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Afghanistan: Schlechte Aussichten

Anton D. Wagener, 29.04.2010 19:24

Wenige Afghanen unterstützen Karzai ! Pentagon-Bericht: Nur ein Viertel der Afghanen unterstützt Karzai .... US-Verteidigungsministerium: Korruptionsbekämpfung weitgehend erfolglos - Präsident reist in die USA .... Schlechte Nachrichten für Afghanistans Präsident Hamid Karzai, der Anfang Mai zu einem viertägigen Besuch in Washington erwartet wird: Laut einem neuen Pentagon-Bericht unterstützt die Bevölkerung nur in 29 der 121 als besonders kriegswichtig eingestuften Bezirke seine Regierung. In 48 Distrikten sympathisiert die Bevölkerung mit den Aufständischen, 44 werden als "neutral" eingestuft.


Tito Pulsinelli, 29.04.2010 17:19

Grecia ante la crisis El colapso de Grecia es el primer síntoma del fracaso de la subasta falsificada del sistema productivo del Este, su privatización forzada y ha entregado como rehén la mitad del continente al FMI.

Israel: el hijo pródigo

Por Néstor Núñez, 29.04.2010 15:24

Mientras Estados Unidos se constituye en el mayor mercado de drogas del planeta, la Casa Blanca se convierte en el juez internacional que aplica condenas y otorga dispensas sobre el tema a escala global.

Turning the School Yard into a Classroom

Danielle Nierenberg, 29.04.2010 14:06

Cross posted from Worldwatch Institute's Nourishing the Planet. In Rwanda, more than 85 percent of the population’s livelihood depends on small-scale agriculture. And the majority of primary school students—roughly 60 percent— will return to rural areas to make their living in ways, instead of going on to secondary or vocational schooling or university.

Oceana statement from senior campaign director Jacqueline Savitz regarding the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico

Jackie Savitz, 29.04.2010 13:07

"This event is a bitter reminder that offshore drilling is not safe, and that we need to be moving away from the dirty and dangerous energy choices of the past. Clean energy, like offshore wind, can take the place of much of our oil and gas demands – if we would only give it a chance. This would help reduce carbon dioxide emissions that are driving climate change, and ultimately put an end to accidents like this one once and for all.

We certainly hope that the climate legislation set to be released this Monday will not include an expansion of offshore drilling into areas that were previously protected and instead will stimulate the shift to the clean energy economy that we so desperately need."

Los misiles de la discordia

Por Néstor Núñez, 29.04.2010 12:05

Sobre la firma entre Washington y Moscú del nuevo acuerdo para la reducción de sus respectivos arsenales nucleares, y de la conferencia para conjurar riesgos atómicos convocada por Barack Obama.


H1 N1 GRIPPE CLASSIQUE EST VECTEUR DE H1 N1 !o), 29.04.2010 12:03


Un primero de mayo para la rebeldía: nuevo modelo económico-social, trabajo digno y justo para todas y todos

Alternatiba, 29.04.2010 11:32

"Los mismos que han generado la crisis, quienes están poniendo al planeta en el límite ecológico de sus capacidades, quienes han provocado los niveles actuales de paro y la precarización de los sectores populares, son además los que quieren salir inmunes de la actual situación, ahondando en la conculcación de nuestros derechos como trabajadoras y trabajadores"

El pastor no es vegetariano

Roberto Cruz, 29.04.2010 07:43

Pensamientos propios acerca de la realidad del mundo y sus problemas. Filosofía.

UPR: Huelga Indefinida

CMI-Puerto Rico, 29.04.2010 06:16

Huelga UPR Strike in University of Puerto Rico.

ALERT! 2 dead in attack on Rights Caravan in south Mexico OAXACA

Ixtli X. Martinez, Associated Press Writer, 29.04.2010 04:47

The Finnish ambassador to Mexico, Ulla Vaisto, confirmed the death of Jyri Antero Jaakkola, a 33-year-old affiliated with the non-governmental group Uusi Tuuli, and urged that those responsible be brought to justice.

Uusi Tuuli promotes "international solidarity, fair international economic arrangements, peace and mutual understanding between people and nations," according to its website.


Labor Leadership covering for the Democrats again They're all linked to Goldman stupid

Richard Mellor, 29.04.2010 03:33

Do they honestly expect us to believe that their campaign isn't linked to the Democratic Party candidate?


Al cónclave desarrollado por la Brigada Escolar del Movilh en la Biblioteca de Santiago asistieron más de 150 estudiantes de 21 liceos, 9 universidades y 8 institutos de Chile. Ponencias, trabajos didácticos y un cóctel fueron parte del encuentro auspiciado por el Instituto Nacional de la Juventud y enmarcado en el Bicentenario.

Armed attack against Peace Caravan in Oaxaca, Mexico: Two activists dead, one wounded, three missing.

Padraig O'Coineagain (translator), 29.04.2010 01:25

foto_Alberta_Carino_Trujillo A paramilitary attack has resulted in two deaths and three missing, two of them comrades of the Red Kaos. The attack was carried out by a paramilitary group observing the convoy, which started yesterday in the Triqui region.

Beatrìz A. Cariño and Tyri Antero Jaakkola have died. Noe Bautista Daniel Venegas and David Arellano, Red Kaos's collaborators and all members of Vocal, are missing.

Egypt Escalates 'War on Nuclear Weapons'

By Fareed Mahdy, 28.04.2010 23:00

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

ISTANBUL (IDN) – Strongly backed by Arab countries and Turkey, Egypt has escalated its intensive diplomatic offensive for freeing the Middle East of all kinds of weapons of mass destruction, starting with nuclear arms.

Bringing Clean Energy to the Poor

By Clive Banerjee, 28.04.2010 22:57

UNIDO Director-General Kandeh Yumkella | Wikimedia Commons IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

VIENNA (IDN) – A new report has called for a global campaign in support of Energy for Sustainable Development, focusing on improving access to modern energy services and enhancing energy efficiency, as well as raising awareness about the essential role of clean energy in reaching the MDGs while addressing climate change, promoting economic growth and conserving natural resources and biodiversity.

Art Exhibit Portrays a Haiti of Hope and Promotes the Right to Play

Lisa Mansell, 28.04.2010 22:38

CLEARWATER: On Friday, April 30th, starting at 6pm, international photographers Gracia Bennish and Brad Kugler will showcasing their photos of Haiti at “For the Future/For the Children: Two Views of Haiti” exhibit at System Productions in downtown Clearwater. (34N. Garden Ave).

Time to ban barbaric tools of the circus trade

Debbie Leahy, 28.04.2010 19:22

Animal handlers in circuses use whips, sharp metal bullhooks, electric shock prods and other devices to force elephants to perform. These barbaric devices can turn animals into ticking time bombs—as a recent incident at a Shrine-sponsored circus shows.

START Dos: bombas atómicas e historia

Por Néstor Núñez, 28.04.2010 13:39

No se ha dicho la última palabra, en relación al peligro de destrucción nuclear. Ni entre las cabeceras atómicas del orbe ni entre los restantes países que cuentan con semejante poder destructivo.

FANRPAN: Working to connect farmers, researchers, and policy makers in Africa

Danielle Nierenberg, 28.04.2010 13:36

This is the first in a three-part series about the Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network. Cross posted from Worldwatch Institute's Nourishing the Planet. The Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) lives up to its name by linking farmers, businesses, academia, researchers, donors, and national and regional governments. “One thing that we {Africa} fail to do is form coalitions for a common cause,” says Dr. Lindiwe Sibanda, the CEO of FANRPAN. But by connecting rural farmers directly to the private sector, to policy-makers, and to the agricultural research community, they’re trying to build a food secure Africa.

“Un país que sufre 5 millones de desplazados, 200.000 desaparecidos, más de 2000 asesinatos “falsos positivos” del estado…&quot; Piedad Córdoba, 28.04.2010 13:35

Increíble pero muy cierto: Piedad Córdoba trabaja por el acuerdo humanitario y, además, con profundo desprendimiento e inmenso sacrificio porla paz de su país, Colombia y el gobierno de Uribe la cuestiona y le coloca trabas infranqueables a su gestión...

RIL makes Fourth Oil Discovery in block CB–ONN–2003/1

somesh ahuja, 28.04.2010 12:56

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) announced it’s fourth oil discovery in exploratory block CB-ONN-2003/1 (CB 10 A&B) located onland in the Cambay Basin and awarded under NELP-V round of exploration bidding.

Business Throws Entire Forests in the Toilet

By Babukar Kashka, 28.04.2010 07:23

Paper Mill | Credit: Wikimedia Commons IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

NAIROBI (IDN) – The good news is that access to sanitation has improved in developing countries. The bad news is that paper manufacturing companies are riding the tide dumping entire forests down in water closet in the form of toilet paper.

Call for Ending All Forms of Land Grabbing

By Jaspal Singh, 28.04.2010 07:21

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

BRASILIA (IDN) – In their Brasilia declaration of April 15, the leaders of IBSA comprising India, Brazil and South Arica do refer to the “social dimensions of globalization” but refrain from revealing their thinking on land grabbing.

Coupening the PDS

Dr.A.Prabaharan, Research Director, Public Action, 28.04.2010 03:42

The Public Distribution System (PDS) operating through the fair price shops are the single most crucial outlet to address the poverty and hunger in the country. Unfortunately money hungry corruption rats have not spared this vital instrument to help the poor people in the country. From top level politicians to the bottom level fair price shop sales personnel, swindling the food resources meant for the extremely poor people is order of the day. So much so these corrupt rats have bulged in their physique and wealth beyond the known sources of their income. There is no way so far these rotten rats could be controlled. The Government announces its genuine intention to rein in these rats publicly. So the sweet word goes. But nothing happens after the announcement. The recent news about the UPA II’s reform agenda to clean up the PDS is welcome. Let us wait and watch how this is going to work.

Las falsas denuncias de violencia y abuso son un negocio de estado en la Republica Argentina .

Eduardo Medeot, 28.04.2010 00:05

El robo, secuestro,desaparicion,tortura y corrupción sexual de menores es inducido y generado por el propio estado con su total complicidad y encubrimiento ,debido al negocio de las falsas denuncias que le pertenece,lo que hace que el niño quede sin defensa alguna a causa de esto , en un remolino , un embudo que no tiene salida para él, ya que la única persona que lo defiende (el padre que há perdido),no tiene adonde recurrir , porque está todo corrupto,.............

Salim Lamrani*: ‘Poderosos intereses se ocultan detrás de la ciberdisidencia de Yoani Sánchez’

Guillermo Nova ** /, 27.04.2010 23:27

Los medios tergiversan completamente la realidad de este pequeño país y lo presentan como la antecámara del infierno basándose sobre todo en prejuicios y en la retórica. Nunca hacen estudios comparativos ni dan la palabra a los que tienen una opinión diferente sobre este tema. Tomemos el ejemplo por excelencia: los derechos humanos. Los medios estigmatizan muy a menudo la situación de los derechos humanos en Cuba.

Presidente Correa: Declaraciones de Santos son un peligro no sólo para Ecuador sino para toda Latinoamérica, 27.04.2010 22:39

Se calienta aún más la crisis generada por Colombia con el bombardeo al Ecuador en el 2008 y ello hace pensar que la tensión no bajará entre ambos países, mientras permanezca Uribe en la Casa de Nariño de Bogotá.

Brasil rechaza la imposición de sanciones internacionales en contra de Irán

ABN / Abrabrecha 27/Abril, 27.04.2010 22:19

Canciller brasileño, Celso Amorim, califica de "injustas" eventuales sanciones a Irán.





ΕΝΑΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΑΣ ΠΙΛΟΤΟΣ, 27.04.2010 20:26


Afghanistan: „Gegner der Freiheit“ unbeeindruckt

Georg F. Waldemar, 27.04.2010 16:19

NATO tötet wieder Zivilisten ! Eine erhöhte Gefahr von Terroranschlägen in Deutschland durch die zunehmende Verwicklung der Bundeswehr in Kämpfe in Afghanistan sieht Bundesinnenminister Thomas de Maizière nicht. „Die Terrorgefahr in Deutschland verändert sich nicht mit jedem Ereignis in Afghanistan. Unser Einsatz dort verhindert ja gerade den Export von Terrorismus aus Afghanistan“, sagte de Maizière dem Hamburger Abendblatt. Ein überstürzter Abzug wäre kein Zeichen von Stärke und Glaubwürdigkeit. „Die Nachhaltigkeit einer Position ist immer etwas, das die Gegner der Freiheit beeindruckt.“ Anders als Verteidigungsminister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (CSU) will de Maizière nicht von Krieg in Afghanistan sprechen. „Wir bewerten die Situation in Afghanistan rechtlich als nicht internationalen bewaffneten Konflikt im Sinne des humanitären Völkerrechts“, sagte er. Die „Terrorlage“ in Deutschland sei unverändert hoch. „Ich kann weder Entwarnung geben noch eine zusätzliche Eskalation für Anschläge in Deutschland erkennen“, teilte der Minister mit.

Ces monopoles qui nous empoisonnent

Vittore B, 27.04.2010 14:59

Ne soyez pas le mirroir des "autorités. Faites vous vos propres opinions


Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent, 27.04.2010 13:38

The Times (UK) confirmed the umpteenth CIA 'blowback' again: "Ukraine’s Parliament descended into chaos today as smoke bombs were set off and eggs thrown at the Speaker in opposition protests against a new treaty with Russia." The CIA/NED lost.

All miners do not harm tribal people

Aseem, 27.04.2010 11:47

It is not about Vedanta versus tribals, it is basically against mining projects in tribal areas. People have poor perception of the mining industry and rightly so when you look at the damage done to the environment by small scale miners in areas like Bellary-Hospet in Karnataka or Barbil-Barajamda belt in Orissa/Jharkhand.

China: serio avance

Por Néstor Núñez, 27.04.2010 11:35

China continúa sorprendiendo, y no solo por su elevado crecimiento económico...

Cambios raigales en América Latina

Por Néstor Núñez, 27.04.2010 11:31

Sobre las transformaciones que se vienen produciendo en América Latina, tanto, que ya trasciende las fronteras regionales.

No Princes After All

Sudhama Ranganathan, 27.04.2010 11:02

On May 14, 2007 at a Defense Intelligence Agency conference the US government admitted roughly 70% of all US intelligence work was being handled by private corporations. That's right. Our nation's most secret and sensitive work placed in the hands of individuals with some background in intelligence/ black ops all for a price tag.


Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent, 27.04.2010 10:22

The BBC writes that IMF financial aid is hailed, but in reality IMF 'loans' are like an old-fashioned garrote, the torture and killing instrument preferred by the Inquisition in Spain. It was a wet strip of cow hide tied around some poor victim's throat, slowly drying up in the hot sun, and strangling...

Hibeads Show You Beautiful Pink Gemstones

Iris, 27.04.2010 08:14

gemstone jewelry You can find every possible shade of pink in tourmaline, including unusual bi-color and tri-color pieces. If you're searching for a hot pink gemstone jewelry, you'll most likely find it in tourmaline. But you'll also find soft pinks in every imaginable shade.

Hibeads Tell You How to Make Your Own Jewelry Wholesale

Iris, 27.04.2010 08:12

fashion jewelry Making jewelry is not only fun, it is actually very easy. It just takes a lot of creativity, and a little skill. In fact, you could easily start your own jewelry wholesale market company by making jewelry yourself.

Arizona Opens Doors Wide to Racial Profiling

By Ernest Corea, 27.04.2010 07:25

Governor Jan Brewer | Credit: IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

WASHINGTON DC (IDN) – Anybody who looks even slightly non-Caucasian should exercise extreme caution about footwear while in Arizona, whether living there or visiting. Such care is urged because a vocal and prominent supporter of the toxic anti-immigrant measures that were recently signed into law there has said that “illegal immigrants can be recognized from the shoes they wear.” The man was serious.

Virundangas band and afrikabrazilianism

Miryám Hess, 27.04.2010 03:36

This is an interview with the brazilian band Virundangas about music and ethnic ativism.

Virundangas band and afrikabrazilianism

Miryám Hess, 27.04.2010 02:59

Journalist Miryám Hess interviewing the african brazilian band Virundangas,an up and coming talent in brazilian music.

One Billion Reasons to Disarm the Planet

By Badriya Khan*, 26.04.2010 22:49

Apotheosis of War | Credit: WIkimedia Commons IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

BARCELONA (IDN) – The world is over-armed; the world is over-hungry. This is not a new slogan – this is a proven fact showing that the world spends well over 1 trillion dollars a year on weapons, while more than one billion people are hungry.

Intellectual Property Not Only for the Rich

By Jaya Ramachandran, 26.04.2010 22:47

Credit: WIPO IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

GENEVA (IDN) – It's a long way to go before the industrialised nations pay heed to the genuine but long ignored interests of the developing world in the fight for intellectual property rights. But a landmark step has been taken that may lead to the goal in a foreseeable future.

Life Ends in Somalia

By Babukar Kashka, 26.04.2010 22:44

Credit: Wikimedia Commons IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

NAIROBI (IDN) – Somalia is one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, says the UN. No wonder: Of its 9.5 million inhabitants, a total of 1.4 million are internally displaced, over 570,000 are refugees dispersed in the region and nearly 3 million people are dependent on humanitarian aid, let alone the tens of thousands of civilians dead and injured.


Testimonios de tres madres de familias que viven en barrios de chabolas en Madrid

Unos cuatro mil ex paras conforman grupos de rearme paramilitar

AFP 08/09, 26.04.2010 21:40

Se informó de este rearme del paramilitarismo en su momento, pero los medios al servicio del neoliberalismo y en favor de gobiernos títeres del imperio, como el de Uribe, se han encargado de impedir que se hable y se escriba sobre ello.

En la frontera con Venezuela se bautizaron como Aguilas Negras y hacen parte, en primera línea, de los esfuerzos norteamericanos por desestabilizar el gobierno de Hugo Chávez.

BRD: Kriegführen nach Afghanistan

Mario Weber, 26.04.2010 21:12

Kriegskanzlerin Merkel Guttenberg stimmt auf künftige Militärinterventionen der Bundeswehr ein ..... Die Soldaten und Soldatinnen der Bundeswehr sollen künftig nicht nur in Afghanistan sondern auch in anderen Ländern ihren Blutzoll leisten – angeblich zur Verteidigung des Vaterlandes. Das stellte Verteidigungsminister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg (CSU) am Samstag im Rahmen der Trauerfeier für vier am 15. April im Afghanistan-Einsatz getötete Soldaten im Ingolstädter Münster unmissverständlich klar. „Tod und Verwundung sind Begleiter unserer Einsätze geworden, und sie werden es auch in den nächsten Jahren sein - wohl nicht nur in Afghanistan“, sagte Guttenberg vor laufenden Fernsehkameras in Anwesenheit von tausend Angehörigen, Freunden, der Bundeskanzlerin, dem Außenminister und Spitzenpolitikern wie Horst Seehofer (CSU) sowie dem afghanischen Außenminister Salmai Rassul. Um welche Auslandseinsätze es sich dabei konkret handeln sollt, ließ Guttenberg offen. Doch braucht man nur wenig Phantasie, um sich auszumalen, dass es dabei in erster Linie um die Unterstützung der imperialen Kriegsstrategie der USA und ihrer Verbündeten innerhalb und außerhalb der NATO gehen dürfte.

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