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Australian Aborigines will fight nuclear dumping

Ngurampaa, 25.02.2010 12:18

Goodooga, northwest NSW, 24 February 10 – Aboriginal people will be called from all over Australia to protest in the Northern Territory against any movement of nuclear waste across their traditional lands, an Aboriginal activist says.

Vedanta Gyanashree Award-2010 presented at Kalahandi Utsav Ghumura

Sushant Sahoo, 25.02.2010 11:55

Six meritorious students of Kalahandi district were awarded the “Vedanta Gyanashree Award-2010” on January 17, 2010 during the last day of Ghumra-2010, district level festival of Kalahandi at Bhawanipatna.

Letter from palestinian prisoner

25.02.2010 11:04

This letter from Bil′in′s Abdallah Abu Rahmah was conveyed from his prison cell by his lawyers. Please circulate widely.

House demolishing in the West Bank

25.02.2010 11:00

Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine. The house of the Salah family has already been demolished twice by the Israeli military. Now they hope for an own home again.

6 for education!

Global News, 25.02.2010 09:27

Sachin, Harbhajan and Zaheer join Nita Ambani in reaching education to underprivileged and disadvantaged kids

The Safe Place To Buy Jewerly

Iris, 25.02.2010 04:06

A lot of people are scared to buy jewelry, especially at the mall. Sometimes they are too shy to approach the jewelry counter because they don't have any clue how much the jewelry will cost. People are more comfortable shopping for their jewelry online.

Relay for lifestyle

anonymous, 25.02.2010 02:17

The real cancer is those sponging off charity.
Doing it quite comfortably in inner city Melbourne and outliving your donors is the name of the game.

Sarah Palin Makes Dr. Strangelove Come Alive

By Ernest Corea, 24.02.2010 23:25

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

WASHINGTON DC (IDN) - Historians of the future will probably spend much time looking back at the year 2010 and trying to determine whether Sarah Palin was playing the goat, acting the knave, simply following her one-time mentor, or making a considered and seriously-meant policy proposal with her recent comment about the U.S. going to war with Iran.

Vancouver - Olympic City Gets [De]toured

Collaborator, 24.02.2010 21:17

Vancouver [de]Tour Guide 2010 is primarily a multi-layered Google map that highlights a variety of noteworthy and notable sites, histories, and narratives compiled by local residents. Visitors are welcome to browse the site as a local, insiders’ guide to the city. For us, it is vital to complicate the sanitized ‘best place on earth’ version of the city VANOC is officially promoting worldwide.

The USA Took My Freedom Away

scott huminski, 24.02.2010 21:13


Turkey: ... Decades of military regime

Johnatan Blescov, 24.02.2010 18:33

War criminal Yasar Büyükanit The military dictatorship in Turkey has come to it’s end. Newspapers around the world report the news, that several highranking military commanders in Turkey have been arrested for plotting several coups against the democratically elected government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Little is reported in western media about the details of the coup plans like the cage plan. As it is well known that Turkish military is part of NATO, and NATO ran operations like Gladio, no one has to wonder, that NATO countries media do not confront their readers with too many details. Therefore, instead of reporting the details of the coup plots, German state media like Deutsche Welle is occupied to urge the Turkish prosecutors to give the Turkish NATO people ‘exemplary’ and ‘fair’ trials.

Signatures Gathered for Human Rights Education

Chad Andro, 24.02.2010 18:27

Youth for Human Rights Florida collected approximately 1,000 petition signatures over the weekend as part of a three-day human rights “Signathon”, with the purpose to get the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights taught in Florida classrooms of elementary, middle and senior high schools.

Understanding the Nature of the Global Economic Crisis

Dan Harris, 24.02.2010 17:31

" The sovereign debt crises that have been unfolding in the past couple years and more recently in Greece, are canaries in the coal mine for the rest of Western “civilization.” The crisis threatens to spread to Spain, Portugal and Ireland; like dominoes, one country after another will collapse into a debt and currency crisis, all the way to America."

FEVE: Formation et Expérimentation au Vivre Ensemble

Margalida Reus, 24.02.2010 16:29

Le temps de crise actuelle que vit notre société révèle un réel besoin de changement. Le modèle social des dernières décennies, fondé sur l’individualisme, la compétition et la poursuite de la réussite économique, n’est plus envisageable. Il est nécessaire de réapprendre l’art du « Vivre Ensemble » : la relation, le partage, l’agir ensemble pour le bien de tous. Réapprendre la richesse d’une vie simple fondée sur la solidarité humaine et le respect de la création.

Propaganda War or Infowar?

Michael David Morrissey, 24.02.2010 15:37

Facts and logic are all we've got.

India to have 2 MT surplus aluminium for export by 2013

Sushant Sahoo, 24.02.2010 12:09

Capacity expansion by planned projects to treble production to 4.4 mt.

Exkommuniziert: Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger

Werner F. Wurst, 24.02.2010 11:00

More Ratzinger Pictures-0582649 BRD: ..... “Niemals zuvor hat ein Mitglied der Bundesregierung eine ähnlich schwerwiegende Attacke gegen die katholische Kirche geführt” wie Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, meint der deutsche Oberbischof unter dem Papsttum, Robert Zollitsch. Innerhalb von 24 Stunden hätte sie das zurückzunehmen, erkühnt sich ein Pfaffe gegenüber einer Bundesministerin. Und wenn nicht? Wird dann zurückgeschossen? Woran erinnert mich das? „Kein Volk dieser Erde ist jemals in seiner eigenen Sprache so geschmäht worden wie das deutsche durch Tucholsky.“

Vedanta Aluminium's corporate social responsibility changes farmers lives in Orissa

S Sahoo, 24.02.2010 10:18

VAL, which is part of the Vedanta Resources Group of the London-based Anil Agarwal, initiated the “Shashya Shilpa Abhiyan” - a sustainable livelihood promotion programme - in the area in 2004.

Vedanta hold workshop on Bio Medical Waste Management held in Orissa

Sushant Sahoo, 24.02.2010 10:12

The need for segregating Bio-Medical Waste from general hospital waste and its careful disposal was stressed by Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, Vedanta Aluminium Limited on February 5, 2010.

Perfect Pearl Necklace For a Perfect Lady

Iris, 24.02.2010 08:48

Pearl necklaces can be made from variety of pearls. Pearls can be classified as natural pearls and cultured pearls. The natural pearls are the once grown in the oysters, naturally; whereas the cultured pearls are formed by nature, but are man-made.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam appreciates Vedanta`s initiative on sustainable development at Kalahandi of Orissa

S Sahoo, 24.02.2010 08:35

It was a great day for the people of Lanjigarh in Kalahandi district as they met former President of India Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for the first time. Amidst great joy and excitement of the people cutting across all age groups throughout the day

Online Copy Paste Jobs Available For Indians.

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International Women's Day Sponsored by IWD Philadelphia Coalition

Soda Nobuhle, 24.02.2010 03:34

International Women's Day Philadelphia Coalition hosts 3rd annual IWD celebration!

Tricia McCannon on First Contact Radio

First Contact PR, 24.02.2010 01:56

Author Tricia McCannon will be live on First Contact Radio Tuesday February 23, 2010 at 7pm pst, 9pm central, to discuss her new book "Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions"

UN Agency Keen About Safety of Nuclear Power Plants

By Clive Banerjee, 24.02.2010 01:17

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

VIENNA (IDN) - Contrary to the widespread belief that human error or mechanical failure, described as risk factors within the plant itself, are the most significant causes of possible radiological release to the environment, the greatest threat to a plant’s operation may lie outside its walls.

Underbelly of the Iraq Occupation

By Dahr Jamail*, 24.02.2010 01:15

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (IDN) - “Look around,” the drill sergeant said. “In a few years, or even a few months, several of you will be dead. Some of you will be severely wounded or so badly mutilated that your own mother can't stand the sight of you. And for the real unlucky ones, you will come home so emotionally disfigured that you wish you had died over there.”

Lettre d'info L214 du 21 février 2010

L214, 23.02.2010 23:19

Non à la propagande pro-viande dans les écoles, Chevreaux : plainte contre la France, Revue semestrielle de droit animalier, Livre : Penser le comportement animal.

Mexiko: - Gipfel der Einheit -

Hans D. Dameran, 23.02.2010 23:16

Latin America Lateinamerika strebt neue Regionalorganisation an .... Rund drei Dutzend Regierungen auf "Gipfel der Einheit" in Mexiko. Streit um Malvinen mit London spitzt sich zu ... Playa del Carmen, Mexiko. Rund drei Dutzend Staaten Lateinamerikas und der Karibik haben Argentinien in dessen Forderung nach einer Rückgabe der Malvinen ("Falkland-Inseln") von Großbritannien unterstützt. Bei einem "Gipfel der Einheit" in Mexiko stärkten die Teilnehmer die entsprechende Position der argentinischen Praesidentin Cristina Kirchner. Zuvor war es zwischen Buenos Aires und London zu einem handfesten Streit gekommen, Auslöser waren Probebohrungen der britischen Ölfirma Desire Petrolium PLC in dem seit 1833 britisch besetzten Gebiet.

Estancamiento de la crisis económica en España

germán gorraiz lopez, 23.02.2010 20:27

Crisis del ladrillo Análisis de los cambios socioeconómicos que se avecinan en España debido al estancamiento de una crisis que se terminará de perfilar en el próximo quinquenio.

Israeli Unaccountability and Denial: Suppressing the Practice of Torture

Stephen Lendman, 23.02.2010 19:48

Torture is official Israeli policy

The USA Took My Freedom Away

Scott Huminski, 23.02.2010 18:40

The U.S. Government’s attack on it’s citizens and the Bill of Rights.




Zuzahlungsbefreiung für chronisch Kranke ?

Michael Westermann, 23.02.2010 17:56

Bundestag Virtueller Berater / Pustekuchen! Bundesverfassungsgericht erklärt Hartz-IV-Regelsatz-Berechnung für verfassungswidrig ... Das Bundesverfassungsgericht in Karlsruhe hat am Dienstag die Berechnung der Hartz-IV-Regelsätze für Erwachsene und Kinder für verfassungswidrig erklärt. Auf mehr Geld können die Langzeitarbeitslosen und ihre Familien, insgesamt 6,7 Millionen Menschen, aber nicht hoffen. .........

Resistencia histórica de los Corteros de caña.

Julio Enrique Cortés Monroy, 23.02.2010 17:06

Reportaje acerca de la lucha de los corteros de la caña de azuvar del Valle del Cauca - Colombia

Uranium Mining Begins at Grand Canyon

Klee Benally, 23.02.2010 16:43

Havasupai at Grand Canyon photo Brenda Norrell Canadian owned Denison Mines is mining uranium on the north rim of the Grand Canyon, threatening water supplies, on sacred land of the Havasupai and Hualapai. As Native Americans fight new uranium mining that will poison their land and water, Obama announces new nuclear power plant and guaranteed loans.

Colombia: Hubo mil masacres y 2500 desapariciones. &quot;Confesiones paramilitares en el marco de la « Ley de Justicia y Paz&quot;

Katalina Vásquez Guzmán - Página 12, 23.02.2010 15:23

Aunque son horrorosas las estadísticas, no hubo reacciones del gobierno ni mayor repercusión en la agenda política nacional. Sin embargo, entre los defensores de los derechos humanos, ONG y académicos sí se manifestó gran preocupación. Pues además de los números ya conocidos, se cree que los crímenes son muchos más. Esto dado que algunos desmovilizados todavía no confiesan todos sus crímenes. Los bloques paramilitares y los militantes son tan numerosos que se ha dificultado corroborar toda la información otorgada. Además, estos beneficiarios de la Ley de Justicia y Paz están relatando crímenes anteriores al año 2005.


Claudio Schbib, 23.02.2010 15:16

Si tratamos de explicar lo que es una emergencia, seguramente encontraremos una infinita cantidad de definiciones, ahora bien, si relacionamos una emergencia ante la hipótesis de una posible inundación, podríamos decir que es “Un conjunto de medidas que se aplican antes, durante y después de un acontecimiento natural agresivo como respuesta al impacto del mismo”.

La parte oculta de las relaciones entre EE.UU. y Colombia

Forrest Hylton | Nacla/Rebelion, 23.02.2010 12:27

Como el antropólogo-historiador David Price informa en CounterPunch, el empeño de Uribe por reclutar denunciantes entre los estudiantes universitarios es similar a lo que sucede en EE.UU., donde Washington ha servido de proyecto piloto. Con operaciones en 22 campus establecidas desde 2006, los llamados Centros Comunitarios de Inteligencia de Excelencia Académica representan el mayor esfuerzo de reclutamiento en campus de EE.UU. desde comienzos de la Guerra Fría. El reclutamiento actual, sin embargo, es abierto y de conocimiento público, aunque no un motivo para protestas públicas, ya que el profesorado ha mantenido hasta ahora silencio al respecto.

En Medellín, la reacción pública de profesores, del sindicato de maestros, grupos estudiantiles y juveniles fue inmediata, y suficientemente concertada como para hacer que Uribe diera marcha atrás en 24 horas.

De cómo Colombia llegó al régimen mafioso de Alvaro Uribe

Juan Carlos García*, 10 de Enero de 2010, 23.02.2010 12:15

Uribe, dice la autora, “prefiere la sumisión al poderoso, y la represión del débil antes que el diálogo franco”. Por eso al terminar la velada María Mercedes, que ha escuchado de Uribe que la pobreza no representaba problema social alguno, lo despide en la puerta de su casa como opositora: “Mi querido Álvaro Uribe (…) tenga la absoluta certeza que me jugaré el resto de mi vida en contra suya. Todo lo que yo pueda hacer en contra de sus ideas lo haré”.

Türkische Armee: Generalitäts-Putschisten

Pietro E. Rissini, 23.02.2010 11:43

Atatürk und Büyükanit Tageszeitung TARAF: Gesamte Generalität der 1. Armee unter Verdacht ..... Wegen "Vorschlaghammer" sind in der Türkei bisher alle Generäle der 1. Armee seit 2002 festgesetzt worden. In den Schlagzeilen von heute schlug die Verhaftung mehrerer Generäle der 1. Armee wie eine Bombe ein. Das erste mal, das in der Geschichte der Türkei so viele Generäle auf einmal wegen des Verdachts eines geplanten militärischen Putsches unter dem sogenannten Code "Vorschlaghammer" verhaftet oder vernommen wurden. Damit sind alle Generäle der 1. Armee die seit 2002 bis 2008 im Stab tätig waren, entweder verhört oder für mehrere Tage festgesetzt worden.

Orissa Power Sector to get a new boost with Vedanta

S Sahoo, 23.02.2010 11:40

First unit of 2400 MW IPP to be commissioned in coming summer this year to fulfill the state requirement. Construction work for Vedanta University along with Super Specialty Hospital and Medical College has been started.

Vedanta’s Copper Mine in Zambia produce 41000 tonnes in Q3 2009

Sushant Sahoo, 23.02.2010 10:46

Copper Mine in Zambia, a unit of Vedanta Resources Plc in Zambia produced more than 41,000 tonnes of finished copper in the Q3 of last year at its Konkola Copper Mine unit in Zambia following a ramp up of the commodity up at one of its operations.

Sterlite Industries good to invest says Shrikant Shetty, Unicon Investment Solutions

Sushant Sahoo, 23.02.2010 10:45

Shrikant Shetty, Head, Equity Advisory, Unicon Investment Solutions recommends Sterlite Industries as a good investment. He Says “In terms of investment, I do like Sterlite Industries. This is one stock which you do like. But I think in the short term there will be lot of volatility. Because of the way dollar index is behaving and the expectations and the global scenario, one has to be prepared for a lot of volatility in these stocks. But if you are taking a longer term perspective then Sterlite Industries is one stock which you do like from an investment side.”

India can become a powerhouse in aluminium

S Sahoo, 23.02.2010 09:29

The Indian aluminium market is growing at a rapid pace and it is one metallic industry where India can emerge as a powerhouse within the next decade said a spokesperson of Vedanta Aluminum Ltd, a leading producer of metallurgical grade alumina and other aluminium products in the country.

U.S. Expected To Withdraw Nuclear Weapons from Europe

By Ramesh Jaura, 23.02.2010 02:07

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

BERLIN (IDN) - The much awaited review of U.S. nuclear forces in Washington’s global strategy in the coming years is expected to reduce the role of atomic weapons in regional scenarios and retire the nuclear-armed Tomahawk sea-launched land-attack cruise missile, according to the Federation of American Scientists (FAS).

This Way Out: Visibility &amp; Violence in Africa+global LGBT news+new queer music

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 22.02.2010 22:19

Soulful pop, Vegas godmothers, and music in balance burst from the "Audiofile"; dueling demonstrations debate Uganda's "kill the gays" bill; 5 gay Kenyan "wedding planners" go free but mob violence reigns, an undercover Chinese contestant steals the "Mr. Gay World" pageant, St. Petersburg Pride planners are determined to parade, and more global LGBT news.

Temple Grandin: Helping the animals we can't save

Ingrid E. Newkirk, 22.02.2010 22:03

While we at PETA would prefer that no animals be killed for food, we won't ignore the horrors of factory farms and slaughterhouses just because we wish that they didn't exist.

Türkei-Verhaftungswelle: Generalitäts-Putschisten

Deniz Öggel, 22.02.2010 21:28

Verhaftungswelle in der Türkei: Gesamte Generalität der 1. Armee unter Putschverdacht .... Als ich heute am frühen Abend nach Hause kam, traf ich auf einen geschockten Ehemann. Ich dachte, er wäre mittlerweile an die Nachrichten aus der Heimat gewöhnt, was die Verwicklungen des Militärs in die Machenschaften von Ergenekon, dem “tiefen Staat” und Putschpläne angeht. Aber das Ausmaß der heutigen Verhaftungswelle hat ihn wohl überwältigt.

Hartz-IV-Schwindel: Erlogene Arbeitslosenzahlen

Ingo Dübel, 22.02.2010 20:01

Hartz-IV GESCHICHTE des VERBRECHENS Ob Merkel, Steinmeier oder ein grüner »Realo«, das ganze politische Establishment der letzten zehn Jahre singt immer das gleiche Lügenlied: Die Agenda 2010 mit ihren Arbeitsmarktreformen sei insgesamt eine »Erfolgsgeschichte«. Mit den Hartz-Gesetzen sei die Zahl der Arbeitslosen von über fünf Millionen auf heute nur noch drei Millionen im Jahresschnitt gesunken und selbst in der Krise kaum angestiegen. Die Ministerialbeamten und Redenschreiber werden es besser wissen: Bei genauerem Studium der monatlichen Statistiken der Bundesagentur für Arbeit kommt man ungefähr auf die doppelte Anzahl. Allerdings haben die Beamten auf allen Ebenen den Auftrag, die Zahlen zu manipulieren, und die Mainstream-Medien greifen die frohe Botschaft begierig auf.

Una piñata que no es solo griega

Jorge Altamira, 22.02.2010 19:38

Como puede apreciarse, la bancarrota capitalista se encuentra en pleno desarrollo. Como corresponde a la naturaleza del capitalismo, su curva es zigzagueante y se entrelaza con crisis políticas y luchas sociales cada vez más agresivas. Todas las clases sociales sufrirán las consecuencias de este desarrollo y se verán obligadas a adaptar sus conductas a las nuevas circunstancias. No es casual que en Italia haya numerosas ocupaciones de fábrica y que se produzcan grandes huelga generales, como ha ocurrido en Turquía y comienza a ocurrir en Grecia o que, en Estados Unidos, haya surgido "el partido del té", una ‘reunión social' de tendencias fascistas, mientras las crisis políticas avanzan país por país.

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