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9/11 Whistleblowers Show Need For Further Investigation

Pastor Mike, 14.09.2004 17:05

9-11 whistle blowers prove government prior knowledge, and participation by government officials just as I have reported all along!

Red Latina sin fronteras (Gráfica)

Red Latina sin fronteras, 14.09.2004 16:20

111 Un punto de encuentro sin fronteras, autogestionario y de resistencia anticapitalista:


0.00£, 14.09.2004 16:12

w$ Not proof-read for your entertainment... your Daily Brief.

Festa aniversari revista Setze de Març

Jesús Cobo, 14.09.2004 16:07

info fiesta de aniversario en Barcelona

El misil académico contra el poder bolivariano

Guayú de Falkón, 14.09.2004 15:39

...invitada a iniciar el nuevo juego político narrando como historiadora el conjunto de hechos sucesos y procesos previos, sin aviso y sin protesto cambió de rol. En pleno podium se vistió de bateadora emergente de la Casa Blanca y sacó de jonron el lanzamiento de la bola hecho por el Presidente de la Asamblea Nacional recto y a baja velocidad, facilitando así el batazo dado a la imitación de la rabo e`cochino del pitcheo de máximo líder de la revolución bolivariana, batazo que sacó la bola hacia el jardín de Miraflores por la cúpula del hemiciclo del Capitolio Nacional, y que por poco destruye el fresco de Martín Tovar y Tovar que conmemora la Batalla de Carabobo.

The Slaughter

reposted by jamie, 14.09.2004 14:53

"The slaughter in Haifa Street took place only a few hundred yards from the heavily defended International Zone (what used to be called the Green Zone) which houses the headquarters of the Iraqi government and its American ally. It is a measure of the military failure of the US occupation that it has failed to assume control of this Sunni Muslim neighbourhood in the heart of the capital."

Violence in the Westfall

Dav ida Sefireth, 14.09.2004 14:46

Aftermath of truck attack Video clips from the Westfall Blockade. Sound track of truck attack with video of aftermath and of Big
Boss man threatenning to run us over.

exil squat to be evicted

cocerned friend, 14.09.2004 14:36

exil squat eviction notice

U.S. kills another journalist

jamie, 14.09.2004 14:03

U.S. kills another journalist in Iraq. Death toll on troops now at 1012. Spread the truth. Coporate media won't do it! jamie


09/14/04 The Independent: US missile attack kills 13 civilians in Iraq
"I am a journalist. I'm dying, I'm dying," screamed Mazen al-Tumeizi, a correspondent for the Arabic television channel al- Arabiya, after shrapnel from a rocket fired by an American helicopter interrupted his live broadcast and slammed into his back.

John Kerry should understand by now

Loe, 14.09.2004 13:17

The report below is telling. John Kerry should understand by now that the U.S. imperial plan has been defeated in Iraq. If he is to have any chance of becoming president, he must abandon the insane Bush/neocon policy and begin preparations for elections that will truly represent the Iraqi people. Otherwise the carnage will continue and Kerry will be political history. Joe

Disaster w/o end

jamie, 14.09.2004 11:14

1011 U.S. troops now "confirmed" killed in invasion and occupation of Iraq. "They love us so much they blow themselves up to kill us." Most recent details follow. Spread the truth of this disaster w/o wnd. jamie

Creación de la Plataforma Antitaurina de Zaragoza

Tamara Marzo Rins, 14.09.2004 10:26

Creación de la Plataforma Antitaurina de Zaragoza. Día 16 de septiembre, a las 20.30 en la FABZ (San Vicente de Paul, 26, Zaragoza)

Stanley Hilton Speaks: Bush Ordered 9/11

Alex Jones, 14.09.2004 08:37

Bob Dole's former Chief of Staff is suing Bush over 9/11.

Nationwide polls to be performed by indymedia.orgs for ever city that has an org

Paddy Boy, 14.09.2004 07:27

polls are only conducted by the rich, powerful duopoly.



Russia Becomes Another Huge Capitalist Dictatorship

Roy Gestalt, 14.09.2004 02:48

Russian Coat of Arms Russia is now (like China and Saudi Arabia) a huge politically centralized capitalist economic system.


Tapol, 14.09.2004 01:48

Golput is boycott of Indonesian elections

No Secret Justice:: Gilmore v. Ashcroft

Rengi Neer, 14.09.2004 00:22

Being told that there's a secret law that requires one to show ID before an American citizen can travel in his own country struck John as illegal.

What exactly DID John Kerry say in 1971 that has so many feathers ruffled?

Testimony of John Kerry, 13.09.2004 23:42

Kerry: "These were not isolated incidents, but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis, with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command. It is impossible to describe to you exactly what did happen in Detroit--the emotions in the room, and the feelings of the men who were reliving their experiences in Vietnam. They relived the absolute horror of what this country, in a sense, made them do."

Corporate rule and 9-11 - a question

Brent Herbert, 13.09.2004 22:55

What role did corporate influence over the government have in allowing 9-11 to happen?

El Centro de Investigaciones sobre Empresas Multinacionales (SOMO) lanza un sitio web trilingüe

Bart Slob, 13.09.2004 20:40

El nuevo sitio web de SOMO está mucho más extenso y manejable que su antecesor, que databa de 1995.

Who is behind Beslan crisis? [USA news media false propaganda and a portion of the possible October surprise]

The Guardian, 13.09.2004 17:47

Not a single Chechen has been found among the dead gunmen who took children hostage in Beslan last week, Sergei Ivanov, Russia's defence minister, told the Guardian yesterday. "About half of the 32 terrorists have been identified and we have not yet discovered anyone from Chechnya," he said.

General Tommy Franks in Tacoma

Mary Smith, 13.09.2004 17:43

General Tommy Franks in Tacoma 9/14/04

EVENT: General Tommy Franks in Tacoma

Mary Smith, 13.09.2004 17:41

General Tommy Franks visiting Tacoma for book signing 9/14/04.

BEYONDTV Festival seeks Video Activist films

undercurrents, 13.09.2004 15:25

see below


Movimento Salveo VHS - Brasil, 13.09.2004 13:41

divulga Drop_out_iraq

Das Exil erhielt heute den Räumungstermin für den 29.09.04.

stralsund, 13.09.2004 12:22


Das Exil erhielt heute den Räumungstermin für den 29.09.04. Das bisher einzigste Squat mit einer Wagenburg in Zürich hätte diesen Monat 2 jähriges Jubiläum.

Protest in front of Russia embassy in Seoul, Korea on September 9

All Together, 13.09.2004 12:07

Protest in front of Russia embassy in Seoul, Korea on September 9. Protest in front of Russia embassy in Seoul, Korea on September 9.
protesters blaimed Russia government making death of the hostages.
the Protest was organized by 19 organizations
include All Together, Korean Democratic Labor Party, Citizens Solidarity for Human Rights.

news.amnesty launches new &quot;video and audio&quot; page

news.amnesty, 13.09.2004 10:37

Amnesty International's news website for journalists, news.amnesty, has launched a new section. The dedicated "video and audio" page collects together the twenty most recent audio and video clips published on the site.

Defender Bear - Part 2

Forward by Zippo, 13.09.2004 09:50

an artists rendition The Bush Administration is wreaking havoc on the natural world and our environment, doing damage through its radical policies that our children and grandchildren will be living with for decades to come – and in some cases longer.

Lee Kyung Hae

El Pinche Simon, 13.09.2004 04:05

Too little too late

&quot;Our Culture, Our Resistance&quot; Books on Anarchism and Race Released

apoc, 13.09.2004 02:25

new releases given out free.

BlackState: Liars Thieves &amp; Killers The Miserable Failure that is the George W. Bush Administration, 13.09.2004 01:43

does not admit mistakes and take responsibility for his actions. In fact, Bush has a pattern of not taking personal responsibility for his actions, inaction and mistakes. Real leaders take responsibility for there actions. It has been alleged that Bush skipped out on his National Guard service, used illegal drugs and was pulled over for a DUI. Bush has refused to answer questions about the alleged previous drug use but its time the American people got an answer...

The Bush Dynasty and the Cuban Criminals

Duncan Campbell, 13.09.2004 01:18

The brother of President George Bush, the Florida governor, Jeb Bush, has been instrumental in securing the release from prison of militant Cuban exiles convicted of terrorist offences, according to a new book. The Bush family has also accommodated the demands of Cuban exile hardliners in exchange for electoral and financial support, the book suggests.

( ( DB ) )

( ( £ ) ), 13.09.2004 00:44

( ( W$ ) ) xVid, free video standard
(stable domain)

It is time for unauthorized truth-telling.

Rengi Neer, 12.09.2004 20:41

Whistleblowers Call For Disclosure of Government's Iraq Deceit
Ellsberg, Former CIA, FBI Officials Say Americans Need Full Disclosure of Lies, Cover-ups, and War’s Projected Costs in Lives & Dollars...

Free Art in the Park for Kids on 9/18

Kim Knox, 12.09.2004 18:11

On Saturday, Sept. 18, there will be free art activities for kids ages 5-10 at San Francisco's Precita Park, Treat and Cesar Chavez. Sponsored by School Board members Mark Sanchez and Eric Mar, the goal is to promote arts in public schools and show how arts help students learn science, math and other subjects.

US Sect'y of State Colin Powell described neo-conservatives in the Bush administration as 'fucking crazies', and speaking of fucking crazies: Blair's Iraq Envoy: Al-Qaeda Duped Allies Into Waging War

Various, 12.09.2004 18:06

And here I thought Sunday was to be a slower, slightly saner newsday.

Bye Bye Bush Press Release

Rudolf Music, 12.09.2004 17:32

Press release for Bye Bye Bush parody song.

Weapons of Mass Delusion

Rengi Neer, 12.09.2004 14:38

Here is technology commentator and author Richard Forno’s witty but realistic examination of American culture, particularly since September 11 in free pdf.

First Ukrainian infoshop opened in Kyiv

Gaston, 12.09.2004 13:31

Ukrainian activists of different kind opened on 10th of September the first ever infoshop in Kyiv. Let’s cooperate!

peak oil - running on empty

graham brown-martin, 12.09.2004 11:56

in a matter of weeks america goes to the presidential elections and next year the british go to the polls. the biggest voting agenda item is the “war on terror” and i’m wondering if our nominated drivers are also suffering from fuel denial. the world it seems is running out of oil or at least “cheap oil”. conspiracy theorists to scientists and pundits from the auspices of the national geographic to the bbc are all in agreement that we are reaching a point called “peak oil”.

Undewing Dewey

Rengi Neer, 12.09.2004 11:29

There seems to be a disturbing message hidden in the Dewey Decimal Classification system.

Did Korea detonate nuclear weapons on september 11 '04?

Bongo + various sources, 12.09.2004 06:01

question: did Korea detonate a nuclear device as Yahoo news reported early am e. s. t on 9/12/04? why?

Potential boomerang effect - new angle on the 60 Minutes &quot;Fake Documents&quot; issue

H. Poirot, 12.09.2004 04:39

Bush supporters really don't want those documents to be fakes, because if they are ...

Pandering to corporations, drilling sacred lands

Brenda Norrell, 12.09.2004 03:24

The Bush administration is pressing for a record number of oil and gas permits on pristine sacred lands


£, 12.09.2004 02:05

amateur astronomy !!!OCOR!!!

Sanctimonious Americans Histronicly Crying Crocodile Tears Over 9/11!!!

Last Days Cafe, 11.09.2004 23:21

Sanctimonious Americans Now Busily Stroking Their "Bloated Egos" and Histronicly "Crying Crocodile" Tears Over 9/11!!!

ABC IS COOKING THE POLL RESULTS: just 7-9 little points. no biggy

watchdoggy, 11.09.2004 20:49

ABC IS COOKING THE POLL RESULTS: just 7-9 little points. no biggy

America is the Ultimate Failed State.

Lloyd Hart, 11.09.2004 19:48

d After knocking down most of its forests, paving over its wetlands, polluting what water it has left and making all urban environments only habitable with what has become an accepted level of collateral damage in terms of illness and death caused by environmental pollution which has set off a domino effect of ill health down through the generations exposed, America has become like a caged animal not willing to face its own condition but yet completely willing to lash out violently at the World around it.

ON THE BARRICADES: Global resistance roundup - New Issue &amp; more

Andrew Robinson, Editor, 11.09.2004 19:11

Reports of Resistance to Tryanny Worldwide

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