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No fueron las FARC Club el Nogal, otro falso positivo: el apartamento de ex ministra de Defensa fue asaltado por militares

Agencia Bolivariana de Prensa, 28.03.2010 13:13

En el Club el Nogal tenían el puesto de mando las AUC en donde diseñaban la página de Internet y allí se reunian con sus socios los que figuraban como ministros de Uribe, para citar uno de tantos: Fernando Londoño Hoyos. (*)

El ALBA es el camino

Fernando Ramón Bossi / Portal Alba, 28.03.2010 13:04

La acumulación histórica de esta vasta experiencia de lucha, ha decantado hoy, comenzando el siglo XXI, en una nueva ofensiva independentista y revolucionaria, coincidiendo con el bicentenario de aquella conducida, entre otros, por Tupac Amaru, Tupac Catari, José Antonio Galán, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Toussaint L'Ouverture, Alejandro Petión, Francisco Miranda, Simón Bolívar, Antonio José de Sucre, Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia, Antonio Nariño, Miguel Hidalgo, Francisco Morazán, José María Morelos, Manuel Belgrano, José de San Martín, Bernardo O’Higgins y José Gervasio Artigas.

Y decimos una nueva ofensiva independentista porque claro está que los pueblos latinoamericanos caribeños desde hace unos años han irrumpido al escenario político a través de gobiernos populares de tilde antineoliberal, como son los casos de Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay y Uruguay. Y Cuba, que gracias a la revolución se mantuvo soberana, a pesar de las agresiones y el bloqueo.

Transcripción de la Conferencia de Prensa ofrecida por Silvio Rodríguez en la Sala Che Guevara de la Casa de las Américas

Redacción Cubadebate, 28.03.2010 12:59

Me parece muy bien que el mundo hable de lo que desee hablar y me parece muy bien que nosotros, los cubanos, hagamos lo mismo. Me parece, siempre me ha parecido, no ahora, muy bien que se amplíe la posibilidad, el acceso a decir, a comentar, a criticar, a opinar, a discutir.

Creo que pertenezco a una generación que se caracterizó justamente por hacer un arte en ese sentido comprometido. Comprometido con eso, con la autocrítica, con la crítica, con el intercambio, con la discusión. Un arte en el que circulaba, que pretendía que circulara el pensamiento a través de él.

Scoop !

La F.P., 28.03.2010 12:12



Henk Ruyssenaars Fwd. + links, 28.03.2010 11:18

In real world speak, according to this report, this new law, when fully implemented, provides the framework for making the United States the first Nation in the World to require each and every one of its citizens to have implanted in them a radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip for the purpose of controlling who is, or isn't, allowed medical care in their country.

Media Disinformation regarding America’s Afghan War

Marc Herold, 28.03.2010 10:21

"For its part, the occupation forces’ ISAF Joint Command issued an “operational update” mentioning that on the night of March 24/25th its forces had searched a compound outside Zerah Ghar, Tere Zayi district of Khost Province and captured “two Taliban sub-commanders” as well as “several other insurgents,” lots of ammunition and money.[18] The official communiqué concluded with the usual, “no shots were fired, and no Afghan civilians were harmed during these operations.” But a day later, when the two civilian deaths in Chergotah could no longer be concealed, NATO published the usual promise of an investigation and the “our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this terrible accident and their families.”

Parliamentarians Vow Support For Indigenous Peoples

By Ramesh Jaura, 28.03.2010 10:06

IDN-InDepth NewsSpecial

MANILA (IDN) – The concerns of the indigenous peoples, at the heart of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), are considered of vital significance by parliamentarians of the countries of Asia-Pacific. The region hosts some 70 percent of the indigenous peoples, who are among the poorest of the world and often the most marginalized and disadvantaged in their countries.

Occupied Afghanistan Protects Criminals By Law

By Bob Narmer, 28.03.2010 10:04

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

GENEVA (IDN) - The so-called amnesty law, in force in Afghanistan since 2007, “green-lights impunity for serious crimes and continued rights violations,” according to the UN.


Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent, 28.03.2010 08:17

Of course this so-called 'healthcare bill' is a hoax, and 'Kaiser Health News' again describes the shortcomings. And of course the big pharmaceutical firms get still more profit. It was, as I wrote, a victory for Big Pharma, and this so called healthcare bill still leaves 23 million people with no coverage at all. But all must pay more and more to Big Pharma. Thanks, Obama!




Report from Left Forum: Grassroots Movement for Financial Reform Growing

Jordan Ballard, 27.03.2010 23:32

Protesters in front of Citibank in San Francisco on March 18, 2010 "A New Way Forward" and like-minded groups are the vanguards of a decentralized effort to restore accountability and sanity to the political and economic forces that dominate our social structure. At Left Forum, held in NYC recently, activists and intellectuals alike were excited about the “break up with your bank” concept. There is great potential to tap into popular support for this idea.

Zoo-ocracy versus Indigenous freedom

Kahntineta Bear, Mohawk Nation News, 27.03.2010 22:23

Mar. 18, 2010 -- Capitalists think they own every living soul, and that wealth and well-being are tied to race. These zoo keepers need captives to use and abuse. When they washed on our shores we resisted. We refused to forget who we were and are. Followed was one of the biggest holocausts in all humanity. Over 100 million of us in the Western Hemisphere were murdered. We wouldn’t die off. Their domesticated European flocks had to be brought over to slave for them.

Craven Democrats

Ralph Nader, 27.03.2010 18:12

"Because the main saving grace of the Democratic bill is that it is so inadequate and so delayed in implementation that the position supported by the majority of people, physicians and nurses – single payer full Medicare for all – will have abundant opportunities to build around the country."


ARF + FRANKFURT GERMANY, 27.03.2010 17:34



Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent, 27.03.2010 12:41

The Greeks, like many people, also start understanding that, to keep eurozone countries in line, the usurers printed a letter for each Euronumber. On every banknote it is shown what country these Euros come from. The 'Y' stands for Greece [Ελλάδα - Ellada] - Source: Wikipedia - Url.:

ISM: Teenager shot by Israeli forces

Sabour Raoufie, 27.03.2010 11:39

Hamdan's knee after being shot Teenager shot by Israeli forces in northern Gaza .... Hamdan's knee after being shot by Israeli forces while gathering scrap metal .... Said Abdel Aziz Hamdan, 15, went for his first time to Gaza’s northern border area to try gathering scrap metal for re-sale. Although an area lined with Israeli military towers and notorious for Israeli soldier shooting, shelling and abductions of Palestinian workers and farmers, Hamdan did not feel he would be in danger. “People go there everyday to gather bits of metal and concrete. The Israelis see us and know we are just working, it’s normal,” he said from his hospital bed in Jabaliya’s Kamal Adwan hospital.

Europe Dithers On ‘Tobin Tax’

By Jaya Ramachandran, 27.03.2010 01:54

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

BRUSSELS (IDN) - The European leaders failed to agree on the introduction of a levy on financial trading to compensate taxpayers for bank bailouts at the Spring Council meeting of the European Union (EU), which concluded March 26. The Heads of State or Government of 27 nations stressed instead that they must reach an agreement before the G20 Summit June 26-27 in Toronto.

Of Indigenous Peoples, Climate Change And Rural Poverty

By Ramesh Jaura, 27.03.2010 01:52

IDN-InDepth NewsSpecial

MANILA (IDN) – They constitute some four percent of the global population. They are spread around the world in 70 countries, from the Arctic to the South Pacific. Their numbers add up to somewhere between 300 and 370 million, equal to or outnumbering the inhabitants of the United States of America.

Preparing For Climate Change On Way To Cancun

By Taro Ichikawa, 27.03.2010 01:49

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

TOKYO (IDN) - More than 100 countries have stated that they wish to be associated with the contentious Copenhagen Accord emerging from the climate change conference in December 2009. The United Nations top climate change official Yvo de Boer deems this as a clear indication that the international community wants to move forward.

UN Commission Unveils The Guatemalan Oligarchy’s Perversity

By Julio Godoy, 27.03.2010 01:46

IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint

BERLIN (IDN) - The International Commission against the Impunity in Guatemala – a supranational prosecution office installed almost two years ago by the United Nations to fight organised crime in the Central American country – presented on January 12 the results of its inquiry into one of the numerous assassinations perpetrated last year. The CICIG, as the commission is known after its Spanish name, made public its conclusions on the violent death of Rodrigo Rosenberg, a lawyer with business and familiar links deep into the Guatemalan oligarchy. He was assassinated in the country's capital on May 10, 2009.

Stop Blaming the Cow, Please!

By Stefano Colombo, 27.03.2010 01:41

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

ROME (IDN) – When top managers of giant oil and industrial companies or major car-makers eat a good steak, they probably rejoice twice – thanks to the meal of course but also because cows are now blamed for being the major single source of greenhouse gases.

Stop Blaming the Cow, Please!

By Stefano Colombo, 27.03.2010 01:37

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

ROME (IDN) – When top managers of giant oil and industrial companies or major car-makers eat a good steak, they probably rejoice twice – thanks to the meal of course but also because cows are now blamed for being the major single source of greenhouse gases.

Tax For Development

By Jeffrey Owens and Richard Carey*, 27.03.2010 01:35

IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint

PARIS (IDN) – People in developed economies struggling to close burgeoning deficits incurred in the crisis by raising taxes or cutting spending could be forgiven for thinking that developing countries are concerned with the same priorities. But even in good times, dealing with fiscal challenges is an ordeal.

Ecuador hará informe sobre los derechos humanos en EEUU (El anuncio fue hecho hoy por el presidente Rafael Correa durante una visita del mandatario venezolano Hugo Chávez.), 26.03.2010 21:47

Esto no lo informan los medios SIP de nuestro país (El Nacional, El Universal, etcétera, etcétera), debido a que sus tan cacareados esfuerzos por defender la libertad de información, son sólo posturas falsas…

Esos medios publican únicamente todo aquello que no afecta sus intereses y los de la clase burguesa a la que le sirven. Cuando se ven compelidos a divulgar algún suceso que les es imposible ocultarlo, manipulan los hechos y transmiten únicamente mentiras y/o medias verdades…

UNA VISIÓN DE LA ACTUAL CRISIS INTEGRAL DEL CAPITALISMO (en Contribuciones a la Economía, febrero 2009 en )

Diosdado Quintana Martínez, 26.03.2010 21:05


El presente trabajo recoge una visión de la integralidad de la actual crisis por la que atraviesa el Capitalismo como sistema económico, en él se parte de las definiciones marxistas sobre este fenómeno y transcurre en la exposición de un grupo de razones por las que se considera, que no estamos en presencia de otra de las tantas crisis por las que ha transcurrido el sistema; se trata de una exposición con diferencias a la que asumen otros autores contemporáneos al evaluar este fenómeno; pero en fin es otra visión de alguien que ha dedicado un tiempo a su estudio por razones académicas.

Palabras claves: Crisis, Neoliberalismo, Globalización, Economía Financiera

Miami: al lado de Gloria “CIA” Estefan, el terrorista internacional Posada Carriles

JEAN-GUY ALLARD, 26.03.2010 19:20

Es realmente increíble que un sujeto como ese, responsable intelectual del crimen atroz de la voladura del avión de Cubana de Aviación en Barbados, en 1976, donde murieron 76 personas ande libre y feliz por las calles del país que se dice defensor de los derechos humanos y de la libertad...

Afghanistan: Royal-Blitzbesuch

Fritz Rouge, 26.03.2010 18:27

Prinz Charles in Afghanistan Tucholsky und das Bundesverfassungsgericht: Die wichtigste Aufgabe des Bundesverfassungsgerichts ist der Schutz der Verfassung. Eines solchen Schutzes bedürfen in erster Linie immer Minderheiten gegen die Mehrheiten; denn die Mehrheiten stellen die Regierung, den Gesetzgeber, die öffentliche Meinung, auch weitgehend die Rechtsprechung. ......

Afghanistan: Marjah von Talibankämpfern erobert!

Peter Wheeler, 26.03.2010 17:32

Der Kampf um Marjah geht weiter Nachts wird Marjah schon wieder von den Taliban kontrolliert ..... Nach Berichten von Einwohnern haben die Aufständischen die afghanische Stadt
Marjah schon wieder unter Kontrolle – noch nicht einmal einen Monat, nachdem sie
das westliche Militär den Taliban entrissen haben will. Marjah ist zwar jetzt von so vielen Truppen besetzt, dass auf acht Einwohner mindestens
ein NATO-Soldat oder ein afghanischer Polizist kommt. Und trotzdem konnten die Talibankämpfer insgeheim eine Kampagne gegen Unterstützer
des vom Westen an der Macht gehaltenen Karzai-Regimes starten.

Die (US!)-Militarisierung Lateinamerikas

Anton P. Dobrowsky, 26.03.2010 14:35

Bush's-IRAK-WAR ....... Die Vereinigten Staaten wurden nach den Worten George Washingtons als „Infant Empire“ (Kind-Imperium) gegründet. Die Eroberung des nationalen Territoriums war ein großes imperiales Unternehmen, ähnlich der starken Expansion des Großherzogtums Moskau. Von Anbeginn der ersten Tage war die Kontrolle über die Hemisphäre das entscheidende Ziel. Die Ambitionen erweiterten sich während des zweiten Weltkriegs, als die USA Großbritannien und kleinere imperiale Mächte verdrängte. Auf höchster Ebene kam man zu dem Schluss, dass die USA die „unbestrittene Macht“ in einem Weltsystem innehaben sollte, welches nicht nur die westliche Hemisphäre umfasste, sondern auch das ehemalige britische Empire, den Fernen Osten und später soviel von Europa wie nur möglich. Ein primäres Ziel der NATO war es, Anstrengungen in Richtung europäischer Unabhängigkeit entlang der gaullistischen Linie zu blockieren. Das wurde um so klarer, als die UdSSR kollabierte und damit auch die formale (Existenz-)Berechtigung der NATO. ........

Vedanta joins hand with Kalahandi district administration for Pulse Polio Immunization

rajat, 26.03.2010 13:47

Vedanta Aluminium Limited, Lanjigarh supported the District Health administration of Kalahandi in the Intensive Pulse Polio Immunization campaign and administered pulse polio drops to several infants in Lanjigarh area. Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Chief Operating Officer of Vedanta Aluminium Limited started the program by administering polio vaccine to children at Apollo Hospital, Vedanta Staff Colony Hospital.

Tyson ‘reality’ show won’t show real world of pigeon racing

Ingrid E. Newkirk, 25.03.2010 14:45

Animal Planet will be doing both viewers and birds a terrible disservice if it airs Mike Tyson’s reality show about pigeon racing. These gentle, loyal birds, who race their hearts out in order to get home to their life mates, often become lost in storms or have their necks wrung for failing to beat their competitors’ time.

L’élevage intensif favorise la présence de salmonelles

L214, 25.03.2010 14:35

L’élevage intensif favorise la présence de salmonelles

Vedanta pledges to make Lanjigarh Greener

aseem, 25.03.2010 13:12

Vedanta Aluminium Limited observed World Environment Day-2009 at its Alumina Refinery in Lanjigarh, Kalahandi (Orissa) on June 05, 2009. Renewing its commitment towards Environment, the company organized a series of programs to mark the world wide campaign for Nature.

Europa und die Krise: Auf dem Schuldenberg

Toni C. Sarotti, 25.03.2010 11:43

W.z.n.f.E.K.-u. wir bekämpfen eure Kriege! Wenn die Eurozone nicht auseinanderbrechen soll, muss sie vom Dogma abrücken, jedes Land sei für seine Nationalökonomie selbst verantwortlich. In Deutschland trommeln die Gazetten seit Wochen: Krisenstimmung allenthalben. In grellen Farben wird der Staatsbankrott an die Wand gemalt. Deutschland scheint die Parole der Linken übernommen zu haben: «Wir zahlen nicht für eure Krise!» Eine böse Schlinge: Gemeint ist allerdings nicht die Krise der Banken und Finanzmärkte, sondern die Finanzkrise Griechenlands und die der übrigen schwer verschuldeten sogenannten PIIGS-Länder (Portugal, Italien, Island, Griechenland und Spanien). Im europäischen Haus hängt der Segen mehr als schief, es gibt handfesten Krach um die Staatsfinanzen. Den verschwenderischen Griechen werden die Leviten gelesen, auf das Schuldenmachen, das angebliche Leben in Saus und Braus, hat nun die Strafe zu folgen: das Sparen, eisern und rücksichtslos.

Rove should be prosecuted

Homer Hostage, 25.03.2010 11:29

On March 22, 2010 Karl Rove, right-wing advocate of torture and of government by assassination, broadcast details of the floor plan of Air Force 1, during a radio interview.

The Real Cause of SUNY &amp; CUNY Tuition Increases

foryourrights, 25.03.2010 05:10

DASNY official In a sworn statement, Douglas Van Vleck, DASNY executive director of construction for all project in New york State, managed by DASNY, Mr. Van Vleck confirmed cost overruns on SUNY & CUNY construction projects overran by approximately 20% - 25%. Mr. VanVleck also confirmed that DASNY performs the management on approximately $6 billion or more per year. Mr. VanVleck further confirmed that he was personally responsible for directing the addition of a company disqualified by his subordinate and known to have MOB affiliations.


Rvdo. P. Dr. Hayr Gutierrez Herrera,.Ph.D, 25.03.2010 05:05


Francia y el retorno a la Grandeur

germán gorraiz lopez, 25.03.2010 03:44

Análisis del ideario político de Sarkozy y de los ases que guarda en su manga para volver a ser reelegido en las Presidenciales del 2.012.

Video: El Apocalipsis Cuántico

Roberto Cruz, 25.03.2010 03:39

Video: El Apocalipsis Cuántico ( levantando el velo para descubrir la verdadera naturaleza de uno mismo, para penetrar en la superficie de la realidad, para la divulgación de información oculta, la evolución de la conciencia, el despertar de la percepción de los misterios que se encuentran fuera del rango normal del conocimiento humano. Con notables expertos - Fred Alan Wolf, Peter Russell, el profesor Al-Khalili, York Dobyns, Robert Anton Wilson, Dean Radin, Richard Alan Miller, Michael Talbot, Gregg Braden, el profesor David Deutsch, David Wilcock, Khempo Yurmed Tinly Rinpoche, Nassim Naramein, John Hagelin, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, David Bohm, Bill Hicks. Traducido a varios idiomas: Español, Francés, Portugués, Italiano, Alemán y Polaco.

¿Seguirá la justicia norteamericana protegiendo al monstruo de Trelew?

JEAN-GUY ALLARD, 24.03.2010 22:56

LA PRENSA DE MIAMI, CALLADA... El viernes 2 de abril, en una corte de Miami, se comenzará a dirimir el proceso de extradición del monstruo quien remató a las 16 víctimas de lo que se conoce como la Masacre de Trelew, Argentina, ocurrido el 22 de agosto de 1972.

Película 'La vida a ti debida' de Antonio Girón sobre la Memoria Histórica en el Cine de Barrio de la Prospe

Comisión de cine de la Prospe, 24.03.2010 22:17

La voz a ti debida La proyección contará con la presencia del director Antonio Girón, de Carmen Arrojo y de Giulia Tamayo.
FECHA: 26 de Marzo 2010
HORA: 21:00
LUGAR:La Prospe (Escuela popular)
c/Luis Cabrera, 19 (Paralela a c/López de Hoyos; perpendicular a c/Cartagena).
Metros: Prosperidad, Av. de América

Youth for Human Rights Florida Reaches Out to the Community on the International Day against Racial Discrimination

Antonella Antonecchia, 24.03.2010 21:45

When people fully understand human rights, they will demand their rights and respect the rights of others.

Protecting animals protects everyone

By Martin Mersereau, 24.03.2010 21:27

Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals rarely stop there—many of them move on to their fellow humans. For everyone’s safety, state lawmakers should consider establishing online registries for convicted animal abusers.

Israelische Wehrdienstverweigerin

Frank C. Webster, 24.03.2010 21:10

WAR is a CRIME against HUMANITY Man nennt sie "Vaterlandsbetrügerin" ............... Maya Wind, 20, hat den israelischen Militärdienst verweigert. Statt zwei Jahre zur Armee ging sie ins Gefängnis - aus Protest gegen die Besatzung der Palästinensergebiete.

Left Forum 2010: Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Jesse Jackson, Greg Palast anre more

The Mantle, 24.03.2010 19:25

Noam Chomsky addresses Left Forum 2010 Wall to wall coverage of Left Forum 2010, which occurred March 19-21 at Pace University in NYC. Hundreds of panelists and thousands of participants gathered to discuss leftist politics, theory, and activism. Headliners included Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Greg Palast, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Jeremy Glick, the Yes Men and hundreds more.

US Constitution Not Upheld in Broward County

Dr.Jimmy Star, 24.03.2010 19:14

Documenting a corrupt local government illegal taking of private property in eminent domain although they did not legally have the power to do so, as well as the obstruction on justice in trying to receive a jury trial as afforded in the US Constitution

La TV que no se ve, año 20

Por Marcos Alfonso, 24.03.2010 18:53

El 27 de marzo se conmemora el indeseable cumpleaños de la mal bautizada Tele Martí, engendro mediático concebido por el gobierno de los Estados Unidos que viola a diario el espacio radioeléctrico cubano desde hace dos décadas.

Hartz IV: Opfer der Selbstbedienung und Ablenkungs-Tricks der Profiteure

Heinz Werner Wolf, 24.03.2010 18:10

Hartz-IV-Lehmhütte-1Pers. Bereits unter der Schröder-Regierung wurde der Spitzensteuersatz von 53 auf 42 Prozent gesenkt. Der Einkommensmillionär konnte also für jede zusätzliche Einkommensmillion schon jährlich 110.000 Euro Steuern “einsparen” - plus Solidaritätszuschlag. Auch Gerhard Schröder, seine Minister, viele Abgeordnete und Chefredakteure verschafften sich monatliche Steuerersparnisse in mehrfacher Hartz-IV-Höhe durch leidenschaftliche Unterstützung dieser Selbstbedienung (sh. Geierschreck: “Arbeitsplatzvernichtung durch Umverteilung nach oben” ,, 21.1.2010, mit weiteren Nachweisen). Die CDU wollten dies nach ihrem Leipziger Parteitag vom Dezember 2003 noch verschärfen durch die weitere Absenkung des Spitzensteuersatzes auf 36 Prozent.

ETA y Hugo Chávez: lo que no dicen los periódicos

Gennaro Carotenuto (Traducido por Juan Vivanco para Rebelón), 24.03.2010 17:54

Más allá de la falta total de pruebas y de que ni siquiera se entiende cuál es la acusación concreta contra el gobierno venezolano, la historia real es un poco distinta. Tiene que ver con la «doctrina Mitterrand» que, en el caso de ETA, no concedía la extradición a España pero, en vez de dar asilo en Francia a sus refugiados (como a los miembros italianos de las Brigadas Rojas), prefería mandarlos a América Latina. Las metas preferidas para el asilo eran el Méjico priísta y la Venezuela de Carlos Andrés Pérez (sí, el mismo), pero en los últimos treinta años los etarras se desperdigaron por varios países, como Colombia, Panamá o Uruguay.

Calif gang-stalking Urban Terror Alert prompts rewards for public intel

Deborah Dupre, 24.03.2010 17:36

Los Angeles and surrounding area residents have been called upon to help officials in their domestic terror investigation involving Vagos gang violence described with characteristics resembling gang-stalking attacks, extreme violations of human rights. "Officials are offering a $200,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible."

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