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Court takes bones from natives

Macdonald Stainsby, 06.08.2004 18:09

A recent ruling on the "Kennewick man" bones has deep implications as yet another in a long line of scientific attacks on indigenous sovereignty. The recent court decision that the local Indians do not control the bones despite the non-ambiguous nature of laws passed on agreements between the nation and the American state is one more salt-grinding demonstration that sovereignty of First Nations is not something that a North American government is bound to respect.

How To Pay for College Without Going Broke

Mitchell Wahrman, 06.08.2004 17:39

Ways to fund your college education

Will Sudan be the next Iraq?

John Parker, 06.08.2004 17:27

The stage is set for a repeat of U.S. imperialist plunder under cover of "humanitarian" operations and supported by the European imperialist powers--unless the progressive movement here can recognize the intervention for what it is soon enough to resist it here in the U.S.

The White Man's Burden

Rudyard Kipling c/o £, 06.08.2004 16:56

copyfuck 1899

Where the Death Numbers Come From?

jamie, 06.08.2004 15:27

"The trouble with this system of notification, however, is that the government provides no tally of those releases. Occasionally, the Department of Defense will release a total number of deaths to date. But it certainly doesn’t go out of its way to divulge those numbers. If you want to know the number of deaths at any given point, you have two choices: count up the news releases yourself … or find a non-governmental entity that is tracking the numbers and posting them somewhere."

Rainbow Redux: &quot;Progressive Democrats of America&quot; Emerges in Boston

Joe Libertelli, 06.08.2004 14:25

Far from the razor-wire capped protest prison in the shadow of the flag-bedecked Boston Fleet Center, progressive activists shared center stage with their Democratic Party champions before a crowd of 1,000 at the Roxbury Community College Gymnasium in Boston.

The occasion was a founding conference for a new organization, the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) ( ) which vows to build a sustained movement to transform the Democratic Party into a force for social justice and environmental sanity.

Carta Mundial por el Derecho a la Ciudad

Foro Social de las Américas, 06.08.2004 13:48

Se está realizando una consulta internacional para recibir comentarios y aportes al nuevo texto de la Carta.


Olivero, 06.08.2004 12:09

Case « USA : The People’s Voice »

This to ask you to take part in an extensive and profound enquiry that aims to finally offer our young Belgian readers a representative view of the opinions of young Americans on the eve of the presidential elections.

For your information, The Ticket is a monthly magazine with a circulation of 50.000 copies in Belgium. Its target group consists of young people between 18 and 35 years old and its subject matter is music, film, video games, trendy literature and the major social issues that are of interest to its target group. The Ticket is both politically and economically independent.


Thanks and enjoy!

Texas soldier opposes unofficial draft policy

Courtney Morris, 06.08.2004 10:18

A soldier fights to avoid being sent to Iraq under an federal policy that prevents you from leaving the military even though the time on the enlistment contract has already ended.

Israelis go to Pot

repost, 06.08.2004 08:26

Stressed Israeli soldiers to be treated with cannabis

U.S.Govt. has No Authority to declare anyone an &quot;Illegal Combatant!!!&quot;

k.hawley, 06.08.2004 03:31

U.S.Govt.has No Authority to declare anyone an "Illegal Combatant!!!"

The World Socialist Movement celebrates its 100th Anniversary this year

Dr. Who, 06.08.2004 03:12

Logo of the Canadian party of the World Socialist Movement The World Socialist Movement celebrates 100 years of working for a moneyless and stateless society of common ownership and nothing but.

Please help Boyd E. Graves Iconoclast AIDS Researcher

Abeeku Ohene, 06.08.2004 01:13

I write you in plea for assistance for Boyd Edward Graves who has reciently lost sight in his right eye and has checked himself into the Veterans Administration Hospital in San Diego California. If there is anyone who lives in San Diego California who can help him, please get in contact with him at cell phone number, (619)578-3254.

&quot;Colombian guerrillian people&quot; (Afiche, Poster)

Unliocalizated bouring man, 05.08.2004 20:42

Afiche colombiano.
Colombian poster

New Book on the Federal Government

Edgar Rogers, 05.08.2004 18:15

A book on government accountability.

Local Davenport Iowa Residents Removed from Bush Rally, Welcomed to Hear Kerry.

Christofer Muenster, 05.08.2004 15:53

Two Davenport Iowa residents were removed from a George W. Bush rally for being Kerry supporters. They were then admitted to John Kerry's Economic Forum. Interviews were conducted over instant messaging software.

A call to action that could change the world,

jamie, 05.08.2004 14:22

Find below the most recent details of war in Iraq as U.S. troops killed in action reaches 922 and a call to action for anti-NATO actions accross Europe.

"The advance guard of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s mission to Iraq will leave this weekend under the command of a Dutch general, an alliance official said Aug. 4." Eruope please respond! This move by NATO could result in much more death and destruction as the "alliance" moves to rescue the U.S. disaster. If it was important to take to the streets before it is more so now. More people are with us than ever, many governments and other instutions recognise the wrongheadedness of the occupation of Iraq as the terrible costs become clearer everyday. Corporate media will never speak to the fact that we can end this occupation and change the world! Organize and act now! Please share this call widely. jamie

Colombia: DIA documents reveal President Uribe links to drug lords

National Security Archive, 04.08.2004 11:36, 05.08.2004 13:03

Washington, D.C., 1 August 2004 - Then-Senator and now President Álvaro Uribe Vélez of Colombia was a "close personal friend of Pablo Escobar" who was "dedicated to collaboration with the Medellín [drug] cartel at high government levels," according to a 1991 intelligence report from U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officials in Colombia. The document was posted today on the website of the National Security Archive, a non-governmental research group based at George Washington University.


jy, 05.08.2004 04:17

May the russians suffer defeat at the hand of the Chechnyan Mujahideen. Chechnya will not take opression, destruction, rape and pillage at the hands of the Russian authorities anymore.

Islamic Declaration of Human Rights

justice, 05.08.2004 04:08

Islam gave to mankind an ideal code of human rights fourteen centuries ago. These rights aim at conferring honour and dignity on mankind and eliminating exploitation, oppression and injustice.

Israel and her children's attittude

Biploby, 05.08.2004 02:34

tom tom, based on your contribution below, should I have to conclude
that your prostitute mother was fucked by a pig; as a result you and
most other Zionists were conceived and all of you are waste of space.
Therefore gas chamber should be your destiny.

The Secret File of Abu Ghraib

RollingStone, 05.08.2004 01:36

New classified documents implicate U.S. forces in rape and sodomy of Iraqi prisoners.

The Three Terrors, I mean Tenors

Mutopian, 05.08.2004 01:31

The Time Has Come,Weary Woriors.....

Fair price for a life?

Independent, 05.08.2004 01:24

[British] Army pays Iraqi family £390 after shooting girl dead.

Revealed: coalition forces imprison Iraqi children

Sunday Herald, 05.08.2004 01:21

Ahh! Capitalism applied to democratization! The result!
Not child labor, but rather child prison torture!
My beautiful capitalist democratic US of A!

Note to Federal Agents

Holly Hand, 05.08.2004 01:08

Explaining myself in light of the USA patriot Act

Note to Federal Agents

Holly Hand, 05.08.2004 01:05

Explaining myself in light of the USA Patriot Act

Un debate instructivo y una implicación crucial

Wilfredo Gutiérrez, 04.08.2004 23:00


T.E. Lawrence - Iraq Redux - Imperialism Must Go On...

jondrada, 04.08.2004 21:48

GLobal Warming Sea Level Rises - You SHip of Fools The Government in Baghdad have been hanging Arabs in that town for political offences, which they call rebellion. The Arabs are not at war with us. Are these illegal executions to provoke the Arabs to reprisals on the three hundred British prisoners they hold? And, if so, is it that their punishment may be more severe, or is it to persuade our other troops to fight to the last? - Lawarence of Arabia speaking - 1920 - The titles change - but the fascist Imperialist policies remain the Same - Bush-Blair-Kerry the three horsemen - looking for a fourth

New Bill Will Clean Up Olympic Sweatshops

Katelyn Sabochik, 04.08.2004 20:51

Oxfam, AFL-CIO support Play Fair at the Olympics Act, a new bill that would force the United States Olympic Committee to license thier label only to corporations that abide by international labor standards

Kerry concurs with Bush and proclaims &quot;My Country Wrong or Wronger!!!&quot;

Fauxlosopher, 04.08.2004 18:45

Kerry concurs with Bush and proclaims "My Country Wrong or Wronger!!!"

America's First 9-11

Donald Iarussi MFA, 04.08.2004 18:11

I was not sure of a proper title. But as we prepare to go to war against radical Muslims. Have we overlooked the crimes of the Mormon Church?

While this nation fights a war. we are a nation divided. We attack the beliefs of the taliban and Saddam Hussein but dare not attack the beliefs of the USA's fastest growing religion. The Mormon Church, LDS, Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints or whatever name they are using now.


Freedom Rings, 04.08.2004 17:56

Want to help make a difference in the world? Yahoo! is running a promotional contest that gives people a chance to express what they care most about, and the winner in turn receives a Nokia camera-phone and $10,000 to give to the charity of his/her choice!

U.S. Capitol Police Focused on Terror

Bob Scheidt, 04.08.2004 17:42



St. Ann's update- Wednesday (August 4th)

David Arthur Johnston, 04.08.2004 16:58


activists capture the russian health ministry to protest anti-popular laws

nazbol, 04.08.2004 16:38

The 2nd of August protesters have captured the health ministry building in Moscow in sign of protest against the unpopular law about the cancellation of social benefits. Once arrested they got special treatment from the law enforcing bodies of a country that calls itself democratic.

Paterada 2004 :: una crónica personal

dhghem, 04.08.2004 16:13

El pasado día 18 de Julio se realizó una protesta por la especulación que está rodeando al Forum 2004 en Barcelona. Entre ellos habían okupas de Hamsa, Miles de Vivienda y otros colectivos anarquistas, ecologistas y de todo tipo. Aquí va mi crónica de la manifestación que la encontré maravillosa. Los piratas okupas se comportaron muy bien, al cabo de dos dias se encerraron en el gobierno de izquierdas del tripartit para protestar por su situación. Esta noche han desalojado la Hamsa, los manifestantes han reaccionando con una valiente acción ocupando la pedrera de Gaudi. Han usado indymedia para convocar las manifestaciones. Todo esto sin violencia (y con toda la razón del mundo, la especulación en Barcelona es galopante). Ahora mismo está caido ¿casualidad? no lo sé, pero que alguien lo mire asap...las imágenes de este artículo no se veran hasta que no vuelva a funcionar.

police state: the crisis at Teleradio Moldova

oleg brega (diverse sources), 04.08.2004 15:32

protest The conflict between staff and management at Moldova state television and radio began in November 2003 after a legal amendment broke up the existing company and created a new “public service.” Many voiced concern about the one-third cut in staff and the new company's lack of independence from the dictatorial government. On 27 July, 70 salaried staff formed the “Committee for the defense of Human and Professional Values” and began a non-stop strike, calling for the resignation of their bosses. The police responded to the legally authorized demonstrations with savagery, attacking children and beating one woman unconscious.


NAZBOL, 04.08.2004 14:48


lyric: What If Abraham Did Not Lie To The Pharoah? (fortified with wholesome w$)

£, 04.08.2004 13:23

My stylus can beat your bomb. .
Tabula rasa clean slate of secular nationstates
know that the secret of religion is always material.

Barcelona :: Manipulación mediática del TRIPARTIT

dhghem, 04.08.2004 12:06

Todavía estoy indignado con lo que se publikó en los ma$$ m€dia sobre la paterada en Barcelona. Ahí va mi krónika vista desde dentro. Los piratas de Hamsa y miles de vivienda se comportaron fenomenal en la manifestación, usaron la imaginación y rechazaron la violencia excepto para defenderse de las porras. Los criminalizaron y los trataron de saqueadores en los medios de comunicación. Siguieron actuando para protestar por su situación y okuparon pacificamente las sedes de ICV, ERC y PSC, el tripartit de izquierdas que gobierna en Cataluña. Ahora los han desalojado...mierda de izquierda devota al dinero y mierda todo lo que lo envuelve. Animo Hamsa!! seguid resistiendo!! hacedlo con el corazón y la cabeza, vuestra lucha es la de todos!!.

Tibetan jailed for setting blast at television tower

King Amdo, 04.08.2004 11:45

Chinese authorities in Tibet have jailed a 32-year-old Tibetan man, identified only as Penpa, after he 'confessed' under interrogation to causing an explosion near a television tower...

The Australian Government is Illegal

Aboriginal Tent Embassy, 04.08.2004 09:47

The Sovereign Nations Peoples of the continent now called Australia demand an immediate stop to Free Trade Agreement negotiations.
The Australian Government has no jurisdiction over the Soverign Lands & Peoples of 'Australia.' These deals violate the rights of the Traditional Owners of this land over their ancestral homelands and sovereign lands and waters. It is a continuation of the Genocide against Aboriginal People.

Corporate Media vs Peoples Power

Biploby, 04.08.2004 07:47

Should you wish to track Zio_Nazi (ISRALITES of our time) crimes with the assistance of corporate media, please take it easy and cruise along the track below- Good luck.

We 'Jews Against The Occupation' Are Against The Occupation Policies Of The Israeli Government

Harrison Ford, 04.08.2004 06:43

'Jews Against The Occupation' March Jews Against the Occupation is an organization of progressive, secular and religious Jews of all ages throughout the New York City area advocating peace through justice for Palestine and Israel. Our points of unity are as follows:


Hadj Maaradji, 04.08.2004 06:05

Time for our Democraty to be restored anew from the crass that has enveloped of late.

an email from an American Fundie

Christian Fundie, with response by Chuck Carlson, 04.08.2004 02:06

and a Christian response


Joseph DeMarco, 03.08.2004 22:04

Warning: Philosophical Content-Explicit Ideas-May offend those easily offended. The legend of the Hassan El Sabbah is not as famous as his garden. Sabbah was an entrepreneur of sorts using the assassin as a tool to gain political influence throughout the Middle East. He would use young men by making them smoke hash then allowing them to enter his garden of earthly delights. The young men were told they had entered paradise and would be expelled if they did not carry out Sabbah’s wishes, which were usually to kill someone of relative importance. This tale is not only a fictional look at Sabbah, but also a mind-altering look into America’s drug culture and the idea of paradise. Told by a stoner, set over a thousand years ago with an Arabian Nights feel to it, the story centers around Emir Abdullah-Harazins (Sabbah) and his infamous garden. It is the story of only one of his Hashishiyyins (Assassins).

WWIV Take A Stand

by Husayn Al-Kurdi, 03.08.2004 22:03

A discussion today prompted this political written statement from Husayn Al-Kurdi. I thought I would share it with y'all... run a google or check my website under newsinternational for more of his writings over the years. Genoa June
For the Liberation of the Oppressed

Will Homeland Security reschedule the election?

Charles Pappas. A weekly column by Yahoo Internet Life &quot;Surf Guru&quot;., 03.08.2004 21:13

"A good politician under democracy," groused H.L. Mencken, "is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar."
He was wrong. Burglars never think they'd make the dough that politicians do—and they don't even have to wear masks.

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