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Vedanta Hindustan Zinc Heart Hospital in Udaipur

Harsh Sehgal, 09.04.2010 12:47

Hindustan Zinc to up-grade 'Vedanta Hindustan Zinc Heart Hospital' in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Vedanta Digs Up Record Metal Production

aseem, 09.04.2010 09:50

RECORD iron-ore and aluminium production helped miner Vedanta Resources to take advantage of booming steel demand as the global economy recovered.

Buying Jewelry for Women - A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gift

Iris, 09.04.2010 08:50

fashion jewelry Most women desire jewelry but often do not buy it for themselves as it is a luxury item. Giving the right jewelry as a gift can allow you to demonstrate how well you know the lady you are giving it to.

What's Hot in Fashion Jewelry

Iris, 09.04.2010 07:04

fashion jewelry Turquoise jewelry is making a comeback in all parts of the fashion world. Runway models sport the ancient stone especially as large chunky beads, earrings or large rings, everyday working women can be seen on subways and walking around town accessorizing with turquoise jewelry.

The Beauty of Coral Jewelry

Iris, 09.04.2010 07:03

fashion jewelry The history of corals goes back a few thousand years in time with records suggesting that corals have been used to make decorative art objects for several centuries now.

Why ChatRoulette Needs Penis

Anonymous, 09.04.2010 03:52

I find it very troubling to see these people attacking chatroulette with their self-righteous and elevating attitudes. They are so pompous with their hypocritcal puritanical values. As if chatroulette is some sort of sinister demi-god set out to ruin the internet by allowing people to get anonymously sexual and intimate for brief periods of time.This is why chatroulette needs penis.

Capitalist kills 25 employees

John Jacobsen, 09.04.2010 03:39

This week, 25 miners lost their lives in a mine explosion at the Performance Coal Co. in Raleigh County, West Virginia. The explosion was the worst mining disaster in over two decades, if you don't count the 10,000 who have died from black lung in the past decade.

Chatroulette - Why the World Needs It

Dane Vaninc, 09.04.2010 03:17

These are the girls that need chatroulette. I'm writing this article as a response to the explosion in recent criticism that's come from ChatRoulette. The site has grown expansively in recent weeks, and with this growth has come tremendous media criticism. This is my attempt to explain why society in reality benefits and desperately needs ChatRoulette.


Rvdo. P. Dr. Hayr Gutierrez Herrera,.Ph.D, 09.04.2010 02:37

AUTORES CON M. SCHLZE-KRAFT -De Oxford University/Comparative politics.Conflict
Resolution/ADLAF; D. KRUJIT-professor Utrecht University/war&peace/book.Guerrillas-
EZ-Universidad Nacional,Bogota-.F GALÁN BERMÚDEZ.L. E. CELIS.L.H. HERNANDEZ. A. F.

SEC,FBI,CIA Protects Bud Burrell:Pedophile,Stock Money Launderer,Torture,Murder Suspect

Tony Ryals, 09.04.2010 02:31

I hadn't looked at the SEC and FBI protected criminal Bud Burrell's
threats and slanderous accusations about me for a while and so was
surprised the sleazy criminal moron or Mormon who insults and makes
fun of Christians with his Christian Financial Radio Network or
CFRN.COM that cons victims into penny stock frauds that allow him to
steal their assets and place in his and his Washington,D.C. connected
associates offshore accounts had changed his original title accusing
me of being a transvestite(ha) among other things and
pretending-lieing not to know where I resided even though his Columbia
School of Journalism and Wall Street Journal connected partner in
securities crimes Mark Mitchell had long ago written to me and posted
on internet precisely where I was located......

Toward a Modern Nuclear Security Enterprise

By Ramesh Jaura, 09.04.2010 01:03

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

BERLIN (IDN) – Transformation of the U.S. atomic weapons complex into “a modern, sustainable 21st century nuclear security enterprise” forms the nucleus of President Barack Obama’s agenda manifested in the new START Treaty, he and Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev signed in Prague on April 8.

The Dollar and U.S. Power Rise and Fall in Tandem

By Rolf J. Langhammer*, 09.04.2010 01:01

IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint

KIEL (IDN) – Over the post-WWII period, the U.S. has provided two public services to the rest of the world, an international currency and international military protection. Producing them was costly, both in terms of achieving reasonable dollar stability and undertaking military expenditures in many parts of the world.

Orange County's Credit Union Robs Customers of Access to their Accounts

Sam Johnson, 09.04.2010 00:13

Orange County's Credit Union is using its own mistakes as an excuse to deny its customers access to their accounts.

2010 French Quarter Festival, NAB Show, Country Music Awards, Tribeca Film Festival, FOCAL Awards, Highlight April Media and Entertainment Industry Networking Events, 08.04.2010 23:17

The Actor's Checklist - The Beverly Hills Film Festival, a competition festival dedicated to showcasing non-studio films and screenplays of emerging filmmakers in the city generally recognized as the headquarters for VIPs to the motion picture industry, is now in its tenth year, opening for a run from April 14-18, while treating festival goers to nightly theme parties, seminars, and a charity benefit...

Genozid an den Armeniern

Deniz Weber, 08.04.2010 22:12

Genozid am armenischen Volk Der 90-minütige Dokumentarfilm "Aghet" (armenisch: "die Katastrophe") erzählt von einem der dunkelsten Kapitel des Ersten Weltkriegs: Dem Genozid an den Armeniern, bei dem zwischen 1915 und 1918 bis zu 1,5 Millionen Menschen im Osmanischen Reich (heute Türkei) ermordet wurden. Dieser Völkermord, der sich am 24. April 2010 zum 95. Mal jährt, wurde von Raphael Lemkin, dem Schöpfer der 1948 von der UN verabschiedeten Anti-Genozid-Konvention, als der erste systematisch ausgeführten Völkermord des 20. Jahrhunderts bezeichnet. Er wird allerdings bis heute von den Verantwortlichen und ihren Nachkommen geleugnet und von der Welt weitgehend verdrängt. ..... phoenix/tv 21.45 Uhr Di. 13.04.2010 Diskussionsrunde zum Völkermord an den Armeniern ......

Monsanto: Legacy of Deception

Cory J.A. Davis, 08.04.2010 19:14

This is a critique of Monsanto's pledge. I will argue that Monsanto is on a power trip, and that they have a hidden agenda that has nothing to do with compassion, ecology or human hunger, and everything to do with greed. Then I will examine some of the promises made in their marketing propaganda, and provide evidence that these promises are little more than blatant lies.

bologna burns madrid april 8-14 callout for solidarity!

anonymous, 08.04.2010 18:52

On the 13th April an EU education ministers’ summit will take place in Madrid, due to the Spanish turn at the EU presidency.
In response to this summit the Platform Bolonia Fucking Up Group, formed by Students Assemblies, associations, collective groups, student unions etc, is organizing a counter summit between the 8th and 14th of April.

Los Medios ocultan la mayor fosa común de América, mientras el Estado colombiano busca alterarla

por Azalea Robles, 08.04.2010 17:22

Se trata de la mayor fosa común del continente. Dos mil cuerpos en una fosa común , eso es un asunto grave para el Estado Colombiano, pero sus mass-media, y los mass-media internacionales, cómplices del genocidio, se han encargado de pasarla casi totalmente bajo silencio, cuando para encontrar una atrocidad parecida hay que remontarse a las fosas nazis… Este silenciamiento mediático está sin duda vinculado con los inmensos recursos naturales de Colombia, y los mega-negocios que allí se gestan en base a las masacres.

Los Medios ocultan la mayor fosa común de América, mientras el Estado colombiano busca alterarla

Azalea Robles / Rebelión - Febrero, 2010, 08.04.2010 17:15

Sobre este tema los medios de comunicación, en general, nada informan. Mantienen oculto un hecho sumamente grave, a lo solos fines de que el mundo nada sepa lo que hacen los gobiernos cipayos del imperio yanqui, como el de Uribe Vélez, en contra de los derechos humanos...

Los supervivientes de una de las familias masacradas en Afganistán amenazan con convertirse en suicidas-bomba

por Jerome Starkey (marzo, 2010), 08.04.2010 16:18

Afganistán, Asesinato, Crueldad, Estados Unidos, Guerra, Imperialismo, impunidad, masacre, ocupación, OTAN, soborno.
Rechazan el “dinero sangriento” del gobierno

Primera derrota militar de EE.UU. en América

Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 08.04.2010 15:37

Sobre la primera derrota de EE.UU. en América, cuando el 17 de abril en horas de la madrugada comenzó el desembarco de los mercenarios por Playa Girón y Playa Larga (Bahía de Cochinos), al sur del centro de la isla. Se entabló desigual combate con las milicias nacionales, tropas del Ejército Rebelde, milicias populares y la Policía.

Innovation of the Week: School Feeding Programs Improve Livelihoods, Diets, and Local Economies

Molly Theobald, 08.04.2010 14:39

In many parts sub-Saharan Africa, 60 percent of children come to school in the morning without breakfast, if they attend school at all. Many suffer from health and developmental problems, including stunted growth. Exhausted from hunger and poor nutrition, they often have trouble paying attention and learning during class.

Impresionante video de Jaime Garzón..., 08.04.2010 13:42

Cuando lo vean, de inmediato sabrán quien lo mandó a asesinar...


Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent, 08.04.2010 12:23

As far as I can see it, Wikileaks is a Mossad/CIA trap. A way of getting at the IP's, the Internet addresses, names etc. of the 'leakers' to this site. And then it's easy to pick up those 'dissidents' everywhere.

Leave anti-development path

Harsh Sehgal, 08.04.2010 12:15

It is always being said that the people of Orissa are poor despite the land having rich natural resources. These resources are not being able to change the fate of the people of the State due to lack of proper utilization. During the tenure of Mr. Biju Patnaik as the Chief Minister, the Government took up steps to make the state industrially developed by investing a portion of the natural resources of the State.

Bayern: Kriegs-Schülerbroschüre (?!)

Manuel Kemper, 08.04.2010 11:41

Frieden bund Sicherheit ?! Eine Schülerbroschüre für den Krieg - „Frieden und Sicherheit“ (?!) .... Im Ethikunterricht der 9. Klasse Gymnasium in einer beschaulichen bayerischen Kleinstadt wird die Broschüre "Frieden und Sicherheit" der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jugend und Bildung e.V. behandelt. Afghanische Kinder, die vor Bundeswehrsoldaten und Militärfahrzeug fotografiert wurden, strahlen einem auf der Titelseite entgegen. Ähnlich suggestiv geht es im Innenteil weiter und mit dem Durchblättern der 32-seitigen Broschüre wird deutlich, dass hier ganz subtile Werbung für den Krieg oder mindestens die Bundeswehr betrieben wird. In der staatlichen Schule - bei Minderjährigen.

Vedanta posts record output of iron ore, aluminium

Mukesh, 08.04.2010 11:04

Indian-focused mining group Vedanta posted record quarterly production of iron ore and aluminium in its fourth quarter ended March 2010.

NATO gesteht Töten von Afghaninnen

Andreas Pöhler, 08.04.2010 10:57

US-Soldaten töten drei afghanische Frauen Die NATO-Streitkräfte haben gestanden, drei afghanische Frauen getötet zu haben. Es passierte bei einem verpfuschten Überfall auf ein Dorf in Afghanistan in diesem Jahr. Zuvor hatte die NATO bestritten, an dem Überfall beteiligt gewesen zu sein. Die NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) sagte in einer Erklärung am Sonntagabend, ihre Truppen seien verantwortlich für den Tod der Frauen am 12. Februar in einem Dorf nahe Gardez, der Hauptstadt der östlichen Provinz Paktia.


Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent, 08.04.2010 10:08

This is a black 'blowback' day for the criminal cartel's war machine, which relies heavily on it's Manas base there. Not only for the transfer of armed 'errand boys' aka 'troops' for the illegal occupation, but also for Big Pharma's billion dollar drug industry in Afghanistan.* To make matters worse: apart from their Kant base, Moscow also wants a second base.

‘New and Additional Money Will End Climate Deadlock’

By Indira Srivastava, 08.04.2010 08:23

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

BERLIN (IDN) - In run-up to the UN climate change negotiations April 8-11 in Germany, a British think-tank has shown a way out of the present standoff. The meetings in Bonn will be the first formal round of talks since the controversial Copenhagen conference in December 2009.

China Cannot Be a Global Locomotive but It Must Adjust

By Yilmaz Akyuz*, 08.04.2010 08:21

IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint

GENEVA (IDN) - External adjustment in the U.S. and slow growth in Europe will no doubt be problematic for China because of the important contribution that exports to these markets have made to its rapid growth.

Jewelry in the World of Fashion

Iris, 08.04.2010 07:48

fashion jewelry The jewelry industry is what makes it possible for women all over the world to cover themselves with unusual designs. With the increasing updates in the jewelry world it has become very important for the businesses to offer new designs of jewelry to stay in business.

Handmade Beaded Jewelry - Beaded Jewelry, Earrings and Necklaces

Iris, 08.04.2010 06:47

handmade jewelry Beads bring up the Oriental and primitive world but now have become very much a part of the Occidental, rather the global world. Handmade jewelry is something which you can yourself make and use your innovation.

Could candid photos of your daughter be in the hands of tens of thousands of perverts?

anonymous, 08.04.2010 06:01

A very disturbing internet trend is uncovered.

Fashion Jewelry Information Tips

Iris, 08.04.2010 04:46

fashion jewelry Fashion is the one thing that everyone wants to follow. Staying in fashion is even more hyped these days with the media coverage and mounting people’s interest.

George Pataki Senate Run In 2010 Proposed

MICHAEL GORMLEY, 08.04.2010 04:41

Pataki, now in private law practice, had not accepted or rejected the idea, the person said. He would face Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who was appointed on Jan. 23 to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton when Clinton became President Barack Obama's secretary of state.

Torture In America

Shawnna Armstrong, 08.04.2010 00:43

Contrary to popular belief, Gestapo 's or Secret Police are not phenomena of the past. Activists who dare to hold law enforcement accountable to democracy, freedom and basic human rights are being repressed and imprisoned here in Connecticut simply for refusing to accept violation and abuse from their own country men.

Out of nowhere, Long Island Democrat-turned-Republican Steve Levy has jolted a governor's race that was shaping up as a ho-hum coronation of Attorney General Andrew Cuomo., 08.04.2010 00:29

As Attorney General Andrew Cuomo slowly moves toward announcing his candidacy for governorsources swear he'll come out with it no later than April 25is he scared of new Republican candidate Steve Levy, who's reportedly "a little crazy" and "something of a nut"? That's what the Post's Fred Dicker says, even after Rick Lazio won an important endorsement Saturday. [9] Lazio faces challenges for the Republican line from conservative Democrat Steve Levy, the Suffolk County executive, and Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino. Gov. David Paterson, a Democrat, has announced he will not run to keep his job. State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is expected to seek the Democratic nomination but has yet to announce his intentions. [10] Molinari is not a member of the party's executive committee but has influence with some in the party. As for Levy's party-switching, Molinari said, "He has a great record as a fiscal conservative. He's as conservative as any Republican in the state." Levy ran on the Democratic, Republican, Conservative and Independence lines in his successful 2007 re-election bid for Suffolk County executive. The Democrat yesterday switched his party registration in order to run for governor as a Republican. Democratic Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is expected to run for governor now that Gov. David Paterson has said he will not run. Island Republicans last night also interviewed Joseph DioGuardi, a former congressman, and David Malpass, a former Reagan and Bush administration official, who are both looking to run against U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.). Friscia said that both candidates were strong on fiscal issues

Tuition-free colleges stand their ground against costs

Jack Gillum, 07.04.2010 20:05

Schools that cover full tuition "are doing the near-impossible to make school affordable for all of their students," says Robert Franek of education and test-prep company The Princeton Review, whose annual list of 100 Best Value Colleges includes nine colleges that for the current school year are covering full tuition for every student. "Best Values" excel at both academics and financial aid. (Berea was not on the list; its data were incorrectly reported, The Princeton Review says.)

Student Loans: The Government Is Now Officially in the Banking Business

Ellen Brown, 07.04.2010 20:02

William Jennings Bryan would have been pleased. The government is now officially in the banking business. On March 30, 2010, President Obama signed the reconciliation "fix" to the health care reform bill passed by Congress last week. Slipped into it was student loan legislation the President calls "one of the most significant investments in higher education since the G.I. Bill." Under the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA), the federal government will lend directly to students, ending billions of dollars in wasteful subsidies to firms providing student loans. The bill will save an estimated $68 billion over 11 years.

How to Get More College Financial Aid

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, 07.04.2010 19:46

Increasingly, private schools are quietly using the practice to help attract the students they want in a challenging economy. The practice of increasing aid on request has emerged relatively recently as college tuition has soared almost out of reach for ordinary families, according to Bruce Hammond, an independent college counselor based in Charlottesville, Va.

College finance 101 at its absolute worst

WES HOSKINS, 07.04.2010 19:33

Unfortunately, higher education students, the very people who the government claimed they were helping in jamming this law through Congress, will lose under this ill-designed program. Why? Because they will be forced to rely exclusively on the federal government for student loans. The current delivery channel was working efficiently, and students benefited from the competition. Now, they will be forced to rely on four federal call centers instead of more than 2,000 community and nonprofit lenders nationwide. Plus, the federal government’s track record in delivering products (the postal service, Social Security, etc.) isn’t that good.

Obama Student Loans Plan Will Make College Costs Soar Too

Brandon Greife, 07.04.2010 19:29

According to the College Board, the average published tuition of a four-year, in-state public college is $7,020, and the average grant and tax benefit per student is $5,400. That means on average, students pay 23 cents of each dollar going toward college tuition. By increasing Pell grants, shortening the debt forgiveness period, and lowering the cap on payments, the student loan reform legislation will further decrease the out-of-pocket costs of a college education.

Círculos infantiles en Cuba: 49 razones para amar

Por Iris Armas Padrino, 07.04.2010 17:02

Sobre la creación de los cículos infantiles, instalaciones que brindan amor y atención y favorecen la integración plena de la mujer a la vida laboral y social del país.


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 07.04.2010 16:09

El Ministerio Secretaría General de Gobierno se comprometió a apoyar la tramitación del proyecto de ley contra la discriminación y a colaborar con el desarrollo normal de los eventos masivos y públicos organizados por el movimiento LGBT. A la par, se garantizó respaldos para el fortalecimiento de la sociedad civil en Chile

Pedofilia en la Iglesia

By MICHELE LERIDON / AFP / El Nuevo Herald &gt; Noticias &gt; Séptimo Día, 07.04.2010 12:54

En España, un profesor de teología citado por El País, Juan José Tamayo, de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, se sorprendía de ``la facilidad con la que, en el caso de la interrupción voluntaria del embarazo, la jerarquía eclesiástica establece la relación directa entre pecado y delito exigiendo las consiguientes sanciones penales para las mujeres y sus colaboradores, y (...) la dificultad a la hora de hacer lo mismo con los abusos sexuales cometidos por personas consagradas a Dios''.

Bombas de tiempo en el Viejo Continente

Por Néstor Núñez, 07.04.2010 12:50

El asunto de la deuda externa griega, parece haber puesto en jaque la “estabilidad económica” del área y provocado los más agrios debates entre quienes proclaman se debe virar la cara al enfermo y los que piden asistencia, no por solidaridad, sino porque sus arcas también amenazan con secarse.

Orissa emerging as aluminium hub of India

aseem, 07.04.2010 12:43

The bauxite-rich Orissa is set to emerge as the aluminium hub in less than a decade with upward swing by increasing its volume of production. The state has more than 1,530 million tons of bauxite reserve, according a conservative estimate

Sistema electoral transparente y participativo

Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 07.04.2010 12:32

Ya son 34 años de ejercicio electoral. EL sistema cubano puede mostrar al mundo su vitalidad y eficacia como medio para garantizar el derecho ciudadano de elegir a sus órganos de gobierno.

Common Wealth Games 2010 to be ‘solar powered’ by Reliance

somesh ahuja, 07.04.2010 12:08

RIL Solar Group implements Solar Power requirements for the Games Commissions India’s first 1MW solar PV power plant

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