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The Scumbag Messiah

Douglass M. Arrowsmith IV, 31.08.2004 18:09

How Kerry Volunteered and George Disappeared

CNN lies about attack on cop at RNC last night

Pete Litster, Salt Lake City, UT, 31.08.2004 16:55

We were at the scene. CNN is trying to villify the protestors, and ignores police aggression- duh.

¡¡Por la libertad de Marcelino y Leonardo Miranda!! ¡La solidaridad internacional!

COPINH, 31.08.2004 15:27

Como ustedes son conocedores de la situación de represión y violación de
derechos humanos a miembros de comunidades indígenas, en especial en el
caso de los compañeros Marcelino Miranda y Leonardo Miranda,
secuestrados, presos, torturados y condenados a 29 años de cárcel por
defender la territorialidad comunal, su cultura y por ser miembros

Did George W Bush Help With The Assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero

anon, 31.08.2004 12:29

Well, the question is begged. goes online

Matthias Ripp, 31.08.2004 11:53

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

the new website is online.
More Information you can find in the attached press release.

Hostage scam getting obvious

ali baba, 31.08.2004 09:43

If the targeting of journalists by Resistance members had always been unlikely, the latest hostage taking defies all logic--until viewed from the US perspective. Then, the kidnappings can be seen for what they are: a continuation of the US policy to eliminate independent journalists from the Iraqi theater. But with a new twist which conveniently pins the deed on the Resistance, discredits it, justifies US occupation and avoids blame.

Who's ahead in the 2004 Presidential Election - Polls, stats, data

Liza Willis, 31.08.2004 07:57

Check who's ahead in the 2004 Presidential Election. John Kerry or George W. Bush? Polls, statistical data, and more...

August 29, 2004

mica, 31.08.2004 05:52

the archangel cometh! mysterious angel battles bush

Inside the Republican National Convention - Day 1

A Former Vassar Girl, 31.08.2004 05:49

Some anecdotes and interesting tidbits about the first night of the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden from a person who attended the event


Anonymouse, 31.08.2004 05:12

Kevin Mannix,2007 State Street,Salem OR 97301,Email:,
Work: 503-485-2002, Mr. Solomon Yue,265 50th Ave NW, Salem OR 97306,
Home: 503-370-7499,Email:,Ms. June S Hartley,
PO Box 2643, Nyssa OR 97913, Email,Home: 541-372-2327,
Fax: 541-372-3079,


Cordially Yours, 31.08.2004 04:57

The hotel that each states' delegates are staying at is public information. Names of delegates for each state is also public information. Give the delegates a call and try turning a Republican foe to a friend.

pictures from dv video durring mini riot

nash, 31.08.2004 03:46

Protesters forming a line against the police Pictures of police making arrests after the dragon caught on fire.


Yevgeni Andre'ich Stepanov, 31.08.2004 02:25

Liberals are so out-of-touch with the mainstream of America they believe they alone have Rights, Freedom, and concerns about Liberty.

&quot;We know who you are, and where you live...&quot;

The Counter-Revolutionary, 31.08.2004 00:36

Commentary regarding the federal investigation concerning the recent posting of Republican National Convention Deligate names and contact information on an indymedia web site.

Iraqi Vets Against the War Close Ranks with Vietnam Vets Against the War (Again)

Gyrene Quang Tri, Iraqnam, 31.08.2004 00:22

During Sunday's monster protest against Bush and his stinking war it was Veterans who lead the march. During the march a clandestine picnic was hastily arranged among the veterans. The picnic was held in Central Park at Summit Rock. An illegal rally spontaneously took place (in accordance with the US Bill of Rights) and the torch was passed from the Vietnam generation to the Iraqi War generation who now comprise the Iraqi Veterans Against the War.

public listing of private contact information

hoosier, 30.08.2004 23:37

If you want to get heavy handed and start posting the contact information for Republican delegates than I suggest you first think about how this would affect you if the roles were reversed.

A Million Voices One Peace

Grainne O'Driscoll, 30.08.2004 23:11

1.2 Billion people don;t have access to fresh water.
Gemma Bulos has founded a non-profit organisation called " A Single drop "which is helping other organisations with ensuring we all have access to fresh water.
She travelled the globe gathering A MILLION VOICE CHOIR for Peace with a song she wrote " WE RISE" which is a great song full of positive lyrics with the culmination being a synchronised sing on Tuesday 21st September 2004 (International Day of Peace and Ceasefire).

Keep the 21st Sept free for a big fun day!!
It takes a single drop to start a wave"

21st Sept 2004 MILLION voice choir for PEACE!

Paradojas de la Revolución Bolivariana

Guayú De Falkón, 30.08.2004 21:55 Revolución Bolivariana ha estado, y aún está, condenada a recibir golpes y soportar la conspiración permanente de los sectores sociales opuestos a los cambios, por la falta de un Poder Judicial, falta de una Fiscalía Pública, falta de un Defensor del Pueblo y la falta de una Contraloría General de la Nación que ejerzan el poder que les confiere el orden legal en correspondencia con las exigencias éticas de la nueva Constitución...

Do the neocons lie about casualties in Iraq?

Joe, 30.08.2004 21:25

To all those who suspect the neocons lie about casualties in Iraq,

The article below is reprinted from Islam online. Also included are reports from, which gives a conservative but useful accounting of coalition losses in Iraq. They report that 974 U.S. troops have now died since the most recent invasion of Iraq. Joe

Hillary 2012

Bill, 30.08.2004 20:51

Just more Clinton rhetoric

War &quot;hero&quot;

JFK, 30.08.2004 20:49

Kerry's the man to lead our commies, I mean our country.

Osama bin Laden leads RNC protests!

Joe Stalin, 30.08.2004 20:41

Katie Couric explains how the beatnicks posing as demonstrators in NYC this week support the divisive & distructive tactics of the Democratic party.

Left Wing Scum

Patriot, 30.08.2004 20:12

I pray the United States government identifies you bastards and takes necessary action

Texas appropriate location of American Indian Genocide Museum Part II

Brenda Norrell, 30.08.2004 20:10

The board of the American Indian Genocide Museum is searching for a permanent home in Houston for their data on the American Holocaust

Speech by Alan L. Maki of Minnesotans for Peace and Social Justice at the Sunday, August 29, 2004 Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Peace March and Rally

Alan L. Maki, 30.08.2004 19:13

Peace and Social Justice

Três livros de Francisco Trindade

Francisco Trindade, 30.08.2004 17:08

Três livros de Francisco Trindade

Boathouse Restaurant A29 Evening

Junior, 30.08.2004 17:07

preparing N/A

trading of a Mega-Swap of Argentine Sovereign Debt Bonds, we request you please inform the international public accordingly.

El Traductor, 30.08.2004 15:20

I would like to thank you for your kind message dated 5th August last answering our previous inquiry on the above mentioned matter, which we have duly noted. We, naturally, fully appreciate that the SEC does not at present have the proper staffing to address the complex issues we raised relating to the impending Mega-Swap of Argentine Debt Bonds.

The Speech John Kerry Should Make

John Mackesy, 30.08.2004 14:57

This is an article from a peace activist who refuses to vote for John Kerry as the lesser of two evils,just because he is not Bush. I offer Kerry a speech "A Change of Heart, A Stand of Conscience and a Challenge to the American People." I ask people to send it around and call on candidate Kerry to "Read the Speech, John. Read the Speech, John...."

Bastard Politics

Chuck Richardson, 30.08.2004 14:36

"...And the pump don't work cause the vandals took the handles." Bob Dylan

news about a web site who recolect everythink abaut blodsucker

exil-a.r.t., 30.08.2004 12:15

this a fuckkk...bush site.... everythink... films ..articles ..
last news ....culture of resistences...against EMPIRE VAMPIRE

Posters for RNC Actions, 30.08.2004 05:25


A new series of anti-Bush posters for RNC actions and protests.

RNC/NYC Anti-War Protest Interview With Sue Niederer, MFSO Anti-War Mother

Jay Shaft, 30.08.2004 04:26

Earlier today I interviewed Sue Niederer, a member of Military Families Speak Out.

She took part in the United for Peace and Social Justice mass Anti-War march in New York City today. She was in Central Park when I talked to her after the march.

Hi-Res Image Update: Portland Solidarity with 9/11 Truth Movement in NYC

Ron Gassaway, 30.08.2004 03:00

Hi-Res Image Update: Portland Solidarity with 9/11 Truth Movement in NYC

Want to help spread the real story of 9/11 with high-powered images that will mesmerize skeptics of complicity, long enough to make an imprint and maybe redirect their skepticism towards the official story of 9/11? (These images are partisan and may be considered inflammatory, but how inflammatory are they when compared to the ruthless and very real incendiary actions of the Bush Administration?) Go here if you dare, and good luck to you:

(Hi-Res JPG & TIFF 200dpi both available)

Life After Capitalism Conference

Abdul Ikeem of Audience, 30.08.2004 02:02

Cross the nation and around the world grass root organizations are facilitating better and working more efficiently thanks in part to the “Life After Capitalism” conference. The gathering of countless community service groups, sociologist, rebels, political parties, to name a few, took place August 20 through 22. The event took place at both Hunter University and the Graduate Center. This conference was in response to an urgent need for change within the US.

The Coalition Of The Honest

Jordan Thornton, 30.08.2004 01:19

Every 'streeter" I saw during the lead-up to the Federal Election showed that this is exactly the type of honesty Canadians are looking for. Too much for our tightly-controlled, with-one-voice media ...

Are We on the Road to Ruin or Redemption?

Joyce Walker, 30.08.2004 00:49

It’s as if we were on a runaway train headed toward a precipice, with the mercenaries of the Republican and Democratic parties battling for control of the engine, and us, the passengers, hanging on for dear life to keep from being thrown from the train. Will we gain control of the locomotive before it’s too late?

“Casa Comum das Tertúlias”: Apresentação do livro “Memórias Paroquiais do Concelho de Castelo Branco: Transcrições”

Luís Norberto Lourenço, 30.08.2004 00:46

A “Casa Comum das Tertúlias” apresenta o livro “Memórias Paroquiais do Concelho de Castelo Branco: Transcrições”, de Pedro Rego da Silva, da “Ediraia”, na Casa Comum das Tertúlias, em Penamacor, a 3 de Setembro de 2004, pelas 21h

Rock Band has Republicans seeing Orange

AF, 29.08.2004 23:07

Some Republicans have been seething about rock band Audio Fiction’s just released single “Tick Tock”, a subtle attack on George W. Bush and his reasons for invading Iraq. As lyrics in the song say, “life is good if your on the right side” perfectly epitomizes the attitude of the Bush administration according to some critics. “Tick Tock” is their first single from their debut record "Songs in the Key of Orange Alert".

Más Pimienta que Sal

Dzunum, 29.08.2004 23:01

Vicente Fox. El único presidente en la historia de México (y del mundo) que ha autorizado herir con balas de plástico con gas pimienta a sus propios compatriotas, por parte de un gobierno extranjero. ¡Qué vergüenza!

NYPD Calls out 'Air Force' for protest

skyking, 29.08.2004 19:48

The New York Police Department calls out its 'Air Force" to patrol RNC protest.

**Press Release** Sound Off vs the RNC 2004 **Press Release**

Charles Alexander Zorn, 29.08.2004 19:10

A unique method to protest the RNC and the Bush administrations agenda. This is a peaceful, "Asphalt Roots" protest that does not interfere with other protests and can be sustained without governmental interference right up until Bush's ousting. Sound Off!

Tucson Peace Rally tonight! Republican HQ 5 pm

Q, 29.08.2004 17:18

No to the Bush Agenda Join the Rally

Hey Cop, What Was Your Fear?

marco, 29.08.2004 15:00

Response to Friday's Critical Mass arrests

civilian review boards

&quot;Hail to the Thief II&quot; CD with Tom Paxton, Utah Phillips, Faith Petric, Pat Humphries, Sand O, Kim and Reggie Harris, Many More!

George Mann, 29.08.2004 11:45

15 of the nation's labor/folksingers get together to put out an album of songs and stories against Bush-- guaranteed to help send the world's most dangerous (and ignorant) man back to Texas!

Frankfurter Rundschau empfiehlt u.a. „Schinken&quot; und &quot;Seezunge&quot;! Protest!

TUN - Tier- und Naturschutz e.V., 29.08.2004 10:53

Wie die älteste Tierrechtsorganisation Europas, TUN – Tier- und Naturschutz e.V.*, mitteilt, sei in der Ausgabe vom 27.08.2004 (Freitag) der sich interessanterweise immer noch „unabhängig“ nennenden überregionalen Tageszeitung „Frankfurter Rundschau“ deren regelmäßige Beilage „plan.F“ erschienen. Hier habe die Rundschau wieder einmal einen hohen Grad von Unsensibilität und Gewaltverherrlichung (Gewalt gegen Tiere) erreicht, indem nicht nur kritiklos unter der Rubrik „Essen & Trinken“ (bzw. "Spanische Speisung") ein Frankfurter Gasthaus Schinken und Salami anbietet, sondern auch noch viele andere Tierleichen: Tintenfisch und Seezunge. TUN protestiert und fordert zum Mitprotestieren auf.


Take a close look at the Great Seal of US, 29.08.2004 10:02

Israel appears to be spying on the U.S. and hijacking American foreign policy for the Jewish State and for Zionism.

Feith, Wolfowitz and the as yet unnamed suspect, are all Jewish.

Israel denied it last time. Then after 13 years they admitted it. They denied it this time too. Will they admit it in 13 years? What kind of a mess will the world be in by then, as the hatred between Arabs, Israelis and their allies increasingly threatens indiscriminate violence and terror.

It now seems likely that Israel will use the US to invade more of its enemies, including Iran - just as it used the US to invade Iraq.

Israel's role in the war on terror is cause for serious concern. Israeli secret agents were arrested filming and laughing at the September 11 attacks in New York. Since then the United States has been a major force in attacking Israel's opponents all over the world.

Informacion Colombiana

Miguel Suarez, 29.08.2004 09:47

Escucha en Radio Café Stereo la mas veraz información sobre Colombia
La emisión se retransmite continuamente y así podrás escuchar la
información sin perder detalle.

Partisan Song

remixer, 29.08.2004 08:01

hip-hop version of the Partisan Song, beat by Microplatform


., 29.08.2004 06:14

Long Live Kim Jong Il! .

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