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The Corporate Agenda is Alive and Well at KPFA

Marc Norton, 09.09.2004 15:36

Ongoing struggles at KPFA...

Whether it’s AVP or ABB, whoever wins, we lose: Neither Alien nor Predator, vote for Nader and against war!

Roy Rollin, 09.09.2004 15:12

A formerly much maligned fellow by the name of Karl Marx once wrote that under capitalist “democracy” the people were given the opportunity by the ruling class of deciding which member of that same class was to rule over them every four years. However apt that observation may have been, the promoters of the sci-fi flick “Alien vs. Predator” were more on the money with their “whoever wins, we lose” ad. For in spite of the “Anybody But Bush” (ABB) liberal-left’s dire warnings that this is the most important election since Hitler ran against von Hindenburg in Germany in 1932 (or since Bush ran against Gore in 2000), this year’s campaign is no exception to those rules. For regardless of which war-monger comes out on top come November, the real losers will once again be the millions of working people who will be stuck with either George Bush or John Kerry for the next four years. Both are for the wars and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan in particular and for the capitalist “globalization, ” i.e., imperialism, that necessitates them, in general. In other words, they are both for everything that anti-war and “global justice” activists are against. So much for the claims of the ABB editors of “The Nation” that “the odds of this becoming a race between Bush and Bush Lite are almost nil.” With “odds” like those, they would have lost their shirts at OTB if they chose to put their money where their mouths are.

Sept. 18: Workers World Party Election Campaign Rally

WWP, 09.09.2004 14:05

Sat. Sept. 18, 2 p.m.
P.S. 41, 116 W. 11 St.

Don't let them hide the truth

jamie, 09.09.2004 13:27

Dear friends,

With five more GI’s killed in the last two days, the number lost in the invasion and occupation of Iraq has reached 1005. It will be clear to anyone who thinks that the U.S. is rejected and not particularly “popular” in that country. The insurgency could not stand up against the tremendous power of the American and coalition forces without significant support from the people of Iraq. The notion that “foreign fighters” are the problem is ridiculous and unworthy of comment. Like WMD, just another lie to serve the needs of the most vicious and greedy.

The real problem for GW Bush is how to hide the military disaster he has unleashed in Iraq from the U.S. public. If we want to see a new resident at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue any time soon we must expose the truth as widely as possible. The following articles are offered toward this effort. Peace, jamie

NYC Emergency Protest 9/10: No More Lives for Bush's Lies

International Action Center, 09.09.2004 13:25

Fri. Sept. 10, 5 p.m., Times Sq. Recruiting Station

Sacrifying Goats to the DOD GOD

Rengi Neer, 09.09.2004 12:09

The gods of war crave goats...

The Rise of the Homeland Security State

Nick Turse, 09.09.2004 10:20

Fortress Big Apple, Revisited New York City as the paradigm for the security culture that increasingly grips American society.

Latest from

jamie, 09.09.2004 03:39

“Official” death count of GI’s in Iraq now at 1004. Below find today’s details from Please spread widely. jamie

Big Brother's little Brothers

Rengi Neer, 09.09.2004 01:04

-or- "Day Don't Need No Edumakation"
It seems that Big Brother has a twin Brother or two representing commercial interests and corrupt American capatalism.

Losing Bu$h

cord macguire, 09.09.2004 00:02

He's the catastrophe

Hostage takers in iraq resembled Special Forces

reuters, 08.09.2004 21:47

"It appeared it was totally professional. It appeared they knew exactly who they wanted to abduct," said one witness, who declined to be named.
"They carried machineguns and the type of weapons I see on special forces."

Iraqi Resistance Report 09/ 04-06 /04

Various, 08.09.2004 21:36

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Saturday, 4 September 2004 through Monday, 6 September 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.

DB (Daily Brief)

£, 08.09.2004 21:12

w$ c/o DB - - This Daily Brief used approximately 30% of on-board battery power.

Find and when to protest!

Remixingamerica, 08.09.2004 19:50

list of protest dates and places

Media Release

Mike Bryan, 08.09.2004 19:23


Bush's Greatness

David Gelernter, 08.09.2004 17:47

There's a good reason he infuriates the reactionary left.

Functions of the Fascist Equation

Rengi Neer, 08.09.2004 17:26

Symptoms of American fascism...

The Benevolent Dictator Syndrome.

Rengi Neer, 08.09.2004 17:19

Americans have learned to love their true oppressors...

The &quot;Benevolent Dictator Syndrome.

Rengi Neer, 08.09.2004 16:52

Americans love their true victimizers.

Baghdad-Italia: Knippknapping of 2 italian women Press Comunique

nowar_no occupation, 08.09.2004 16:12

2 italian Woman has been knippknapped in Baghdad.
Here a Press communique of the Peace movement of italy (in a hurry translated)

View Beslan hostage video inside school, Liberty and Arabs: What Bush didn't tell you &amp; more

Various, 08.09.2004 15:16

Terrorist video goes inside hostages' nightmare world

Film of Beslan siege horrifies Russians

from retired adjuster

Antone Braga, 08.09.2004 11:23

who you might be dealing with

Just Doing My Job

Nikole Potulsky, 08.09.2004 07:37

Flags Activist witch travels to NYC during the Republican National Convention 2004..interacts, a lot, with police. Read all about it right here.

Iraq War Deaths Reach 1,000 American and over 10,000 Iraqi Dead; Vigils Planned to Mark Milestone

Northwest Florida IMC Staff, 08.09.2004 06:14

A tragic milestone in the Iraq War has finally been reached.

The Pentagon announced today that the US death toll in Iraq has now surpassed 1,000, over 800 of which have been killed since President Bush declared an end to major combat operations on May 1st, 2003.

9/9 Call to Local Vigil to Commemorate the 1000th U.S. Deaths in Iraq

Lee Siu Hin, 08.09.2004 05:10

URGENT ACTION: Vigils for 1,000 U.S. soldiers and thousands of Iraqis killed!

SEPTEMBER 11 OF 2001 - Documentary video evidences proving a true conspiracy and coverup about 9/11., 08.09.2004 04:23

SEPTEMBER 11 OF 2001 - THE TERRORIST ATTACKS A very amazing documentary - The video evidences of a true conspiracy.

US-based Charity Helps Russian Children - Innocent Victims of Terror Acts

official press-release (via George Skoptsov), 08.09.2004 03:04

In the latest wave of terror in Russia, a US-based charity reaches out to help victims and launches a donation drive.

They shoot children, don't they?

S1 Coalition, 07.09.2004 22:51

They Shouted &quot;Alahu Akbar&quot; as they murdered the children The death of innocent children is the inevitable byproduct of a deformed system.

Regarding &quot;Neither Zionism Nor Anti-Semitism&quot;

John Paul Cupp, 07.09.2004 22:27

For the Arab Identity of Palestine and Destruction of "Israel"!
Against the Catch-phrase "Neither Zionism nor Anti-Semitism"!

9/7: Today, U.S. Reach 1,000 Military Deaths in Iraq!

Lee Siu Hin, 07.09.2004 21:22

By: Iraq Watch - Peace No War Network
September 7, 2004

Directed energy harassment -- a personal account

Jody Paulson, 07.09.2004 19:43

My story as an activist targeted in an ongoing campaign of harassment, including the use of directed energy weapons.

Rapite due pacifiste italiane in Iraq!

La Repubblicca, 07.09.2004 18:53

Simona Torretta e Simona Pari, entrambe di 29 anni, rapite insieme a due iracheni nella sede dell'organizzazione umanitaria
Bagdad, sequestrate due italiane
Lavorano per "Un ponte per..."
Il commando formato da oltre 10 uomini armati di kalashnikov

Manifestación Antitaurina en Zaragoza

Tamara Marzo Rins, 07.09.2004 18:27

Manifestación antitaurina en Zaragoza. Participa en la convocatoria!

Leonard Peltier sues government for illegal imprisonment

LPDC, 07.09.2004 18:07

Leonard Peltier and another federal inmate, Yorie Von Kahl, have filed a lawsuit against the government for failing to follow it's own mandates and set release dates to "old system" prisoners after the abolition of the Federal Parole Commission.

santacruz electronics selling known bad hardware.

shane maxfield, 07.09.2004 17:24

this is an article on my life long experiences with a local computer retail store. a short story about how they put strings on returns, refuse to release your property if you dont say what they tell you to say.

U.S. troops killed in Iraq likely 1000 or more by day's end

jamie, 07.09.2004 14:23

U.S. troops killed in Iraq likely to be 1000 or more by day's end. "Official" death toll is currently 998 as calculated by But those are very conservative figures. The U.S. military is famous for covering up the "awful truth." Don't be surprised if years from now we find that 3000 to 4000 GI's were lost at this point.

Please spread this message widely. jamie

European Global Wide Strike 15sept-15 oct

Noel Guiot, 07.09.2004 08:38

This is only an project idea , it hit my heart yesterday , and confused my mind

Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism: Page 5

DavidVGoliath, 07.09.2004 05:20

*Photo 41: Tue 24Aug ‘04- Lot’s of traffic impediments today. All staged… Continued from "Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism: Page 4"

How The Embargo Has Hurt Cuba

Witness For Peace, 07.09.2004 05:11

The Cuban government calculates that the embargo has cost Cuba more than $US 70 billion. This policy prohibits any U.S. company from trading with Cuba and it denies Cubans any product made in the United States, comprised of more than 15% U.S. components, or manufactured by U.S. businesses or their subsidiaries. Cubans use the word "blockade" (bloqueo) instead of "embargo" to emphasize the fact that extra-terrestrial measures make the policy much more all-encompassing than a unilateral trade ban.

Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism: Page 4

DavidVGoliath, 07.09.2004 05:03

*Photo 21: Convoy Liquor Store 4800 Fountain, Los Angeles, CA 90029. Continued from "Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism: Page 3

Wikipedia for social change

Pip Wilson, 07.09.2004 03:26

How to become a Wikiactivist

The Fallacy of the Freeper (Bush-Family) Fantasy Bubble

Kyle Lussier, 07.09.2004 03:24

A popular phenomona for Republicans on the web is a group called the "Free Republic" or Freepers for short and in it a sizeable collection of Republicans who send messages to each other telling each other how great they are and how right their theories and beliefs are. This creates a self-reinforcing "circle-jerk" that leads all members who participate to fill each others egos and build theories they think are right. In and of itself it is quite a novel idea factory. "Free Republic" is also novel in that it acts very much like the way the Bush administration makes its policy decisions, as far as all outside observation is concerned.

NWO: Rothschild, Buffet

Someone who cares, 07.09.2004 03:13

A Gentle Reminder of Humanity's Enemies Apparent

USA will leave Iraq with the national tail between the legs

jamie, 07.09.2004 01:08

“Official” death toll of U.S. troops in Iraq now 993. At least seven more died today. Bring them home now! jamie

09/06/04 DPA: Warplanes hit Fallujah targets after death of 7 marines
U.S. warplanes conducted air strikes on the Iraqi flashpoint city of Fallujah, following a car bomb attack that killed seven U.S. soldiers and three members of the Iraqi National Guard.

Bush reelection website sends fake letters to newspapers

wgrover, 07.09.2004 00:46

An online tool at George W. Bush's reelection website automates the sending of fake letters to the editors of newspapers and hides the true authors of the letters.

Scary (censored) Statistics: Hurricains and Global Warming, 07.09.2004 00:41

Climate Change: "A storm the size of Texas whips through FL"

I am Watching Americans, Russians, Afghans, Chechens, Palestinians, Isrealis and Iraqis Crying

an anarchist, 06.09.2004 23:15

Russian People at Beslan School Tragedy Funeral Death and misery from these statist and authoritarian wars.

Kerry to pull out Iraq troops in first term

Reuters, 06.09.2004 23:11

Kerry to pull out Iraq troops in first term

Zogby Poll: Half of NYC believes the US Govt. ALLOWED 9/11 INTENTIONALLY !!

Bill Douglas,, 06.09.2004 21:41 -- Half of New Yorkers believe US Govt intentionally allowed 9/11 !!


support Jamal Holiday

Roadrunner, 06.09.2004 20:34

Support Jamal Holiday, the activist facing serious charges after a cop was beaten up

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