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Consuelo Palacios, 16.02.2012 19:16

Essencially, drugs are poison. The effect depends from the quantity someone takes in. a small quantity is stimulant (increases activity). A bigger quantity acts as a sedative (inhibits activity). A greater quantity acts as a poison and it can kill the individual.


Consuelo Palacios, 16.02.2012 19:14

Proliferates the bad Diagnosis and drugging with psychostimulants.


Consuelo Palacios, 16.02.2012 19:11

Hallucinogenic compounds found in some plants and mushrooms (or their extracts) have been used—mostly during religious rituals—for centuries.

St Pete Human Rights Festival – The Freedom of Expression

consuelo palacios, 16.02.2012 18:40

The St Pete Human Rights Festival, dedicated to spreading the message of Human Rights to Tampa Bay is preparing for the biggest Freedom of Expression, Dance Contest ever — and the message of equal opportunity and freedom from oppression for all.

The public vs. ideas

m concoyle, 16.02.2012 18:05

To talk about ideas with those whom compose “the public,” unfortunately, is not an interesting experience.
This is because the public has been brain-washed by both the media and education system (and by the over-regulation of personal freedom, which depends in a fundamental way on equality (while property rights should be abolished, thus, defeating [forever] the idea that “property is a person”).

Successful Drive for Florida Blood Services Held at Ybor Square

Lisa Mansell, 16.02.2012 17:58

Florida Blood Services and the Volunteer Ministers teamed up The Church of Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers of Tampa Bay held a successful drive for Florida Blood Services this past week. 25 pints were collected, which can save up to 75 lives.

St Pete Human Rights Festival – The Freedom of Expression

consuelo palacios, 16.02.2012 17:49

The St Pete Human Rights Festival, dedicated to spreading the message of Human Rights to Tampa Bay is preparing for the biggest Freedom of Expression, Dance Contest ever — and the message of equal opportunity and freedom from oppression for all.

Meet a Scientologist—Judy Fagerman, Leading Scientology Volunteer Ministers of the Tampa Bay Area

consuelo palacios, 16.02.2012 16:55

For the past 10 years, Scientologist Judy Fagerman has been coordinating the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Tampa Bay, Florida. This is her story.

The Anniversary That Should Not Be – Still Fighting for Justice, Three Years Later

Shilo Harrison, 16.02.2012 14:55

It will be three years, on the 6th March, since Rex Bellotti Junior was critically and near fatally injured by two members of the WA police. Three years of surgery, pain and an entire family's suffering, yet still there is no justice.

Estamos tomando estractos de audio para hacer micros

SBS Puerta del Mercosur, 16.02.2012 14:33

Estractos de voces y musica para mensajes por radio FM.

ACTA: Globalisierungs-Geheimdiplomatie

Jochen Weber, 16.02.2012 13:18

UN-Cyberspace-War ACTA: Geheimdiplomatie im Zeitalter der Globalisierung ...... Acta ist nur ein besonders dreister Fall für undemokratische internationale Normsetzung. Es ist an der Zeit, das Monopol der Regierungen über zwischenstaatliche Verhandlungen in Frage zu stellen ... Das sogenannte Handelsübereinkommen zur Bekämpfung von Produkt- und Markenpiraterie ACTA ist endlich in der Öffentlichkeit angekommen. Bei internationalen Massenprotesten sind seit Ende Januar Zehntausende dagegen auf die Straße gegangen. Rund Hunderttausend waren es am 11. Februar in Deutschland. Die Online-Bürgerbewegung Avaaz hat über zwei Millionen Protestunterschriften gesammelt. Die Proteste kommen gerade rechtzeitig, um das Abkommen vielleicht noch zu verhindern.

Hedging Our Bets on the Black Bloc: The Impotence of Mere Liberalism

Dr. Zakk Flash, 16.02.2012 13:13

Armchair radicals? Oakland defends against police repression. Occupy Oakland J28 Chris Hedges has written some of the most insightful analysis of the U.S. war machine in recent years. His 2009 book The Empire of Illusion was an exploration of how exhibition has eclipsed truth and meaningful connection in American society. His acknowledgment of the ease in which one can buy into such spectacles is a small part of why it was so odd to read his article on Truthdig attacking both anarchists and black bloc tactics entitled “The Cancer in Occupy.”

Message from Jacob (Jake) Appelbaum (Tor) about Iran

Cross-posted by Hackerspace.PL, 16.02.2012 12:58

In the last 48 hours a major campaign of filtering has started in Iran - it started slow and now appears to be that nearly all SSL/TLS traffic is blocked on a few major Iranian ISPs. Here's the deal - we need people to run Tor bridges but a special kind of Tor bridge, one that does a kind of traffic camouflaging - we call it an obfuscated bridge.

You Make Us Feel As If We've All Been Fools

Sudhama Ranganathan, 16.02.2012 10:17

Over roughly the past three years my country, America has had the opportunity to have President Barack Obama as our president. It is now 2012 and as we head into the election for those of us that voted for him, though we wish we could say differently in our hearts, there is a place that remains unsure and disappointed. There were so many promises and most of us that voted for him in 2008 knew there was no way to fulfill those all or even mostly. But it was the promise of the man that was not lived up to that was most disappointing and left us the most unsure about who he was - whether we admit it out loud or not. Regardless, this is a pivotal moment that could define where we go as a nation.

Toussaint Louverture

Patrice Faubert, 16.02.2012 09:36

Constat de propagation de fausses nouvelles ...

The New York Times: America's Unofficial Propaganda Ministry

Stephen Lendman, 16.02.2012 09:23


Deepening Greek Tragedy

Stephen Lendman, 16.02.2012 08:45

class war

Reliance’s $1-billion deal spurs dollar bond sales

GT, 16.02.2012 06:19

Bond sales in dollars by Indian companies are outstripping loans for the first time in five years as banks worldwide lend less in response to Europe’s debt crisis and rising capital requirements.

La Historia de lo Derechos Humanos

Consuelo Palacios, 16.02.2012 05:07


Honduras coup update January 2012

R Wong, 16.02.2012 03:17

a monthly summary of what goes on in Honduras since the June 2009 military coup

Global 24 hours of action for Tasmania's ancient forests

Observer Tree, 16.02.2012 01:05

People from around the world yesterday took action in support of Miranda Gibson in the ObserverTree and Tasmania's ancient forests

¿Hacia la Guerra de los Seis Días?

germán gorraiz lopez, 15.02.2012 22:38

Análisis de los factores económicos y geopolíticos que podrían derivar en el próximo quinquenio en un nuevo estallido del polvorín de Oriente Medio.

Khader Adnan: Day 60 and Counting

Stephen Lendman, 15.02.2012 22:01


La résistance en 2012

Patrice Faubert, 15.02.2012 16:01

Petit aperçu de ce qu ' est la résistance ...

Nizhny Novgorod anti-fascists need your solidarity

Vladimir Smirnov, 15.02.2012 15:57

Nizhny Novgorod anti-fascists need your solidarity and support! A call for coordinated actions around the world on March 16–18, 2012

SteelGuru organized first ever Steel Scrap Summit in India

Manu Dagar, 15.02.2012 12:55

The first ever initiative on Steel Scrap Sector turned out to be a never before B2B platform for more than 250 international and India delegates from 135 companies and organizations including major participation from and Government agencies

Iran Falsely Charged with India and Georgia Attacks

Stephen Lendman, 15.02.2012 09:08


Israeli Hanging Judge Sentences Khader Adnan to Death

Stephen Lendman, 15.02.2012 08:41


Music 2012 on IndyRadio - Music from Rotterdam, 15.02.2012 00:28

Fuji 1996 by Gerhard Richter Tune in to Rotterdam for a unique broadcast of experimental music. The featured artist is Zeroglab, and the style is 21st Century.


Paola, 14.02.2012 19:09

He recibido está información y debe difundirse cuanto antes, ya que la integridad física de personas está amenazada.por favor difundir!

Kapitalismus pur: Deutsche Bank ...

Roman Weber, 14.02.2012 13:05

Kapitalismus Pur ..... Kapitalismus pur - Deutsche Bank zahlt Erben 800 Millionen Euro ....... Ich muss gestehen, mir blieb das Lachen im Halse stecken. Weil die Kreditwürdigkeit von Leo Kirch in einem TV-Interview vom damaligen Chef der Deutschen Bank, Rolf Breuer, vor 10 Jahren angezweifelt wurde, erhalten seine lachenden Erben heute die Kleinigkeit von 800 Millionen Euro. Kirch ging seinerzeit kurz nach dem Interview pleite. So verkehrt konnte also Breuer gar nicht mit seiner Auffassung von Kirchs Kreditwürdigkeit gelegen haben, auch wenn der wiederum ins Feld führte, Breuers Behauptung hätte die Insolvenz dann verursacht.

Paraphysique de la propriété

Patrice Faubert, 14.02.2012 11:39

La propriété privée privative , n ' est pas la propriété collective , qui elle , est distributive ...

Financial Oligarch Power Raping Greece

Stephen Lendman, 14.02.2012 09:30

class war

Aafia Siddiqui's Struggle for Justice

Stephen Lendman, 14.02.2012 08:52

police state

This Way Out: Prop 8 illegal again + more global LGBT news

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 13.02.2012 23:21

A U.S. appeals court concludes that the Constitution can't Prop up 8; marriage equality crosses the threshold in the state of Washington, a St. Petersburg bill would outlaw LGBT advocacy, Britain jails Muslim anti-gay hate leafleters, the EuroCourt rejects Swedish homophobes' free speech claims, while Northern Cyprus' sex law conflict becomes the latest Euro rights case, and more global LGBT news.
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OB Sauerland aus dem Amt gejagt!

Antonio Weber, 13.02.2012 22:59

Tödliche Loveparade Endlich: Duisburger jagten OB Sauerland (CDU) aus dem Amt ........ Anderthalb Jahre nach der Katastrophe bei der Loveparade ( Loveparade-Drama: Der Veranstalter will Videos ins Internet stellen ) haben heute die Duisburger Oberbürgermeister Adolf Sauerland abgewählt. Mehr als 129.000 Bürger hätten für die Abwahl des CDU-Politikers gestimmt, teilte die Stadt am Abend mit. ...... M E H R:

30 jours d'action directe pour fêter 30 ans d'action antinucléaire en Ecosse

Faslane Peace Camp, 13.02.2012 19:18

Faslane Peace Camp, en Ecosse, organise une période de 30 jours d'action directe pour fêter son trentième anniversaire qui marque 30 ans de protestation antinucléaire.

Learn Greek for Free with the most effective and enjoyable methodology available!

Language Transfer, 13.02.2012 13:28

Logo Language Transfer Learn Greek for free with the Thinking Method! Download your free audio courses at and join the language revolution!

Eye in the Sky Spying on Americans

Stephen Lendman, 13.02.2012 09:06

police state

BBC: Caught in the Act

Stephen Lendman, 13.02.2012 08:44



Greg from LA in LA, 12.02.2012 18:46

This statement reviews some of the issues related to the defunding and destruction of public post-secondary education in the state of California, USA. It is a call to action to rectify this predicament.

Regional Meeting of Southern California Post-Secondary Students to Plan the End of the Defunding of Our Schools

Greg from LA in LA, 12.02.2012 18:35

Students to meet Saturday, February 18th, 2012 in the Student Union building at California State University Los Angeles from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, with workshops and strategy planning sessions.

US Invades Taiwan Elections

junya, 12.02.2012 15:31

Uncle Sam knows best The "international community" has lavished praise on the conduct of the recent Taiwan presidential elections, that led to a comfortable win by the incumbent Ma Ying-jeou of the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) party over Tsai Ing-wen of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). But Taiwan voters found their aspirations suffocated, caught within the crushing Beijing-Washington embrace.

Iran's Historic Anniversary

Stephen Lendman, 12.02.2012 09:11


Khader Adnan's Heroic Struggle for Justice

Stephen Lendman, 12.02.2012 08:47


Wall Street Excess and Main Street Distress: the Apple Connection

Walden Bello, 12.02.2012 01:54

Apple’s march to market supremacy has been accomplished at tremendous cost to both American and Chinese workers

interesting and casual pics of North Korea and even more

Cyril Groue, 11.02.2012 10:34

Over 2300 pics from north Korea... I went there during 20 days in september 2011. I have some very interesting pics, full of contrasts, far from the usual cliche about this country. Take the time to look after it !

NATO's Secret War on Syria

Stephen Lendman, 11.02.2012 09:34


America's Sham Economic Recovery

Stephen Lendman, 11.02.2012 08:57

class war

Foreclose on Wells Fargo: So Many Reasons to Divest

Jim Macdonald, 11.02.2012 06:27

This article that arises from the context of a divestment campaign in Bozeman, Montana, speaks more generally about the evils of Wells Fargo and all the many reasons - both well known and not so well known - why people should divest from big banks, particularly Wells Fargo.

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