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Balibo-weduwe bezoekt Nederland

Stichting Vrij Oost Timor, 09.09.2010 00:31

Speaking Tour: The Circle of Silence The Circle of Silence is a great woman’s story, a proud mother’s story, and the story of a woman who became an accidental activist and proved herself courageous and determined.

BRD: Folgen des &quot;Energiekonzepts&quot;

Jochen F. Balger, 08.09.2010 22:04

Atomkraft ist TÖDLICH ! Nun hätte Röttgen mal den ersten Pflock für eine mögliche schwarz-grüne Koalition einschlagen können - mal ganz außen vor, dass es weder legal noch vernünftig ist, was man ihm da als "Revolution" untergejubelt hat - und was macht der?!? Statt Blumen scheint der es lieber mit Pfefferspray versuchen zu wollen... neenee, Herr Röttgen, so wird das trotz Pizza-Connection-Mitgliedschaft nix! Nicht, dass ich mich wirklich darüber ärgern könnte. Wer dermaßen der Opposition Stimmen zutreibt, der wird eben auch zu recht untergehen. Da wartet man doch fast schon gerne bis 2013...

Tours Highlight the Birth of a Clearwater Landmark

Lisa Mansell, 08.09.2010 20:33

Fort Harrison Lobby in the 1940's The history of Clearwater's Fort Harrison Hotel goes back to the early days of what made Florida an international tourist hub.

Jesus Commands Muslim Burning and Koran Burning in the Holy Bible

Karen Fish, 08.09.2010 15:48

Book Burning Truth is stranger than fiction.

Piden captura de periodista colombiano William Parra: ¿Otro montaje judicial cantado?

Juan Alberto Sánchez Marín, 08.09.2010 15:34

Que nadie vea ahora guerrilleros adonde no los hay, terroristas por cuenta de artimañas, bandoleros sacados del sombrero, procesados y capturados por la cuenta de evidenciar logros y ganar puntos.


Patrice Faubert dit Pat l ' invité, 08.09.2010 15:06

L ' opinion n ' est admise que lorsque c ' est l ' opinion de tout le monde ...

America's Grand Strategy: Militarizing Space

Stephen Lendman, 08.09.2010 15:01

America plans future wars from space


ANGELA MERKEL, 08.09.2010 14:59


Ferhat Ataman gegen Deutsche Regierung von der Türkei aus.
20.07.2008 20:28:25 veröffentlicht in

Hier ein Kleines scmakerl aus der Türkei von Herrn Ferhat Ataman.
Der Text ist ein Original und Persöhnlich von ihm geschrieben.

angela merkel / teil 1

von ferhat ataman 35 jahre deutschland erfahrung
sind seine referenzen.

“Wäre es beledigung wenn ich sagen würde:
“angela merkel
Freie Meinungsäußerung gibt es nicht.
Halt deine klappe du Dummvotze.

Free Education Fees

Miljohleine, 08.09.2010 14:55

Free education is available for all. Learn the secrets that will enable you to obtain free education.

Hearts and Minds

Brkic Sulejman, 08.09.2010 13:43

Western deadly hypocrisy

Will Our Generals Ever Shut Up?

Tom Engelhardt, 08.09.2010 13:43

"Having spent six weeks assessing the Afghan situation and convinced that he needed to buy more time for his war from the American public, in mid-August Petraeus launched a full-blown, well-organized media tour from his headquarters in Kabul. In it, he touted “progress” in Afghanistan, offered comments subtly but visibly at odds with the president’s promised July 2011 drawdown date, and generally evangelized for his war. He began with an hour-long interview with Dexter Filkins of the New York Times and another with Rajiv Chandrasekaran of the Washington Post. These were timed to be released on Aug. 15, the morning he appeared on NBC’s Sunday political show Meet the Press. (Moderator David Gregory traveled to the Afghan capital to toss softball questions at Washington’s greatest general and watch him do push-ups in a “special edition” of the show.) Petraeus then followed up with a Katie Couric interview on CBS Evening News, as part of an all-fronts “media blitz” that would include Fox News, AP, Wired magazine’s Danger Room blog, and in a bow to the allies, the BBC and even NATO TV, among other places."

Aiding and Abetting Our Enemies by Burning the Koran

Steven J. Gulitti, 08.09.2010 04:20

The point is a very simple one, while as citizens we constitutionally have the freedom of speech and expression, those freedoms don't extend to or accommodate license and reckless behavior. Thus viewed against the social, political and legal realities of American society, one could only classify the intended behavior of Preacher Jones as that which has now gone beyond the pale of protected behavior and into the realm of unmitigated recklessness. Behavior that can only increase the threat level for Americans both at home and abroad.

Grisly Photos Reveal Genocide by Sri Lankan Government Against Tamil People

Muthamizh, 08.09.2010 02:50

8 Month Foetus killed with Pregnant Women People from across the globe are condemning the Human Rights violations of the Sri Lankan government, and civilized society is fighting hard to establish a level of justice for the Tamils.

At hand, the killing of too many innocents; war crimes, the ongoing slaughter of journalists, moderates, reformists, artists and others. Having the opposition leader behind bars makes Sri Lanka a criminal and a failed state.

An effort to raise awareness is underway, targeting the President of the United States, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. It is important that this horrible treatment of people is brought to the world's attention.

Srilanka: If this isn't GENOCIDE, WAR CRIME, Then What on Earth is?

Muthamizh Vendhan, 08.09.2010 01:08

Grisly Photos Reveal Genocide by Sri Lankan Government Against Tamil People - ww People from across the globe are condemning the Human rights violations of Srilankan government. And civilized society is fighting hard to establish the justice to the tamils. Killing of nearly 1,40,000 innocents, war crimes, ongoing slaughter on the journalists, moderates, reformists, artists and having opposition leader behind the bars make the Srilanka as a criminal and a failed state.

Popkomm 2010, SCENEPR!, Film Society of Lincoln Center, Pop Montreal, Highlight September Media and Entertainment Industry Networking Events, 07.09.2010 23:09

BMI will present its President’s Award to founding member of the Black Eyed Peas,, at the 10th Annual Urban Awards ceremony. The BMI President’s Award is presented on unique occasions recognizing an individual who has distinctly and profoundly influenced the entertainment industry. This honor celebrates’s work as an artist, producer, and humanitarian…

2010 US Election Spending Sets New Record

Tiresias, 07.09.2010 21:51

Thanks to the US Supreme Court's 5-4 January ruling that placing limits on corporate campaign contributions was unconstitutional this year's election spending is on pace to shatter previous records. View the full article at:

Florida Youth Joins Human Rights Defenders at United Nations During Geneva Summit

Chad Andro, 07.09.2010 21:31

FLORIDA – September 1, 2010 – Last weekend Youth for Human Rights Florida President, Dustin McGahee, joined human rights defenders at the 7th Annual Youth for Human Rights International Summit, in support of making the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights widely known and used. Held in the United Nations Palais des Nations in Geneva, the event was also attended by youth from more than 30 countries and over 60 UN Diplomats.

The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda. The CIA’s Drug-Running Terrorists and the “Arc of Crisis”

Andrew Gavin Marshal, 07.09.2010 21:29

"Part 2 of “The Imperial Anatomy of al-Qaeda” takes the reader through an examination of the new imperial strategy laid out by American geopolitical strategists at the end of the Cold War, designed for America to maintain control over the world’s resources and prevent the rise of competitive powers. Covertly, the “database” (al-Qaeda) became central to this process, being used to advance imperial aims in various regions, such as in the dismantling of Yugoslavia. Part 2 further examines the exact nature of ‘al-Qaeda’, its origins, terms, training, arming, financing, and expansion. In particular, the roles of western intelligence agencies in the evolution and expansion of al-Qaeda is a central focus. Finally, an analysis of the preparations for the war in Afghanistan is undertaken to shed light on the geopolitical ambitions behind the conflict that has now been waging for nearly nine years."

Open Letter to Pastor Jones from an American Muslim

Hannah Hawk, 07.09.2010 18:40

Dear Pastor Jones, Thank you for buying so many copies of the Quran and giving all of the Muslim publishing companies more money to print more Qurans in these hard economic times.

Many dimensions, discrete geometric structures, discrete interaction manifolds, and spin-groups

martin concoyle, 07.09.2010 18:33

1. Review of the descriptions of material interactions based on “spin-group” geometric structures, in relation to the geometry of interaction space-forms, on both a many-dimensional and discrete subgroup structures for the base space of a principle fiber bundle whose fiber group is the spin-group.

2. Review of the main mathematical questions of our time, in regard to both the observed properties of the physical world and in regard to the wide applicability and great usefulness of the mathematical description of these observed properties.

3. Review of the new definition for a topological, many-dimensional, geometric, where the geometry based on discrete structures, set structure for the descriptions of (observed) systems, where the system structure at any particular dimensional level is related to discrete interaction structures which are traditionally associated to local linear structure, eg so as to define the derivative, ie the tangent bundle of a manifold… (see below),

A note on how science fits into society as a community, and as the social class which identifies an “authoritative truth” for society.
Science, now (2010), only defines social class, the truth it defines is, for the most part, irrelevant in regard to both technical and cultural development. Science is now the study of science fiction (black holes, string theory, etc) as well as it being the study of a public relations program which defines an authoritative social class rather than defining a community which has a creative relation to a useful (and harmonious) truth.

This opposes the too overly authoritative position of science in society. Science is about challenging authority, and engaging in free inquiry, and engaging in creativity in a selfless manner which helps people and is in harmony with the earth.
Any correlation that the destruction and pollution of the earth is unsafe for life, such as global-warming, should be taken seriously. Life is better-off if its actions are in harmony with the earth. Destroying and polluting the earth, in a society where only the dominant can be creative (so that what the dominant create destroys the earth) cannot be good for life.

Global BDS Against Israel Is Working

Stephen Lendman, 07.09.2010 18:29

Israel fears delegitimization

Vinculan a hermano del presidente Martinelli en tráfico de armas

Gente Decente, 07.09.2010 17:56

La vinculación de Guido Martinelli Berrocal, hermano del presidente de Panamá, y del empresario Mario Guardia Durfee en el tráfico de armas por el que fue fichado por organismo de la inteligencia colombiana el actual ministro de Turismo, Salomón Shamah, forma parte de investigaciones realizadas por el Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad (DAS).

Berkeley Zine Summit Sept. 7th

Craig Louis Stehr, 07.09.2010 16:23

Berkeley summit meeting of all zinesters September 7th at 1 PM at Long Life Vegi House 2129 University Ave. Berkeley, CA. For more information telephone 1-510-BAD-SMUT.


Patrice Faubert dit Pat l ' invité, 07.09.2010 15:56

L ' opinion n ' est admise que si c ' est l ' opinion de tout le monde ...

How to Get Traffic To Your Website

Emma, 07.09.2010 15:27

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website. You need traffic to make money. Without it, your website is dead.

Israel/Palestine: More on the Sham Peace Talks

Stephen Lendman, 07.09.2010 14:10

Israel disdains peace

New IAEA Report on Iran Says Little, Sparks Flurry of New Speculation

Jason Ditz, 07.09.2010 12:50

"The IAEA’s latest report on Iran, leaked today to a number of media outlets, has sparked a wild array of stories and speculation, though it appears to say very little. CNN’s headline “IAEA: Iran still enriching uranium” perhaps says it all, as there was no one who actually thought they had stopped."

Der Mensch: ein Rohstoff

Werner C. Slatjer, 07.09.2010 11:04

Sarrazin-Goebbels-des-Monats Fremdenhass, Rassismus und Rechtsradikalismus: Thilo Sarrazins Denkmodell verwirklicht sich in der Sozialpolitik der Bundesregierung .... Dass man sich in der Debatte um Thilo Sarrazins Buch »Deutschland schafft sich ab« auf jene Äußerungen des Autors konzentriert, die die vorgeblich mangelnde Integrationsfähigkeit »muslimischer Migranten« betreffen, ist nachvollziehbar – obwohl dieses Thema nicht im Mittelpunkt des Buches steht und erst nach 255 Seiten vertieft wird. Bis dahin bekommt man es fast ausschließlich mit sozial- und bildungspolitischen Ausführungen zu tun, über deren Gehalt anscheinend Konsens besteht – auch bei denen, die Sarrazin jetzt wegen seiner »rassistischen« Thesen aus SPD und Bundesbank werfen wollen. Übersehen wird dabei, dass die umfangreichen Ausführungen des Autors über das Schmarotzertum der sozialen »Unterschicht« und ihren fehlenden Mehrwert für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft den Nährboden für alles bereiten, was am Ende folgt. Es offenbart sich darin ein Denken, dessen Konsequenz gar nichts anderes sein kann als Verachtung gegen die »Überflüssigen«, seien es nun Türken oder Uckermärker.


Santiago Merino, 07.09.2010 09:36

Desde hace unos días venía circulando entre los habitantes de la ciudad de Maputo, un sms con un mensaje llamando a la movilización por la subida del coste de vida, haciendo alusión a la reciente subida de precios de algunos bienes y servicios básicos como el pan, el arroz, el agua o la electricidad. Algunos creímos que no volverían a repetirse los graves disturbios que ocurrieron en la ciudad de Maputo hace 2 años, con motivo de la subida del precio de la gasolina… pero estábamos equivocados.

Nuclear Arsenal 2008

Anonymous, 07.09.2010 08:39

Which country has the most nukes? How many missiles could the US launch? How many bombs does Russia have?

Secret Wars...made public!

Guy Fawkes, 07.09.2010 06:58

Secret Wars, SPFPA, formerly UPGWA, FOPSCO, IUSP

Where Have all the Libertarian’s Gone?

Steven J. Gulitti, 07.09.2010 05:49

The late Mary Travers once sang a song called “Where Have All the Flowers Gone? It was a lamentation about the human cost of war and it was a popular protest song during the Vietnam era. Well it seems to me that someone could write a song, or at least ask the same question, about Libertarians. Specifically, where have all the Libertarians gone?

This Way Out: Out in small towns + Prop 8 debate + lots more!

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 06.09.2010 21:02

A fateful homecoming becomes an educational campaign "Out in the Silence"; Prop 8 in court again and back on the campaign trail; a partnered lesbian parent takes home an Emmy; the Kookaburra bird can still be gay in the old gum tree; Aussie voters push Labor towards a Greener future, Fidel takes the blame for Cuba's old anti-gay purges, U.S. Lutheran throwbacks birth a splinter church, New Zealand rejects a so-called "gay cure" group, and more global LGBT news.


Alex Wolfe, 06.09.2010 19:18

The Puerto Rican Government, under the auspices of the Authority for Electrical Energy, has fast-tracked a trans-island natural gas pipeline. The project is called Via Verde (The Green Way, in English). The pipeline will be 146 km long and rest on a planned 100 foot wide corridor. The proposed route cuts through a number of forest ecosystems and protected habitat, and threatens to displace hundreds of residents. This is essentially being done by decree, using Eminent Domian laws (as in Kelo v. City of New London). The damage will be major.
Casa Pueblo of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico is a community organization at the forefront of a growing popular movement to oppose the pipeline. The organization has a history of popular direct action beginning in the 1970’s when they led an island-wide movement opposing, and preventing, strip-mining in the region by Alcoa and other mining multinationals.

A fake! A 1984 fake to be clear. Get over it already!

General Joe and friends, 06.09.2010 18:58

"The "evidence" and the logic and function of the "war on terror" are too extensive and obvious to deserve much comment."

Merkel: Hartz IV Bezieher sollen Pflegekräfte werden

Julius Grasshügel, 06.09.2010 18:44

Hartz-IV-Pflegekräfte Hartz IV Betroffene sollen Pflegekräftemangel ausgleichen ... Nach dem Willen der Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel sollen Hartz IV Bezieher künftig den Pflegekräftemangel in Altenheimen und Krankenhäuser ausgleichen. Nach dem Willen der Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) sollen Hartz IV Betroffene zukünftig als Pflegekräfte ausgebildet werden. Damit widersprach die Kanzlerin die Ansicht, dass Pflegekräfte-Mangel durch Fachkräfte aus dem Ausland ausgeglichen werden soll. Die Bundeskanzlerin möchte den Pflegekräftemangel mit Hartz IV-Bezieher ausgleichen.

How to Lose Weight With Diet Plan

Thomas, 06.09.2010 16:46

There is no shortcut to losing weight. The only simple rule is that you have to burn more calories than you consume.

Pell Grant And Scholarship Fund Help College Students With Tuition, Fees, And Textbook Costs

strtjns, 06.09.2010 15:09

College tuition and fee assistance is something that many college students often need as the costs of attending a college or university have been on the rise and necessitate supplemental aid for many who cannot meet college costs out-of-pocket. Scholarships and grants are one way in which students have been able to find the funds they need to help pay college tuition, fees, and even meet extra costs like textbook purchases.

Honduran Repression Continues Unabated

Stephen Lendman, 06.09.2010 14:41

Washington supports Honduran Terror

En procura del procurador

Juan Alberto Sánchez Marín, 06.09.2010 14:25

El Procurador Alejandro Ordóñez Investigación preliminar de la Corte Suprema de Justicia al Procurador General de Colombia.

mein gapfest.... oder auch mut zur luecke?!?!

lassmerando dennerwilljo, 06.09.2010 14:05

vom ereignete sich in unsrem wunderschoenenen koeln kalker AZ auf der wiersbergstasse das antisexistische, feministische, queere _fest (sprich: gapfest ;).....
im vorfeld und waehrenddessen gab es einige anekdoetchen und diese mag ich in diesem artikel herrlich subjektiv kommentieren......

mein gapfest.... oder auch mut zur luecke?!?!

lassmerando dennerwilljo, 06.09.2010 13:50

vom ereignete sich in unsrem wunderschoenenen koeln kalker AZ auf der wiersbergstasse das antisexistische, feministische, queere _fest (sprich: gapfest ;).....
im vorfeld und waehrenddessen gab es einige anekdoetchen und diese mag ich in diesem artikel herrlich subjektiv kommentieren......

The oil crisis of the global food crisis

gorraiz germán, 06.09.2010 05:52

Projecting the likely evolution of the oil market, possible bottlenecks and its side effects on the gestation of a new and severe global food crisis.


Maldito Hijo de Perra, 06.09.2010 00:24

Artículo publicado el 6 de septiembre de 2010 en el diario Ácratas, razonando los motivos por los que los españoles deben acudir a la llamada a la Huelga General desde la perspectiva ácrata. Un saludo a todos, compañeros.

Santa Feans call for Truth in Public Celebration of Religious Conquest

Santo Invisibles, 05.09.2010 20:29

Museum guards attempt to evict a photographer from a Santa Fe street Santa Fe residents who fear retribution if their names become known are calling for public reconsideration of an annual city celebration that commemorates the colonial conquest of New Mexico by religiously inspired adventurers. State-funded accounts of the state's history omit details of native prisoners executed after the European colonists recaptured the Santa Fe Plaza in 1693.

Ripping Off Dead War Vets' Beneficiaries

Stephen Lendman, 05.09.2010 15:31

stealing from the dead

Let Human Rights Abound

Jan of Maine, 05.09.2010 15:28

Economic Human Rights are not Recongized by many human rights Organizations. The tea partiers do not see them as being real. Here is How we peacefully make them real.

Diet and Weight Loss Tips

Rolin, 05.09.2010 14:41

You occasionally hear the term Fat Loss Diets...what other kind of diet would you want? In reality, you can lose water, and you can lose muscle on many diets. Both add up to weight loss, but neither is desirable.

Love will Remove a Bad Economy

Jan of Maine, 05.09.2010 13:32

This essay asks Why doesn't 85% of all Americans Live well?

Finanzsystem Afghanistans wackelt

August Römer, 05.09.2010 12:00

Kabulbank K. - Karzai Immer wieder tauchen Zweifel auf, ob die USA mit dem Präsidenten Afghanistans, Hamid Karzai, auf den richtigen Mann gesetzt haben. Immer wieder tauchen Korruptionsvorwürfe auf. Jetzt ist die größte Bank des Landes, die Kabul Bank, finanziell ins Trudeln geraten – und die steht mitten im Zentrum der politischen Elite. Seit Tagen schon stehen Kunden Schlange, um ihr Geld abzuheben.
Laut US-Medienberichten stellten die afghanischen Behörden Anfang der Woche die Großbank unter ihre Kontrolle, um deren Zusammenbruch zu verhindern. Karzai habe demnach auf Druck der USA entschieden, die Bank unter die Aufsicht der afghanischen Zentralbank zu stellen. Washington habe für den Fall eines Zusammenbruchs der Bank einen Anstieg der Gewalt für möglich gehalten.

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