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China sospecha que el ataque contra la corbeta surcoreana fue con bandera falsa / Rebelion*

ERB -/Wayne Madsen/, 01.06.2010 13:11

Fuentes de inteligencia de Wayne Madsen Report en Asia sospechan que el ataque en marzo contra la corbeta de guerra antisubmarina de la Armada sudcoreana Cheonan, fue un ataque de bandera falsa hecho para que pareciera provenir de Corea del Norte.

Volunteer Minister Returns from Haiti

Lisa Mansell, 01.06.2010 12:30

“…Many, many people are pitching in” to rebuild Haiti


Javier del Puente, 01.06.2010 12:19

CONVOCATORIA FLOTILLA de PAZ ¡¡¡CONVOCATORIA URGENTE!!! ... ... CONCENTRACION EN CONDENA POR MASACRE DE ISRAEL CONTRA FLOTILLA DE PAZ .... Mas: Urgente solidaridad y adhesiones a Gaza - La Flotilla por la Libertad de Gaza - Indignación mundial ante masacre perpetrada por Israel en aguas internacionales - Ejército israelí atacó embarcación de Flotilla humanitaria que busca llegar a Gaza .... ¡¡¡CONVOCATORIA URGENTE!!! .....

Israeli claims weapons were onboard

Deniz Weber, 01.06.2010 11:41

Aids for Gaza - TOYS for CHILDREN Customs officials deny Israeli claims weapons were onboard ......... The flotilla of three cargo ships and three passenger ships carrying 10,000 tons of aid including food supply, cement, building materials and toys for children. Turkish officials have denied claims leveled by Israeli authorities that weapons were onboard one of the six aid ships attacked by Israel on Monday. ... Officials from the Customs Undersecretariat said every passenger was searched before getting on the ship with the help of X-ray machines and metal detectors. Senior officials from the undersecretariat said Israel's allegations were tantamount to “complete nonsense.”

Skorpion Zinc in record 150400 tonnes output

Harsh Sehgal, 01.06.2010 11:28

Southern Times Africa reported that Namibia's Skorpion Zinc mine produced a record 150,400 tonnes of special high grade zinc as rising prices from 2008 slump boost output.

CHURCH OF MANKIND demands justice for the Joachim Heimrath Family

University of the Philippines, 01.06.2010 10:37

Since his kidnapping by the German Embassy in Manlia from one of their 5 Extermination/ CONCENTRATION CAMPS 4 scattered around Manila one in Mindanao and dropped ofF during a snow storm in shorts and t shirt at the FRANKFURT airport as a "volunteer deportee": THE GERMAN GOVERNMENT ERFUSED ANY MEDICAL CARE OF SICKNESSES INFLICTED DURING " YERAS OF TORTURE AT PNP CAMP BAGONG DIWA,Lower BICUTAN,TAGUIG AND DELARED THEM IMAGINARY PROVEN DIFFERENTLY HOWEVER BY A German University Hospital.Even the physival attack pb an allged BND GERMAN SECRET SERVICE INFORMANT noe taken on by the criminal police and maturing in court as been blocked by throwing Sir Joachim Heimrath out of the home at Rudolfstr.18 in 60327 Frankfurt City for no reason.After several attemps on his life Sir JOCHIM hEIMRATH IS SLEEPING AT THE FRANKFURT AIRPORT WHERE HE WAS PUT BY THE GERMAN EMBASSY AFTER KIDNAPPING HIM AWAY IN THE pHILIPPINES TO COVER UP CRIMUES AGAINST HUMANITY INFLICTED BY THEM ON TO THE SUDETNDEUTSCHE FAMILY AND FILIPINO CHILDREN PIMPED AND MURDERED FOR ORGANS BY THE GERMAN AND CERTAIN MEMBERS OF THE fILIPINO GOVERNMENT AND TOP HIERACHY OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH

Abrogation de la loi sur les retraites des parlementaires français!

Pierrot, 01.06.2010 10:21

Les députés, majoritairement, qui sont pourtant les représentants du Peuple à l'Assemblée Nationale, s'attaquent aux retraites, ne reconnaissent pas la pénibilité du travail notamment des infirmières!Ils trahissent les intérêts des citoyens et citoyennes!
Ils profitent d'avantages inadmissibles et indécents!

German Embassy in Manila , PHILIPPINES IN CAHOOTS WITH THE Bureau of Immagration and deportation vand the Roman Ctholic nunciature are smuggling / trafficking their own criminals in and out from the Philippines or innocent persons ad libitum

Lt. Maricris S.Iligan,Intelligence officer-Counterintelligence ARF, 01.06.2010 09:46

During the rule of the present low life at the German Embassy such as Consul Grohe,Consul Patel,3RD Legal Advisor Uwe Bernd (who declared all German petitioning him for help were tagged as mentally sick or just threw them out of his office physically or even pretended to be a textmate of German husbands phoning up his wife to destroy their relationships or paid Filipinos to spread rumours against targets to systematically destory their reputation to wipe out their credibility putting them in public contemt or failing this this low life declared his victims as insane using some of the hundreds of PC at the Embassy to spread slander and black prpaganda without basis for the truth),Consul Koenig and Salceda

Skorpion Zinc in record 150400 tonnes output

Amit, 01.06.2010 09:32

Southern Times Africa reported that Namibia's Skorpion Zinc mine produced a record 150,400 tonnes of special high grade zinc as rising prices from 2008 slump boost output.

“Israel ha demostrado una vez más que ignora por completo la vida humana y las iniciativas de paz eligiendo como blanco a civiles inocentes”, 01.06.2010 00:05

El Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de Turquía responde a la barbarie sionista: “Israel pagará por este sangriento ataque”

Tropas israelíes atacaron a los buques de ayuda internacional en una sangrienta operación a pesar de que se encontraban en aguas internacionales.

Berlin: Protests against the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla

H. Eckel, 01.06.2010 00:03

Monday 31th of may, after a very short period of mobilisation, about 150 palestinian, jewish, turkish and german participants gathered in front of the Israeli embassy in Berlin to protest against the sanguinary attac from Israeli special forces against the solidarity aid convoy to Gaza.

Ministro venezolano pidió &quot;respeto&quot; al futuro gobierno colombiano, 31.05.2010 23:52

Tarek El Aissami, ministro del Interior, agregó que en Venezuela "hacemos votos por la paz en Colombia" y que el Gobierno del presidente Hugo Chávez "espera trabajar

Condena mundial a ataque israelí a flota de ayuda para GazaAP

AP/, 31.05.2010 23:30

Miles de manifestantes salieron a la calle en capitales del mundo árabe y Europa a protestar.

Unos 10.000 turcos en Estambul corearon: "¡Israel, asesino, te ahogarás en la sangre que derramas!". En la jordana Ammán, 1.000 personas pidieron terminar las relaciones diplomáticas con Israel. Al norte de Jerusalén, jóvenes palestinos lanzaron botellas y piedras a soldados israelíes en un cruce fronterizo...

Hedy Epstein Holocaust survivor, killed by IDF boarding Freedom Flotilla?

nacho, 31.05.2010 22:17

Rumors from Israel

Cities Show the Way to Climate Adaptation

Nirupa Mayer, 31.05.2010 22:11

Credit: ICLEI IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

BONN (IDN) – Local government leaders set their own course for cities adapting to climate change as the Bonn Climate Change talks of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) opened May 31.

The Challenge of Culture and Creativity in Media

Thoyyib Mohamed *, 31.05.2010 22:08

IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint

MALE (IDN) - Did you know that a significant number of Maldivians know how to speak Hindi? This is of course in addition to our local language, Dhivehi and the English that is taught in schools? Not Sinhalese or Tamil, as that of our closest neighbor Sri Lanka, but Hindi -- the Hindi of Sony and Zee TV, the language of numerous Indian teledramas and Bollywood movies.

This Way Out: Don't Ask hysteria + more global LGBT news + Happy 80th, Harvey Milk!

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 31.05.2010 20:53

Getting back to basics on Harvey Milk Day; pending "Don't Ask" repeal prompts telling homophobic hysteria; international pressure wins pardons for a Malawi gay couple, arrested Zimbabwe activists are out on bail, Pride marches under tight security in Bucharest but skinheads shut down Bratislava's parade, and Moscow queers outwit bans and busts.

Sincerest regards to the families of the dead of the gaza aid flotilla

(-A-)narchism is love, 31.05.2010 19:57

Our warmest condolances for your losses. Risking one's life to save others, altruism, is the greatest expression of love. These brave individuals aboard the flotilla put their lives on the line to call attention to the plight of the people of Gaza. That is the truest form of solidarity.

The whole world is now confronted with the ugly truth of where their tax money goes to, for which nation does not send arms, technology and political support to the rogue state of israel? Certainly most European nations are involved -- even if they will appease their voters this week with lip service -- and the United States has been calling the shots all along.

We propose a global moment of silence this Friday at noon Greenwich time to mourn our collective loss.

Hamas (ganó) las elecciones palestinas* (en el 2006)

Tomado de Wikipedia, 31.05.2010 19:30

Que el mundo todo no lo olvide…

Carta de un israelí: Ven, Obama, y protégenos de nosotros mismos

kibush/ Rebelión, 31.05.2010 19:11

Obama, querido mío, dicen que vas a cambiar el mundo. Hazme un favor, ven y cambia mi vida.

ALBA: Alianza ejemplar

Por Néstor Núñez, 31.05.2010 18:56

En estos días especialistas del hemisferio han debatido en La Habana las características y el desempeño de la Alianza Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América (ALBA), que ya suma a su haber el esfuerzo de más de un lustro desde su surgimiento en la capital cubana por acuerdo de Fidel Castro y Hugo Chávez, en 2004.

Condenan ONU y UE ataque israelí a flotilla humanitaria

La Jornada-Agencias, 31.05.2010 18:41

Vital, una investigación completa. Israel debe proveer urgentemente una explicación: Ban Ki-moon.

Ankara advierte &quot;consecuencias irreparables&quot; por asalto israelí

La Jornada, 31.05.2010 18:30

"Este incidente lamentable, que tuvo lugar en altamar y constituye una violación clara de la ley internacional, puede provocar consecuencias irreparables para nuestras relaciones bilaterales", sostuvo.

Lista de periodistas asesinados en lo que va de este año en Honduras, 31.05.2010 16:46

"Una ola de asesinatos a periodistas hondureños dejó ocho víctimas en lo que va del año, siete de ellos desde el 1 de marzo."

Condemnation Follows Israeli Raid On Flotilla

NPR STAFF AND WIRES and a note from General Joe, 31.05.2010 16:39

"The following article by NPR STAFF AND WIRES omits the important detail that Hamas came to rule the Gaza strip after an internal struggle within Palestine. Hamas won an election for control of Gaza over the more conservative Fatah group favored by the U.S. and Israel. In the aftermath of a bloody struggle the more centrist faction was defeated militarily and by the ballot. Please remember this as most western press services have consigned important details to Orwell’s “memory hole.”

"There were conflicting accounts of what happened early Monday.
An Al-Jazeera reporter on one of the Turkish ships said the Israelis fired at the vessel before boarding it. The Israelis, who had declared they would not let the ships reach Gaza, said they only opened fire after being attacked by activists with sticks, knives and live fire from weapons seized from the Israeli commandos."

El Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de Turquía responde a la barbarie sionista: &quot;Israel pagará por este sangriento ataque&quot;

Rebelió, 31.05.2010 16:28

"Israel ha demostrado una vez más que desprecia por completo la vida humana y las iniciativas de paz al elegir como blanco a civiles inocentes"

Como las ratas, esperaron la oscuridad para atacar 'porque no querían un espectáculo diurno'

Agencias-, 31.05.2010 16:22

La mayoría de los activistas estaban durmiendo y son civiles desarmados.

Al abrigo de la oscuridad, de un helicóptero descendieron soldados hasta la cubierta del navío turco 'Mavi Marmara', uno de los barcos que forma parte de la 'Flotilla de la Libertad' y, según los testimonios que llegan desde el lugar de los hechos, abrieron fuego inmediatemente después de poner los pies en cubierta.

Según contaron integrantes del pasaje, comenzaron a disparar directamente a los mismos, que se encontraban durmiendo agrupados. Pocos minutos antes, alguien de la tripulación pedía auxilio quizá porque intuía que la situación comenzaba a torcerse. "Ayuda, estamos siendo interceptados por los israelíes", es el último mensaje que pudo escucharse con cierta claridad desde una de las embarcaciones.

Fraude en elecciones colombianas denuncias partidarios de Mockus

Rumbos200, 31.05.2010 15:43

Verdes denuncian fraude masivo en Colombia, lo cual ha sido una constante en Colombia durante décadas...

Asalto israelí a flotilla humanitaria causa indignación mundial / 31 de mayo 2010, 31.05.2010 15:23

Ya se han convocado varias reuniones de emergencia en Israel por la crisis.

Presidente palestino, Mahmud Abás, decretó tres días de luto por esta "masacre.

Death toll from Gaza aid attack hits 20

Manfred Weber, 31.05.2010 15:10

Israel's Army Radio The death toll from the Israeli navy's takeover of a Gaza aid convoy has risen to 20 while Israel carefully censors reports on the casualties from the attack. Gaza Freedom Flotilla came under fire early on Monday by Israeli navy forces in international waters more than 150km (90 miles) off the coast of Gaza. The six-ship aid fleet was soon stormed by commandos descending from helicopters. At least 20 people were killed in the takeover of the Gaza aid convoy, al-Aqsa TV channel reported, saying that more than 50 people, including leader of the Palestinian Islamic Movement Sheikh Raed Salah, were wounded in the attack.

Twitter is censoring

Liam Murphy, 31.05.2010 14:10

Twitter is censoring by removing words like Flotilla, Israel & Gaza

Bundespräsident Horst Köhler tritt zurück!

Armin Müller-Aluminium, 31.05.2010 13:28

Horst Köhler, tritt Zurück ! Ich weiss ja, das hat mit Sicherheit nichts mit meiner persönlichen Forderung zu tun, aber dennoch ist er der Aufforderung nachgekommen, wegen der Äuserungen zu den Wirtschaftskriegen zurück zu treten, nachgekommen! .... Da sagt der Köhler einmal die Wahrheit und alle regen sich auf ........

Bundespräsident Horst Köhler tritt zurück!

Armin Müller-Aluminium, 31.05.2010 13:25

Ich weiss ja, das hat mit Sicherheit nichts mit meiner persönlichen Forderung zu tun, aber dennoch ist er der Aufforderung nachgekommen, wegen der Äuserungen zu den Wirtschaftskriegen zurück zu treten, nachgekommen! .... Da sagt der Köhler einmal die Wahrheit und alle regen sich auf ........

VIAGRA is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction

Doctor Rich, 31.05.2010 12:05

Information about viagra.
Important safety information

Vedanta changing State’s industrial face

Ryan Grey, 31.05.2010 12:03

As per statistics, India has a tremendous potential to be among the top three aluminium producers in the world. And the only company which can take India to this position is undoubtedly Vedanta Aluminium Limited (VAL), according to sources.

‘Vedanta changing State’s industrial face’

Rajat, 31.05.2010 11:24

As per statistics, India has a tremendous potential to be among the top three aluminium producers in the world. And the only company which can take India to this position is undoubtedly Vedanta Aluminium Limited (VAL), according to sources.

Sweating it out in Venice, Louisiana

j. adam morrison, 30.05.2010 21:41

Don Wagnor, third generation shrimper, getting depressed. people down in venice are melting down over the Gulf oil spill. a public forum was provided for such on May 25.

Gettin' Billy Riled

j. adam morrison, 30.05.2010 21:32

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser, a desperate man. Took a minute to speak with Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser during a May 25 Venice, La.,community meeting concerning the Gulf oil spill.

Obama's Day at the Beach, or Smile for the Cameras

j. adam morrison, 30.05.2010 21:22

orange boom lining Grand Isle's closed beaches for the past two weeks i have toured the madness of louisiana covering the gulf of mexico oil spill. this is an account of obama's visit to grand isle May 28.

Nuevo llamado de Solidaridad en favor de la FAU-Berlín

CNT-Barcelona, 30.05.2010 19:42

El 10 de junio de 2010, un tribunal decidirá si revoca la sentencia que prohibe a FAU-Berlín realizar acción sindical y denomirse como sindicato. Por eso, la solidaridad internacional se hace urgente.

Mockus acorrala a Santos por aliarse con los 'paras'

ANTONIO ALBIÑANA, 30.05.2010 19:05

El candidato verde critica al heredero de Uribe por tolerar el paramilitarismo que ha generado millones de desplazados en Colombia. Duelo televisado entre los dos favoritos a la presidencia / Duelo televisado entre los dos favoritos a la presidencia

El gueto* de Gaza es una realidad y una vergüenza en pleno siglo XXI

Anonyme, Jeudi, Mars 6, 2008 /, 30.05.2010 18:42

Declaración urgente de los judíos ortodoxos antisionistas formulada en la Palestina bajo ocupación sionista

Una llamada de angustia por nuestros hermanos en Gaza en Palestina.

Assalam Alaikum /, 30.05.2010 18:14

Este discurso fue proclamado en nombre de Neturei Karta Internacional a las afueras del consulado Israel en Nueva York.

Debido a las restricciones religiosas del Shabbat, este discurso fue preparado antes y leído por un no-judío. Los manifestantes judíos caminaron casi 2 horas para llegar a la manifestación.

Bonn/Germany: Climate camp starts (Against UNFCCC)

autor, 30.05.2010 14:31

In Bonn an anti-capitalist D.I.Y. climate action camp is organised against the United Nations climate conference (UNFCCC)

La política exterior de Obama

germán gorraiz lopez, 30.05.2010 08:30

Repaso de los principales contenciosos que deberá afrontar Obama durante su andato presidencial.


Sudetendeutsche Abwehr, 30.05.2010 07:51

YOU ARE REQUESTED TO BOW TO THE DECISIONS TO THE ARF in the Philippines that was founded by Lt.Intelligence Officer of the Sudetendeutsche Abwehr Zenaida B:HEMRATH;BEED for the love for her country and dignity of humans of her people ,proud to be an ILOCANA AND FILIPINO

stop the rumour mongering against critics and intellectuals on the internet by the German Embassy in Manila et al


HUNDRED OF COMPUTERS AT THE GERMAN EMBASSY IN MANILA ,PHILIPPINES AND AT MARCELINO lIBANAN'S Roman Catholic Bureau of Immigration feed the slander campaign in the internet against their targets.The truth and facts are based solely on the stories the Philippine Department of Justice has to watch castred of law procedures how these power factors commit perjury ,slander and crimes against their families

Angela MERKEL 's German Government falsifies public documents as a matter of fact partcular on behalf of the Roman Catholic Hierachy of Josef RATYINGER German Inquisitor turned POPE

CHURCH OF Mankind Germany ,Elderly Dra.Maricris D.LECHNER, 30.05.2010 07:27

HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATE FOR FILIPINOS JOACHIM HEIMRATH was kidnapped from the Philippines by the German Embassy in Manila on JANUARY 17th,2010.He was dropped off as alleged voluntary deportee (SEE POLICE STATEMENT OF HIS COMPANY)AT Frankfurt Airport Germany .The Mayor's registrar rfused to enter the required information that the German Embassy in Manila had issued an substitute passport they entrasted to the escorts with a flight ticket...........

Crises, social movements and revolutionary transformations

Laurence Cox, 30.05.2010 07:26

"Interface: a journal from and for social movements" carries articles, interviews, action notes etc from activists and researchers working in and with popular movements globally. It is free, online and multilingual. This special issue, on the relationship between economic crisis, popular self-organisation and revolution, includes pieces from South Africa, the US, Argentina, Ireland, Mexico, Greece, Brazil, the UK and Canada.

Notes on the May 10 elections in the Philippines

Sonny Melencio, 30.05.2010 03:28

THE MAY 10, 2010 ELECTION has been bandied about as the cleanest and the most peaceful election since the restoration of this exercise after the fall of the Marcos dictatorship in 1986. This is attributed to the computerized election which ensured the quick counting of votes so that there would be no sufficient time for any of the trapo (traditional politician) to cheat the votes.

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