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This Way Out: Gays in Zimbabwe, Cameroon &amp; Namibia +US &quot;House Balls&quot; + global LGBT news

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 01.03.2010 21:56

Compelling accounts of life in the trenches for embattled gays in Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Namibia; U.S. Black and Latino "House" kids have a gender-bending "Ball"; Fiji okays consensual gay sex, Aussie's Senate nixes marriage equality, the British Parliament opens its doors to civil partnerships, a South African all-girls boarding school shuts down its "lesbian dorm," and more LGBT news.

Italien: &quot;Mafiakonzerne&quot;

Enzo Mazzapalo, 01.03.2010 19:54

Italienische &quot;Mafiakonzerne&quot; Italien: "Mafiakonzernen" droht die staatliche Aufsicht .... Zwei italienische Telekomfirmen stehen im Zentrum eines internationalen Geldwäscherings, die Liste der Verdächtigen liest sich wie ein Who's who aus Italiens Politik und Wirtschaft. Die Mutterkonzerne leiden mit. ... O Kavaliere .........

Red Alert: The Second Wave of The Financial Tsunami

Matthias Chang and General Joe, 01.03.2010 16:15

"“For the rest of world, when buying goods denominated in US$, these countries must produce goods and services, sell them for dollars in order to purchase goods needed in their country. Simply put, they have to earn an income to purchase whatever goods and services needed. In contrast, all that the US needs to do is to create monies out of thin air and use them to pay for their imports!"

Suicide Manifesto and the Fear of the Führers

Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent, 01.03.2010 11:24

Below is the suicide manifesto by Joe Stack, the man who flew his single-engine plane and crashed into an Austin, Texas, office building of the illegal IRS. For propagandist Frank Rich, who wrote an OpEd piece for the New York Times, it's clear: all who resist the bandits of Big Brother belong to The Axis of the Obsessed and Deranged.* But isn't there a saying that new ideas first are ridiculed, then attacked, and finally accepted as obvious?

&quot;SAVE TIGERS&quot; Please join this campaign of Naresh Kadyan

Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser to the OIPA in India, 01.03.2010 04:53

Tiger : National animal of India is in danger, only 1411 left, to increase this number join our campaign -

Preparing for Recession

savingspal, 01.03.2010 03:01

The world economy over the years seems to have changed so much and has become very dynamic. There is a continuous search for efficiency in businesses whose consequences are felt more by the average people.

‘Climate Change is Killing People in Drylands’

Ramesh Jaura talks to UN Under-Secretary General Luc Gnacadja, 01.03.2010 01:47

Ramesh Jaura talks to UN Under-Secretary General Luc Gnacadja

IDN-InDepth NewsInterview

BERLIN (IDN) - “Enhancing soils anywhere enhances life everywhere,” says UN’s top official Luc Gnacadja, who is tasked with combating land degradation and drought – not only in Africa, the most vulnerable continent, but all along the drylands belt running from Latin America through Sahel and Asia.


anonymous, 28.02.2010 23:41


Politik auf dem Holzweg

Anuschka Guttzeit, 28.02.2010 20:33

Die Autorin analysiert wie PolitikerInnen in Zeiten des Klimawandels mit der (Stadt-) Natur umgehen. Bundesweit kämpfen BürgerInnen um den Erhalt von Bäumen. Diese werden trotz der Klimaerwärmung und trotz der erheblichen CO2- Minderung durch Bäume, massenhaft abgeholzt. Das Thema wird von den Medien vernachlässigt. Gesetzesänderungen sind nötig. Viele Städte und Gemeinden schaffen ihre Baumschutzsatzungen ab. Dieser Trend muß umgekehrt werden. Nötig wäre auch ein Bundesbaumschutzgesetz. Das Bundes - "Recht des Naturschutzes und der Landschaftspflege" schützt die Natur nicht wirklich.

Will Anne das Grundeinkommen?

Arno P. Felenbach, 28.02.2010 19:19

Anne Will und Hartz IV Hartz IV Diskussion: Ein Flashmob und die Folgen .... Anne Will und das Grundeinkommen .... Bei Facebook ist gerade der Bär los. Das Thema Grundeinkommen und Anne Will lässt die Wogen hochgehen. Worum geht es? Grundeinkommensaktivisten hatten einen so genannten "Flashmob" auf der Internetseite von Anne Will zu eben dem Grundeinkommen geplant. In der Anne Will-Sendung von Sonntag wird es um HartzIV gehen. Kommentare zu diesem Thema aber, so hieß es eine ganze Weile auf der Kommentarseite der Sendung von Anne Will, würden nicht mehr zugelassen: "Bitte sehen Sie davon ab, aufgrund der Flashmob-Initiative unseren Blog mit Kommentaren zum Grundeinkommen zu überfluten. Die Beiträge werden nicht freigeschaltet." So lautete die lapidare Mitteilung. Dabei wird die Frage nach dem Grundeinkommen inzwischen immer öfter in allen möglichen Zusammenhängen, Medien und auch in den Parteien diskutiert.

mantaro rojo

camarada netzel, 28.02.2010 17:33


2009 Toll of Nato Air Strikes: 131 Dead Children

Johnnie Deppert, 28.02.2010 16:54

Nato Air Strikes, 131 Dead Children After an air strike that killed many kids in the beginning of 2010, shouts of ‘Death to America’ and to ‘the Afghan government’ could be heard throughout Afghan villages and perhaps in other Muslim communities around the world. Those local, regional and global anti-American, anti-NATO, and anti-Afghan government sentiments will only be more widespread and vicious now that a UN report found that some 346 children were killed in Afghanistan in 2009. 131 of those kids were killed in NATO air strikes. 22 more were killed in nighttime raids. And in the last few weeks alone, up to 50 civilians have been murdered. In essence, there have been more and more civilian casualties as the US/NATO forces attempt to ‘liberate’ the Afghan people. More are likely to come as well.

Sur le chemin des balades....Quelques rencontres

x, 28.02.2010 14:58

‬Ils collaborent à la machine à expulser,‭ ‬que cela se sache‭ !

New Signals For A Global Climate Change Accord

By Kamala Viswanathan, 28.02.2010 14:38

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

JAKARTA (IDN) - A landmark conference in Indonesia has rekindled a momentous proposal for the establishment of a World Environment Organisation tabled at the UN General Assembly Special Session some thirteen years ago.

European Migration Policies Discriminate Against Roma People

By Thomas Hammarberg*, 28.02.2010 14:34

IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint

STRASBOURG (IDN) - European governments are not giving Roma migrants the same treatment as others who are in similar need of protection. Roma migrants are returned by force to places where they are at risk of human rights violations.

Music for a Good Cause

J C Brown, 28.02.2010 00:47

Berkeley singers throw benefit for AIDS research

Project Humanbeingsfirst EBook-2010 February Edition Available for Free download

Project, 27.02.2010 23:57

Project Humanbeingsfirst EBook Announcement

The Bankers Own The Earth [Updated]

CitizenZer0 Vigilante Journalism, 27.02.2010 19:39

Money never truly belongs to any lone individual and it is in fact a shared social communal resource that is an essential part of the basis for forming a community. The custodianship of money is a sacred trust that we must always honor and protect to the full extent of our ability.

BRD: Kauder will härteres Vorgehen bei Hartz IV

Manfred Krall, 27.02.2010 19:37

Volk-erkauder Unions-Fraktionschef Volker Kauder fordert ein härteres Vorgehen gegen Hartz IV Bezieher, die Arbeitsangebote ablehnen. Gleichwohl verwies Kauder darauf, dass die Sanktionsmöglichkeiten in einem Sozialstaat bereits die "Härtesten" sind. Kauder sagte gegenüber der Nachrichtenagentur "AFP": "Die Arbeitsagenturen und Kommunen in allen Bundesländern sind aufgerufen, nicht nur zu fördern, sondern auch zu fordern. "Vor allem bei jungen Menschen müssen Sanktionen klar durchgezogen werden - und zwar in ihrem eigenen Interesse."

Make Senator Coburn’s choice to block the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act around NOW!

BOTS, 27.02.2010 19:19

This effort to overcome Senator Coburn’s choice to block the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act is being supported by organizations and activists who have worked tirelessly for peace in northern Uganda and an end to Joseph Kony’s campaign of violence. This is not a campaign against Senator Coburn, but rather a unified effort to constructively challenge the Senator on one particular decision he has made.
Call Coburn’s DC Office (202) 224-5754 (202) 224-5754

Coburn Say Yes

Invisible Children, 27.02.2010 19:17

After impassioned lobbying from tens of thousands of activists, historic legislation aimed at ending Africa’s longest-running war is on the verge of passing the Senate unanimously. But Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, nicknamed “Dr. No”, is blocking this landmark legislation. Even though the Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act has more bipartisan support in Congress than any bill focused on sub-Saharan Africa in American history - and Oklahoma's senior Republican Senator Jim Inhofe is its biggest champion - Senator Coburn is single-handedly preventing its passage because of funding the bill authorizes to assist victims of the violence


INFINE, 27.02.2010 16:30


Heimatfront: Linkspartei auf Friedenskurs

Hans-Dieter Knebel, 27.02.2010 12:31

die Linken sind Draussen An der Heimatfront .... Linkspartei auf Friedenskurs .... Die Linke hat sich als Antikriegspartei erneut ins Gespräch gebracht. Ihre Protestaktion anläßlich der Parlamentsdebatte über die Verlängerung des Afghanistanmandates war dem Gedenken an die Opfer des Luftangriffs bei Kundus gewidmet, kann aber auch als indirekte Verurteilung eines Kriegsverbrechens ausgelegt werden. Ihre Ablehnung einer Truppenaufstockung sowie ihr Festhalten an der Forderung »Raus aus Afghanistan« und weniger der formale Verstoß gegen die Geschäftsordung waren es, die Parlamentspräsident Lammert so sehr erzürnten, daß er die Linksfraktion des Sitzungssaales verwies.

Online Sex and Other Dreams

Michael David Morrissey, 27.02.2010 06:55

This is for all you techies and hackers out there.

Colombian indigenes bombed to help miners

Klaus Schenck, 27.02.2010 02:20

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde des Regenwaldes,

wir möchten Sie um Unterstützung für zwei Protestaktionen bitten:

In Kolumbien bombardiert das Militär die Embera-Indianer im Regenwald, damit ausländische Bergbaufirmen ungestört Bodenschätze auf dem Land der Indianer abbauen können. Sie können protestieren unter:

Honduras: A selective and low-intensity human hunt

Rel-UITA, 26.02.2010 23:27

Claudia Brizuela Another murder in broad daylight

Kriegstreiber wollen exklusiv unter sich bleiben!

Achim Bentrop, 26.02.2010 22:56

Eklat im Bundestag - 26.2.2010 Bundestagspräsident Lammert, CDU verwies heute, während der Debatte um die Aufstockung der Bundeswehr in Afghanistan die Abgeordenten der Links-Fraktion,1518,680472,00.html aus dem Plenarsaal! Diese hatten sich “erdreistet” diesem eher technischen Vorgang Namen und damit Schicksale zu geben, indem sie Pappschilder mit den Namen, Alter und teilweise Beruf der Opfer des Bombenangriffs bei Kunduz im vergangenen September hoch hielten. Das störte die große Koalition der Kriegstreiber im Deutschen Bundestag dabei, diskret und abstrakt Schicksal zu spielen und für Menschen in Afghanistan den Tod zu beschließen.

ElBaradei Or The Strange Case Of A Virtual President

By Kareem Ezzat*, 26.02.2010 21:45

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

(IDN) – Virtually speaking, former nuclear watchdog Mohamed ElBaradei would be the perfect candidate to become president of Egypt, till the point that if next year's elections were held today, he would most likely win. Though in reality his chances would appear to be nil, the massive popular and political mobilisation he now leads might make the miracle happen.

Turkey Joins the New Great Game

By Eric Walberg, 26.02.2010 21:44

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

CAIRO (IDN) - Nothing less than a fundamental realignment of Turkish politics towards Russians is under way. This is underlined by a series of consultations in the first two months of 2010, and further encounters planned in the coming months.

The Elusive Code Zero - What Does It Mean?

Malcolm Everett, 26.02.2010 21:43

Medical Murder - The politics of death and dying! Patient Status: Code Zero - The Physician's No Code Code 0: No Code = No Care Know your Code Status: Full-code means you want everything humanly and technologically possible done to keep you alive. ie.“aggressive treatment”. The no-code designation is similar to a DNR, as it requests that no lifesaving measures be taken by the health-care personnel. Often though, the no-code designation is found too vague to be useful, and can be confusing. Withholding life sustaining treatment from an undiagnosed patient who is under the influence of sedative hypnotic and tranquilizing agents or other questionable drugs is of questionable legality. Death results from respiratory paralysis and subsequent asphyxiation. No Code status does not address any plan for your care. With a 0 Code, you will likely get none. Therefore, the no-code designation is unsafe for patients. When life support is discontinued, death results from respiratory paralysis and subsequent asphyxiation. In the strict medico-legal sense it signifies asphyxia, caused by lack of oxygen or obstruction of the breathing passages. A full code is the most extensive course of treatment. It communicates to the physicians that all measures should be taken to keep the patient alive. The patient is only considered safe when his/her code status is full code

Clara Zetkin: Fiery Agitator for Women’s Rights and Socialist Revolution

Radical Women, 26.02.2010 20:54

Come join us in commemoration of International Women's Rights Day.
Radical Women is a trailblazing activist organization – the revolutionary wing of the women’s movement and a strong feminist voice within the Left. Immersed in the daily fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, and labor exploitation, RW views women’s leadership as decisive to the global struggle to build a better world. If you share these ideas, become a member! Call or email for details.

&quot;Cannabis Key to Future of U.S.&quot;

Jesse L. Rowland, 26.02.2010 18:27

This is my article about marijuana and why we should utilize the plant that's been used since the beginging of mankind. It was published in North Idaho College's "The Sentinel"

(Direct Link)

Breites Bündnis ruft in Offenbach zur Demonstration gegen die NPD auf

Norbert Müller, 26.02.2010 16:45

Am 27. Februar plant die NPD in Stadt oder Kreis Offenbach einen Hessenkongress durchzuführen. Ein breites Bündnis stellt sich dem entgegen. Bereits im Dezember 2007 konnte ein Aufmarsch verhindert werden.

Demonstration in Al Ma'sarah, Westbank

Janne Ellenberger, 26.02.2010 15:20

Israeli military forces escalate intimidation and violence against popular committee in Al-Ma'sara
Police advance into the village of Al-Ma'sara today as village residents attempt to reach the future site of the separation wall. This comes on the heels of a night raid and threats to the popular committee.

&quot;Timely medicine by Vedanta’s Mobile Health Van saved my son&quot;, Majhi

Sushant Sahoo, 26.02.2010 13:31

Conflicting statements have always puzzled people generate the curiosity to find the truth. Of late, I have been reading a lot about human right’s issues, pollution, concern for environment, NGO’s allegating industries globally and the melting of glaciers. Being in India and deeply concerned about Indian issues, I decided to take a call on Vedanta's Lanjigarh, Niyamgiri issue. Traveling via Raipur and road to Lanjigarh was an experience. As I reached Lanjigarh finding Vedanta Industry was never difficult. I could coordinate with a local who took me on route to the Vedanta Lanjigarh Factory.

Higher Education India. Vedanta University to revamp Indian Education

S Sahoo, 26.02.2010 13:27

Vedanta University is one such initiative taken by Anil Agarwal Foundation. Once completed, it will provide world class education to 1, 00, 000 students in 95 academic disciplines.

Asse: Physikerin Dr.Merkel war gewarnt

Gundolf Feldmarck, 26.02.2010 13:04

Marodes Endlager Asse Untersuchungsausschuss Atommüll-EndlagerAsse: Behörde äußerte früh Bedenken ... Merkel war gewarnt ... Hannover. Das Bundesumweltministerium unter Leitung der damaligen Ministerin und heutigen Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) hat 1996 massive Warnungen des Bundesamtes für Strahlenschutz (BfS) zum maroden Atommüll-Endlager Asse offenbar ignoriert. Sein Schreiben, in dem er erhebliche Bedenken wegen der Standfestigkeit und der Risiken einer Strahlenfreisetzung geäußert habe, sei einfach unbeantwortet geblieben, beklagte der frühere BfS-Präsident Alexander Kaul gestern vor dem Asse-Untersuchungsausschuss des Niedersächsischen Landtags.

Encouraging Budget 2010

Dr.A.Prabaharan, Research Director, Public Action, 26.02.2010 07:40

Tax concessions and special allocation to revive the green revolution in Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa and Jharkhand and creation of oil seed villages are highly appreciable steps.

An inspiring road map to rebuild the agriculture and long term strategies to checkmate the prices of food grains and essential items are missing from the budget. All the loopholes are glaring in the major social sectors like education, health and women's development, budget 2010 deserves encouragement to pullout the society from deep crisis.




Antifascist action in Barnaul, Russia

anonimus, 25.02.2010 23:23

In memory of the Korean exchange student Kiong Biong Gil(?) stubbed to death by Russian nazi in Barnaul 10 days ago (Feb.15.2010) there will be a gathering of antifascists this Sunday - Feb.28th from 6 to 7 P.M. at 6,Freedom Square (Ploshchad' Svobody, 6)

Honduras: Una cacería humana selectiva y de baja intensidad

Rel-UITA, 25.02.2010 22:56

Claudia Brizuela Otro asesinato a plena luz del día



Humbug: Wieda jede menge Parties

Rüdiger Frazanski, 25.02.2010 19:21

neues aus der Anstalt / Agentur Ukelele baskenlandias Goodooga, northwest NSW Quinzy von Humbug. Mit Flyern, bunten Kreidesprüchen und Transparenten vermittelten sie diese vor allem den Hausprojekt Scharni38/S38 Volxküche, Veranstaltungen und Parties organisierte. Volxküche, Veranstaltungen, Partie, Partie und Parties organisierte. Volxküche, Veranstaltungen und Parties organisierte. +++ Pocket Guide über die Dresdner Naziszene ~ ++

Greek fascist Goverment capture another journalist

antifa, 25.02.2010 16:22


A Paris pour les lapins

L214, 25.02.2010 15:27

A Paris pour les lapins

STOP WAR: &quot;We are here to protect the Afghan people&quot;

Freddy Saturn, 25.02.2010 15:12

STOP WAR AFGHANISTAN Yet another apology for yet another missile attack that kills dozens of civilians, this time 27 in the province of Uruzgan. "We are here to protect the Afghan people, says US commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal. The only way to "protect" Afghans from these endless "mistakes" is for all foreign forces to stop fighting an unwinnable and pointless war. ...........

Signatures Gathered for Human Rights Education

Paola Martinez, 25.02.2010 15:11

Youth for Human Rights Florida collected approximately 1,000 petition signatures over the weekend as part of a three-day human rights “Signathon”, with the purpose to get the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights taught in Florida classrooms of elementary, middle and senior high schools.

Vedanta Chief Anil Agarwal meets Orissa CM; seeks support for additional source Bauxite

Sushant Sahoo, 25.02.2010 13:01

Mr. Anil Agarwal, Chairman of Vedanta Resources Plc and its senior executives called upon Mr. Naveen Patnaik, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Orissa and updated him about the status of on going initiatives of Vedanta for the people of Orissa.

Vedanta raises Rs 17,000 cr debt for Orissa project

S Sahoo, 25.02.2010 12:40

Vedanta Aluminium, a subsidiary of the billionaire Anil Agarwal-promoted Vedanta Resources, has raised a Rs 17,000-crore debt for its ongoing project in Orissa to increase its fully-integrated aluminium smelting capacity.

Für ein bedingungsloses Einheitsgrundeinkommen!

Werner F. Maier, 25.02.2010 12:28

Bedinngungsloses Grundeinkommen Das Einheitsgrundeinkommen unterscheidet sich erheblich von den Vorschlägen eines Götz Werner oder auch eines Dieter Althauses, da es eben nicht über die Mehrwertsteuer finanziert werden soll, sondern z.T. über eine negative Einkommenssteuer und über eine Arbeitskraftabgabe in Höhe des jeweils gültigen Mindestlohnes, also auf Kosten der Profite der Unternehmer. Übrigens auch Rainer Roth, den ich übrigens auch sehr schätze, hat in einem Beitrag sich zur erforderlichen Lohnhöhe für Familien mit Kindern zu einer erforderlichen Höhe ausgesprochen. Er kommt in diesem Beitrag auch auf utopisch hohe notwendige Löhne.

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