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The Boston Beatdown Battle continues...

Crosscheck records, 02.09.2004 20:53

Boston beatdown battle still continues

Bush's Christian Right &quot;Nazis&quot; say World's &quot;Bad Things&quot; not created by their God!!!

Fauxlosopher, 02.09.2004 19:56

Bush's Christian Right "Nazis" say World's "Bad Things" not created by their God!!!

911 Real scenario

Muhammad Columbo, 02.09.2004 17:17

Making a real detailed technical inquiry it is possible to find the authors of any action. Muhammad Columbo made that for 911 and found how do they technically made these attacks.

Nuevo stitio web

Obush, 02.09.2004 17:02

Nuevo stitio web

Cuando Cambiaresmos los argentinos

Jose agustin claus, 02.09.2004 15:37

Hasta que punto la degradada clase media argentina seguira mirandose el ombligo


Phillygirl, 02.09.2004 15:04

200 Protesters took over Grand Central Station--

Music to revolt by - GOP Go Home Radio on air now!

Sista Soulja, 02.09.2004 13:40

Music to get you amped for today, the final day of the GOP convention.

WWP candidates condemn RNC/police repression

John Parker, Teresa Gutierrez, LeiLani Dowell, 02.09.2004 13:23


SNAP! out NOW!

SNAP! Collective, 02.09.2004 12:18

Latest news from the Streets of Wellington, New Zealand.

Reckless Endangerment

Mike Schiller, 02.09.2004 09:57

As a New Yorker, I am extremely sensitive to the idea of government officials intentionally withholding information about the hazards of breathing potentially harmful air.

Sacrifice a Republican Congressman

Cox Sux, 02.09.2004 09:43

Cox the Chickenhawk
KFI 640AM is having a vote on which of 5 Republican congressmen to sacrifice due to being "soft" on illegal immigration. However, we can cast our votes for entirely different reasons. Vote for Chris Cox. He is the congressional chair of Homeland Security and the infamous Patriot Act. Cox is also a draftdodging chickenhawk. So vote online and make him join Bush in the unemployment line.

Crackdown on anti-Bush protests

alwaysshariff, 02.09.2004 09:35

This is the article which appeared in World Socialist Web Site on 2/9/04. It says "The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has launched a harsh crackdown against anti-Bush protesters, arresting between 1,500 and 2,000 since demonstrations against the Republican National Convention began last Friday.

Cops carried out arbitrary mass arrests in different parts of the city on Tuesday, corralling hundreds in orange plastic netting—the latest police tool for suppressing the right to assembly—before handcuffing and loading them into jail buses."


Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance/Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, 02.09.2004 05:22

Toxic-Free Future for our Children! Protest highlights human health impacts of waste and pollution

Yes of course it (the war) was all about oil

jamie, 02.09.2004 03:28

“Osama Bin Laden” is the Emanual Goldstein in today’s modern day playing of Orwell’s 1984. Anyone who has read the book and has more than 10 functioning neurons could not help but figure this out. What a bunch of fucking simpletons are employed in neocon/Bush circles to try and save the sinking ship of capitalism. Ok, I get it. Osama will not “save” the journalists and the world, especially the French part of it, will began to see the error of their ways, with supporting the rule of law and all.

Stay tuned as the 1984 follies continue.

Yes of course it (the war) was all about oil, as the following excellent article well describes. Enjoy! jamie

Who's the &quot;girlie man,&quot; Arnie?

George LoBuono, 02.09.2004 02:33

Ugly ironies in the remark

This Time We're Watching/Beyond Voting Press Conference: 10 Am Thurs

reality check, 02.09.2004 01:39

Thursday, September 2nd 2004
10:00 AM: News Conference: Where to from the RNC?
“November 2: To the Polls! November 3: To the Streets!”
o SW Corner Union Square (at the Gandhi statue), Manhattan.
o CONTACT: Reality Check: 212.279.2485 / 917.748.9495 cell

Un periodista de Indymedia-Chile detenido

Libertad, 02.09.2004 01:35


NYC Red Cross: 1-877-REDCROSS, ext 2102.Call the Red Cross to help the Prisoners of War from the GOP convention.

Henry Edward Hardy, 02.09.2004 01:19

People taken prisoner for protesting against a war during wartime are covered by the Geneva and Hague Conventions; the Red Cross is the international agency responsible for implementation and observation of compliance with these treaties. Call the NYC Red Cross 24 hour public affairs representative for help. 1-877-REDCROSS ext. 2102.

UN, US, Lebanese People and Church to Syria: LEAVE LEBANON!

For Free Lebanon, 01.09.2004 22:51

Beautiful Lebanon under Syrian Occupation For the third time, the Syrian Baath regime breaks the Lebanese constitution since Syria started appointing the president of Lebanon after it fell to its troops in 1990. Lebanon was one of the very few democracies in the entire Middle East. Today, being occupied by the Syrian regime for the past 27 years, Lebanon lost its major features of democracy and human right

Group Launches Online Campaign – - Urging Congress to Support Wilderness Protection in Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Wilderness Act

Michael Carroll, 01.09.2004 22:12

The Wilderness Society has launched a new campaign at where visitors can sign our petition to Congress urging them to protect our wild lands, share their wilderness stories, and learn more about the Wilderness!

Music to revolt by - GOP Go Home Radio

Sista Soulja, 01.09.2004 21:47

We've put up a station full of music with subversive messages which you can lock onto in between protesting or following news. It's music to get you amped for tomorrow night!

Urgent Appeal to save agricultural land in Malta from Golf Course

Front Against the Golf Course, 01.09.2004 21:12

Urgent Appeal to save agricultural land in Malta from Golf Course development!

War report and &quot;from Central America to Iraq, now with unparalled

jamie, 01.09.2004 20:01

Death count of U.S. GI’s lost in Iraq oil grab quickly approaching 1000. reports this morning that 978 troops have died since the March 03 invasion began. As the absurd circus of the RNC continues, official government liars and corporate spin masters are hard at work hiding the facts from our nation. Don’t let them succeed. Spread the news and other details in this report.. jamie

P.S. Be sure to note that John Negroponte is back up to his old mass murdering tricks again. "From Central America to Iraq, now with unparalleled inhumanity!"


Call to support Maarten Blok, 01.09.2004 19:39

For some people the events of the Gothenburg EU-summit still have consequences. Maarten has now finally been extradited to Sweden, after 3 years. Even though he has still not officially been charged, and there is no record of any investigation. The Swedish authorities say, he will be tried-and probably convicted-on the 23rd of September. Even though their is sufficient evidence to prove his innocence.

Mike Ruppert on 9/11

anonymous reader, 01.09.2004 17:06

Drawing links from 9/11 events to Cheney & USA, UK and Israel intelligence, Mike Ruppert gives a full detailed view on the responsability and modus operandi of the attacks, and the issue of Peak Oil.

coffeebot goes to nyc with NOAC 29aug04

john russell, 01.09.2004 17:00

i'm relatively new to protesting and this is my story of the 29aug04 march in nyc.


FSAI, 01.09.2004 16:39

La Navegación Aérea de España se encuentra al borde del caos total, durante los meses de Junio, Julio y Agosto se han dejado de cubrir más de 70 turnos de Técnicos de Torres y Centros de Control en el país.

My departure from the IndyMedia collective

Buddy Grizzard, 01.09.2004 16:38

Collective decision making has broken down at the Atlanta Independent Media Center, and long time contributor Buddy Grizzard has decided to part ways with the movement.

simple press pass

£, 01.09.2004 16:25

small indymedia

Daily Colored Armbands ID Undercover Cops

Cath, 01.09.2004 16:18

Colored armbands ID undercover cops.

Hawaii expresses solidarity with NYC in the struggle to end U.S. empire

DMZ Hawaii/Aloha Aina, 01.09.2004 14:15

Coalition seeking to demilitarize and decolonize Hawaii stands in solidarity with anti-imperial protests at RNC. Hawaii, a former independent country, is the most militarized US state and is the launching point for US imperial ambitions in Pacific, Asia, and Mid. East.

the Diebold GEMS central tabulator contains a stunning security hole

saigon, 01.09.2004 10:01

Manipulation technique found in the Diebold central tabulator -- 1,000 of these systems are in place, and they count up to two million votes at a time.

Sacrifice a Republican Congressman!

Cox-Sux, 01.09.2004 09:23

Chickenhawk Cox A California radio station (KFI 640AM) is having a poll on which of five Republicans should be sacrificed for being "soft" on illegal immigration. However, we can vote for entirely different reasons.

Vote for Chris Cox. He is the congressional chair of Homeland Security and the infamous Patriot Act. Cox is also a draftdodging chickenhawk. So vote online and make him join Bush in the unemployment line.

Mass Arrests and Police Brutality in New York / Los Angels Activists Arrested

1Planet1People, 01.09.2004 07:49

A picture of Gene and Joe in a ralley yesterday. This is a report from the front lines in the police state of New York.

As I watched coverage of the RNC ...

Me, 01.09.2004 06:11

As I watched the RNC, increasingly nauseated by the bald-faced revisionism and utter fantasies trumpeted by each successive speaker, I imagined a situation where the scripted chants that so-regularly erupted from the convention floor might be put to a truly worthwhile purpose:

Antimedios/ La verdad velada

Arturo Arriagada, 01.09.2004 05:28

El caso Spiniak se ha convertido en un referente a la hora de analizar el comportamiento y funcionamiento de los medios de comunicación. Éstos han sido cuestionados por la calidad de sus productos, mientras que las audiencias no saben a quien creerle.

Sometimes Honour Means 'Disassociation'

David Arthur Johnston, 01.09.2004 02:45

about vampires

A Poem for IMCs from Zack de La Rocha

chris, 01.09.2004 02:19

I was handed this piece of paper from Zack on the streets of New York. I am posting this for him. It's a moving poem for all the tireless work done by volunteers for the Indymedia network.


HIPOLITO YRIGOYEN 3353, 31.08.2004 22:42


Sen.John McCain demonstrates the shallowness of his principles by &quot;Pimping&quot; for Bush!

k.hawley, 31.08.2004 22:36

Sen.John McCain demonstrates the shallowness of his principles by willingly "Pimping" for "Oil-War Profiter" George W.Bush!

Hear Our Voice: Rosia Montana is Not For Sale!’

Groenbertje, 31.08.2004 22:28

Rosia Montana, Romania; 29. August 2004 – The FanFest Project reached its climax last night when it attracted a crowd of 4000 people to the FanFest (Hay Party) Protest Concert in Rosia Montana. Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC) which is 80% owned by the Canadian-based mining junior Gabriel Resources (TSX:GBU) intends to realize Europe's largest open cast gold mining project in Rosia Montana. This is the story of the people’s resist.

Names, Badges and Telephone Numbers Of All NY Law Enforcement

an on, 31.08.2004 21:45


Names, Badges and Telephone Numbers Of All NY Law Enforcement


IRAQBUSH.COM is launced today

Steve Fleming, 31.08.2004 21:39

IRAQBUSH.COM was launched today and aims to act as an unbiased arena for anybody to offer their opinions on the US involvement in Iraq.

Is the U.S. Jewish Community Black Mailing President Bush?

Markus Samuels, 31.08.2004 20:49

The U.S. Jewish Community's silence is deafening when it comes to voicing any kind of concern about the Bush Families connections to, the Brown Brothers and Harriman Bank, which financed the rise of Nazi Germany and profited from the Holocaust. I believe that this silence is part of a Quid Quo Pro i.e. Jewish silence for Bush's support of the Jewish Separatist State Israel.

George T. Bush

£, 31.08.2004 19:38

T The Terror Prez

Solidarity Crucial for RNC Arrestees! (NYC Legal Work Fund Collective), 31.08.2004 19:35

Solidarity Crucial for RNC Arrestees!

In the course of the massive and inspiring demonstrations against the Republican National Convention in New York City, several hundred social justice and human rights activists have been arrested. Arrestees have been beaten by the police, subjected to insufferable jail conditions, and vilified by the mainstream media. Bail has been set as high as $200,000. Some of those arrested—people with immigrations issues, activists who have been injured in the course of the arrest—are in high risk situations and must be released from jail as soon as possible.

Absentee Ballot Shenanigans

manonfyre, 31.08.2004 19:34

Cold Calls and "Help" With Absentee Ballot Request Forms From The President of the United States

Sign this Petition: The right is wrong

Repugs are NAZI'S, 31.08.2004 19:29

Sign this petition and pass it on:

Students fly banner at the New School

Anonymous, 31.08.2004 19:15

Students at the New School sabotaged the roof of the school to fly an anti-Bush banner

Act Local - Help Outsourcing Local C.S. Jobs to India!

Preppypunk, 31.08.2004 18:17

A conversation with a customer service manager at a local company shows how one person can help in the fight to keep jobs in this country. Also tips on contacting your local news team.

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