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The Perplexities of UN-DRC Relations

By Jerome Mwanda, 20.05.2010 15:15

DRC President Joseph Kabila | Credit : Wikimedia Commons IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

NAIROBI (IDN) – The situation in the strife-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in Central Africa is becoming increasingly perplexing, not the least because of uncertainty about its relations with the United Nations, which maintains the world’s largest peacekeeping mission (MONUC) in the country

Vedanta shows the way

Aseem, 20.05.2010 12:16

The placement team in Vedanta Foundation saw her potential and swung into action. After two rounds of interviews she has landed a much better job with a pay packet that is over 40 per cent larger. She is overjoyed for being rescued from the spectre of joblessness and penury and at a loss of words to describe her gratitude to the foundation.

Livelihood Skill Training for 300 tribal women in Niyamgiri

Harsh Sehgal, 20.05.2010 11:12

Vedanta Aluminium Limited, with an objective to provide improved livelihood support, has trained 300 women, mostly tribal on leaf-plate making and collective trading. All these women are all set to produce market standard leaf-plates on a mass scale. Out of the 300 women, 120 women are from Dongria Kondh, 90 from Kutia Kondh community. The rest 90 women are from Schedule Caste and other backward caste community.

ANAIRC: el sueño de la razón produce monstruos

Giorgio Trucchi - Rel-UITA, 20.05.2010 01:13

Juan POveda &quot;Camilo&quot; 14 meses de lucha en Managua entre dolor y esperanza. Para no olvidar

Freedom! Forever!

The Voice, 20.05.2010 00:01

A call to arm's, to strengthen the voice and hope the New coalition government will listen.

The San Francisco Guitar Summit featuring Matthew Montfort, Teja Gerken, and the San Francisco Guitar Quartet in Concert, 6/5/2010, at the Noe Valley Ministry, San Francisco

Ancient-Future.Com Records, 19.05.2010 23:18

On Saturday, June 5, at 8:15 pm, The Noe Valley Ministry presents The San Francisco Guitar Summit featuring scalloped fretboard guitarist Matthew Montfort, fingerstyle guitarist Teja Gerken, and the San Francisco Guitar Quartet, which specializes in classical and modern music for guitar. The Noe Valley Ministry is located at 1021 Sanchez St. in San Francisco. For more information call 415-454-5238 or visit Tickets are $16 in advance and $18 at the door.

Pain Clinics: Solution or Addiction?

Antonella Antonecchia, 19.05.2010 21:44

Tampa, FL - So often in life we have seen the solution to a particular problem become the problem. Such is the case with some of Pinellas county’s pain clinics. In this case a perfectly valid need for those in pain has been answered by a solution that has created much community hardship and loss.

NSW Police Investigation: Michelle Beets time line, chronology, and Inconsistencies

DNA Police, 19.05.2010 20:43

Michelle Beets Walter Marsh from Lane Cove Arrested for Murder on 20 May 2010

“Propongo crear una Plataforma para exigir democracia en España”

Rosa Miriam Elizalde / Cubadebate, 19.05.2010 20:15

Entrevista a Willy Toledo

Why G20 Should Go the Whole Hog at June Summit

By Ramesh Jaura, 19.05.2010 19:17

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

BERLIN (IDN) – As the global financial crisis remains far from resolved and the world's major currencies continue a roller coaster ride, a sound and safe global financial system appears to be sliding into the realm of utopia.

In the Fight Against the Spread of HIV/AIDS, There is no Silver Bullet

Bernard Pollack, 19.05.2010 19:12

Cross posted from Border Jumpers, Danielle Nierenberg and Bernard Pollack.In the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS, there is no silver bullet.And as we travel throughout sub-Saharan Africa we are seeing dozens of innovative ways that organizations, governments, and individuals are working to fight the disease.

¿Nueva escalada del Euribor?

germán gorraiz lopez, 19.05.2010 18:07

Análisis de los previsibles efectos en la economía española de la posible subida de tipos de interés por parte del BCE.

Sudetendeutscher Secret Service Counterintelligence operation angel of wrath *Philippine Command Los Banos ,Laguna

Col of Sudetendeutscher Secret Service, 19.05.2010 17:38

all units stand by pinoy general consul in frankfurt under filipino traitor german boy dfa secretary romolo involved in sale of pinoy organs of murdered childrem



Ante el desinterés de la ONG “Nuevo Futuro” por intentar una solución negociada en el conflicto laboral que mantiene desde hace cuatro meses con una ex trabajadora, la CNT de Camas y el Sindicato de Oficios Varios de Sevilla anuncian nuevas movilizaciones a partir del jueves 20 de mayo.

Vedanta rebuts Amnesty report on mining project impact

Anjan, 19.05.2010 12:21

Vedanta Resources has strongly rebutted the Amnesty International’s report “belittling the achievements of scores of dedicated professionals and Sterlite, who by their tireless efforts have made a stupendous achievement possible in a short time of taking India to global roadmap.

Concern about Energy Security Risks

By Jutta Wolf, 19.05.2010 12:11

Credit: Maplecroft IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

BERLIN (IDN) – A new study has expressed concern about the long-term energy security of the Middle East oil producing and exporting countries and classified these as “high risk” nations.

Vedanta rebuts Amnesty report on mining project impact

Harsh Sehgal, 19.05.2010 11:54

Vedanta Resources has strongly rebutted the Amnesty International’s report “belittling the achievements of scores of dedicated professionals and Sterlite, who by their tireless efforts have made a stupendous achievement possible in a short time of taking India to global roadmap.” By setting out a series of wide-ranging allegations in its report on Vedanta’s Lanjigarh aluminium project the Amnesty has directly challenged the credibility and robustness of India’s regulatory framework, the company has stated.

CNY20,000 Raised for Charity at China Telecom - Harbourview Cup Golf Tournament

Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen, 19.05.2010 08:55

Golf Tournament Donates 20000 to Red Cross for Medical Aid of Children The successful completion of the 13th China Telecom – Harbourview Cup Golf Tournament

Juan Manuel Santos será notificado para comparecer ante justicia ecuatoriana

TeleSUR, 18.05.2010 22:03

El juez de Corte Superior de Sucumbíos Daniel Méndez anunció que en los próximos días el candidato presidencial colombiano, Juan Manuel Santos, sería notificado por la Justicia ecuatoriana para que responda por el cargo de asesinato por el bombardeo a la zona fronteriza de Ecuador en 2008.

Military Projects and Students

TOI, 18.05.2010 21:01

Saket in the ICCU. ( we were not allowed to go in and to take the picture) Military is in the constant need of real bright minds which can analyze and process all of the data that run through the small twisted pair cables. We can not imagine how much data is flowing through our cell phones or telephone cables. Engineering schools are always a hot spot for Military to get the supply of such brains. But is it working well enough?

III Feira do Livro Anarquista de Lisboa

Feira do livro anarquista, 18.05.2010 18:12

Comienza este viernes la tercera edición de la 'Feira do Livro Anarquista de Lisboa'
[Libros, periódicos, revistas, folletos, camisetas, videos, CD's, exposiciones, charlas, sonidos acústicos, alimentos y bebidas, entretenimiento ... Esto y mucho más es lo que promete la 3 ª Feria del Libro Anarquista de Lisboa que tendrá lugar el próximo fin de semana, comenzando el viernes y que se extenderá hasta el domingo. Revisa abajo la programación.]

Israel: Chomsky an Einreise gehindert

Gustav Wagner, 18.05.2010 17:51

Noam Chomsky - Einreise gehindert Noam Chomsky an Einreise in Israel gehindert ..... Noam Chomsky, 82, jüdisch-amerikanischer Intellektueller, Menschenrechtler, Publizist und emeritierter Professor des renommierten Massachussetts Institute for Technology (MIT) wurde vorgestern auf Anweisung des israelischen Innenministeriums an der Einreise nach Israel gehindert. Chomsky wollte über die israelisch-jordanische Grenzstation an der Allenby-Brücke einreisen, um an der palästinensischen Birzeit Universität in Ramallah einen Vortrag zum Thema “Liberalismus im industriellen Europa” halten.

Cuestión de estilo (Campaña presidecial en Colombia...)

Antonio Cabalero, 18.05.2010 17:14

¿Otro mesías, disfrazado ya no de arriero sino de superhéroe? no, por favor. Pero reitero lo que dije aquí hace un par de semanas: es peor Santos.

Get a job any where in India

somashekar, 18.05.2010 16:42

Dear Friends, It and non it jobs available in placement for just upload your resumes it’s free

Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia

Tomado de Wikipedia (, 18.05.2010 15:54

Entre 1982 y 2005 los paramilitares perpetraron más de 3.500 masacres, y robaron más de seis millones de hectáreas de tierra.[7

(Esta organización no se desmovilizó totalmente, como lo dijo el gobierno de Uribe y sigue tan campamte, como antes, con otros nombres, como Aguilas Negras, cuyos lugares de operación están en la frontera con Venezuela, en el Departamento Santander)

Huelga de exámenes en la Carlos III

noalareduccióndehumanidades, 18.05.2010 14:57

Un nuevo Plan para los cursos de 3º y 4º de grado en la Carlos III recorta las horas de docencia en Humanidades a la mitad de las impartidas en la licenciatura.

Afghan Guantánamo to be Expanded

By Prakash Joshi, 18.05.2010 14:45

Credit: U.S. Department of Defense IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

NEW DELHI (IDN) – While preparing to close the notorious U.S. prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, President Barack Obama appears to be supporting the expansion of another secretive prison in Afghanistan, according to reports.

Orissa: Miners’ Paradise

Ryan Grey, 18.05.2010 12:23

Orissa is experiencing the pangs of an unfolding industrial revolution that seeks to transform this poorest of the states of India into a power house of electricity, steel and aluminum.

We will make 12% of global zinc output

Rajat, 18.05.2010 11:13

The acquisition of Anglo American's zinc assets on Monday made Vedanta group chairman Anil Agarwal the owner of the largest integrated zinc and lead producer conglomerate in the world.

Hibeads Tell You the Timeless Fashion of Pearl Necklace

Iris, 18.05.2010 09:11

pearl jewelry wholesale Variety of pearl jewelry with its wonderful classic outlook has always mesmerized women worldwide. Due to their lustrous and natural appeal, they are always attractive and glittering. Pearl jewelry has its own history. Pearl jewelry was used by people of ancient Greek civilization as a symbol of marital bliss. It is believed that pearl signifies happy marriage and that is the reason why in most of the countries pearls are considered as an ideal and perfect wedding gift. Many celebrity women have pearl jewelry as a style statement for themselves. q

Hibeads Tell You Make Amazing Jewelry with Gemstone Beads

Iris, 18.05.2010 09:10

gemstone jewelry Have you ever made Jewelry with Gemstone Beads? You may have seen various kinds of jewelry like handmade jewelry, gold, silver jewelry, metal, diamond jewelry, fashion jewelry, body jewelry, sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. But have u ever thought that how can u make your own jewelry using gemstone beads like semi precious beads and precious beads.

Student and Military Project

Sam Jorge, 18.05.2010 09:09

Why military involves students for there projects in India?

Alvaro Uribe, el presidente narcotraficante

Carlos Tena / Kaos en la Red, 17.05.2010 22:26

Negar a las puertas de 2010 que el presidente de Colombia, Álvaro Uribe, es una de las personas con mayor grado de implicación en delitos de tráfico y venta de cocaína a Estados Unidos, a través de la DEA y el DAS, agencias que dicen combatir el narcotráfico, es tan estúpido como defender las actuaciones de Barack Obama, premiado con el Nobel de la Paz, cuya dedicación a la guerra es tan enorme como sus promesas incumplidas.

Marcos Ana: «Si apartan a Garzón como juez será una vergüenza»

27.04.10 - JUAN LUIS VIVAS MOLINA., 17.05.2010 22:13

Uno de los grandes de la literatura española, quien fue el preso político de la España de Franco que más tiempo estuvo en la cárcel: 23 años

The Age of Space-Solar Energy: Innovation in the Public Interest

William John Cox, 17.05.2010 21:08

Imagine that the Interstate Highway System and most major streets and freeways in America were improved to provide a constant source of electromagnetic energy sufficient to power a standard automobile, with comfortable seating for five adults, anywhere in the United States at no cost to the owner-operator.

This Way Out: GALZ fights homophobic violence + global LGBT news

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 17.05.2010 20:45

Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe fights "corrective rape" and government homophobia; Australians kick off IDAHO with marriage equality marches, Uganda's draconian Anti-Homosexuality Act is reportedly dead, an odd British election brings a queer-friendly Tory to power, ENDA and "Don't Ask Don't Tell" skirmishes continue in D.C., updating a couple of "rentboy" hypocritical customer stories, and more global LGBT news.

&quot;Control in Copland&quot;

Peter, 17.05.2010 16:24

Social Control in America

No new images?

Gary Jones, 17.05.2010 13:50

"There are no satellite photo's of the oil
slick since May 10."

Pollution clean chit for Vedanta

Harsh Sehgal, 17.05.2010 12:31

Orissa State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB), after a thorough inspection of the operation of the refinery of Vedanta Aluminium at Lanjigarh has contradicted all the allegation related to environmental pollution.

En solidaridad con la UPR desde Chicago

Brenda Torres Figueroa, 17.05.2010 11:44

Carta de solidaridad a los estudiantes en huelga , por parte de la comunidad de egresados de la Universidad de Puerto Rico residentes en Chicago.

The Poor Pay but the Rich Rule the World Bank

By Nirode Massion, 17.05.2010 11:41

Credit: World Bank IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

LONDON (IDN) – Rich countries will continue to crushingly dominate the World Bank in spite of recent shifts in countries' voting power, which have been described as "historic changes to position the poverty fighting institution for the transformed world emerging from the global crisis".

Reproductive Health Back on the Agenda

By Richard Johnson, 17.05.2010 11:39

Credit: World Bank IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

GENEVA (IDN) – More than 350,000 women die each year because of pregnancy and childbirth complications. 99 percent of these deaths occur in developing countries. Because many poor women turn to abortion as a last-resort means of birth control, some 68,000 of them die each year as a result of unsafe abortion. Another 5.3 million suffer temporary or permanent disability.

An accretive acquisition for Vedanta

Amit, 17.05.2010 11:26

Vedanta Resources will acquire Anglo American’s zinc assets (to be routed via Hindustan Zinc) for an enterprise value (EV) of $1.34 bn. The assets consist of the Lisheen mine in Ireland (100% owned), the Skorpion mines in Namibia (100%) and 74% in Black Mountain Mining (BMM),

Bad Attitudes and Dirty Money: Black Blocs, Anarchism, and the World

by Xavier Massot of The Green Mountain Anarchist Collective*, 16.05.2010 18:15

From The Black Bloc Papers: "It is a strange pill to swallow, the notion that some of your peers, people you don’t know, represent your interests. It is an old tradition, it has given most of us the title of civilians, and it has made others our rulers. Although each life, upon a short and close look, obviously contains its own unfathomable trajectory it has been the way of the modern world to pigeon-hole and harness the energy of each life towards historically questionable ends. This practice, abusing the young in order to eternalize the old, has led us to a point in history in which lives are spent for the sake of the machine’s continuing momentum. Inane, insane, or otherwise, we all go through the hopper from our birth to our determined, predictable, and sometimes socially necessary, death."

The Emergence of The Black Bloc and The Movement Towards Anarchism

David Van Deusen of the Green Mountain Anarchist Collective, 16.05.2010 18:12

From the Black Bloc Papers: "Since the Battle of Seattle, the North American Left, and specifically the smaller yet growing revolutionary Anarchist movement, has been invigorated at least as much as it has become a common reality in the consciousness of the public. This has not occurred in a vacuum. Nor has this happened due to a simple, quantifiable reason. The reasons are as much diverse and subjective as they are objective and empirically observable."

¿Defendemos a Garzón?

José Antonio Martínez Marín, 16.05.2010 15:58

Es triste, pero parece que los ciudadanos estamos desaprovechando la oportunidad de respaldar a Garzón y con él algunos de los senderos que como juez había marcado muy visiblemente y, por lo tanto, es muy probable que sigamos sin que se apliquen leyes legítimas y que asistamos a la elección de representantes sospechosos de corrupción en un sistema progresivamente envilecido. ¿Por cuánto tiempo? No lo sé, pero en cualquier caso la responsabilidad es nuestra, no de Garzón.

Guinness World Records challenged over Moroccan flag stunt

Free Western Sahara Network, 16.05.2010 12:52

“Had Saddam flown a giant flag over Kuwait would Guinness sent a judge to measure it?” ask campaigners as Morocco awarded record for giant flag in occupied Western Sahara

US War Plan: ... little Nuclear Munitions

Renato Granelli, 16.05.2010 11:49

Little Nuclear Bombs --- US War Plan: Talk about Thermonuclear Bombs - But Use little Nuclear Munitions ...... Politicians and talkers of all sorts drone on endlessly about Global Thermonuclear Weapons and suck all the oxygen out of a room when you’re talking about any other subject. Reliable sources say nuclear war targeting requires about 300 actual nukes. The thousands of nuke weapons in the inventory in addition to the required 300 are pointless overkill for politicians to prance around about. They go on and on about reducing the gross number of nukes that are ready to go. It is all an absurd and ridiculous theater for ignorant civilians who are fooled into thinking politician X or Y has done the world a favor.

By Yourself for the Sake of Others

Sudhama Ranganathan, 16.05.2010 11:14

When we think of people working towards social change often the first images we get are those of movements. The movement of abolitionists bringing those under slavery in this country to freedom comes to mind. The American suffrage movement finally granting women the right to vote in 1920 is another. Movements to find important cures for diseases like AIDS are examples as well.


foryourrights, 16.05.2010 04:00

In a sworn statement, Douglas Van Vleck, DASNY executive director of construction for all project in New york State, managed by DASNY, Mr. Van Vleck confirmed cost overruns on SUNY & CUNY construction projects overran by approximately 20% - 25%. Mr. VanVleck further confirmed that he was personally responsible for directing the addition of a company disqualified by his subordinate and known to have MOB affiliations

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