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Why Libya Was Attacked

Stephen Lendman, 27.10.2011 08:24


Hazardous Hydrofracking in America

Stephen Lendman, 27.10.2011 07:58


Foundation for a Drug-Free World brings its message to Tampa Bay

Paola Martinez, 27.10.2011 04:17

The Florida group distributes thousands of its information booklets in the Tampa Bay area over the year.

Looking Again At Gov't Infiltration Tactics at Gatherings

marco, 27.10.2011 01:50

"...a process through which anyone who suspects an informer (or other form of covert intervention) can express his or her fears without scaring others."

Time for another look at disruption tactics being waged on "protest" groups such as Occupy Wall Street.

I've witnessed a great deal of this during my visits to GAs and Working Group meetings in Providence, RI this past week. Providence locals tell me it's been shaping up to be a regular occurrence there.

Stop Giving Money to Banks and Credit Card Companies

Debt Rebellion, 27.10.2011 00:06

It's time to take the resistance to another level, with something anyone can contribute to without even leaving the house: stop making payments to banks and credit card companies. They fooled us into playing their debt game, thinking we had to owe them to get food, housing, clothes, education, health care. But the game is no fun, and we can stop it now. We just have to all stop paying them. They only have the power our money gives them.

Hundreds of Gaddafi Supporters Killed

George Weber, 26.10.2011 20:40

Hundreds of Gaddafi Supporters Killed ... Hundreds of Gaddafi Supporters Killed in New 'War Crime' ... More atrocities conducted during the Libyan conflict have emerged as the bodies of 267 people, thought to have been executed have been discovered in Sirte, a local Libyan newspaper reported . Most of those found dead were supporters of Gaddafi, a Red Cross source told the online Libyan newspaper Qurynanew. The majority of the bodies appear to have been executed and were subsequently buried in mass graves in Sirte, the birthplace of Gaddafi, and the surrounding area, the source said.

NATO-Luftkrieg: Schweigen westlicher Medien

Waldemar Breker, 26.10.2011 10:55

Karikatur zur Imperialismusdebatte in den USA Der NATO-Luftkrieg gegen die libysche Zivilbevölkerung und das Schweigen westlicher Medien ........ Der verbrecherische Luftkrieg der NATO gegen die libysche Zivilbevölkerung ist mit einer unvorstellbaren Brutalität geführt worden, die zeigt, wie gleichgültig Machteliten das Leben und die Leiden von Menschen sind, die sie vorgeben "schützen" zu wollen. Hauptsache der Beutezug lohnt sich am Ende für die Gerschäftemacher. So ganz nebenbei werden noch die eigenen Bürger der kriegführenden NATO mit gezinkten Berichten und vollblütiger Propaganda hinter's Licht geführt, um nur ja keine Zweifel an der Humanität des Mordens aufkommen zu lassen.

China Trade Commission Identifies Chinese Scams In Free Fraud Prevention Guide For Foreigners

Paul Zhang, Public Affairs Director - China Trade Commission, 26.10.2011 08:46

Beware or Be Sorry! With 800 new foreign businesses arriving in China every month they are being targeted for sophisticated frauds. The CTC's new booklet helps foreign biz executives to avoid all the minefields and spot the red flags before the become a victim.

Libya: Another Lost NATO War

Stephen Lendman, 26.10.2011 08:15


Haitian Suffering Under Imperial Occupation

Stephen Lendman, 26.10.2011 07:52


Brutal desalojo de Occupy Oakland

occupier, 26.10.2011 05:26

Occupy Oakland ha construido barricadas alrededor de Oscar Grant plaza para defender la ocupacion. La policia usa balas de goma, gas lacrimogeno y golpea a gente que ya se encuentra inconsciente. Hay resistencia activa. 96 personas son detenidas.

Greenpeace squatt evicted in 15days!!

collectif lundi noir, 26.10.2011 02:23

nous sommes des artistes qui revendiquent le droit de faire la fete. nous sommes soutenus par medecins du monde et voulons representer tout ceux qui n'ont pas de logements. nous occupons les ancien bureaux de greenpeace a paris en ce moment meme! nous avons besoin de votre support, antoine

Cairo Solidarity Statement to USA Occupy Movement

Comrades from Cairo, 25.10.2011 22:49

To all those in the United States currently occupying parks, squares and other spaces, your
comrades in Cairo are watching you in solidarity. Having received so much advice from
you about transitioning to democracy, we thought it's our turn to pass on some advice.

USA in Nordafrika völlig verkalkuliert ...

Pedro C. Fuentes, 25.10.2011 22:30

LIBYA - NATO-WARCRIMINALS! USA haben sich mit ihren blutigen Regime Change Operationen in Nordafrika völlig verkalkuliert ... Es sieht ganz danach aus, als hätten der US-amerikanische Massenmörder Barack Obama und seine zionistischen Regime-Change-Experten sich mit ihren als Revolutionen camoflagierten Regime-Change-Operationen in Nordafrika ganz gewaltig verkalkuliert. Was von der US-gesteuerten Propaganda als „arabischer Frühling“ deklariert wurde, entpuppt sich als „islamisches Erwachen„ , genau wie der iranische Revolutionsführer Ali Khamenei es von Anfang an gesagt hat.

Imperium Americanum: TOTAL KORRUPT !

Robert Carper, 25.10.2011 14:58

Imperium Americanum .... Total korruptes Amerika ....... Die Finanzkrise, in der wir noch immer stecken, entstand nicht durch einen Unfall oder falsche Berechnungen, auch nicht aus einem Fehler in Alan Greenspans Theorie, wie er dem Kongress erklärte, als ein matter Versuch unternommen wurde, ihn zur Verantwortung zu ziehen. Sie war das bewusst angestrebte Ergebnis von Leuten, die, motiviert durch kurzfristig erreichbare Profite, ihren Anteil abräumen wollten und aussteigen.

WebHost.Uk.Net unveils its new website design introducing several new hosting plans

Karl Smith, 25.10.2011 11:57

WEBHOSTUK LIMITED claims the new design reflects the quality of its products with a modernized look and feel, but still consistent with the company brand and immediately recognizable as WebHost.Uk.Net

What Next for Libya?

Stephen Lendman, 25.10.2011 08:20


Anti-Democratic Knesset Bills

Stephen Lendman, 25.10.2011 07:54


3rd i's Ninth Annual SF International South Asian Film Festival

3rd i Films, 25.10.2011 03:14

3rd i's SFISAFF 2011 will present 16 programs featuring films from India, Pakistan, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka,Tibet, and the US. Highlights include: a special Focus on Sri Lanka, with filmmaker Asoka Handagama in attendance; South Asian Americans shine this year, with 7 programs featuring films by American filmmakers (4 programs showcasing Bay Area talent); as always, docs and indie-narratives take centerstage, and our Saturday Night at the Castro takes Bollywood in a whole new direction. For more information on the complete festival program, please visit our website at:

The 99 - Occupy Protest Song Free Download

Vagabondage, 25.10.2011 02:56

We Are The 99 To mark the 82nd anniversary of the stock market crash on Wall Street, and to honor the brave protesters occupying cities around this country
and beyond, we are proud to release the song 'The 99' as a free download:

Equality and practical creativity, a new Continental Congress

m concoyle, 25.10.2011 00:12

People are best designed for the purpose of creativity. People are reservoirs of knowledge and centers of creativity.
Do we know “what the correct context of human creativity is”? Do we want to be in a society which values and seeks new ideas, and new ways and new contexts within which to create?
Possible Answers (as to the best social context within which to be creative): [For example]:

Reel Resistance Film Showing: &quot;Even the Rain&quot;

Freedom Socialist Party, 24.10.2011 22:51

Reel Resistance: A Friday Film Series
November 4th - "Even the Rain"
November 18th - "Attica"

This Way Out: Feel the Rainbow + a &quot;Dirty Girl&quot; &quot;Weekend&quot;+ global LGBT news

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 24.10.2011 22:35

An old school double feature portrays "Weekend" romance and a "Dirty Girl" friendship; high-visibility activism goes all glittery; a gay sex bust snares a Northern Cyprus dignitary while Zimbabwe denies condoms to prisoners because it's illegal for men to have sex with men there, another bullied gay teen takes his own life, inequalities linger after "Don't Ask Don't Tell" repeal, and more LGBT news from around the world. -=> Is the info for you in the "Affiliate Stations" listings at accurate?

Lights Camera Art comes to Sacramento Lumens Store Gallery in November

Ann Tracy, 24.10.2011 21:27

Classic Power with Man and Birdcage Former Sacramento resident Ann Tracy displays her latest digital art in light boxes in November.

PSD to HTML Conversion Services Company HTMLcut – 3 Years of Success and Steady Growth

Sergiy Lavryk, 24.10.2011 13:09

HTMLcut, a PSD to HTML slicing company, has celebrated its 3-rd anniversary marked with success and steady growth. The achievements are reached due to the 3 main business principles.

Libyen: NATO-Krieg und deren Söldner

Ernesto Martinez, 24.10.2011 11:19

Propaganda: OTAN / NATO Gadaffi blutüberströmt und die "Rebellen"- Mörder sprechen spanisch .... 0:06: ..vamos, vamos... le vamo a... 0:33: le vamos a dejar en cueros... 0:47: sácale los botines al hijo de puta (en realidad dice "putines" pero creo es "botines" mal pronunciado) ... Una duda: al final un desenfrenado parece decir algo que suena como putines en árabe .... some are talking in spanish minute 45 they said let them executed him. Spanihs with southamerican accent. 100% sure. Minute 33 look like they are talking through a radio and they say "we are already at the car" .... Das war kein Krieg der Libyer sondern ein Krieg der Nato und Söldner stammen demnach aus Lateinamerika .........

Ni un voto para la elite dominante

Comando Central ELN, 24.10.2011 10:23

ni un voto más para la guerra Voté por Evaristo Surdi, ganó el general Rojas Pinilla y se montó Misael Pastrana”.

Ni un voto para la elite dominante

Comando Central ELN, 24.10.2011 10:22

Voté por Evaristo Surdi, ganó el general Rojas Pinilla y se montó Misael Pastrana”.

Mixed Messages on Gaddafi

Stephen Lendman, 24.10.2011 08:14


Israeli Settlement Construction Jeopardizes Palestinian Statehood Plans

Stephen Lendman, 24.10.2011 07:50


NATO-Assassination of Muammar Gaddafi

Hannes Weber, 23.10.2011 20:56

MUAMMAR The ‘Rebel’ Assassination of Muammar Gaddafi: a NATO Operation from A to Z ... Muammar Gaddafi – revolutionary leader of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya – was assassinated on Thursday 20 October, 2011, in the Libyan city of Sirte. The precise circumstances surrounding his death have been clouded with mystery and contradicting reports, but the media consensus is that NATO’s ‘rebel’ stooges captured and killed him. This has lent the unelected and universally despised NTC occupation government a decisive propaganda victory in the war on Libya. However, a picture is emerging as to the actual circumstances of his death, one that puts NATO special forces – likely the British SAS – in the centre of the frame.

¿Qué trama EEUU en pakistán y Afganistán?

germán gorraiz lopez, 23.10.2011 18:57

Análisis de la nueva hoja de ruta del Pentágono y la CIA en Pakistán y Afganistán.


Guillermo Molina Miranda, 23.10.2011 12:55

La formación de intelectuales es además de un reto, una labor educativa disciplinar. El intelectual es un prototipo de persona determinado por situaciones circunstanciales que adquiere relevancia de autoridad y poder en su clase social o en un núcleo humano por su práctica y empoderamiento. La escuela es el vehículo natural que facilita la formación de la intelectualidad burguesa por excelencia, lo que no excluye dialécticamente la formación de un nuevo intelectual para una nueva sociedad que priorice lo colectivo. El saber disciplinar bajo la influencia aciaga del positivismo como filosofía idealista y metafísica, desvirtúa la naturaleza del conocimiento constituyéndose en la negación para la formación integral y crítica de las nuevas generaciones. Los maestros que deben ser intelectuales por su esencia no pueden convertirse en reproductores del statu quo por lo que deben asumir una concepción clasista y comprender que todo saber no está desligado de la filosofía de modo que la filosofía de la ciencia fundamento de su especialización sea la base para la formación intelectual de los educandos.

Erklärung des Deutschen Freidenker-Verbands vom 21. Oktober 2011

DENK MIT, 23.10.2011 12:16

Diesen Rundbrief sollte man weit verbreiten und publizieren,wo immer möglich!
Freidenker-Brief Nr. 9/2011 vom 21. Oktober 2011
Solidarität mit dem libyschen Volk
Erklärung des Deutschen Freidenker-Verbands

Blind Hippo in Indian ‘Jumbo Circus’ Needs Help!

Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser to OIPA in India, 23.10.2011 11:58

Please support these petitions to help abused animals in Jumbo circus -

Irak: Warlord Obama mit 5500 Söldner

Oswald Behrendt, 23.10.2011 11:41

CIA commander for the Libyan rebels Warlord Barack Obama lässt 5500 Söldner im Irak stationiert ..... Der irakische Freiheitskämpfer Muqtada Al-Sadr, seine zahlreichen Anhänger und all die Anderen, die seit Jahren gegen die US-Terrormaschine zur Versklavung der Welt kämpfen, haben im Irak in den letzten Tagen einen wichtigen Sieg gegen den US-amerikanischen Warlord Barack Obama errungen. Massenmörder Barack Obama hat sich vor ein paar Tagen gezwungen gesehen, zu verkünden, dass seine von der westlichen Propaganda gewöhnlich als US-Armee bezeichnete Terrorbande den Irak tatsächlich zum Jahresende verlassen wird, nachdem sie die Menschen dort mehr als acht Jahre lang ermordet, vergiftet, verschleppt, gefoltert, vergewaltigt und ausgeraubt hat.

Mehran Baloch kicked out of UNPO

Sajid, 23.10.2011 11:00

Mehran Baloch kicked out of UNPO

Global Economic Crisis Deepens

Stephen Lendman, 23.10.2011 07:38


USA's Afrika: China ersetzt al-Qaeda

Hector Delgado, 22.10.2011 21:00

Allah, Muammar, Saif al Islam, Libya wa bas! Der Sohn Afrikas fordert die Kronjuwelen des Kontinents .... Am 14. Oktober kündigte Präsident Barack Obama an, dass er Spezialkommandos der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika nach Uganda abkommandiert hat, um dort am Bürgerkrieg teilzunehmen. In den kommenden paar Monaten werden Kampftruppen der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika nach Südsudan, Kongo und in die Zentralafrikanische Republik entsandt werden. Sie werden nur „zur Selbstverteidigung kämpfen“, sagt Obama, satirisch. Nachdem Libyen unter Dach und Fach ist, ist eine amerikanische Invasion des afrikanischen Kontinents im Gange. Obamas Entscheidung wird in der Presse beschrieben als „höchst unüblich” und „überraschend,“ ja sogar als „eigenartig.“ Sie ist nichts von alledem. Es ist die Logik der amerikanischen Außenpolitik seit 1945. .....

Hacia la Europa de los Seis

germán gorraiz lopez, 22.10.2011 18:51

Análisis de la previsible declaración de quiebra de Grecia y su efecto dominó en los países periféricos y emergentes de la actual Eurozona.

Outrage at Arrests of Occupiers in San Jose, Calif.

Lailo, 22.10.2011 15:07

Photo By Cassie Kifer The Occupy San Jose encampment was dismantled and its occupants arrested early Friday morning, causing a strong reaction from demonstrators who gathered in front of City Hall to express their outrage.

Are you mad as hell? Are you going to take this anymore??

marco, 22.10.2011 10:50

Just two things:

Wall Street has a ______ (pick an adj.) history depending on who you are.

And are you a little ticked off lately?

Libyen: Die vielen Tode Gaddafis

Josef E. Behrendt, 22.10.2011 09:01

Humanitarianbombs Sucht euch einen aus: Die vielen Tode Gaddafis ... Wie Saddam Hussein, nur schneller, darf Gaddafi bei `unabhängigen` Konzern- und Staatsmedien mehrere Tode sterben. Gemeinsam für alle ist die Sprache des Hasses und der Verächtlichmachung Gaddafis.

Doubts About Gaddafi's Reported Assassination

Stephen Lendman, 22.10.2011 08:04


Israel Arrests Palestinians While Releasing Others

Stephen Lendman, 22.10.2011 07:53


Franchisee offer available in Bangalore

shyne, 22.10.2011 07:50

Franchisee offer available in Bangalore


CRIS ERICSON, 22.10.2011 04:50

Demand an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to End Marijuana &amp; Hemp Prohibition We need 258 more online signatures on the White House petition to End Marijuana, marihuan, cannabis and hemp Prohibition. We have 4,742 signatures, but President Obama requires a total of 5,000 signatures for our petition to Qualify for an Official White House response.
Please! Hurry now & click & sign petition to End Marijuana Prohibition!

The failure of society, and the 99%’s

m concoyle, 21.10.2011 21:42

The 99%’s should form “an assembly” as a parallel government, with its own laws, and its own justice system, and its own bank, and a new education system. It could function through the internet.
Law based on equality leads to creativity and freedoms, while law based on property rights leads to violence and wage-slavery.

Occupy Melbourne brutally evicted from City Square

Occupy Melbourne, 21.10.2011 20:44

After six days of peaceful occupation of the city square, and five days before the Queen is due to visit Melbourne, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle warned that if the protestors didn't leave today they would be forcibly removed. The eviction was carried out by 400 police including riot police and dogs. Horses and capsicum spray were also used to attack the crowd at various times.

ELKE MEYVIS, una storia sbagliata

FABIO ROSANA, 21.10.2011 17:07


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