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UK: David Cameron 'wanker' poster

Johny Coleman, 15.05.2010 21:26

Police remove David Cameron 'wanker' poster ..... Man claims Metropolitan police officers handcuffed him in his home on election day and removed 'offensive' window poster ......... David Hoffman describes being handcuffed by police for displaying a poster deemed offensive by a neighbour WARNING: contains explicit language Link to this video:

USA Enters Stiff International Competition for Next Chernobyl Explosion

Cathy Garger, 15.05.2010 20:44

Experimental EPR and Chernobyl Setting the World On Fire Why is the US dying to use the experimental French AREVA EPR double-sized nuclear reactor and be the first to create the very next Chernobyl explosion? Why can't the US allow another nation to do the honors?

Skandale und Korruption: Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BRD

Heiner Behrends, 15.05.2010 17:33

Spätrömische Dekadenz heute - ...... Spätrömische Dekadenz bei der Bundesagentur für Arbeit ........ Wie der Bundesrechnungshof feststellte, herrschen dort Zustände wie im alten Rom. Gutdünken und Geschacher um überbezahlte Posten. Die Bundesagentur für Arbeit hat offenbar hundertfach Posten mit Luxus-Vergütungen und ohne Ausschreibung besetzt. Das kritisiert der Bundesrechnungshof in einem Gutachten. .....

Corporate politics leaves woman dying of internal bleeding at McMurdo station in Antarctica

Aster, 15.05.2010 17:09

Even at the ends of the earth, corporate politics interferes with staying alive

Adoption Only When in the Child’s Best Interests

By Thomas Hammarberg*, 15.05.2010 15:58

Credit: Council of Europe IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint

STRASBOURG (IDN) – What happened to Artyom Savelev was unacceptable. The boy, now eight years old, had been adopted from Russia. His new mother, in Tennessee in the United States, had found his behaviour difficult and put him, alone, on a plane to Moscow.

Producing a Spell Can be Deadly

By Eva Weiler, 15.05.2010 15:56

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

AMMAN (IDN) – Amnesty International is concerned that a Sudanese man who was sentenced to death by a Medina court for “sorcery” might be beheaded soon and has urged the Saudi Arabian authorities to intervene to halt the possibly of imminent execution.


Rvdo. P. Dr. Hayr Gutierrez Herrera,.Ph.D, 15.05.2010 01:59


Afghanen protestieren gegen Nato-Angriff

Jochen Wallberg, 14.05.2010 21:28

Protestierende im Osten Afghanistans Heftige Zusammenstösse zwischen Polizei und Tausenden von Demonstranten ... Protestierende im Osten Afghanistans verbrennen eine US-Flagge. ... Afghanen protestieren gegen Nato-Angriff ... Heftige Zusammenstösse zwischen Polizei und Tausenden von Demonstranten .... Im Osten Afghanistans ist es zu schweren Zusammenstössen zwischen Polizisten und Tausenden von Dorfbewohnern gekommen. Dabei ist ein Demonstrant erschossen worden. An der Kundgebung wurde Nato-Einheiten vorgeworfen, zwölf Zivilisten getötet zu haben.


Iñaki Tejada , 14.05.2010 20:51

Me gustaría transmitir a todos los VENEZOLANOS Y ESPAÑOLES (y a otros nacionales de muchos países, le agregamos)lo que, en estos tiempos de penuria general para todas las economías, yo considero indecente, y que tambien pasa en Venezuela, donde un magistrado que no produce nada se roba Bs. 50.000 mensual, mentras un trabajador que mantiene varios hijos, gana un salario minimo.

Who Are the Puerto Rican Political Prisoners? Carlos Alberto Torres, Oscar Lopez Rivera and Avelino Gonzalez Claudio

Radical Women, Freedom Socialist Party and the ProLibertad Freedom Campaign, 14.05.2010 20:42

Join Radical Women, Freedom Socialist Party and the ProLibertad Campaign for a special forum on the Puerto Rican Political Prisoners, the Puerto Rican Independence Movement, and Puerto Rico's international solidarity with other countries!

Someone is on the right track on the Gulf disaster

General Joe, 14.05.2010 20:39

"Our government should seize all the assets of BP in this country and put this capital to work to rebuild and restore our communities.”

Introduction and Invitation

Donald Darrel Forsyth, 14.05.2010 19:39

We are looking to expand the public awareness about the intentions of our society to help those suffering from emotional trauma such as PTSD.

Gobierno de Puerto Rico prepara violenta agresión contra estudiantes

Don Segundo, 14.05.2010 19:32

Pedimos a toda la comunidad internacional a que esté atenta a los sucesos en torno a la Huelga Universitaria y ayuden con su difusión, a todos los medios necesarios, diplomáticos, de derechos humanos de prensa a que intervengan denunciando este atropello del Gobierno dictatorial.

&quot;Drop Dead Economics&quot;: The Financial Crisis in Greece and the European Union and The Oil

Michael Hudson and General Joe, 14.05.2010 18:16

"The Greek bailout should be thought of as a TARP for German and other European bankers and global currency speculators. Almost $1 trillion is being provided by governments (mainly Germany, at the cost of its own domestic spending) into a kind of escrow account for the Greek government to pay foreign bondholders who bought up these securities at plunging prices over the past few weeks. They will make a killing, as will buyers of hundreds of billions of dollars of credit-default swaps on the Greek government bonds, speculators in euro-swaps and other casino-capitalist gamblers. (Parties on the losing side of these swaps now will need to be bailed out as well, and so on ad infinitum.)
This windfall is to be paid by taxpayers ­ ultimately those of Greece (in effect labor, because the wealthy have been untaxed) ­ to reimburse Euro-governments, the IMF and even the U.S. Treasury for its commitment to predatory finance. The ³sanctity of debt ­ sacrificing the economy to pay bondholders ­ is to be used as an excuse to slash Greek public services, pensions and other government spending. But what is sanctity and religion, after all, without sacrifice. The question is, who is being sanctified, and to what god? In this case it seems to be Mammon, not Jesus. Self-immolation is to become a model for other countries to impose similar austerity as governments run up budget deficits in the face of economic shrinkage and falling tax collections."

"With each passing day, the scale of the disaster unleashed by the oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico increases. Somewhere between 5,000 (the official estimate) and 25,000 (the estimate of some scientists) barrels of oil is surging into the Gulf every day. Before it is over, millions, if not tens of millions of gallons of oil will be washed up on America’s wetlands and shorelines."

Fuga de cerebros: Lo que es correcto en España, es “represión” en Cuba

J.M. Álvarez, 14.05.2010 17:49

Que España trate de impedir la fuga de cerebros es correcto, pero si técnicos cubanos abandonan ilegalmente su país, se debe a la “represión”.

La crisis económica en España

germán gorraiz lopez, 14.05.2010 16:52

Análisis de los cambios socioeconómicos que se avecinan en España debido a la crisis de una economía global que se terminará de perfilar en el próximo quinquenio

Chávez: Mientras aquí estamos incrementando salarios y pensiones en Europa los recortan

VTV / Aporrea 14/05, 14.05.2010 14:29

El Presidente Hugo Chávez calificó como lamentables los anuncios de recortes de sueldos, salarios y gasto social en España y Grecia, a consecuencia de la crisis capitalista que afecta a Europa, e hizo un llamado a los venezolanos para que no se dejen confundir por los voceros apátridas de la oposición venezolana que intentan invisibilizar los logros económicos del Gobierno Bolivariano.

KFC's 'pink buckets' are a recipe for cancer

By Elaine Sloan, 14.05.2010 14:26

Studies have long shown that eating meat—including chicken—can increase your cancer risk. So why is KFC peddling "Buckets for the Cure"?

A Conversation with Norman Uphoff, Advisor to Nourishing the Planet

Danielle Nierenberg, 14.05.2010 14:23

In this regular series we profile advisors of the Nourishing the Planet project. This week, we feature Norman Uphoff, professor of Government and International Agriculture at Cornell University.

Orissa Power Sector to get a new boost with Vedanta

Raju, 14.05.2010 12:19

First unit of 2400 MW IPP to be commissioned in coming summer this year to fulfill the state requirement.

Construction work for Vedanta University along with Super Specialty Hospital and Medical College has been started.

Philippine Democracy: Alive, but is it well?

Walden Bello, 14.05.2010 12:01

Reflections on the 2010 Campaign.

The 2010 campaign has drawn to a close, and it’s time to distill my experiences after registering hundreds of miles by land, sea, and air crisscrossing the country as a party-list candidate.

Sterlite net doubles on other income

Harsh Sehgal, 14.05.2010 12:00

Sterlite Industries, a Vedanta group company, has reported a standalone net profit of Rs 462 crore for the quarter ended March 31, 2010 (Rs 212 crore) thanks to other income of Rs 433 crore besides higher production and better price realisation for its products. Sales rose 54 per cent to Rs 3,521 crore (Rs 2,280 crore).

Aleya Akhtara: Voicing the stories of the silenced

Stella Paul, 14.05.2010 11:23

Of the six fundamental rights guaranteed to every Indian citizen under the constitution, right to culture and education is one. But there are individuals and communities who don’t even get to know their culture in the first place. Aleya Akhtara Begum, a Community Correspondent from Meghalaya, plans to bring the story of that denial in the media


Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent, 14.05.2010 11:12

According to U.N. surveys, a kilogram of wet opium at an Afghan farm sold for $85 last month, compared with $54 a year earlier. Farmer Mahmood: "The Americans sprayed something and that's why the harvest was so bad," he said. "Now I don't care what it takes to repay my loans and to provide food for my children, even if it means joining the Taliban."

New Actors in Angola Highlight Old Problems

By Christine Hackenesch*, 14.05.2010 08:49

Credit: German Development Institute IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

BONN (IDN) – Global changes are felt at country level. The necessity to enlarge the G-8 to a G-20 while trying to address the global economic and financial crisis illustrated clearly the increasingly important position of emerging powers in the global economy.

Singapore Seafood Festival Arrives in Xiamen

Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen, 14.05.2010 07:50

Singapore Seafood Festival at Harbour Cafe, Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen Join in the excitement of the Singapore Seafood Festival that begins here in Xiamen during June 4th to 11th.

&quot;Drop Dead Economics&quot;: The Financial Crisis in Greece and the European Union

Michael Hudson, 14.05.2010 05:31

"In truly Orwellian fashion, right-wingers in Europe and the United States (such as Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke) call this the “hallmark of democracy.” It actually is the stamp of oligarchy, stripping away control over the economy’s credit allocation – and hence, forward planning – while giving high finance a stranglehold over public spending programs.

Iceland, Latvia and now Greece are the opening shots in the resulting global campaign to roll back the great democratic reform program of the 19th century and the Progressive Era: taxation of land and the “unearned increment” of price gains for real estate, stocks and bonds, and subordination of the financial sector to the needs of economic growth under democratic direction. This doctrine was still being followed by the post-1945 era of progressive taxation that saw the 20th century’s greatest rise in living standards and economic growth. But most countries have reversed the fiscal trend since 1980.Tax collectors have “freed” income from public obligation only to see it pledged to banks for higher loans to bid up property prices."

h1 n1 est un virus militaire il a ete cree par des militaires injection du virus h1 n1 par les militaires h1 n1 is a military virus created by military

--------------------------------------------------, 14.05.2010 04:11!v=NylT5leFHp4&feature=related

L’Armee France Va Tiree Sur Sa Population En 2012 L’Homme Politique Norvegien Olaf Nielsen Vous Informe enlive

----------------------------, 14.05.2010 04:06


Angry Diouf Blows a Yellow Whistle

By Stefano Colombo, 14.05.2010 00:18

FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

ROME (IDN) – Jacques Diouf has two years to go before he completes his third six-year term as the head of a United Nations agency that wants to usher in a “world without hunger”. His patience is exhausted and he is angry that one in six people worldwide go hungry everyday.

Turkey: Solidarity call for the &quot;Platform of struggling workers&quot;

International Communist Current, 13.05.2010 21:41

Workers from recent struggles in Turkey, TEKEL tobacco workers, Water and Sewers Department workers, firemen, metal workers, municipality workers, building workers, dustmen, science workers and workers from the ATV-Sabah News Corporation, have come together and established a workers' group: the Platform of Struggling Workers. We are calling on everyone to support them.

EEUU sigue torturando en una cárcel de Afganistán

Fuente: Diario Público, 12 de mayo, 2010, 13.05.2010 21:24

La Cruz Roja confirma la investigación de la BBC sobre la prisión secreta de la base militar de Bagram, junto a Kabul

La senadora Piedad Córdoba sufrió un accidente en España

Revista Semana, hace pocas horas, 13.05.2010 20:59

En estos momentos está siendo valorada por los médicos que la atienden.

Cine Forum Copyleft &quot;La Estación&quot;, Sevilla

&quot;La Estación&quot;. Sevilla, 13.05.2010 19:17

El cine Forum Copyleft de "La Estación" continúa su ciclo con la proyección de "Brad, una noche mas en las barricadas" en proximo 18 de mayo.

GRIECHENLAND: Aufstand der Hunde?

Raphael Winters, 13.05.2010 17:39

Aufstand der Hunde ? Inmitten von militanten Protesten gegen die Sparmaßnahmen in Griechenland machen Straßenhunde von sich reden, die stets auf Seiten der Demonstranten zu finden sind Während in Europa hitzig diskutiert wird ob mit Griechenland "erste Schafe am Ende der Euro-Herde gerissen" werden und am Ende gar der ganze Euro futsch ist, haben die von der sozialistischen Regierung angekündigten rigiden "Sparmaßnahmen" Hunderttausende auf die Straßen getrieben. Wie in Griechenland üblich sind Demonstranten nicht zimperlich: beim Marsch auf das Parlamentsgebäude skandierten Tausende "burn, burn parliament", auf der angemeldeten Demonstrationsroute wurden zahlreiche Banken und Regierungsgebäude unter anderem mit Farbbeuteln, Steinen und Molotov-Cocktails attackiert. Die Polizei beantwortet solche Angriffe regelmäßig mit Tränengas, woraufhin auch Polizisten mit Brandsätzen beworfen werden. Weil diese Szenarien absehbar sind, werden offizielle Einrichtungen und Banken am Rande angekündigter Proteste in der Regel geschlossen.

Arsenales atómicos: la gran amenaza

Por Néstor Núñez, 13.05.2010 16:59

Sesenta y cinco años después de la decisión oficial norteamericana de hacer estallar bombas atómicas sobre las ciudades japonesas de Hiroshima y Nagasaki, y de inaugurada la llamada “era nuclear”, el peligro de destrucción de la humanidad mediante tales artefactos sigue siendo posibilidad cierta.

Holding Families and the Country Together

Molly Theobald, 13.05.2010 14:36

Fridah Mugo and her 13 siblings grew up in a farming family in rural Kenya, where the majority of young girls are not expected to finish primary school. But, in 1999, with a scholarship provided by Winrock International’s African Women Leaders in Agriculture and the Environment program (AWLAE), she was able to complete her PhD in Natural Resources Policy and Management.

BRD: Merkels enorme Geschenke an die Banken

Hans-Werner Glück, 13.05.2010 12:22

Merkels Schwarz-Gelbe Regierung Abstimmung über Rettungsschirm - Denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun ......... Es geht um gigantische Summen, die Zukunft der Währung - Deutschlands Abgeordnete sollen einen Milliardenschirm für den Euro beschließen. In den Probeabstimmungen muckten nur wenige auf, doch die meisten sind schlecht informiert: Sie verstehen nicht wirklich, was sie da im Eiltempo durchpauken.

Breaking the gender wall: Christy Raj, India’s first transgender journalist

Stella Paul, 13.05.2010 12:08

Video Volunteers’s IndiaUnhard community news service is truly a team of people with unique experience and unique perspective. Meet Christy Raj, IndiaUnheard’s correspondent from Bangalore and India’s first transgender journalist

ADAG Feels the Heat as TPC plans to go to Court

somesh ahuja, 13.05.2010 12:01

The Tata Power Company’s (TPC) decision not to pay heed to the Maharshtra government’s diktat to sell power to RInfra has exposed the state’s lackadaisical approach to the power sector. The state was seen forcing TPC to share its electricity under the garb of ‘consumers’ interest’ even as consumers of the state-owned power entity are facing huge power shortages.

Breaking the gender wall: Christy Raj, India’s first transgender journalist

Stella Paul, 13.05.2010 11:56

Video Volunteers’s IndiaUnhard community news service is truly a team of people with unique experience and unique perspective. Meet Christy Raj, IndiaUnheard’s correspondent from Bangalore and India’s first transgender journalist

Vedanta becomes world's largest zinc producer after $1.3bn deal

Rajat, 13.05.2010 09:01

Vedanta Resources will become the world's biggest zinc producer after a $1.3bn deal to buy assets from Anglo American.

VENEZUELA - Co-Gouverner : inventer le pouvoir populaire

Pierre-Charles Marais, 13.05.2010 03:46

A Caracas au coeur de la révolution bolivarienne, l'expérience des Co-gouvernements apparaît comme un système unique ouvrant de nouveaux champs démocratiques.

Medical Marijuana: What’s wrong with it?

Antonella Antonecchia, 12.05.2010 22:33

Tampa, FL - Those who are proponents of medical marijuana would have you think that anyone who opposes the legalization of this drug is anti-help and pro-pain. After all, the chronically ill are said to benefit from the use of marijuana while undergoing chemotherapy or when suffering from pain or other chronic health conditions.

Dignified Debate for Judging a Judge

By Ernest Corea, 12.05.2010 22:25

Elena Kagan, White House Photo, Lawrence Jackson IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

WASHINGTON DC (IDN) – Justice John Paul Stevens will be succeeded but he can never be replaced, say his admirers. Originally nominated by a moderate Republican, President Gerald Ford, and supposedly cast in the same mold as that president, Stevens leaves the Supreme Court at the age of 90, his reputation established as its liberal anchor.

Putting a Halt to Armed Violence

By Indira Srivastava, 12.05.2010 21:06

Credit: IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

GENEVA (IDN) – Armed violence destroys lives and livelihoods, breeds insecurity, and hampers prospects for human development. According to the most recent estimates, the total cost of armed violence in non-conflict countries amounts to $163 billion – more than the total annual spending on official development assistance.

Fidel y Hemingway, a 50 años de un encuentro entre Titanes

Por Luz Marina Fornieles Sánchez, 12.05.2010 19:23

Por primera y única vez, Fidel Castro y Ernest Hemingway coincidieron el 15 de mayo de 1960, en una jornada de pesca y posterior premiación del Xl Torneo Internacional de la Pesca de la Aguja nombrado como ese Premio Nobel.

Tiger Woods on Video Blames Pretty Sore Neck on Car Crash

Karen Fish, 12.05.2010 16:49

Car Crash Judge for yourself.

BP Backs India Court Ruling In Reliance Case

somesh ahuja, 12.05.2010 11:54

BP PLC (BP, BP.LN) said Monday it supported a decision by India's highest court in a case involving Reliance Industries to give precedence to government production sharing contracts over other agreements.

Vedanta SPV takes up development

Anjan, 12.05.2010 11:35

Mukesh Kumar is now busy in pro-people activities.

So the Director, Lanjigarh Project Area Development Foundation (LPADF) laid the foundation stone for construction of a high level bridge over River Banshadhara on 11 May.

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