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Indigenous Peoples Have a New Forum Now

By Stefano Colombo, 27.03.2011 17:56

IDN-InDepth NewsReport

ROME (IDN) - Indigenous peoples comprise one-third of the world's one billion extreme poor in rural areas. They are among the most vulnerable and marginalized of any group. Spread over 70 countries and representing diverse cultural backgrounds, they share many concerns such as limited access to healthcare and education, loss of control over lands, displacement and violations of basic human rights.

UN Far From Timid in Condemning Arab Leaders

By Jaya Ramachandran, 27.03.2011 17:54

IDN-InDepth NewsReport

GENEVA (IDN) - The youth uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East have caught not only the governments in major European countries and the U.S. unawares but also the United Nations. And yet the reactions from within the UN -- essentially an intergovernmental organisation -- have been far from timid.

Moving Away From the Nuclear Button

By Ernest Corea, 27.03.2011 17:53

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

WASHINGTON D.C. (IDN) - Russia and the U.S. are expected to exchange information about their nuclear weapons stockpiles on March 22, 2011 as required under the provisions of the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). They last exchanged corresponding information in July 2009, under the previous START that ended in December that year.

How to 'Iran-ise Egypt . . . and Others'

By Fareed Mahdy*, 27.03.2011 17:52

IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint

ISTANBUL (IDN) - The recipe for pushing Egyptians and Arabs toward extremism is simple and has been tasted for decades. Its ingredients are easy to prepare and digest; they are already pre-cooked and the kitchens of both Western mainstream media and foreign ministries are full of them. No problem.

Wake-up Call for G20 to Banish Bribery

By Jutta Wolf, 27.03.2011 17:50

IDN-InDepth NewsReport

BERLIN (IDN) - Tunisia and Egypt should serve as a wake-up call to the Group of 20 (G20) industrial and emerging economies to put into practice long overdue decisions to root out corruption in public life, Transparency International (TI) and Global Witness, backed by 76 other organisations from around the world have warned.

New Vaccine Launched to Protect Babies Against Pneumonia

By Jerome Mwanda, 27.03.2011 17:48

IDN-InDepth NewsReport

NAIROBI (IDN) - An innovative financing mechanism called the Advance Market Commitment (AMC), has helped to make the rollout of new-generation pneumococcal vaccines possible within a year of their introduction with Italy, Britain, Canada, Russian, Norway, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation together contributing US$ 1.5 billion.

Egypt Has Much to Celebrate While Questions Linger

By Ernest Corea, 27.03.2011 17:46

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

WASHINGTON D.C. (IDN) - Twenty-one years to the day on which Nelson Mandela emerged from the darkness of 27 years in a South African prison, Egypt's Hosni Mubarak packed his bags and departed with his family from the darkness of 30 years of his own dictatorial regime.

Security Council Discovers Linkages between Poverty and Peace

By J Chandler, 27.03.2011 17:45

IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis

TORONTO (IDN) - Better late than never: Following this axiom, the UN Security Council which normally debates country-specific and war-and-peace issues such as Sudan and the Middle East, decided to widen its horizon and discussed in a high-level session some of the root causes underlying conflicts around the world.

NATO Ready to Facilitate Middle East Peace

By Bernhard Schell, 27.03.2011 17:43

IDN-InDepth NewsReport

AMMAN (IDN) – As uncertainty and suspense about an emerging new Egypt and its impact on the Middle East grip the international community, the Euro-U.S. military alliance NATO has offered to serve as a facilitator, though in a rather circumspect manner.

UN Keen to Reinforce Disaster Reduction Strategies

By Richard Johnson, 27.03.2011 17:42

IDN-InDepth NewsReport

GENEVA (IDN) - Poverty, rapid urbanization and the impact of climate change resulted in 950 disasters in 2010, making it one of the deadliest years in more than a generation. Some 300,000 people were killed by earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and China, floods in Pakistan and Europe, wildfires in Russia and the United States as well as cyclones and tropical storms in Asia. In terms of money the overall losses amounted to about US$130 billion.


ARVIN GUMATO PAREJA, 27.03.2011 13:25

the bleeding heart I can’t stop crying . . . . .

Amongst the purpose of life is to be "happy" just as I think another purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. It is, above all, to matter and to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that we lived at all.

Let us share the Love for our brethren in Japan.

Charity and uncharity

Dr.A.Prabaharan, Research Director, Public Action, 27.03.2011 12:05

Charity is flowing in the Indian blood for ages. It is being part of the life, philosophy, and culture, of the Indian society. There is no separation of charity from the everyday living of Indians. Before eating, rest of the world thanks the God for giving food but Indians offer food to crows. Many more examples can be given for the top most charitable order of the Indian society.

US-Led Libyan Ground Assault Planned

Stephen Lendman, 27.03.2011 08:30

naked aggression

Updating Japan's Nuclear Disaster

Stephen Lendman, 27.03.2011 08:15

nuclear disaster

Sir, Don’t lace our spices with your cesium

VT PADMANABHAN, 27.03.2011 06:26

Map of Kudankulam target area in South India Kudankulan atomic power station, Russian VVER reactors being commissioned near Kanyakumari on the Bay of Bengal coast of India has potential to radio-conataminate the food basket of more than 3 billion people.

Sir, Don’t lace our spices with your cesium

VT PADMANABHAN, 27.03.2011 06:25

Kudankulan atomic power station, Russian VVER reactors being commissioned near Kanyakumari on the Bay of Bengal coast of India has potential to radio-conataminate the food basket of more than 3 billion people.

G8/G20 FRANCE Int. Preparation Meeting 1-3 April

nog2011, 27.03.2011 03:17

invtiation1 G8-G20 France 2011

The next international preparation meeting will be held at the first
weekend of April (Friday 1, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3) in Paris.

Absolutes, religions, sciences, and domination of the many by the few

m concoyle, 27.03.2011 02:44

The point of today’s social structure, in the US, is “domination,” and it is framed and justified in terms of absolutes, which are subsequently supported by (as well as being maintained by) “absolute” authoritative institutions such as science and law (the law of the national security state), where domination of the many by the few is justified by unquestionable absolute viewpoints.
One can either embrace or oppose authoritative absolute proclamations, but the dominant structure is supported by a social structure which is based on absolute truths (the social structures of):

Court Aids Publishing Houses: Clamps Down on Copyright Violations: Protects Authors and &quot;Dead Tree&quot; Publishers

Geoffery Bard, 27.03.2011 00:02

The NY Court of Appeals made things more difficult for internet entities which play fast and loose with copyright, reversing a lower Federal Court decision and now making it easier for copyright holders to bring suit in New York, where many publishing houses are located.


USMJP, 26.03.2011 19:06

DENNY LANE for PRESIDENT 2012 of the USA for the UNITED STATES MARIJUANA PARTY Denny Lane, former Grassroots Party Presidential candidate in 2000, is running for President 2012 of the United States of America for the U.S. Marijuana Party. Denny Lane is active with MPP and NORML. He studied International Politics at Fordham University. (802)496-2387

Serbien begeht Jahrestag des NATO-Überfalls

Mirko Vuljic, 26.03.2011 14:25

Kriegsverbrechergesetz gilt auch für USA! Belgrad – Serbien begeht heute den 12. Jahrestag der NATO-Bombardierungskampagne gegen Ziele in der damaligen Bundesrepublik Jugoslawien. Der Angriffskrieg unter dem Titel Operation Allied Force (Operation vereinte Kraft) umfasste 19 NATO-Länder und begann am 24. März 1999. Er dauerte 78 Tage lang, tötete 2.500 Zivilisten, 89 davon Kinder, sowie 1.031 Soldaten und Polizisten, berichtet Tanjug. Rund 6.000 Zivilisten wurden verwundet, 2.700 von diesen waren Kinder. Bei Militär und Polizei gab es 5.173 Verwundete. Die Verluste der NATO wurden nie öffentlich bekannt gegeben. ............

Libyen: NATO-Sieg in 90 Tagen!?

Hans-Werner Plum, 26.03.2011 11:17

NATO-WAR in Libya NATO will Kreuzzug gegen Libyen in 90 Tagen gewinnen ............ Wie der Presse heute mitgeteilt wurde, plant die NATO, den verbrecherischen Angriffskrieg zur Rekolonialisierung Libyens in 90 Tagen gewonnen zu haben, also einer etwas längeren Zeitspanne, als 2003 die Invasion des Irak erfolgreich abgeschlossen war. Ab etwa Ende April ist russischen EInschätzungen zufolge trotz derzeitiger gegenteiliger öffentlicher Beteuerungen der Regierungschefs der gegen Libyen kriegsführenden Staaten der Einsatz von amerikanischen und britischen Besatzungstruppen geplant.

Venezuela's New Social Responsibility Law

Stephen Lendman, 26.03.2011 08:31


NATO: America's Imperial Tool

Stephen Lendman, 26.03.2011 08:19

naked aggression

Villagers tortured and woman sexually abused by police

William Gomes, 26.03.2011 04:03

Police carried out atrocities in revenge of the humiliation of a police officer of Biral Thana in Dinajpur district. The victims included men, women, children and the elderly. They suffered severe injuries and the women victims were sexually molested and abused. The police perpetrators remain unpunished due to the culture of impunity and the absence of legislation to protect the people from torture. The police have filed at least one case against the villagers and are harassing them. To-date no proper investigation has been carried out.

Barack Obama: el encantador de audiencias

Bruno Lima Rocha y Rafael Cavalcanti, 25.03.2011 23:11

El huracán mediático Barack Obama pasó por el Brasil para marcar también una nueva política. Cambiados los tiempos, esta vez la línea del Departamento de Estado es pro-activa, buscando reconstruir una agenda bilateral entre los dos países. Ahora el foco de los Estados Unidos es la reaproximación de Occidente al Brasil; lo que implicaría el alejamiento paulatino de los brasileños de las tesis latino-americanistas.

Tell me, who is the terrorist?!

John F. Dupret, 25.03.2011 21:29

ISM - Gaza Two days ago, on March 22nd 2011, the Israeli army attacked a populated area in the Al-Shejaija neighborhood, east of Gaza City. Four days after the murder of two children in Johr Al-Dik, the Israeli army once again killed civilians, amongst them two more children. The latest victims of Israel’s war crimes are Yasser A’ahid Al-Helo (15), Mohamed Jalal Al-Helo (10), Mohammed Shaber Harara (18) and Yasser Hamid Al-Helo (55). At approximately 3 pm, Israeli tanks, positioned along the border, hit Al-Nazzaz street, 2 km from the border with four consecutive artillery shells. The first one hit Samer Walid Mushtaha’s house, destroying the upper floor. His wife, who was preparing dinner, had just gone downstairs and missed the attack by chance. The second shell hit vacant land nearby belonging to the Al-Helo family. The third one hit a group of children and older boys who were playing football near their houses, as they do every single day. 10 year old Mohamed Jalal Al-Helo and 19 year old Mohamed Saber Harara were immediately killed and their bodies brutally dismembered. Ten more children and an adult were also injured by shrapnel.

Nduna Ananias Mpunzi:Anti-apartheid activist and Liberation Theologian passes on

Moemedi Kepadisa, 25.03.2011 16:25

A memorial tribute on the passing of Reverend Nduna Ananias Mpunzi, anti apartheid activist, liberation theologian and devoted servant of God

What a horrific cruelty case can teach us

By Martin Mersereau, 25.03.2011 14:56

Animal abusers are cowards who take their issues out on "easy victims"—and their targets often include their fellow humans. Reporting people who hurt animals doesn't only protect animals. It makes the entire community safer.


Benitron, 25.03.2011 12:50

Site de don de particulier collaboratif et sous Licence Libre

Western Massacre in Libya

Rosa L. Blanc, 25.03.2011 10:42

This essay discusses Western imperial intervention in Libya.

Target Israel, Not Libya

Stephen Lendman, 25.03.2011 08:27

naked aggression

Libyen: Schlächter unter uns

Theodor v.u.z. Blitzeberg, 24.03.2011 22:18

Libyen - Schlächter unter uns Libyen: Die Schlächter sind unter uns. Stoppen wir sie! ...... Zum Krieg gegen Libyen dokumentieren wir den Appell des Bundesverbands Arbeiterfotografie vom 21.3.2011 als Diskussionsbeitrag: Die Schlächter sind unter uns. Einige von ihnen sind gewählt. Sie heißen Obama, Sarkozy usw. Sie sind die Despoten, die sich an das große Kapital verkauft haben und in dessen Interesse agieren und die Weltöffentlichkeit manipulieren. Das große Kapital ist der eigentliche Diktator, der seine Handlanger operieren läßt. Sie sind es, gegen die ein Aufstand erforderlich ist. Diejenigen, die uns einreden wollen, es ginge in Libyen um den Schutz von Zivilisten - wie das z.B. der mit dem "Friedensnobelpreis" versehene US-Präsident Obama am 19. März 2011 in aller Öffentlichkeit tut [1] - sind die eigentlichen Despoten und Demagogen.


Antonella Antonecchia, 24.03.2011 15:23

Youth ranging in ages 8-14 gathered at the new Church of Scientology Tampa in Ybor City.

Libyen-Krieg: Erfolg für Gaddafi ...

Werner Rosmann, 24.03.2011 12:13

NATO F-18-Kampfjet Erster Erfolg für Gaddafi: NATO-Staaten völlig zerstritten! .... Es ist gekommen, wie es kommen mußte, die NATO ist entzweit. Galt schon die "Enthaltung" der BRD als kleine Sensation, so werden die widersprüchlichen Interessen innert der NATO immer deutlicher. Nun ist auch noch eine wütende "Führungsdiskussion" entbrannt. Damit hat Gaddafi die NATO-Krieger in eine äußerst schwierige Lage gebracht. „Die Nato als Organisation ist ins Rutschen gekommen - genau wie Russland das vorausgesagt hat“, sagte der russische Nato-Botschafter Dmitri Rogosin in einem Interview mit RIA NOVOSTI.

&quot;Futbol Cracks&quot; vs &quot;Futbol Star&quot;- Plagio - ¡No mas mentiras!

Doina Martin, 24.03.2011 09:44

El primer Reality Show de Fútbol del mundo envuelto en mentiras con el beneplácito de los medios


Islam Mohammad Al Ilah | WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION, 24.03.2011 08:37

Ein traum wird wahr. Ich habe schon immer daran geglaubt.

Eine weltweite Revolution dem satan Seine macht geraubt.

Wie lange, wie lange habt Ihr geglaubt.

Ihr habt uns unsere Kinder geraubt.

Asche zu Asche Staub zu Staub.

Blind und Taub ist die Regierung. Das ist Raub

An der Menschlichkeit. Ihr Oberhaupt.

Wir werden euch vernichten. Überall auf der Welt.

Ihr habt uns schon längst angegriffen. Dies ist Notwehr.

Cheerleading for War

Stephen Lendman, 24.03.2011 08:35

naked aggression

The Truth about Ecstasy

Paola Martinez, 24.03.2011 04:35

“It’s not worth the momentary high, it just sucks the life out of you, it sucks the happiness out of you” these are the words of an Ecstasy user, a “designer drug” that became popular in clubs and rave parties.

Military actions against Libya/Libyan resistance must rely on own strength

Astrid Essed, 24.03.2011 02:48

By applauding the Western military actions against Libya, the Libyan resistance doesn't rely on their own strength, but will be bound to either a Western occupation, or a far going Western influence, when Gaddafi is defeated

End the US-led Armed Intervention in Libya

Akbayan, PLM, 24.03.2011 02:30

No to imperialist intervention in the Libya! Saudi, UAE troops out of Bahrain!
Support Middle Eastern democracy struggles! End imperialist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan!

Getting Out the Truth About Drugs  

Antonella Antonecchia, 24.03.2011 01:40

Every week the Tampa Bay chapter of Foundation for a Drug-Free World gets the truth about the harmful effects of drug abuse out to hundreds of people in the Tampa Bay area.

Libyen-Krieg: Erfolg für Gaddafi

Werner Rosmann, 23.03.2011 23:57

NATO F-18-Kampfjet Erster Erfolg für Gaddafi: NATO-Staaten völlig zerstritten! .... Es ist gekommen, wie es kommen mußte, die NATO ist entzweit. Galt schon die "Enthaltung" der BRD als kleine Sensation, so werden die widersprüchlichen Interessen innert der NATO immer deutlicher. Nun ist auch noch eine wütende "Führungsdiskussion" entbrannt. Damit hat Gaddafi die NATO-Krieger in eine äußerst schwierige Lage gebracht. „Die Nato als Organisation ist ins Rutschen gekommen - genau wie Russland das vorausgesagt hat“, sagte der russische Nato-Botschafter Dmitri Rogosin in einem Interview mit RIA NOVOSTI.

The Race for Space Solar Energy

William John Cox, 23.03.2011 21:01

The failures of the General Electric nuclear reactors in Japan to safely shut down during the 9.0 Tahoku earthquake, following in the wake of the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the deadly methane gas explosion in Massey’s West Virginia coal mine, conclusively demonstrate the grave dangers to human society posed by current energy production methods.

Puntos para tener en cuenta en la invasión a libia

Juan Ahumada Farietta, 23.03.2011 19:07

En el caso de Libia, como muy bien explica y demuestra Ignacio Ramonet, director de Le Monde Diplomatique, en su libro La tiranía de la comunicación, se debe partir de que los medios de comunicación masivos, no son de confiar a la hora de informarse, interpretar y extraer conclusiones. Los mass media son monopolios con sede en las metrópolis, manipulan la información acorde con los intereses económicos y políticos del capital financiero y las potencias del capital, y, por sobretodo, mienten.

LIBYA: another desperate attack by the imperialists

Carlos Tobar, 23.03.2011 19:01

cartoon tsunami on Libya In an attitude typical of the era of absolutist despotism when emperors and kings shall abrogate the right to decide on the fate of peoples, several governments neoabsolutistas this time of capitalist globalization imposed on the Security Council of the UN, a resolution can attack one of its members, the sovereign state of Libya. Decision made by counting with the connivance of satellite countries like Colombia and the pusillanimity of Russia, China and Germany.

Howard Dean's Police State of Vermont, Sotomayor and Government Crime

scott huminski, 23.03.2011 16:44

In this non-fiction book preview, a detailed investigation into the police state constructed by Howard Dean and his cronies all with the blessing of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Street Roots Discrimination against disabled female vendors.

Sean Walsh, 23.03.2011 15:11

There is a vendor, for her safety, she will be called Marie. She has a service dog, and has been being threatened by other vendors, with no protection or defense from the director, who blows off the situation by sitting down for coffee, and giving his 'word' that he will see to it personally that things will be remedied.

BRD: Luftangriffe in Libyen nicht verantwortbar

Andreas Koppmann, 23.03.2011 15:06

Krieg gegen Libyen Käßmann: Luftangriffe in Libyen nicht verantwortbar ......... Luftangriffe gegen Bodentruppen und Bunker des libyschen Diktators Muammar al-Gaddafi sind nach Ansicht ehemaligen Bischöfin Margot Käßmann theologisch nicht verantwortbar. Käßmann (52) verwies am Montag in der ARD-Talksendung «Beckmann» auf eine frühere Denkschrift der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland, nach der zum Schutz der Zivilbevölkerung militärische Gewalt für einen begrenzten Zeitraum und mit einem begrenzten Ziel legitim sein könne. Die Einrichtung einer Flugverbotszone in Libyen habe sie für solch ein begrenztes Ziel gehalten, sagte Käßmann. «Wenn ich jetzt aber sehe, dass die Resolution 1973 schon wieder sagt: Bodentruppen können bombardiert werden, Gaddafis Hauptquartier wird bombardiert, dann ist das für mich schon wieder eine militärische Ausweitung, die diese engen ethischen Grenzziehungen, die ich theologisch gerade noch verantworten könnte - ich habe ein Unbehagen mit allem Militärischen, das muss ich sagen - schon wieder überschreitet.»

Western Aggression on Libya

Stephen Lendman, 23.03.2011 08:36

naked aggression

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