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John Winston Howard: Psychotic Murderer or just gullible?

Charge John Howard, 23.08.2004 02:12

Many people seem to have forgotten about Australia's involvement in the illegal attack and overthrow of the sovereign government of Afghanistan. presents this summary of the events leading up to this act - just to help maintain the rage. (Don't miss the sensational, mostly unseen video of the September 11 Pentagon wreckage.)

What'll you have, Bush or Bush Light?

dave R, 23.08.2004 01:01

Compares John F. Kerry with George W. Bush as similar to each other especially in their America-first world views and concludes it's probably better to vote for Kerry.

I, Synthesist

J. Young, 22.08.2004 20:51

I, Synthesist Attention and curiousity for I,Synthesist rapidly blossom in Europe.
Some may call it a trend, some may call it nostalgia and some may call it a musical renaissance, but the recent explosion of new wave and synthpop revivalists seems to be going strong. Joining the ranks is I, Synthesist, the brainchild of New York composer/producer Chris Ianuzzi.

Orwell knew this was coming

jamie, 22.08.2004 20:13

Dear friends of peace an justice,

Poland wants out of the “coalition” that has brought an estimated 50,000 deaths to Iraq while the U.S. admits to having lost 963 GI’s killed ( Also independent observers calculate America’s wounded as 25,000-30,000. And it is largely for oil, which has not at all been secured. One should not underestimate the U.S. goal of bolstering the “terror war” in the minds of the politically ignorant U.S. public as the justifications for bankrupting/stealing from the treasury and rolling back freedom and protections that were once at least nominally available to much of the population.

Orwell knew this was coming. We must inform others of this game as it plays out, with terrible consequences, right before our eyes. Please share widely. jamie

P.S. My homemade bumper sticker reads: Wake up already. It’s 1984!

RNC:FOX NEWS &quot;SHUT-UP-A-THON&quot;;Tuesday, August 31, 4 pm

OutFoxed, 22.08.2004 16:40

Tuesday, August 31, 4 pm The Official Republican National Convention FOX NEWS "SHUT-UP-A-THON" 1211 Ave. of Americas (btwn. 47th & 48th) New York, NY

The East African Journal of Human Rights and Democracy ISSN 1686 900X

Atunga Atuti O.J, 22.08.2004 16:21

Citizen's Security and access to justice and human rights: Call for papers for a special issue of the Journal

The East African Journal of Human Rights and Democracy ISSN1686-900X

Atunga Atuti O.J, 22.08.2004 16:15

Call for papers for a Special issue of the Journal on Citizen's security and access to justice and human rights in East Africa andd the Great Lakes region

Democrats bend IL constitution to help Bush exploit eve-of-911 RNC timing

IMPEACH BUSH NOW, 22.08.2004 13:12

Democrats have bent over backwards to exempt Bush from ballot access filing deadlines in 8 states so Bush can have the Republican National Convention so late (presumably so it is close to Sept. 11 to maximize Bush's post-convention "bounce"). They violated the State Constitution to do it in Illinois. Meanwhile, the Democrats block Nader and other third-party and independent candidates from ballot access, even using state employees to do it in Illinois. launched!

RNC Delegates Working Group, 22.08.2004 07:56

The RNC Delegates Working Group would like to announce the launch of! On this website, people mobilizing against the RNC will find the names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of many of the delegates going to the Republican National Convention later this month.

Darfour &amp; Craft Porkys

Biploby, 22.08.2004 05:10

Cafty porkys re Darfour

Some Kerry aides privately predict landslide victory...for Bush

Hugh Hewitt, 22.08.2004 04:07

Major media continue to obfuscate by delving into the He-Said-She-Said medal story rather than Senator Kerry's more easily verifiable falsehoods concerning his Christmas in Cambodia and other Cambodian fish tales.

Dissident--the new swedish anarchist communist magazine

MalatestasDream, 22.08.2004 03:09

DSSIDENT is a new theoretical anarchist magazine. The collective (The Batkogroup) responsible for this magazine are anarchist communists. We are undogmatic and wants to be part in and further a constructive critical debatt within the anarchistmovement in Sweden. We will begin by going through what we percieve to be the "new" dominant currents; platformism, insurrectionalism and post-anarchism, among others. The first will deal with platformism. All the texts will also be available on our website eventually. We are planning to, besides working with Dissident, write books, pamphlets, hold workshops and talks and discussions to spread and develop anarchist communism in Sweden.

Hollywood Lunges For White South Africa

Dan Roodt, 22.08.2004 01:58

Apparently there are no Manchurians in “The Manchurian Candidate,” a Hollywood remake that has just been released, starring Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep. But there is a white South African, cast as the villain.


WE THE PEOPLE, 22.08.2004 01:10

Suggested slogans for public use at RNC and elsewhere


WE THE PEOPLE, 22.08.2004 01:03

Suggested tactics for street activism including use of symbols, organization, protection of members and more

PoliceState.mp3 - a song. Dedicated to RNC04 protests

marco, 22.08.2004 00:12

So I send along a brand new song I wrote

Lies &amp; Republicanism, A Statement In Human History

£, 21.08.2004 22:54


Los culpables siempre son los mismos

Arturo Arriagada, 21.08.2004 21:58

El cine se ha validado en Chile como un medio de comunicación que puede acaparar grandes audiencias. Todo a través de "Machuca", una película que refleja que el año 1973 es "la fecha" que aún genera discusión.

Fascists Is As Fascists Does!

Lloyd Hart, 21.08.2004 20:46

t So if the election is already stolen, why bother right? Wrong! There has never been a moment in America's history (a history of stolen elections) when the opportunity arose so fortuitously to actually instill democracy into what has essentially been the buying and selling of power in America that began with the buying and selling of the so-called American Revolution.

Iraq vet: &quot;I’ve seen guys cut their trigger fingers so they wouldn’t have to go&quot;

Traveling Soldier, 21.08.2004 19:38

The new issue of Traveling Soldier is out!


Cath, 21.08.2004 19:25

UfPJ and others confront "less-than-legal" opposition in NYC.

Michael Moore's Next film? &quot;HMO Hell&quot; ?? (Join Member-owned Health insurance!)

EconomicDemocracy, 21.08.2004 19:21

Moore's next film will be on the health care crisis. I
found out through the newsletter of the Ithaca
Health Fund -- I don't live in Ithaca but am a membmer. The
fund will be featured in Moore's next film. Read why you should
join it today...

From the home page of

jamie, 21.08.2004 19:13

Dear friends of a future of justice and peace,

Please read the following notes from This is one of the best sources of information about the disaster (be sure to read the numbers on the effects of the depleted uranium our troops have been exposed to) our government is making for ourselves, our children who we love beyond words, and the whole world. The nuts running our nation will not stop. They may well destroy all that is dear to humanity if we let them. Only we can put an end to the madness. Share these articles with anyone who will read them (even if just the headlines), speak out against the killing, dying, waste, and destruction at all opportunities. Become a graffiti artist, pass out telling articles at gatherings, flood local media with letters to the ed (maybe camp out at their offices), organize a teach in, sit in, rally, etc. Don’t go to work in protest and party with your pals who stay home too! Go to the RNC and raise pure hell!!! No action of resistance is too small or too BIG. The stakes are too high and will remain so until we get the selfish psychos out of office and put policies in place which have the interests of all people as the number one priority and guiding principal. It’s about justice and sanity and we have to have both or soon most of us will simply have nothing! jamie

Again &quot;monday-protests&quot; all over Germany

zapatist, 21.08.2004 18:50

There seems to be a revival of the famous "monday-protests" in 1989 which led to the end of former GDR: all over Germany people protest each monday against the government and its plans for social cuts.

Népal: Va-t-on laisser mourir de faim les enfants ?

La Libre Parole - Libre Opinion, 21.08.2004 17:09

Katmandou, Népal. Samedi 21 août 2004.

"Les pauvres vont mourir de faim si ça continue", déplorait Tara Maharjan, femme au foyer rencontrée sur le principal marché des quatre saisons de Katmandou.

Matinternet, Québec, Canada.

Senator Hollings: &quot;Bush Invaded Iraq to Secure Israel&quot;

Mark Weber, 21.08.2004 16:33

South Carolina's Senator Hollings “I can tell you no President takes office -- I don't care whether it is a Republican or a Democrat -- that all of a sudden AIPAC will tell him exactly what the policy is, and Senators and members of Congress ought
to sign letters.

Cincinnati's Guerilla Lobby: The Dean and Grassroots Politics as Unusual

The Dean of Cincinnati, 21.08.2004 16:20

This essay outlines the concept of a "Guerilla Lobby," and discusses our City's need for policty to be influenced by thinking and not special interests.

RED ALERT: Texas National Guard To Deploy November 1st For Martial Law TakeOver

Author: Admin, 21.08.2004 15:21




JASON DEDRICK, 21.08.2004 12:34

A letter showcasing, why I am the only person walking in the DNC2RNC protest with a American flag right side up.

In the Spirit of Walt Contreras Sheasby

Yoshie Furuhashi, 21.08.2004 09:05

Walt Contreras Sheasby, an outstanding Red/Green activist and theorist, died. His life was tragically cut short by the West Nile virus. Here is a bibliography of recent works (both theoretical inquiries and occasional polemics) by Walt. Read them and learn from him.

One-State-Solution in Palestine/Israel

Sami Aldeeb, 21.08.2004 02:52

Interview about the One-State-Solution with Sami Aldeeb, Chairman of the Association for one Democratic State in Palestine/Israel

lyrics and a original pic

£, 21.08.2004 02:40

lo-rez by skinny puppy

Like a Man Cheating on His Wife

Lonna Gooden VanHorn, 21.08.2004 02:26

The Republicans' funding of the attack on Kerry’s Military Record and their attempt to discredit the valor which earned him a bronze star, a silver star and 3 purple hearts is exactly the same thing as a man cheating on his wife who then comes home and accuses her of being unfaithful. She is the one who has been wronged. but she is the one who ends up defending herself, thereby deflecting attention from his misdeeds. Which is his intent.

Kerry Previews Strategy to Abolish First Amendment

Lionel Swift, 20.08.2004 23:58

Instead of responding to specific charges by the Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth, Senator Kerry has opted for a strategy of trying to silence them.


Christopher Henry, 20.08.2004 23:18

The eyes of the world will be upon you, the upcoming battle will be an important one. Important because it will set the "tone" of our struggle for for the next several years.

are they ready for us at the rnc?

urban guerrilla liberation front, 20.08.2004 22:24

critic of our movement and a black bloc anti rnc propaganda clip

Iraqis summarily executed by U.S. troops

jamie, 20.08.2004 21:58

Iraqis summarily executed by U.S. forces in Najaf. Army “intelligence” implicated. And more important news from Iraq as U.S. death toll reaches 957.

&quot;Hail to the Thief 2&quot; is available

McJ, 20.08.2004 21:42

Songs to Send Bush Packing!

Iraqi soccer players slam Bush

jamie, 20.08.2004 21:10

Another star player, 22-year-old Ahmed Manajid, asked: "How will Mr Bush meet his god having slaughtered so many men and women? He has committed so many crimes."

August 27 New York City Immigrant Workers Speak Out!

Lee Siu Hin, 20.08.2004 20:18

First of the week-long Counter RNC Mobilization in New York City

No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights! No To Sweatshops! End The Racism On The Community!

Argentina, defensor de genocidas escrachado

Yo, 20.08.2004 19:43

Datos del propietario de la pagina
En esta pagina se defiende a violadores de los derechos humanos en Argentina

Class Action Suit against Google.Com?

Kerry Okee, 20.08.2004 19:15

Class Action Suit against WWW.Google.Com?


INN World Report, 20.08.2004 19:04


The Golden Age of U.S. Jewry

Avi Beker, 20.08.2004 18:22

The United States of Israel American Jewry has attained an unprecedented status in the power it has acquired for itself to shape the policy of the No. 1 world power.


WWW.HAKSOZ.NET, 20.08.2004 16:51

Support to the Hunger Strike from Turkey
“Friends of Palestine” Call For Palestine Prisoners

Se viene un segundo rodrigazo a la Argentina

DyN, 20.08.2004 16:23

El periodista Miguel Ángel Rouco advierte sobre la posible llegada de una profunda crisis económica en los próximos meses a nuestro país, similar a la ocurrida en los años '70. Según una nota publicada hoy a medida que avanza la segunda mitad del año, los síntomas de una rápida desaceleración de la economía son evidentes tanto para el gobierno como para el sector privado.

Científicos advierten que llegan las guerras por el agua, 20.08.2004 16:21

El riesgo de que comiencen a librarse guerras por el acceso al agua ha aumentado debido al crecimiento explosivo de la población mundial y a una autocomplacencia generalizada en los países más ricos.

are they ready for us at the rnc?

urban guerrilla liberation front, 20.08.2004 16:07

communique first rnc propaganda video and critic of where we are at as a revolution

SA solidarity from former apartheid prisoners for the Palestinian prisoners hunger strike

anna, 20.08.2004 15:11

Over 4000 Palestinian prisoners in jail in Israel for
opposing Apartheid have been on a hunger strike since
August 14th 2004.

US 3rd occupation of Haiti supported by Argentina's President Kirchner

Parti Populaire National (PPN) of Haiti, 20.08.2004 14:57

Press Release from Ben Dupuy, Secretary General of the Parti Populaire National (PPN) of Haiti (sent out on Mon, 16 Aug 2004).

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