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IndyMedia manila are traitors selling us all out to the Roman Catholic Church governments and criminal syndicates who pay them as agents provacatuers

Joachim Heimrath, 14.07.2010 06:35

Be warned IndyMedia Manila that is run by the offspring of rich and influential governmental officials.About 2 to 3 bus loads full of immature Ubiversity of the Philippines Diliman and Los Banos belonging to extreme Majority to Roman Catholic Universities AND educational institutes as well as their supporters the Jehovas Witnesses who cooperate with Alfred Lehnert's Camp Bagong Diwa were those victims that IndyMedia has harassed on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church,Jehovas Witnesses and the Government were allowed to torture their victims well financed and led by Consuls Grohe , Consul König,Salceda and Consul Patel .

Musel Arena. La sorprendente indulgencia de Ecologistas en Acción con el Gobierno de Asturias.

Marcelino Laruelo., 14.07.2010 06:23

Robando la arena de la playa para rellenos en el puerto de El Musel. La extracción de más de 25 millones de metros cúbicos de arena de la playa de San Lorenzo y de la bahía de Gijón (España) no merece ni una línea en las 55 páginas de su informe sobre la costa. ¡Así nos luce el pelo!

Richardson, TX Mother Caught Using Drugs Around Infant Child

Will Benson, 13.07.2010 21:51

Jillian Carol Wright A Richardson, TX mother was caught on a tapped phone conversation attempting to buy drugs on several occasions over the last month according to private investigators. The mother, Jillian Carol Wright, a 20-year old resident of Richardson, TX was caught not only over the phone but captured on video smoking crystal meth, marijuana and cigarettes 5 feet from her 3 month old son, Hayden Wright.

UN Focuses on Global Anti-Poverty Targets

Richard Johnson, 13.07.2010 20:22

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

GENEVA (IDN) – The United Nations is leaving no stone unturned to galvanize action toward achieving by 2015 the global anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Shaping the Post-Crisis Order without a Silver Bullet

Gregory Chin*, 13.07.2010 20:20

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

TORONTO (IDN) - During the summer of 2010, it would be understandable if interested observers of global affairs are swept up in summit fever. The twin G8/G20 summits in Canada late June and the meeting of the G20 proper which is to commence in South Korea in November 2010 have understandably turned the attention of international analysts to global summitry.

The Facts Vs. The Earth

Rev. Billy Talen, 13.07.2010 20:01

America has enjoyed for so long what it saw as an obedient Earth. Our “western frontier,” our “American freedom” – are spaces curved by facts for our gullible consumption. Now we are watching the tsunamis and tornadoes and ash clouds and oil spills and rising seas - escaping through the wall of facts. The Earth is surfacing, the sky and soil touching again. The Earth is breaking through and taking a deep breath.

Interpol Venezuela ha arrestado a 22 ciudadanos extrajeros solicitados internacionalmente en lo que va del año

www.correodelorinoco.gob, 13.07.2010 18:56

Desde 2009 van 48 detenciones de personas con órdenes libradas por distintos países. INTERPOL aplaude la captura en Venezuela de jefe del narcotráfico ...

Fin del Contrato Social. Pinchemos el balón del capitalismo

Marat, 13.07.2010 18:13

Si el capitalismo impone la violencia de sus empresas y las leyes de sus esbirros políticos contra nuestros derechos sociales y económicos, los trabajadores estamos legitimados para devolverles los golpes. Si su Contrato Social ha caducado, su paz social debe acabar.

Police Brutality in America

Stephen Lendman, 13.07.2010 15:28

state terrorism against minorities and Muslims

Israel: Hervorragende Morde

Ernesto de la Tierra, 13.07.2010 12:55

Stormed Gaza Flotilla Entgegen den bisweilen in der deutschen Lügenpresse kolportierten Meldungen zeigt die Militärführung der Israelischen Kinderkillerarmee nicht das geringste Anzeichen, an der Massakeraktion gegen die Gaza Flotilla etwas auszusetzen oder die neun Todesopfer auch nur zu bedauern. Die israelischen Kommandos, die beim Angriff auf einen Hilfskonvoi für den blockierten Gaza-Streifen am 31. Mai neun Menschen erschossen hatten, hatten richtig gehandelt. Zu diesem Ergebnis "gelangte" eine 8köpfige Komission von hohen Offizieren unter dem Vorsitz von Generalstabschef Gabi Ashenazi. Wholesale Pandora Bracelet Jewelry

Iris, 13.07.2010 06:22

Pandora is perhaps known best for its modern twist on the classic charm bracelet. In 1999, Pandora introduced its patented charm bracelet to the Danish market, and the bracelets quickly became popular all across Europe. Tell You How to Choose Turquoise Earrings

Iris, 13.07.2010 06:16

Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminium. It is rare and valuable in finer grades and has been prized as a gem and ornamental stone for thousands of years owing to its unique hue. In recent times turquoise, like most other opaque gems, has been devalued by the introduction of treatments, imitations, and synthetics onto the market, some difficult to detect even by experts.

Ugandan Bomb Attack May Herald Spread of Somalia’s Instability: More 1984 &quot;events&quot;

Sarah McGregor and Mike Cohen with a note from General Joe, 13.07.2010 02:56

“It looks like al-Shabaab has taken the first step toward becoming transnational,” said Scott Stewart, vice president of tactical intelligence at Stratfor, the Austin, Texas-based intelligence group. “They’ve clearly shown they have an intent to strike outside of Somalia. Now the big question is to try and find out how far the reach is.” Boy, this "Shabaab" guy is terrifying.

This Way Out: 4 decades of London Pride &amp; the Gay Liberation Front + global LGBT news

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 12.07.2010 20:34

Marching through four decades of London Pride and the Gay Liberation Front; the U.K.'s top court orders asylum for two gay refugees, DOMA is doubly denounced by a U.S. federal court, the Governor's veto vanquishes Hawai'i civil unions, the Church of England rejects a gay Bishop and the Presbyterian Church USA issues split decisions on ordination and marriage, Iceland's lesbian P.M. takes a bride, and more LGBT news from around the world.

Seeking a Safe Place to Live in 2010 United Nations Refugee Day

Chad Andro, 12.07.2010 16:56

TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA - Every year 19 million youth flee their own country, seeking somewhere else that’s safe to live. Over 70% of them never make it. But that doesn’t stop them from trying. This is the message Youth for Human Rights International portrays in their PSA to help others understand Human Right # 14, “The Right to Seek a Safe Place to Live”, for creating awareness on United Nations Refugee Day, and every other day.

Todo un caos la Venezuela que muestran los medios internacionales

Iván Oliver Rugeles /, 12.07.2010 15:47

La conspiración contra Venezuela cada día arrecia más y más...

Israel's Settlement Enterprise: Longstanding, Outrageous and Illegal

Stephen Lendman, 12.07.2010 14:45

Israel wants all valued West Bank land

Turning the Catch of the Day into Improved Livelihoods for the Whole Community

Christi Zaleski, 12.07.2010 14:11

Cross posted from Worldwatch Institute's Nourishing the Planet and written by Christi Zaleski.


WOLVERINES, 12.07.2010 12:30



RADIO VILLA FRANCIA, 12.07.2010 06:40

Declaración frente a situación en Radio Villa Francia - Chile

Médicos estadounidenses aprobaron la tortura en Oriente Próximo

Sherwood Ross*, 12.07.2010 00:38

Doctores estadounidenses en Oriente Próximo aprobaron rutinariamente la tortura de sospechosos capturados y les negaron medicamentos críticos como insulina, a veces con consecuencias letales, según un informe documentado publicado en Utne Reader.

Bochornosa conducta de los partidos de la Concertación

Manuel Cabieses Donoso / Punto Final*, 12.07.2010 00:31

Exigimos respeto para Cuba y Venezuela

Please Ask Arizona Senators To Vote Down Kagan

J.A.R., 11.07.2010 20:22

Kagan: promoter of war, denier of prisoner rights, defender of Monsanto, silent affirmer of Harvard vivisection Your dogs and cats say no to Kagan US Senate switchboard 202 224 3121

Kudos and Corrective Advice for British Aid

Jaya Ramachandran, 11.07.2010 17:57

Left to right; Andrew Mitchell, Alan Duncan and Stephen O’Brien Photos: DFID IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

PARIS (IDN) - A new report has praised Britain to the skies for its profound commitment to helping countries in dire need of money and a wide range of resources vital for economic and social development, but cautioned that there is ample scope for doing things better for the benefit of the taxpayer at home and the poor abroad.

UN Worried about West Africa

Nirode Masson, 11.07.2010 17:55

Over 10 million risk hunger in the Sahel | Credit: FAO IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

GENEVA (IDN) - The United Nations is at a loss in West Africa. On the one hand, it is confronted with the resurgence of military coups, accompanied by paucity of good governance. On the other, deadly flooding, following on the heels of acute food shortages caused by prolonged drought and crop failure, is creating an alarming situation.

¿Una reforma agraria?

Antonio Caballero -, 11.07.2010 17:17

Esta es la Colombia que deja Uribe y que así ha sido por más de 70 años…

"Como muchas veces he dicho aquí, la guerra colombiana nace y se cría en el campo. Y no por casualidad, sino deliberadamente."

"Expulsar del campo a los campesinos es cosa que se ha hecho de todas las maneras: por la violencia "de todas las pelambres" (..) liberal y conservadora, guerrillera y paramilitar, y por (..) "vericuetos legales y financieros". Y ha contado con el apoyo explícito del gran aliado norteamericano, deseoso de consolidar el monopolio de sus ultraprotegidas industrias agrícolas y pecuarias. Lo cual se agravó con la imposición de las consignas neoliberales del Consenso de Washington."

No Free Press for BP Oil Disaster

Dahr Jamail, 11.07.2010 16:33

"Last week's new media restrictions imposed by the Coast Guard subject journalists and photographers to as much as a 40,000-dollar fine, and from one to five years in jail as a class-D felon if they violate the 20-metre rule, that Unified Command calls a "safety zone."

"There have also been restrictions placed on the airspace above areas where clean-up and containment operations are occurring. The Federal Aviation Administration has placed restrictions prohibiting media flights below 900 metres over oil-affected areas."

What kind of 'change' has Obama brought us?

India's &quot;Hearts of Darkness&quot;

Stephen Lendman, 11.07.2010 16:10

labor exploitation in India

The Siege against Gaza: America's Ongoing Support of Israeli Military and Intelligence Operations

Michel Chossudovsky and General Joe, 11.07.2010 14:38

"Targeting Iran

The attack on the Freedom Flotilla, might appear as a separate and distinct humanitarian issue, unrelated to US-Israeli war plans. But from the standpoint of both Tel Aviv and Washington, it was part of the broader military agenda. It was intended to create conditions favoring an atmosphere of confrontation and escalation in the Middle East war theater;

"All the signs are that Israel has been stepping up its provocations to engineer a casus belli for a war against Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Tel Aviv sees as unfinished business its inconclusive wars: the first in Lebanon in 2006, and the second in Gaza in 2008-09." (Jean Shaoul Washington Comes to the Aid of Israel over Gaza Convoy Massacre, Global Research, June 4, 2010)

Following Israel's illegal assault in international waters, Netanyahu stated emphatically "Israel will continue to exercise its right to self defence. We will not allow the establishment of an Iranian port in Gaza," suggesting that the Gaza blockade was part of the pre-emptive war agenda directed against Iran, Syria and Lebanon. (Israeli forces board Gaza aid ship the Rachel Corrie - Telegraph, June 5, 2010, emphasis added) ."

Are large deposits of natural gas off Gaza's coast behind Israeli moves?

Habitantes de un Pueblo se hipotecan por conservar su Patrimonio

Culturasinlímites, 11.07.2010 09:19

Jóvenes del Municipio Jiennense de Begíjar (Jaén), se hipotecan por conservar su Patrimonio artístico y Cultural, importantes edificios renacentistas como el Palacio episcopal o el Torreón del Castillo que data de época visigótica son adquiridos por particulares para librarlos del derribo.

One of America's Greatest Atrocities

Asad Khaja, M.D., 11.07.2010 04:16

A short overview of some of our atrocities at home and abroad and their portrayal, or lack of, through the corporate news media

Educadísima Bofetada a los EEUU....!! / DECLARACIONES DE CHICO BUARQUE, MINISTRO DE EDUCACIÓN DE BRASIL, 10.07.2010 23:00

Antes de leerlo, es muy interesante que sepan esto:

Este artículo fue publicado en los diarios: NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, USA TODAY y en los mayores diarios de EUROPA y JAPÓN, pero en BRASIL y el resto de Latinoamérica, no lo fue…

BRD: Zwangsarbeit oder Bürgerarbeit

Horst Jammerwein, 10.07.2010 22:19

BRD: Bundespräsidenten Wahl Ungültig "Bürgerarbeit" und meine Meinung dazu..........Eigener Bericht! ....... Wisst ihr, heute früh las ich beim Sozialticker einen Bericht über das neue Vorhaben von Ursula von der Leyen, naja neu ist das natürlich nicht, denn es läuft zum Beispiel schon einige Jahre erfolglos in Sachsen-Anhalt, erfolglos deswegen, weil es nur sehr wenige Menschen wieder zurück in den ersten Arbeitsmarkt bringt. Ich habe hier schon einige Sachen in der Presse gelesen(Volksstimme) dort wird es ständig als Erfolg gepriesen, naja einige Gespräche mit Betroffenen haben mir jedoch das Gegenteil aufgezeigt und jene waren froh wenn ihre Zeit herum war, was auch nur allzu verständlich ist! Diese Menschen arbeiten weiterhin für ein Hungerlohn, die Städte und Gemeinden freuen sich über diese Billigarbeiter und dennoch schaffen sie für diese keinen festen Arbeitsplatz warum wohl nicht, naja es ist ähnlich wie mit den 1 € oder o €-Jobbern, die Leute sind aus den Statistiken getilgt, werden dennoch weiter überwacht(Meldepflicht,vorweisen von Arbeitsbemühungen...etc.) und dieses Spiel wiederholt sich beliebig, es gibt ja ein Millionenheer billiger Arbeitssklaven, nicht zu Vergessen von Seiten der Arge noch das Mittel der Sanktionen.

Terrorismo: ¿Quién es Francisco Antonio Chávez Abarca?, 10.07.2010 19:05

Terrorista salvadoreño contratado por Posada Carriles para crear violencia en Venezuela como antesala para las elecciones del 26/09. Es detenido cuando intentó ingresar al país con pasaporte falso.

Las autoridades venezolanas lo deportaron a Cuba, donde deberá enfrentarse a la justicia por delitos cometidos en ese país en la década de los noventa.

¿Por qué lo hizo McChrystal?

IMMANUEL WALLERSTEIN -, 10.07.2010 17:27

McChrystal concedió la entrevista con el fin de que lo corrieran. ¿Y por qué quería que lo corrieran? Quería que lo corrieran porque sabía que las políticas que estaba impulsando y reivindicando en la guerra en Afganistán no estaban funcionando, no podían funcionar. Y no quiso quedar manchado con la culpa pública.

Time could running out for the imperial mission in Afghanistan

CNN and General Joe, 10.07.2010 16:17

"Six U.S. service members were among nine people killed in Afghanistan on Saturday, the latest casualties in a bloody summer for coalition soldiers. In recent weeks, death tolls have been high for U.S. service members. For example, seven soldiers died in three separate incidents on June 7.
June was the bloodiest month in the Afghan war for all international and American soldiers. The death toll for all international troops reached 102, including 60 Americans, and deaths have been mounting in July as well."

Obama and Netanyahu Plan Conflict, not Resolution

Stephen Lendman, 10.07.2010 16:11

Conflict is official US and Israeli policy

Raul Castells con neumonia y tuberculosis en huelga de hambre

Huelga de Hambre, 10.07.2010 14:03

Desde el dia lunes 5 de julio el lider del MIJD Raul Castells, se encuentra internado con neumonia bilateral y Tuberculosis

Parliament Square hunger strike

Luke Sliminn, 10.07.2010 10:23

Hunger striker day 15 The hunger strike you are not suppose to knw about

PHILIPPINES: Unions urge Noynoy to prioritize ‘full employment,’ not to renege on his ‘people’s mandate’

Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL), 10.07.2010 02:28

NOYNOY Aquino’s overwhelming electoral victory is a testimony of a widespread clamor and a clear mandate for change, especially for good governance and pro-poor policies, after the nation endured more than nine years of endless and large-scale corruption, worsening poverty, blatant violations of human and democratic rights, and systematic duplicity under the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo regime.

Samper considera &quot;indigna&quot; acción presentada por Betancourt contra el Estado, 10.07.2010 01:50

"Me parece indigna (la acción de conciliación), porque si alguno de los secuestrados que estaba en este grupo tenía derecho a reclamarle al Estado nada por la falta de seguridad era la señora Betancourt", declaró Samper a la emisora Radioprogramas del Perú (RPP).

Venezuela encabeza lista de países (América Latina) que han logrado un repunte en disminución de pobreza, afirma Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL

Dayana Contreras / Prensa YVKE Mundial, 10.07.2010 01:24

"Para superar estos problemas, se necesitan políticas de desarrollo productivo, centradas en la innovación y el fortalecimiento de las capacidades locales; es necesario que los países empiecen a regionalizarse, y a creer en lo que producen antes de invertir en lo de afuera"

Crece interés por profundizar lazos entre América Latina y China, 10.07.2010 01:20

Dice el Director de Desarrollo Económico de la Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL), Osvaldo Kacef

Posada Carriles Associate Confesses Was Paid to Destabilise Venezuela

TAMARA PEARSON, 09.07.2010 23:02

“This is a character who has been trained by the best schools of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and by the Bin Laden of the Western Hemisphere, Luis Posada Carriles, who is guilty of the attacks against Cuban tourist installations in 1997.”
Escalante said that Chavez Abarca would be subject to a “fair and transparent” trial in Cuba.
After Chavez Abarca was deported, minister for the interior and justice affairs, Tarek El Aissami, told the media that Venezuela maintains a serious struggle against terrorism. “It’s a commitment peace, to ...the real struggle against criminal organisations dedicated to killing, to creating panic among our peoples,” said El Aissami."

Cuba: diálogo... y debate

GALSIC, 09.07.2010 21:00

CUBA LIBERTARIA * He aquí la presentación del # 16 (julio 2010) de CUBA LIBERTARIA, Boletín que edita el GALSIC (Grupo de Apoyo a los Libertarios y Sindicalistas Independientes en Cuba). Puede solicitarse copia electrónica en .pdf de esta edición a

Cuba: dialogue ... and debate

GALSIC, 09.07.2010 20:58

CUBA LIBERTARIA * We present the no. 16 issue (July 2010) of CUBA LIBERTARIA, edited by GALSIC (Grupo de Apoyo a los Libertarios y Sindicalistas Independientes en Cuba). You may obtain a .pdf file of this edition in Spanish at

A proven method of 'girth control'

Chris Holbein, 09.07.2010 18:58

The USDA's new dietary guidelines recommend a shift toward a "more plant-based" diet. Going vegan is the easiest, healthiest way for Americans to fight the "battle of the bulge."

CNN’s Objectivity Questioned in Sacking of Mideast Reporter

Eli Clifton, 09.07.2010 18:49

"According to some observers, her unwillingness to conform to the narrative depicted by a number of right-wing news outlets and U.S. Jewish groups that Fadlallah was a terrorist, anti-US and anti-Semitic resulted in CNN receiving pressure to fire her."

Decades of Palestinian Displacement in E. Jerusalem

Stephen Lendman, 09.07.2010 15:43

Israel wants the city exclusively Jewish

Decades of Palestinian Displacement in E. Jerusalem

Stephen Lendman, 09.07.2010 15:40

Israel wants the city exclusively Jewish

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