haiti is being lead by CIA linked convicted murderers and thug squads, who are maneuvering to help big business fat cats regain control and financial subjugation of that country. Demand that immediate international action be taken to protect the elected government, and end the violence in Haiti.

Sharon is not the Problem, It's the Nature of Zionist Ideology

GHADA KARMI, 24.02.2004 05:24

Eating Palestine Zionism is a dangerous idea: at its root
is a conviction of moral righteousness that justifies almost any act
deemed necessary to preserve the Jewish state. If that means nuclear
weapons, massive military force, alliances with unsavoury regimes, theft and
manipulation of other people's resources, aggression and occupation,
the crushing of Palestinian and all other forms of resistance to its
survival, however inhuman - then so be it.

Dead Microbiologists

WhatReallyHappened, 24.02.2004 05:03

Since the publication of this article, 4 more microbiologists have died under suspicious circumstances.

2/13/04-CFL ALERT:



Ralph Nader's Candidacy Should NOT Be Discouraged.

Joseph P. Diaferia, 24.02.2004 02:11

Nader's Candidacy, if conducted properly could actually be a force for unity.

The Four Year Farce

Matt Siegfried, 24.02.2004 01:05

Election time in "The Land of the Free"

War On Terrorism is a Ruse/Secret Pentagon Climate Report

Lloyd Hart, 24.02.2004 00:50

In other words the conservative elites are going after control the strategic oil supply throughout the world in order that they will have the fuel that their tanks, helicopters, fighter jets and troop transports will require to seaze control of what remains of the collapsing food and fresh water supply. The war on terrorism is simply just a ruse.

interactive illustration of bechtel's political connections

sarkara gowen, 24.02.2004 00:41

Bechtel was chosen to rebuild Iraq after the war. For decades there has been a constant cast of characters cycling through Bechtel, then through high level US gov positions, then back to Bechtel. This web illustration hopes to shed light on this phenomenon.

Atmospheric Geoengineering

Lightwatcher, 24.02.2004 00:17

Atmospheric Geoengineering is occuring in our skies daily, and on a worldwide basis.

Outspoken sex abuse victim Patrick McSorley found dead

AP, 23.02.2004 23:28

The cause of the death was not immediately announced. McSorley, 29, nearly drowned in a river last year but denied he had attempted suicide.

Dead Democrats: Wellstone, Carnahan, JFK Jr., Etc.

JACKSON THOREAU, 23.02.2004 21:42

At a meeting full of war veterans in Willmar, Minn., days before his death, Wellstone told attendees that Cheney told him, "If you vote against the war in Iraq, the Bush administration will do whatever is necessary to get you.

There will be severe ramifications for you and the state of Minnesota."


Francisco Trindade, 23.02.2004 21:40


WSQT Guerilla Radio(DC 1620 AM) spot promoting GOP convention protests

WSQT Radio, 23.02.2004 21:39

WSQT Guerilla Radio has prepared this spot for broadcast-and we are happy to offer it for all other users desiring to encourage people to go to NYC for the Republican convention protests.

The Sky Is Falling - For Real

Oread Daily, 23.02.2004 21:14

Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters. That is what a recent semi-secret report requested by the Pentagon and outed by several news outlets warns.

Minderjähriger soll abgeschoben werden !

Netzwerk-Asyl-Rendsburg, 23.02.2004 20:50

Der 16jährige Kiri Abas Vrana soll am Wochenende vom Abschiebeknast Rendsburg nach Albanien abgeschoben werden !

Animals Are Defeating Bush-Cheney

Mad Pig Watch, 23.02.2004 19:03

Cheney's Hunting Trips Cost Tens of Millions of Dollars Highway of Death, soldier victims of war profiteers,
Bush Cheney, canned hunts, endangered species,
Halliburton, Prescott Bush, Kevin Phillips,

Getting Nader On The Ballot

Republican Operative, 23.02.2004 18:23

Look he's already on the ballot in Florida.
Ballot Access - Florida
Goal: Signatures are not required for independent political parties.

Tragedy in Georgia

possibly another member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity? or just anonymous, 23.02.2004 18:11

I actually just got an email with this article and didn't know who wrote it or what media to contact...I could only think to send what I had to Indymedia

George Bush: The Dancing Bear

Uri Avnery (Posted by David James Vickery), 23.02.2004 17:30

U.S. Dancing Bear Ariel Sharon plays games with the American bear. He makes him dance, jump, lie down and get up again, turn around and perform somersaults...

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