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¿Volvemos al tema de las &quot;razas&quot;? Espero que no!!!

Un Rojo, 06.09.2004 19:51

Parece ser que nuevamente se utiliza el término RAZA, para señalar los distintos colores del SER HUMANO

Cattle Baron Connections to Iraq, Vietnam and Mexican Wars, 06.09.2004 19:35

Those who have profited from the slaughter of
mammals find it an easy jump to the peoples of
the 3rd world.

A Proposal for Local Refusal

The Dean of Cincinnati, 06.09.2004 17:01

The Dean of Cincinnati begins to launch his answer to the deficiencies of!

Have A Great Fake Labour Day! Happy Shopping!

£, 06.09.2004 16:48

w$ I got my wallet and everything, but when I went shopping everything was closed!?

God's Punishment on the Sinful Floridians The Wrath of Hurricanes

Rev. Marigold, 06.09.2004 14:48

Florida's governor and the corrupt polticians bring down the wrath of God.

Defender Bear

Forward by Zippo, 06.09.2004 14:43

- The Bush Administration is wreaking havoc on the natural world and our environment, doing damage through its radical policies that our children and grandchildren will be living with for decades to come – and in some cases longer. It is a serious, urgent situation – and yet most Americans don't know how bad it is.

Symposium on Class Studies - Center for Class Studies in Turkey (TUSAM)

Nazır Kapusuz, 06.09.2004 11:38

“Changes in Class Structure and the New Tendencies: Non-traditional Class Movements and Experiences in Turkey and in the World”
16-17 October 2004
I s t a n b u l

Virus alert New Virus found: CNN.exe

M.A.Hussain, 06.09.2004 11:13

A report by M.A.Hussain

A new virus, CNN.exe, has been found in America. This has affected millions of Americans before it could be detected. The right thinking Americans, anti-war and anti-imperialism activists are trying hard to clean the minds of their fellow countrymen. They have declared a war on CNN.exe and want to uproot it from America. However the virus has caused wide spread damage. In fact after Sep 11 it spread like wild fire, engulfing millions of Americans. The Trojan horses like white racism and Christian fundamentalism active in American body politic are making it almost impossible to eradicate the virus completely from America. These horses make a person receptive to lies after damaging reason-noid, an enzyme essential for rational thinking. When such a person comes in touch with CNN.exe lies and myths stick to him/her like leaches and suck reason-noid. After the victim is under the control of CNN.exe, the virus injects false consciousness and its hidden agenda.

Le business qui fait blanchir en plein boom

Andree-Marie Dussault, 06.09.2004 10:35

The skin lightener business is booming in India with western beauty compagnies fighting for their share of this juicy market. The problem is that - besides being based on a racist and sexist concept - the skin lighting drugs are dangerous for health.

Kerry 2004 = Dukakis 1988?

Mr. Bill, 06.09.2004 09:19

Just put Kerry in a tank with a goofy looking helmet on his head, film it and you can pencil in Bush as the winner of the election.

Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism: Page 3

DavidVGolaith, 06.09.2004 09:09

*Photo 1: Staged Accident 1 Continued From: Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism: Pages 1 & 2

9/5 Iraq Watch: More dead in Iraq clashes

Lee Siu Hin, 06.09.2004 09:01

By: Iraq Watch - Peace No War Network
September 5, 2004

TBN donates $100,000 to the American Red Cross in Florida to assist in relief efforts in Aftermath of Hurricane Frances

Susan Zahn, 06.09.2004 02:03

Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world largest religious network, responded quickly to the request for prayer and assistance from the American Red Cross’s Florida operations.

Senator John Kerry and the Democrats are Peeing their Pants Cowards

Lloyd Hart, 06.09.2004 00:51

l Now that campaigning to the far right has failed to get a rise out of the American public all my Democratic Party friends are running around bumping into each other in fear and loathing realizing that the Democratic leadership Council and its lead poisoned leader Al From - who is cowering inside the pup tent he pitched inside the Big Tent to perform by pass surgery on Bill Clinton's heart (which is so full of saturated fat it really does need bypass surgery) so that Clinton could sign the child poverty creating Welfare Reform Act - has led Senator John Kerry down a rabbit hole.

Campaña Derechos Humanos Chad

Comisión de Solidaridad A. VV Picarral, 05.09.2004 23:41

Recogida de firmas dentro de la Campaña de Derechos Humanos en el Chad

Coup d' tat in AMERICA

MC, 05.09.2004 22:16

This is for those who are still looking for some answers regarding what is really going on in America.

The night of the packs : an international underground party the 10.30.04

Night of the packs, 05.09.2004 21:47

The night of the packs : an international underground party the 10.30.04 We, artists, performers, tribes from the Free Art, we have been undergoing police repressions, abusive laws, the pressures of cultural industries and capitalist economy for a long time. To denounce these intolerable pressures, we declare the weekend of October 30th will be « the night of the packs ». One night so that everybody will demonstrate his know-how and creativity in the dark, an international underground night ! Let 10 000 spots joyfully illuminate and fertilize the cultural aridity !

The Bush Doctrine?

Steve Fleming, 05.09.2004 21:04

The presidential 'sacred' text has yet to be published. Furious allusions to the content have spewed into the media during the RNC in New York City, but journalists find the Bush administration doesn’t answer questions. Reviewing current available comment on the Doctrine and the field of applied psychoanalysis may help explain what the Bush Doctrine is really all about.


D. Fishel, 05.09.2004 16:34

POLITICAL QUOTES: Who Said It? Take the Quiz!

Tired of the Flip-Flop Issue

Charles J. Brokaw, 05.09.2004 16:19

Has John Kerry flip-flopped his views in the past, or rather has he just evolved them?

Yosh Ratim checkpoint

Paillou, 05.09.2004 10:34

Passge du checkpoint de Yosh Ratim

Important Announcement for ISM Members

ISM Commissariat, 05.09.2004 08:14

Come to Chechnya at Once!

The crisis In Sudan-Has anything been learnt from Iraq's Tragedy?

Khalid Fishawy, Ahmed Zaki and B. Awwad co-editors of, 05.09.2004 08:04

None of the key parties that have engaged in the Sudanese [Darfur] crisis, whether international, regional or national, sincerely welcome a peaceful solution to it. The internal conflict in Darfur, provides a pretext for the U.S. and other competing powers to bring the Sudanese regime to its knees, aiming at either taming it, or replacing it with another, based on the Iraqi-model.


Julian Coman, 05.09.2004 07:26

Our heroes While Democrats consider the extraordinary step of requesting that Kerry step aside to make way for a candidate with less baggage, the Pentagon opens an investigation -- potentially criminal -- into Kerry's five Vietnam War decorations.

Hacktivism: A Week of Electronic Disruption during the Republican National Convention

we are everywhere, 05.09.2004 07:03

Hacktivists have launched a campaign of electronic civil disobedience to coincide with the demonstrations against the Republican National Convention. Joining millions of protesters who took to the streets of New York to say no to the Bush agenda, hacktivists have taken to the net to explore a new medium of protest: the internet. Various tactics include staging financial disruption against major credit card corporations, disrupting various right-wing fascist groups, and an electronic sit-in against Republican websites.

Is god punishing florida for Bush's election?

questioner, 05.09.2004 03:36

Frances makes landfall in Florida
Up to 20 inches of rain possible, forecasters say

Hip Hop Therapy

M.I.N News, 05.09.2004 01:31

This article briefly explains a new form of psychotherapy called "Rap Therapy". This article reflects information that was gained from an interview with clinical psychologist Dr. Don Elligan. Dr. Elligan is responsible for quantifying and delineating this branch of psychotherapy that uses rap music and Hip Hop culture to aid with various ailments.

Al Gore Is A War Criminal

William S. Lind, 04.09.2004 23:39

Everyone knows that Gore's real slogan is, "Four More Wars."

American Flag

Me, 04.09.2004 22:56

You guys are a joke, threatening to burn the flag if prisoners aren't released. You liberals behave as children and have about the same intelligence.

Peaceful Islamists settle in Russian School

Jesse, 04.09.2004 14:00

Islam, the religion of peace.

People's Caravan 2004: Calls for ‘Reformasi’ in Food and Agriculture Resonate at Malaysian Peoples Caravan Kick-Off

Susan Loone, 04.09.2004 09:57

Attendance at the kick-off of the People's Caravan in Permatang Pauh, Malaysia Studies in Perak, a northern state in Malaysia, revealed that 82.2 percent of Orang Asli children were found to suffer some manifestation of vitamin A deficiency, said Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific (PAN AP) executive director Sarojeni V Rengam.

Nek Muhammad was a well wisher of Pakistan

IMAI, 04.09.2004 09:43

Nek Muhammad faught the Holy War and got martyrdom.

The intelligence of a typical well-to-do American

., 04.09.2004 07:37

Audra Lynn is a GOP babe. Definitely good looking. But that's
all! What is her level of intelligence as pertains to current
You decide!
It'll give one an idea of the intelligence level of any of
these so called GOP Babes.

Plea For Clemency

Quicksilverdime, 04.09.2004 07:18

Open Letter to Governor Owens of Colorado regarding the upcoming September 10th, 2004 sentencing of Constitutional ativist, Rick Stanley ( who is facing up to 32 years in prison for exercising his constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Evil Monsters in the Streets

Kyle Lussier, 03.09.2004 21:54

I am pleased to have successfully infiltrated the roving bands of evil street monsters...

Terrorismo a la Fox

Dzunum, 03.09.2004 20:03

El Presidente mexicano por congraciarse con el genocida George W. Bush crea un ambiente de miedo en su propia nación. México sólo tiene amigos en el mundo. Dzunum

Protest &quot;Warriors&quot;:Police Cabin Boys?

Freddie Mercury, 03.09.2004 18:22

Why are sweaty male teenage cheerleaders granted police protection, support, and "escorts"?

Web design expertise needed at, 03.09.2004 16:34 needs web-design help ASAP.
At people can upload pictures of themselves from various RNC demonstrations, and speak out individually, why they came, why they spoke out, why it matters.

Situation in Sindh Pakistan

Mushtaque Rajpar, 03.09.2004 16:21

Sindhis are suffering.

The Battle of New York

Leslie Feinberg, 03.09.2004 14:04

Huge protests say NO Bush, NO war

Zzaj Productions bands span the GLOBE

Rotcod Zzaj (aka Dick Metcalf), 03.09.2004 14:03

Independence is the ONLY "keyword" at this Olympia, Washington indie label!

Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association asks you to pray for peace on Historic Black Culture Day at our California State Fair and Exposition

Michael Harris, California Director, BFAA, 03.09.2004 13:41

California State Fair has a historical record of disparaging treatment of Black Farmers and Agriculturalists that mirrors the USDA Pigford vs. Veneman Class Action Lawsuit. We share this experience with Black Farmers globally.

RNC's Over But Enron Is Not

marco, 03.09.2004 13:36

We still have our work cut out for us.
Lets all watch the "LOTR" parody, empower ourselves
and get right to it. We're not just fighting Bush,
we're fighting En Ron Hubbard, Diboldly, the Heritick
Foundation, and patRIOT acts I and II!!!

Johnny Cash Defamed

Ted Sbardella, 03.09.2004 13:06

A group of protesters show their fannies at Sotheby’s. The memory of a great singer songwriter is run through the mud. A mob of people with personal problems deal with them in public by throwing a temper-tantrum because they did not get what they wanted when they wanted.

Finnish anti nuclear movement revived in demonstration at Olkiluoto, 03.09.2004 12:26

Photograph from the demonstration Today more than a hundred antinuclear activists demarcated the Olkiluoto peninsula in Satakunta as a sign of an area infected by the nuclear disease. Activists in yellow t-shirts and respiratory masks entered the area on bicycles to erect the signs and cordon off the area warning about the disease. The information centre maintained by the nuclear company TVO (Teollisuuden Voima) was also overtaken by climbers equipped with a banner saying "Nuclear madness info centre –". The banner refers to the newly opened website , which offers accurate information about the building of the fifth nuclear reactor. The site provides information in English, Finnish and Swedish.


tjhsetj, 03.09.2004 06:54


Lesbian Manji

Biploby, 03.09.2004 04:08

Then, how the hell, they gave her a television channel? Who owns the
station? Who controls and finances the programme? What would be the
intent and purpose of that programme in question? Are we also
allowed to scrutinise, criticise and debate many questionable or
offensive aspects of "Jewish" people and their religion without any
fear of retribution as she is allowed to? I say this to make a
comparison only, not because I am keen to attack the sensibilities
of other religion.

US war machine rebuilding Iraq media, 03.09.2004 02:48

Harris Technical Services Corp. of Florida, who provides government with satellite spy imagery, will work with AT&T, CACI International Inc. and Raytheon Co. to rebuild Iraq media.

United Nations votes to End Syrian Occupation of Lebanon

People of Lebanon around the World, 03.09.2004 00:56

The Syrian army occupies most of Lebanon, including the main airport. It harbors and all vital agencies with 30,000 troops and about 20,000 intelligence agents. Syria detains hundreds of Lebanese in its prisons without charges, and refuses to implement UN Security Council resolution No. 520 (of 1982)that calls for pullout of non-Lebanese troops from Lebanon.

New BTR website is up!

BTR, 03.09.2004 00:30

New website from revolutionary organization dedicated to fighting white supremacy.

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