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Breaching Gaza's Siege

Stephen Lendman, 25.06.2011 08:17


Violating Palestinian Rights

Stephen Lendman, 25.06.2011 08:03


RedHack is in this fight as well! We Salute Anonymous!

Rha, 25.06.2011 03:52

Down with those who filter our freedom!
Down with those who tries to legitimise censorship!
Down with sold out reporters who turn blind eye to opposition and their monopolist media institutions!
Down with the bourgeoisie’s dis-information bureau and their incompetent police.
Down with those who plays out to be a hacker on the laps of the state.

Long live the organised power of the people and their struggle against censorship!
Long live the opinion struggle of the people who are information thirst!
Long Live Anonymous
Long Live Lulz
Long Live RedHack!

RedHack is in this fight as well! We Salute Anonymous!

Rha, 25.06.2011 03:32

Down with those who filter our freedom!
Down with those who tries to legitimise censorship!
Down with sold out reporters who turn blind eye to opposition and their monopolist media institutions!
Down with the bourgeoisie’s dis-information bureau and their incompetent police.
Down with those who plays out to be a hacker on the laps of the state.

Solución argentina para Grecia, España, Irlanda y Portugal

Juanita anónima, 25.06.2011 00:36

¿Es demasiado delirante pensat en la posibilidad de que los pueblos de Grecia, España, Irlanda y Portugal (e incluso Italia, por qué no) se unan para forzar un default conjunto?
Un país solo no podría salir de la eurozona, pero la amenaza conjunta de los cuatro o cinco países no sería nada desdeñable. Y estoy segura de que los emergentes y en desarrollo no vamos a dejarlos caer.

Charla-fiesta en apoyo a detenidxs por una vivienda digna

Grupo apoyo detenidxs vivienda digna, 24.06.2011 23:31

Charla a cargo de lxs detenidxs por una vivienda digna, más fiesta ska.

Libyen-NATO-Krieg: ... bis zum Ende ?!

DIE TICKEN NICHT RICHTIG, 24.06.2011 21:32

STOPP - Atomkraft und Kriegseinsätze Während der Riss sich vertieft, verspricht der NATO-Chef, den Krieg gegen Libyen fortzusetzen ... Behauptet, dass der Krieg gegen Libyen weitergehen wird „bis zum Ende“ ......... Die gestrige Ankündigung Italiens, das einen sofortigen Waffenstillstand aus humanitären Gründen forderte, zeigte einen – milde gesagt – sich ausweitenden Riss unter den Mitgliedsstaaten der NATO in der Frage des Krieges gegen Libyen. Nachdem weitere wichtige Länder wie Deutschland und Polen sich weigern mitzumachen, hat der Konflikt zu einer Spaltung der Allianz geführt.

Why base math on such abstract math patterns, eg continuity

m concoyle, 24.06.2011 16:12

(eg continuity, function spaces, manifolds etc, which have not been that well related to practical creativity)

How should the assumptions concerning quantitative and geometric patterns…, ie the basic assumptions about math…, be chosen when one is trying to describe existence, so that the description will be related to practical useful creativity?
Is math about describing precise patterns, which are true, in order to facilitate practical (useful) creativity, or simply to develop a relation of truth between language and the assumptions upon which the language is built, ie so that truth (in this case Platonic truth) is about a relation between what words mean and the assumptions about the patterns which the words are to describe?
That is, the descriptions of “true” patterns (identifying Platonic truths) can describe a context unrelated to experience, but practical creativity depends on experience.

Global campaign to end animal testing of cosmetics

Vincent Booja, 24.06.2011 15:51

Humane Society International is campaigning to save Europe's threatened ban on selling animal-tested cosmetics. Global animal testing of cosmetics continues because companies know they have a market. In 2013 Europe is due to close its market to animal-tested cosmetics, which could shut down animal testing worldwide. But EU politicians are looking to delay so HSI needs help persuading them to save the ban.

International Callout 26J

International Comission #acampadabcn, 24.06.2011 15:44

Burial Ceremony of the Welfare State

Permanent Iraq and Afghanistan Occupations Planned

Stephen Lendman, 24.06.2011 08:14


Turkish - Israeli Relations

Stephen Lendman, 24.06.2011 07:58



WljGVPLoFL, 23.06.2011 21:02

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Fortunas del Estado español. (Empresarios y banqueros)

matapuces, 23.06.2011 18:20

Resumen de las fortunas de los principales empresarios del Estado español.
Relación sobre los gran banca y grandes empresarios del Estado español.

When Drug Education is Too Late

admin, 23.06.2011 17:02

If a young person hasn’t firmly decided not to start drugs by age 11, it may be too late to start talking to him about the subject.

The united actions days in support of Nizhny Novgorod antifascists on June 24-26.

Vladimir, 23.06.2011 15:41

At the present moment by The Anti-Extremist Center of GUVD (General Directorate of Internal Affairs - SM) in Nizhniy Novgorod Region detectives a criminal case is fabricating against Artem Bystrov, who was arrested on April 26,2011. He is incriminated the article № 213 part 2 (hooliganism committed by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement by hatred or hostility toward a particular social group). Two of suspects yet couldn't be arrested. It is worth noting that victim itself — a nationalist D.Redkin, doesn't have any claims to people arrested on April 26 and refuses to take part in confrontments. The case was filed seven months after the accident. It was filed by pressure at the victim and the witness. The investigation is proceeded with gross violations and falsification of evidence. For example during the rummages the membership cards of non-existing organisation “RASH-Antifa” with photos and serial numbers, evidently made by Center “E”(The Anti-Extremist Center - SM) detectives, were throwen in to the suspects' homes. Disseminate this information as wide as possible. Organise the solidarity actions!


Paola Martinez, 23.06.2011 15:30

The festival demonstrates citizens' and city officials' commitment to preserve freedom, justice, and equality. 

We Want You To Give Us Your Money So We Can Make More

Sudhama Ranganathan, 23.06.2011 15:10

(This piece is written from my perspective - that of an American.) On September 11th 2001 my country, America, suffered a horrendous attack on our homeland. With regards to that day and our national security a retired CIA officer said, “on that day the gloves came off.” That of course is how the whole country felt. We all saw the towers fall and could not believe it. It was devastating and we all felt it nationwide.

BRD: Neue Hartz IV Märchen ....

Walter Stappers, 23.06.2011 11:22

Lohnschere öffnet sich ....... Neue Hartz IV Märchen - Die bösen Selbstständigen ........ In schöner Regelmäßigkeit wird der Bevölkerung eingeimpft, welch gemeine Untermenschen die bösen Hartz IV Empfänger doch sind, die sich quasi als Parasiten am Volksköper ernähren und faul in der sozialen Hängematte liegen, dazu meist noch rauchenderweise betrunken am Kinderzeugen sind, während sie ihre bereits existierenden Kinder vernachlässigen und in viel zu großen Wohnungen wohnen die zu gut geheizt sind. Natürlich sind das nur Propagandalügen, aber sie zeigen Wirkung. ....... Lohnschere öffnet sich ! ..........

En Democracia Real Ya siguen sin cortarse un pelo

Marat, 23.06.2011 08:27

Los vínculos entre la derecha política y Democracia Real Ya al descubierto en el acto de presentación del libro del político liberal Lorenzo Abadía, titulado "Mando a distancia: herramientas digitales para la revolución democrática". El artículo incluye el audio del acto. En el que se puede escuchar cómo Lorenzo Abadía propone el Referéndum que ahora se defiende desde el 15 M

US-Led Terror Bombings Target Civilians

Stephen Lendman, 23.06.2011 08:20


McCain/Kerry Support Imperial War on Libya

Stephen Lendman, 23.06.2011 08:06


Denuncia que el juez Rozanski realiza &quot;listas negras&quot;

UEJN La Plata, 23.06.2011 02:15

La protesta en el Tribunal Oral Federal 1 de La Plata, Argentina Denuncia por violencia laboral, conflicto gremial dentro del Tribunal Oral Federal 1 de La Plata, Argentina - Derechos Humanos

Aurore Martin, militante de la &quot;izquierda abertzale&quot; perseguida por su actividad politica en Francia y España.

John Coldrain, 22.06.2011 20:49

La activista independentista vasca de izquierdas, Aurore Martin, se enfrenta al riesgo de ser deportada a España para ser juzgada por su militancia en Batasuna, un partido que en Francia es legal. Contra la Euroorden emitida se han manifestado muchas personalidades publicas, sindicales y politicas del estado frances y del Pais Vasco.
El dia 21 de Junio, la policia francesa intento detener a Aurore Martin, en el apartamento de Bayona donde reside, pero cerca de un centenar de personas se lo ha impedido. Tambien han acudido varios ediles locales de todo color politico a mostrar su apoyo a la militante independentista.


Miguel Delmonte, 22.06.2011 20:36

Libyen - Kriegsterror der NATO "Just a day after admitting killing 9 civilians in an airstrike, NATO has been accused by the Libyan authorities of causing at least another 15 deaths.
"NATO confirmed they had carried out another bombing, but has not responded to the allegations of civilian casualties.
"An RT crew in Tripoli has shot some shocking footage of bodies mutilated in NATO bombings."
M O R E: ..... ..........

Lions and tigers and E. coli

By Gemma Vaughan, 22.06.2011 20:36

Some state and county fair organizers continue to fall back on stale old midway displays such as tiger cub photo booths, pig races and petting zoos. For the sake of the animals as well as children—who are put in harm’s way by such displays—parents should avoid cruel animal attractions.

Fashion Show to Fight Human Trafficking and Support Fair Trade

Lisa Mansell, 22.06.2011 20:05

To take a stand and raise awareness of Human Trafficking, the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking and Youth for Human Rights of Florida are working together to raise awareness of this horrific problem with the “Colors of the World” fashion show on Saturday, July 16th in Tampa.

Ban Circumcision and Female genital mutilation

M.A.Hussain, 22.06.2011 17:08

It is tragic that we are adopting a barbaric ritual of male circumcision and female genital mutilation
that belongs to Iron age in the twenty-first century.

From the moment of birth, every child has all the human rights of any other person -
including the inviolable right to freedom from non-consensual, non-therapeutic bodily alternation.

Muslim and Jew Males and females are being denied their inherent right to keep all the body parts
with which they were born. Fixation of Muslims and Jews with physical matters like on diet,
bodily cleanliness and circumcision reveal their spiritual improvishment.

Bahrain Sues to Suppress Police State Terror Truths

Stephen Lendman, 22.06.2011 08:19

state terrorism

America's Barbaric Death Penalty

Stephen Lendman, 22.06.2011 08:03


Agent Provocateur in Stuttgart

Thomas, 22.06.2011 07:52

Ein Video von der Böllerexplosion während der Besetzung des Grundwassermanagements in Stuttgart. Zu sehen ist ein Beamter mit Knopf im Ohr wie er vermutlich den Böller legt.

Comment j’ai eté ravi et torturé

William gomes, 22.06.2011 05:45

Samedi, le 21 mai 2011, le matin, je suis sorti pour le travail. Quand je

rendais à ma maison de la route nationale près du Terminus de Bus Sayedabad

un homme, qui a eu l’air d’être plus grand que moi avec une hauteur de 5

pieds 7 pouces, m’a arrêté et a dit, “s’approche s’il vous plaît à la

voiture”, en montrant une voiture attendant sur le revêtement de route vers

à la direction Bashabo. Alors, j’ai regardé la voiture, qui a été indiquée

par la personne. C’était Mitsubishi noir Pajero la jeep avec les fenêtres


Bangladeshi State-agents target Human Rights Defenders for abduction and torture without any room for redress

William gomes, 22.06.2011 05:26

I have been subjected to abduction and torture and extreme forms of cruel and inhuman treatment while in an eight-hour detention by the Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) at its headquarters in Dhaka on 21 May 2011 for which I have no scope of redress or reparation in the current legal systems of Bangladesh. I have been forced to hide in a secret shelter in order to save my life due to death threats since I was released from their custody. For further details regarding my abduction and detention are available at:

BRD: Zivilpolizist war offenbar Agent ...

Peter Schimbanski, 21.06.2011 23:22

GWM 20-6-11 Provokateur - Bulle ! Von wegen "schwerverletzt": Enttarnter Zivilpolizist war offenbar Agent Provocateur und Saboteur ....... Heute morgen musste ich mir manches von KollegInnen wegen der Proteste am Grundwassenanagement anhören. Sie hatten ein paar Rückfragen zu den diversen Medienberichten über die Ereignisse beim Grundwassermanagement im Anschluss an die Montagsdemo gegen S21 gestern in Stuttgart. Die Berichte der bürgerlichen Medien will ich hier nicht wiedergeben, sie scheinen im Großen & Ganzen ihre Informationen aus dem offiziellen Polizeibericht zu beziehen, laut dem ein Beamter wohl einen Arbeitsunfall hatte. Naja, er hatte ja auch nicht die entsprechende Arbeitskleidung an, sondern war in Zivil unterwegs und wollte - laut diversen Augenzeugenberichten - wohl die Menge zu Sabotageakten aufheizen.

November Vigil to Close the School of Americas!

SOA Watch, 21.06.2011 20:26

This November 18-20, thousands of people will travel to Ft. Benning to once again demonstrate our disapproval of a dangerous, undemocratic and unaccountable institution: SOA/WHINSEC.


GREEKRIOTS, 21.06.2011 15:25

Greek War of Independence

WE REBEL WITH OUR DANCING AND SINGING (a personal account of what happened on June 15th at Syntagma sq in Athens)

Anonymous, 21.06.2011 14:42

Festive atmosphere amidst the chemical gasses Today, in Syntagma Square, the people have exceeded themselves. Facing the violence of the MAT [=riot police force], of tear gas and molotov cocktails, they responded with drums, dancing and singing.

Buergerrechte - Menschenrechte

Pablo Ruiz, 21.06.2011 13:07

Z. Reparatur d.EU-Menschenrechtscharta Begriffe: Menschenrechte ...... Menschenrechte stehen allen Menschen zu. ....... Bürgerrechte: Bürgerechte stehen nur Inländern zu. ... Grundrechte: Grundrechte sind Menschenrechte oder Bürgerrechte, die in einer Verfas- sung oder in einem zu einer Verfassung gehörenden Grundrechtsdoku- ment stehen. ...... more:

NATO-Angriffskrieg gegen Libyen

Diego Ramirez, 21.06.2011 12:28

NATO-Terrororganisation in Libyen Bilder vom gestrigen NATO-Terror in Libyen ... 21. Juni 2011 - Nachdem die nordatlantische Terrororganisation NATO vorgestern ein Wohnhaus in Tripolis bombardiert und dabei neun Menschen, darunter zwei Kinder, massakriert hat, hat die NATO gestern acht Raketen in ein Wohnhaus in der Region Surman westlich von Tripolis geschossen und dabei 19 Menschen, darunter drei Kinder, massakriert. Über das Nachtatverhalten der NATO-Terroristen berichtet die transatlantische Kriegstreiberpostille „Die Zeit“: „Wir weisen nachdrücklich jede Beteiligung zurück“, sagte der Nato-Vertreter. Später räumte die Nato den Angriff ein. Sie betonte, dass der Angriff jedoch ein militärisches Ziel gehabt habe. .... Unterstützen auch Sie die Petition „Werte statt Lügen!“ ..............

Légalisation du cannabis : les enfants en danger

Infodrogue, 21.06.2011 09:51

Stand info drogue Marseille Malgré les multiples déclarations et un acharnement largement médiatisé pour faire passer l’idée que la légalisation du cannabis serait une bonne chose, les bénévoles de l’association Non à la drogue, Oui à la Vie » continuent avec détermination leur action d’éducation sur le terrain et informent les jeunes comme les adultes sur le danger de consommer des drogues.
Ils étaient ce samedi 18 juin à Marseille rue St Ferréol ou encore à Lyon, Place des Etats-Unis comme dans la plupart des grandes villes de France.

Collapsing UPA 2

Dr.A.Prabaharan, Research Director, PUblic Action, 21.06.2011 09:35

Efficient ministers, bureaucrats, judiciary and party organisation are needed to run a democratic setup effectively. Unfortunately the UPA is encouraging sycophants and liars. Those who are willing to put across the problems are kicked out or not given audience. The result of this myopic attitude of the top brass of the UPA is total chaos in the government. Without knowing the consequences the government is blindly supporting such chamchas. The best telling examples are that of handling of 2G , Adarsh scam, Common Wealth Games, Lokpal and many more. UPA fielded Kapil Sibal to counter the allegations. Good! he saved the government from complete collapse. But to save the situations he has been telling a string of lies. Considering all Indians as fools, the UPA faces are keep reeling lies without an iota of shyness. From the mishandling of Common Wealth games to Adarsh Society scam to 2G to Petroleum mess up to national security issues to Lokpal, UPA is on the fast path of death. Rest in Peace!

Remembering Brian Haw

Stephen Lendman, 21.06.2011 08:16


Wrongfully Banishing Professor David Protess

Stephen Lendman, 21.06.2011 08:03


This Way Out: The 1st &quot;Out&quot; singer/songwriter + new &quot;Gender Outlaws&quot; + global LGBT news

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 20.06.2011 22:17

Celebrating trailblazing gay troubadour Steven Grossman with "Something in the Moonlight"; "Gender Outlaw" Kate Bornstein toasts the next "trans-genderation"; the United Nations Human Rights Council condemns anti-LGBT bias, gay Kenyans go online and face death threats, Hong Kong activists protest a "change" therapist, Australia's marriage equality-opposing P.M. will have to "engage" with same-gender couples, and more LGBT news from around the world.
=> Is your station info correct on our website's "Affiliate Stations" listings? Please email us with changes! Thank you.

Nato tötet 15 Menschen darunter 3 Kinder

Sergio Leponte, 20.06.2011 21:49

LIBYEN NATO LUFTANGRIFF NATO räumt doch Luftangriff nahe Tripolis ein ....... Die NATO hat nun doch einen Luftangriff auf den libyschen Ort Surman bestätigt, wo nach Angaben der Regierung in Tripolis mehrere Zivilisten getötet wurden. Der Angriff habe ein militärisches Ziel gehabt, betonte die Militärallianz. Die libysche Regierung hatte der NATO vorgeworfen, bei einem Angriff auf ein Wohnhaus 15 Menschen getötet zu haben, darunter drei Kinder.

One Block at a time

John Milton, 20.06.2011 10:07

One Block at a time

Une loi « en vue de sanctionner la déstabilisation mentale et les abus de la situation de faiblesse des personnes »

Robert, 20.06.2011 09:53

Un titre qui semble partir d'une intention louable ...
Pourtant, en y regardant de plus près, on se prend à violer la liberté d’association et à inventer des délits inutiles.

Medical Care in Gaza (Part II)

Stephen Lendman, 20.06.2011 08:19


Lies, Damn Lies, and Liberating Wars

Stephen Lendman, 20.06.2011 08:06


Three Arrests at Anti-Gentrification Occupation in Chapel Hill

Anonymous, 20.06.2011 04:56

On Saturday, June 18th, dozens of anarchists and other community members staged an angry protest against gentrification and green capitalism at Greenbridge, a “green” development of condos for eco-yuppies. Demonstrators held banners outside while others occupied the lobby in an expression of outrage against the displacement of renters from the neighborhood. Three people were arrested and charged with felony “inciting a riot” and misdemeanor property destruction, and have been released on bail. The demonstration drew attention to the ongoing tolls inflicted by the development, which was built by a coalition of multi-millionaires over the protests of community members to profit off the bourgeois craze with all things “green.” But money is the only thing green about Greedbridge, as it has been nicknamed by neighbors.

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