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Bewusste Hinrichtung von Friedensaktivisten

Hans W. Ebwert, 03.06.2010 17:36

MS MAVI MARMARA Der schwedische Religionshistoriker Mattias Gardell, Professor an der Universität Uppsala und einer der Initiatoren für "Ship to Gaza", war an Bord des türkischen Schiffes "Mavi Marmara" als mindestens neun Friedensaktivisten brutal von israelischen Freibeutern vorsätzlich ermordet wurden. Er landete heute morgen mit weiteren sechs schwedischen Aktivisten in Istanbul wo sie vom schwedischen Außenminister Carl Bildt begrüßt wurden. Laut Expressen erhob Mattias Gardell schwerste Vorwürfe gegen Israel und die von ihm eingesetzten Killer bei der Stürmung von "Mavi Marmara".

Biden, Oppenheimer on the flotilla

Tom Webster, 03.06.2010 16:43

Understanding the Left Wing Biden, Oppenheimer on the flotilla ......... In an interview with Charlie Rose on PBS Wednesday night, Vice President Joe Biden made the strongest U.S. defense yet of Israel's raid on the aid flotilla, saying that country "has an absolute right to deal with its security interest." .... Poll: Do you support Biden's stance regarding an investigation? ..... Understanding the Left Wing ........

The Angeleño Ledger Observing - World News Today

Mr Roger K. Olsson, 03.06.2010 16:23

1. International News, Politics, Business

The Angeleño Ledger Observing - World News Today

Mr Roger K. Olsson, 03.06.2010 16:20

1. International News, Politics, Business

Posada Carriles: ¡hasta cuándo!

Por Marcos Alfonso, 03.06.2010 15:40

Comentario que se refiere a la suspensión del juicio al connotado terrorista Luis Posada Carriles.



HOW THE GERMAN JUSTICE SYSTEM UNDERMINED AND RULED BY THE ROMAN CATHOLIC LEGAL PRACTICIONERS SERVING T§ MASTERS ; THE GOVEVERMENT , THE Roman Catholic church due to lack of separation of church and state and sometimes the welfare and justice of the people.Here the Roman Catholic Academie Klausenhof near Wesel a money laundrying institution on behalf of Christian Dmocrats , the Vatican and certain members involved in conspiracy against the basic democratic order of Germany as kingmakers-

Youth Speak Out for International Day Of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

Chad Andro, 03.06.2010 13:31

“We, the youth of today, can be the voice to speak out aggression against innocent children. We, the youth of today, must tell the world, that all children have a right to grow up without violence.”

No Pardon for Chamelon Economists

Dr.A.Prabaharan, Research Director, Public Action, 03.06.2010 12:09

The global economy is a Frankenstein monster. No wonder it is destroying its creators. The self praising economists are singing a different tune after their creation is collapsing. Who prescribes the economic module for the world? The so called brilliant economists are chameleons. One colour in front of the government and the other behind the government. These chamelon economists are sought after everywhere for their stupid noises about global economy. What is the point in talking high if they are not able to provide the right guidance to the suffering economy? To this question they will simply wash off their hands by saying that "the proletariats won't listen to their suggestions", "the Brettonwood Institutions controlled by America is the real operator". How long these excuses will be accepted? Despite getting chances to rescue the ailing economy these economists are making huge media noises and minting enough wealth out of the global distress. No pardon for them.

Anti - Vedanta Activists and NGOs Loosing Grounds in Lanjigarh

Harsh Sehgal, 03.06.2010 10:48

The sustained efforts of Vedanta have started giving results. The change has begun and is to be seen to be believed. People support including support from Dongria Kondhs is increasing every day. Launching of Mid-Day meal programme in Lanjigarh for increasing nutrient value of over 17,000 under-privileged children , training of 120 women from Dongria Kondhs in leaf-place making, Strawberry cultivation to enhance the income of the farmers, Mobile Health Units to cater to health requirement of villagers - specially tribals, at their door step, 70 child care centres, adoption of 800 Anganwadi Centres benefiting 31,500 under-privileged children, to name a few, have brought Vedanta Group much closer to villagers, particularly the tribals who were being mislead by social activists and distant NGOs.

Anti - Vedanta Activists and NGOs Loosing Grounds in Lanjigarh

Rajat, 03.06.2010 10:23

The sustained efforts of Vedanta have started giving results. The change has begun and is to be seen to be believed. People support including support from Dongria Kondhs is increasing every day. Tell You Father's Day Gift Ideas

Iris, 03.06.2010 08:16

pandora style leather chains Stuck for an idea for a Father's Day present? Forget the boring tie, and buy Dad an original gift this year. Father's Day is fast approaching, and with it the chance to thank your dad for all he's done for you over the past year. If, like most dads, he acts as an unpaid chauffeur, handyman or cash machine, doesn't he deserve more than just a pair of socks on Father's Day?

The Story about Pandora Jewelry

Iris, 03.06.2010 08:14

pandora beads This is a Greek mythology. Long long ago, there was no fire, people eated raw foods and feared cold, all of life were in the midst of darkness. Deity Prometheus and his younger brother Yerbymetheus have mercy on human, they neglected the ban of the Lord God Zeus and stolen fire from the sun god Apollo and sent it to human, and then people learned to use fire. Since then, the world had become a warm one, in which people lived harmoniously and happily.

We are Rachel Corrie Open Letter Enbridge (BP North) CEO Pat Daniel Bulldozing Your Way from Alberta Tarsands to BC Coast

Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance, 03.06.2010 08:07

Open Letter Enbridge (BP North) CEO Pat Daniel Bulldozing Your Way from Alberta Tarsands to BC Coast We are Rachel Corrie


dsaf, 03.06.2010 03:18


Demand the release of attorney Peter Erlinder, lawyer arrested in Rwanda

Hillary Exter, 02.06.2010 20:28

William Mitchell law professor and attorney Peter Erlinder was arrested in Rwanda last Friday. He was in Rwanda to represent his client, Victoire Ingabire, the opposition presidential candidate. He was arrested on what we're told will be "genocidal ideology"-- punishing his speech in defense of his clients, both at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (where he has been hired by the United Nations to zealously defend his client since 2003) and now Ms. Ingabire.

In eigener Sache

Peter Haemmerl, 02.06.2010 19:22

Veröffentlichung von dreckigen Schweizer Bankeninternas.

The Financial Market Must Become a Public Service

Philippe Mastronardi, 02.06.2010 19:21

An institutional crisis faces us, not individual failure. Egoism makes one short-sighted; greed makes one blind. Capitalism is not simply a market system. Capitalism is a social order. Therefore it cannot be left to economists to determine which laws of the market should operate. We must learn to see our world from different directions and perspectives.

With ECASARD You Can See A Real Impact

Danielle Nierenberg, 02.06.2010 18:39

This is two parts from a five-part series of our visit with the Ecumenical Association for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development and the projects they support in southern Ghana. Cross posted from Worldwatch Institute's Nourishing the Planet.

The Lone Ship of the Freedom Flotilla: The Rachel Corrie MV Continues to Sail Towards Gaza

Michel Chossudovsky with an assist from General Joe, 02.06.2010 18:16

"All those who love peace and justice must stand ready in the event that Israel again attacks the remaining aid ships still sailing for Gaza. Please organize visible and appropriate responses to Israels’s blant acts of priacy on the high seas What would be the response of the U.S. government were Cuba, Iran, or Venezuela to behave in such illegal and violent ways. Perhaps a B-52 over old Havana? Drop a mini-nuke into downtown Caracas with a salvo of similarly charged cruise missiles for Tehran?"

"What this suggests is that the actual decision to conduct the raids in international waters bypassed the Cabinet. 

The question remains: if the Israeli cabinet did not ratify the operation, who ordered the raids and through what procedure?
What were the respective roles of Israeli intelligence and the IDF in planning these raids?
What role was played by Rahm Emmanuel, Obama's White House Chief of Staff, who had meetings with both Netanyahu and president Shimon Peres, respectively on May 26 and 27?
Did Rahm Emmanuel meet officials of Israel's military and intelligence establishment?
Did the Obama administration give the Green Light?
It is important that this news gets out, with a view to ensuring that the Rachel Corrie MV safely reaches the coast of Gaza without encroachment, with a view to breaking Israel's criminal embargo. 

In this endeavor we shall prevail. Our hearts and minds are with those who continue to sail on board the Rachel Corrie MV."

Celebrating Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Pride Month

Radical Women, 02.06.2010 18:06

This documentary presents a multifaceted view of transgender-identified people of color fashioning their own representations of self as well as discussing the challenges they face within society and the crucial issues often neglected by the mainstream. Discussion with filmmaker to follow screening.

ONU comprobó vínculos entre paramilitares y políticos en Colombia

ABN/Aporrea, 02.06.2010 17:05

Desde hace muchos años eso lo sabe todo el pueblo de Colombia, ha habido juicios a parlamentarios, los paracos extraditados lo han confesado hasta la saciedad, etcétera, de manera que este descubrimiento de la ONU para nada sorprende a nsdie...

Latinoamérica: cambio de conceptos ante crisis

Por Joaquín Rivery Tur, 02.06.2010 15:52

Para la CEPAL, persisten en América Latina y el Caribe "el deterioro en el mundo del trabajo y la segmentación de la protección social", escenario que se completa con desafíos sociales de larga data, entre los que se citan "la discriminación étnica y de género, la vulnerabilidad frente al cambio climático y la transición demográfica".

Sucre, consagrador de la independencia latinoamericana

Por Pablo Soroa Fernández, 02.06.2010 15:15

Sobre el aniversario 180 de la muerte de Antonio de Sucre, Lugarteniente de Simón Bolívar y pficial de mayor protagonismo en la lucha.


Hans-Peter Stiller, 02.06.2010 14:48

BREAK the SIEGE on GAZA `The European Campaign`: Funds are secured for the first three ships of the fleet of `Freedom 2` ... The "European Campaign to End Siege on Gaza", announced that it already obtain the funding of the first three ships of the new fleet which will go to the Gaza Strip, which will be named "fleet of Freedom 2", related to the name of the First Fleet, who was exposed to piracy and a bloody massacre by Israel against the peace activists on board.

EEUU votó en contra: Consejo de Derechos Humanos adopta resolución contra Israel

Aporrea/Agencias, 02.06.2010 14:41

Lo de siempre, el imperio yanqui jamás votará en favor de una resolución de condena al ese Estado sionista de claro porceder nazifascista...

Israel Banditry Refocuses Need to End Gaza Blockade

Ernest Corea, 02.06.2010 14:18

Credit: Xinhua | Mamoun Wazwaz IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

WASHINGTON DC (IDN) – The best that can be hoped for in response to Israel's recent act of "banditry and piracy" is that it will stiffen the resolve of the international community to secure the end of Israel's barbaric blockade of Gaza.

An Illusion Called the Carbon Capture and StorageBrenda Sorensen

Brenda Sorensen, 02.06.2010 14:13

Credit: IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

COPENHAGEN (IDN) – High expectations are being placed on a new technology that would capture and store carbon and help mitigate climate change. But a new report says that the technology known as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) cannot work wonders and bring about required reductions in CO2 emissions that are known to contribute to global warming.


RAUL CASTELLS, 02.06.2010 13:44


Tribal Leaders vow to oppose false propaganda by NGOs

Harsh Sehgal, 02.06.2010 11:47

“Villages still exist in the foothill of the mining site and people are engaged in agricultural activities. However, the NGO people misguided us by saying that our entire hill be destroyed and rivers and streams shall dry up. I will reveal this reality to entire Dongria Kondh Community”. aaaaa This was the first reaction of Taalu Sikoka, after he visited Panchapatmali bauxite mining site and interacted with tribal villagers in the periphery area. Taalu was not only persons to have such reaction. Seven others from Dongria Kondh Community had similar reaction

Tribal Leaders vow to oppose false propaganda by NGOs

Anjan, 02.06.2010 11:00

“Villages still exist in the foothill of the mining site and people are engaged in agricultural activities. However, the NGO people misguided us by saying that our entire hill be destroyed and rivers and streams shall dry up. I will reveal this reality to entire Dongria Kondh Community

Buy and iPad and support the occupation.

Er Tigre, 02.06.2010 08:39

Apple Computer (APPLE INC) seems to be the second biggest investor in a found called BlackRock. This found is the main owner of Elbit Systems, a company based in Israel that produces weapons and surveillance systems to be used against the palestinians.

Sounds und Skandale

Jens F. Hofstadt, 02.06.2010 07:50

Meisterhafte Musik aus Deutschland und erschreckende Meldungen aus Malta

Hibeads Tell You about Cultured Freshwater pearls

Iris, 02.06.2010 04:13

Cultured freshwater pearls are the most common type of pearls produced today. It is characterized by its fanciful shapes and availability in a wide variety of sizes and colors. They have turned into a favorite among jewelry designers and shoppers alike.

The Right Glass Beads for Jewelry Making

Iris, 02.06.2010 04:11

pandora beads Jewelries are known to enhance whatever beauty there is that a person holds. Unlike before, jewelries could now be noted to have the functionality towards men and women, young and old, rich or not. It is the plausible enough to consider that jewelry making also hits the top level of commercial concentration within the global trade today.

State of California Sentences Its Domestic Violence Victims to Death

Freedom Writer, 02.06.2010 01:18

In California, there is little or no assistance to domestic violence victims, who often are left to die at the hands of their abusers. 46 women die from domestic violence every day.


revolt, 02.06.2010 00:32

i am looking for squats in Berlin

Colombia, el país de A. Latina que más destina de su PIB a gasto militar 01/junio, 01.06.2010 23:54

Hasta ayer la campaña de los medios del imperio y sus calayos de la SIP aseguraban que quien rompía record en la compra de armas de guerra en América Latina era Venezuela y hoy nos vemos sorprendios cuando la revista colombiana Semana, nos entrega cifras que colocan a nuestro país, Venezuela, en el quinto lugar, luego de los cuatro primeros: Brasil, Colombia, Chile y México.

Pero hay algo muy importante, la revista incluye en su información que Venezuela en el 2009 fue el país que más redujo el gasto militar, según (agrega) lo señala el informe anual del Instituto Internacional de Estudios para la Paz de Estocolmo (Sipri).

¿Qué les parece?

Difundan esta noticia y así contribuyen a destruir las mentiras que tanto daño nos hacen a todos...

21 Community Leaders Arrested in Support of Striking Nursing Home Workers

Homefront, 01.06.2010 23:36

Working Families Party and Hartford City Council member Larry Deutsch Activists block scabs from entering and leaving a Hartford, CT nursing home where workers are in the 7th week of their strike.

June 7 Solidarity with Oaxaca

anon, 01.06.2010 23:00

On June 8, anti-authoritarians and human rights activists are trying to break the paramilitary blockade of the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala in Oaxaca. We need to support them to help avoid another massacre.

UN: Condemns Acts Resulting in Civilian Deaths

Bernhard D. Cock, 01.06.2010 22:00

UN - SECURITY COUNCIL 6325th & 6326th Meetings (PM & Night) Security Council Condemns Acts Resulting in Civilian Deaths during Israeli Operation against Gaza-Bound Aid Convoy, Calls for Investigation, in Presidential Statement - Also Briefed by United Nations Political Official, Who Says Bloodshed Would Have Been Avoided if Israel Had Lifted Unacceptable, Counterproductive Blockade ...... Springer feuert aus allen Rohren ......

The Guardian confirma que Israel tiene armas nucleares: se las ofreció a la Suráfrica del aparthei

Ernesto Carmona (Chile) 27 mayo, 01.06.2010 19:46

Mientras la atención está centrada en Suráfrica por el próximo mundial de fútbol, el diario británico The Guardian reveló el domingo 23 de mayo cómo Israel le ofreció en venta hasta 8 cabezas nucleares –en 1975– al régimen del apartheid. El periódico publicó un documento secreto surafricano desclasificado que lleva la firma de los entonces ministros de Defensa israelí Shimon Peres –hoy presidente del estado judío– y de PW Botha, en aquella época su par sudafricano, quienes dejaron un registro ultra secreto de un encuentro en Zurich (Suiza). La revelación fue despachada desde Washington por Chris McGreal, bajo el título “Exclusivo: Papeles secretos de la era apartheid entregan primeras pruebas oficiales de armas nucleares israelíes”.

Carta a Alvaro Uribe, por Santiago O´Donnell, 01.06.2010 19:34

Sobre el caso del hermano paramilitar del presidente Uribe...

Complete Interview Transcript with Richard Falk from May 31st 2010: &quot;Israeli attack Criminal&quot;

Dennis Bernstein and Jesse Strauss, 01.06.2010 19:14

"There are two lines of response, and this is an area where the facts are contested and difficult to disentangle at this stage. The witnesses on the boats themselves, particularly the Turkish boats where most of the violence took place, claim that the commandos landed shooting, and that it was only after the initiation of that violence that there was some attempt at defense on the basis of very contrived and primitive weapons, as opposed to the kind of weaponry that the Israeli commandos were carrying. Beyond that, it’s fairly clear if unlawful attack of a vessel on the high seas is occurring, the passengers on that ship have some sort of right to self defense. So that’s one aspect of it. The second aspect is that even if there was some kind of defensive violence on the ship, that’s no excuse for an unprovoked attack carried out in this manner. If Israel didn’t want the ships to go to Gaza, they could have diverted them, and if they did what the other boats did in the Freedom Flotilla, except for the larger Turkish one, it seems pretty clear that this was a deliberate attack designed, I suppose, to punish the effort to carry out this humanitarian mission, which would obviously have disclosed the brutality of the blockade of the Gaza Strip, which has gone on now for almost three years. The Israeli arguments are not really seriously plausible. Given the overall circumstances it’s very difficult to give them any kind of serious credibility, and this seems to me to be as clear a violation of international humanitarian law, international law of the seas, and international criminal law, as we’re likely to see in the early part of the twenty-first century."

G20 Needs a 'Variable Geometry Approach'

Mui Pong Goh, 01.06.2010 18:48

Credit: Chatham House IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint

LONDON (IDN) - As G20 governments prepare to meet in Toronto this month, has this young group already passed its high point? In November 2008, when the international economy perched on the brink of collapse, the leaders of the twenty leading economies were invited to Washington by then United States President George Bush to discuss possible measures to address the financial meltdown. Yet eighteen months and three fairly successful summits later, the process appears to have run out of steam.

EU Urged to do more for Development Goals

Jaya Ramachandran, 01.06.2010 18:13

Credit: CESVI | Alliance2015 IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

BRUSSELS (IDN) - The 27-nation European Union and its member states contribute a lion's share of official development assistance (ODA) the rich nations give to the poor. For such programmes between 2007 and 2013, it has allocated 51 billion Euros. But a new report says that a bulk of the money is not being spent on achieving the goals the international community has set itself.

Pilar Rahola; defendiendo lo imposible.

Niño Limón, 01.06.2010 18:03

Sabía que pilar Rahola, activista proisraelí, no condenaria la masacre, pero lo que ha puesto en su web bien merece una respuesta. En el artculo que envío analizo como Pilar lanza el discurso oficial de Israel.
Saludos y espero que lo publiquen.

Santiago en América: noticiero ICAIC

Por Marcos Alfonso, 01.06.2010 17:55

Medio siglo se cumple este seis de junio que se proyectó en la pantalla grande el primer Noticiero ICAIC Latinoamericano, suceso que marcó derrotero en el quehacer cinematográfico del país tras el advenimiento de la Revolución.

Violences à la manifestation pro Palestine de Strasbourg (31/05) &amp;, 01.06.2010 15:12

Violences à la manifestation pro Palestine de Strasbourg (31/05). Images intégrales (12 minutes)

Working with the Root

Danielle Nierenberg, 01.06.2010 15:04

This is the first in a five-part series of Danielle Nierenberg's visit with the Ecumenical Association for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development and the projects they support in southern Ghana. Cross posted from Worldwatch Institute's Nourishing the Planet blog.

Bolivia: consolida su proyecto social

Por Néstor Núñez, 01.06.2010 14:38

Los métodos agresivos y subversivos utilizados por Washington y la oligarquí contra los nuevos gobiernos latinoamericanos, en esta ocasión contra la administración boliviana de Evo Morales.

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