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The Clock of Now - Campaign Wonder - A Expose'

Underground News Network-UNN13, 01.08.2004 20:04

Stevie Wonder ...

British Establishment get extremely excited about animal rights....

King Amdo, 01.08.2004 19:59

...and a up and coming gathering in the UK...

Falso dossier sull'uranio Iraq,

radioarchimede, 01.08.2004 19:42

uranio deposito L'Italia finisce sotto accusa Il "Sunday Times" trova un informatore sulla vicenda "Il documento opera del Sismi".(Palazzo Chigi, come sempre, smentisce.)

U.S. beefs up security amid 'credible' threat News Staff, 01.08.2004 19:01

Keeping up the fear level. More Booga,Booga !

Vi och dom andra

Kajsa Jönson, 01.08.2004 19:00

Då vi människor blir alltmer rationella och individualiserade i våra postmoderna liv, ökar vårt behov av att definiera oss själva. Eftersom betydelsen av att tillhöra en familj, en släkt eller ett samhälle idag inte är lika stark, blir det allt viktigare att bestämma vem man är och vad man vill. Enda sättet att göra det är att bestämma vad man inte är.

Marines train for &quot;crowd control&quot; in West Virginia

Me, 01.08.2004 17:04

ABC TV News last night (Saturday, July 31) aired a story of Marines "training" onn the streets of a West Virginia town for crowd control and urban combat. A series of chilling video clips showed Marines in full riot gear moving forward in rank while beating nightstick-like batons in unison against the plastic riot shields they carried.

Guarding the Right to Leisure

Yoshie Furuhashi, 01.08.2004 16:51

Workers in Western Europe, who enjoy "the shortest workweeks and longest vacations in the world," confront downward pressures on free time exercised by longer hours in the USA and cheaper labor in former socialist nations.

The Choice We Make (This November)

Mark Scott, 01.08.2004 15:30

One Americans view on America

A Questão da Descentralização

Francisco Trindade, 01.08.2004 10:18

A Questão da Descentralização

Naomi Klein backs Kerry

Derek McMillan, 01.08.2004 06:12

Naomi Klein has crossed the political picket line by backing Kerry

rebroadcast of no dnc stream

vincent / blast furnace radio, 01.08.2004 02:44

the last 32 hours or so of the webcast during the no dnc uprising

Iran: The Lethal Countdown

Jean-Paul Ney, 01.08.2004 01:18

Jean-Paul Ney is editor of The Intelligencepost website. French journalist, he was correspondent for several medias in Middle-East and actualy works, as independent journalist, for french television and foreign medias.

Israel's Merchants of Influence

Ben Duncan in Washington DC, 01.08.2004 01:15

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, bills itself as not only a pro-Israel lobby, but as a group that is "consistently ranked as the most influential foreign-policy lobbying organisation on Capitol Hill".

President Bush Awards Bronze Star to Spec. Darby for Heroism in Unveiling Abu Ghraib Scandal

W. F. Zimmerman, 01.08.2004 00:43

n a dramatic impromptu ceremony at the White House today, President George W. Bush awarded Specialist Joseph C. Darby the Bronze Star for his courage in bringing the Abu Ghraib prison scandal to light...

Built wealth, become debt free, be financially secure

Roldimy Montinar, 01.08.2004 00:36

Financial education

Built wealth, become debt free, be financially secure

Roldimy Montinar, 01.08.2004 00:36

Financial education


n, 01.08.2004 00:14

Boycott Boston and defend America


leandrotr, 31.07.2004 23:39

. [ ]

Images of Protest - DNC 2004

Larry Manire, 31.07.2004 23:07

Images of protest at DNC 2004 at

A new day is coming. The capitalist adventure is going to hell in Iraq.

Joe, 31.07.2004 22:13

“Tribal system is making it impossible for the US to have any political control.” And other very bad news for the neocons. Joe

Yes, it's a war against Islam

New York Times, 31.07.2004 21:22

More proof that the conflict is between Colonial Capitalism and Islam.
The demands of the so called "extremist" Muslims (and I am not even referring
to Muslims invloved with Al Qaida and groups like it) is what? For the
modern day colonialists (USA, Britain etc.) to leave the lands of the Muslims
and their resources to the rightful owners; the Muslims.
Perhaps the Islamic Caliphate will be established in our life time and then
peace, justice and progress will follow for all just peoples of the world,
non-Muslim and Muslim.

Tucson-Phoenix Mosques under FBI Investigation

Edward Campbell, 31.07.2004 21:20

Tucson-Phoenix Mosques under FBI Investigation [Thumbnail] By Edward Campbell

TUCSON, July 30 — Officials for the Islamic Center of Tucson (ICT) and the Council of American-Islamic Relations Arizona (CAIR-AZ) met with FBI officials in Tucson July 29 to discuss the recent questioning of members of the Muslim communities in Phoenix and Tucson.

U.S. Courts Tackle Foreign Abuses / Energy corporations question 'law of nations'

By Jennifer Huang, 31.07.2004 21:09

A 215-year-old law originally written to address piracy and crimes abroad against American ambassadors is at the heart of litigation targeting some of the world's largest energy corporations.

More Police State Tactics Ahead? Drugged Prez About to Release MORE EXECUTIVE ORDERS!

Bill Brumbaugh, 31.07.2004 20:15

Drugged Up Prez About to Release MORE EXECUTIVE ORDERS

Direct Quotes: America's ***kin' Leaders

chb, 31.07.2004 20:10

“Keep those motherfuckers away from me” George W. Bush, July 8, 2004 [after storming off stage to evade reporters' questions about his relationship with Kenneth J. Lay]:

"Keep those motherfuckers away from me"

Richard B. Cheney, June 22, 2004 [to Patrick Leahy on the Senate floor after being questioned about Halliburton]:

"Fuck off"

George W. Bush, July 2004 [laughing off criticism of Cheney's remarks to Sen. Patrick Leahy]:

"Fuck 'em all"

Media Summit Report From Boston

Penny Little, 31.07.2004 20:06

"A group of progressive media activists covering the Democratic National Convention in Boston plansto launch a new television network to counter the conservative news coverage they see on Fox Newsand CNN.",1283,64378,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_3(pictures too!)

More Police State Tactics Ahead?

Bill Brumbaugh, 31.07.2004 19:58

Drugged Up Prez About to Release MORE EXECUTIVE ORDERS

THE LIZARD STRATEGY: How To Defeat Bush Without Losing Our Souls

Ricardo Levins Morales, 31.07.2004 19:23

How to Defeat Bush Without Losing Our Souls

John Kerrry after Vietnam

David James Vickery, 31.07.2004 18:52

A better John Kerry If you are an American citizen intending to vote on November 22nd., you absolutely must hear this, and recommend it to others. It's the testimony made by John Kerry, possibly your next president, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 22, 1971 when he was 27 years old and recently returned from Vietnam.

Political Name Calling

walrus, 31.07.2004 17:37

On being called a Communist at a Company Lunch

Bush Administration Intervenes for Starbucks Against Union

Ben Fletcher, 31.07.2004 16:11

In a stunning reversal, the Bush Administration dominated NLRB rules against Starbucks workers trying to organize with the IWW. This ruling could affect all union attempts to organize corporate chains.


ENCOD, 31.07.2004 14:25

Children may be “vaccinated” against the effects of cocaine and other drugs in a plan recently revealed by the UK government, reports the well-regarded British newspaper, The Independent.

Commy perverts still abusing women in Tibet...

King Amdo, 31.07.2004 09:54

Of special relevence to all the maoists, socialist workers, etc out there. Sort yourselves out silly scum...


Der 00's Meister, 31.07.2004 09:38

Please think about what this poem says. It's probably too late for people like me (I'm too old and too well-known), but it might not be for some of you. Just use your head and stick to legal, non-violent protest and resistance if you choose to remain above ground.


Ernest Barraquias Jr., 31.07.2004 06:59

Hunger Strike of the whistle-blower of seized drugs distribution by high-ranking police generals & drug lords in the Philippines. The country is ranked by the latest United Nations report to be the 3rd biggest producer & exporter of the methampetamine hydrochloride, called “shabu”, but commonly called “meth”, “ice”, “crack” in the United States where the instantly addictive illegal substance is becoming extremely popular in the West Coast & Southern States. The Philippines is also an acknowledged major transshipment of the said drugs to other countries. Assasination attempts and persecution on him.

Death of a Civilization, Welcome 21st Century American Slave

Keyser Soaze, 31.07.2004 06:01

The end of civility and common decency in the U.S. and the mental reconditioning of many of the American population.

Open Publishing Isn't Working

susanscully, 31.07.2004 05:54

Open publishing isn't working.

BTL:Victims' Families Say 9/11 Commission Report Avoids Certain Truths~

Between the Lines' Scott Harris, 31.07.2004 04:05

~But Makes Some Valuable Recommendations~Interview with David Potorti, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris - Let's document W. Bush's Record

LFM, 31.07.2004 02:49

I have created a website whose purpose is to allow concerned Americans to post what they know about George W., in hopes of creating a clear picture of who and what he is. Also, I would like to tell you about my recent run in with the police in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

&quot;I Had an Abortion&quot;

Yoshie Furuhashi, 31.07.2004 01:13

Barbara Ehrenreich argues that women should own up to our abortions in her New York Times column. We can begin doing so by wearing a beautiful "I Had an Abortion" T-shirt made available by Planned Parenthood -- the T-shirt denounced by anti-abortion right-wing groups. The designer of the T-shirt, Jennifer Baumgardner, is also "making a documentary called I Had an Abortion that features women who don't regret having abortions."

taller de sexo mas eguro

Club de la A a la Z, 31.07.2004 00:00

Taller sobre prevencion del Sida y sexo mas seguro

Downtown for Democracy Voter Registration Training Monday

a', 30.07.2004 20:46


Downtown for Democracy is training volunteers to REGISTER VOTERS at concerts and events.
Go to the shows you’d go to anyway and register voters while you do it!

When: Monday, August 2, 7pm Monday
Where: D4D Office 181 N.11th #205 off of Driggs in Williamsburg (L to Bedford)
Please forward widely!

Grave denuncia a medios de comunicación argentinos

Julieta Mariel Romagnoli, 30.07.2004 18:13

Esta es una denuncia hacia medios de comunicación argentinos que arremetieron en contra de la comunidad vendedora de diarios.

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior

Nikki Bourbaki, 30.07.2004 17:58

President George W. Bush is taking powerful anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia, Capitol Hill Blue has learned.

No to NATO support for Iraq mission!

jamie, 30.07.2004 14:40

The Iraqi resistance is legitimate and will eventually expell the U.S. if it is properly supported by the world's progressive movement. We must do everything possible to prevent any NATO support for the "U.S. mission." Please do all you can in your home countries to prevent such a move by NATO. The article below makes clear that the U.S. plan to gain the support for it’s failing “mission “ is still underway. Don’t let them succeed. Urge no support of any kind, military, economic, diplomatic, etc for the U.S. in Iraq. Please spread this message widely. Peace. jamie

No NATO for Iraq!

jamie, 30.07.2004 14:33

The Iraqi resistance is legitimate and will eventually expell the U.S. if it is properly supported by the world's progressive movement. We must do all that we can to prevent any NATO support for the "U.S. mission." Please do all you can in your home countries to prevent such a move by NATO. The article blow makes clear that the U.S. plan to gain the support for it’s failing “mission “ is still underway. Don’t let them succeed. Urge no support of any kind, military, economic, diplomatic, etc for the U.S. in Iraq. Peace. jamie

Should Liberals Vote For Kerry?

Chuck, 30.07.2004 14:23

As a liberal, should you vote for John Kerry? I'm glad you asked.

Kerry threw progressive people some bones

jamie, 30.07.2004 13:56

Dear friends,

Kerry threw progressive people some bones last night. That's just fine. I plan to hold my nose and vote for the guy. But electing him will not stop this war. Nor will it put this country on a road to real social, political, economic, and environmental change. Only we can do that organized from our local communities into a giant social movement that their lies and repression can not stop.

If they (Bush, the neocons, other assorted rich people) fail in Iraq the door is open to a period of real progress. I detest all the killing. But the Iraqi resistence is absolutely ligitimate. It is our duty as thinking people and it is in our interests to support this just struggle. Please spread this message widely. jamie

912 U.S. GI's have now been sacrificed to the Iraq war. Below you will find the most recent details from

Below please find the latest war notes from Iraq as the death toll for U.S. troops rises to 912.

Censorship of 1st Amendment Rights

Rev Kenneth R. Bush, 30.07.2004 12:14

I have been arrested for practicing my religion by the Bogalusa, Louisiana, USA, Police. I work with developing the talents and gifts of people according to the spiritual text of Joel 2:28, Torah.

SETHUSAMUDRAM SHIP CANAL PROJECT - Manitham urges investigation by 'Independent International Experts Report' in Interim Report

Manitham, 30.07.2004 06:58

Manitham [],working for promoting human rights and protecting environment, feels that a mega project and want to ascertain whether in constructing the Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project,would be any geological, oceanographic and environmental changes, as well as any land subsidence. Therefore, we decided to fully explore the environmental impact due to SSCP.

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