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When Hitchens Met Clinton/Oh What a Lovely War!

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff, 03.05.2012 08:39

Farewell Christopher Hitchens. Gone, not forgotten. When Hitchens circa 1999 dissected Bill (and Hillary) Clinton in No One Left to Lie To, it was CSI with razor wit and moral scalpel. In light of Hitchens' death, No One Left has been reissued. Silver lining to a cloud!

Afghanistan: Planned Occupation Planned

Stephen Lendman, 03.05.2012 07:52


Targeting Murdoch

Stephen Lendman, 03.05.2012 07:27


when the truth is held ranson

Mike Leve, 03.05.2012 07:25

when the truth is held ranson

PHILIPPINES: Sentro, Nagkaisa herald new era of labor unity

Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL), 03.05.2012 07:06

THOUSANDS of trade unionists and activists poured into the streets of Manila and other key cities to celebrate May Day amid renewed hopes that the two latest efforts at labor unity will provide strong impetus to their uphill battle for labor and trade union rights.

Vermont First Nation/Abenaki Leader Calls for Establishment of Tribal Forests and the Creation of a Popular Front of Peoples’ Organizations!

Nulhegan Abenaki, 03.05.2012 02:02

The following speech was given by First Nation/Abenaki leader Luke Willard at the Put People and the Planet First Vermont May Day demonstration in Montpelier. This rally, largely organized by the Vermont Workers Center, made history by being the largest weekday demonstration in the long history of Vermont’s Capital City. Despite rain, cold, and a grey sky, and despite the fact that Montpelier has a population of only 7800 people, 2000 Vermonters marched to demand that the needs of the People and the Planet be valued over cooperate greed.

In Addition to voicing support for Abenaki Rights, the rally called for healthcare for all, the right of all Vermont workers to form a union, justice for migrant farm workers, and more. 37 peoples’ organizations including the Occupy Vermont, Rural Vermont, VT AFL-CIO, 350 Vermont, the American Federation of Teachers, Vermont State Employees Association, United Electrical Workers, Industrial Workers of the World, International Socialist Organization, Red Cover Collective, and the Vermont Progressive Party endorsed the rally.

Gingrich leaves Republican race

William Walker, 02.05.2012 23:47

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, today put an end to his campaign after the GOP nomination for the White House, but said that it will maintain an active role in politics.


Consuelo Palacios, 02.05.2012 19:19

The best solution to the drug problem is education.

&quot;Invisibility is an Unnatural Disaster: Reflections of an Asian American Woman &quot;

Radical Women, 02.05.2012 19:16

This special Radical Women meeting will feature an open discussion of this title work by feminist activist and author Mitsuye Yamada. The essay reflects the double invisibility based on being both Asian and a woman. A survivor of the U.S. internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, Yamada makes a powerful statement on the intersections of race, gender, and national identity.

The Un-Millionaire Spaghetti Banquet

The New York Freedom Socialist 2012 Campaign Committee, 02.05.2012 18:16

Un-Millionaire Spaghetti Banquet -- A Fundraiser for the Durham-López Vote Socialism 2012 Campaign. Meet presidential candidate Stephen Durham. Enjoy good food, comedy and discussion of how to contribute to this dynamic grassroots campaign.

Whitewashing Mass Murder

Stephen Lendman, 02.05.2012 18:10


Psycholgen und Ihre Ansicht von Arbeitsverhältnisse

Marco Berges Nachtrag Bitte zum ersten Artikel dazulegen Brauche Hilfe, 02.05.2012 16:48

Zeitsolodat der eine Wehrsoldforderung hat und auf Befehl zum Arbeitsbeitsberater ging

Solar Power Moving Forward at Light Speed

Fida Hossain, 02.05.2012 11:13

Just decades ago, solar power was an idea that had not yet reached its time. However, that has changed dramatically as the global community seeks alternative sources of power.

Beamte gegen einen Zeitsoldaten

Opfer, 02.05.2012 08:56

Z.B Schusswaffensicherung mit Software 1992 Fuers G11
Um Amokschuetzen zu verhinder. heute Abfrage bei Schuetrzeverein und dann erst oeffnen
Berges Geldernstr. 100 Koeln

May Day Protests for Justice

Stephen Lendman, 02.05.2012 07:59

May Day

Chavez in 2012

Stephen Lendman, 02.05.2012 07:30


London Olympics International Boycott Call by Irish Human Rights Activists

BrianClarkeNUJ, 01.05.2012 21:52

LONDON OLYMPIC BOYCOTT The appointment of two unelected Englishmen in British Occupied Ireland as unaccountable tyrants by Britain's geriatric despotic regime Her Majesty's service, is Monty Pythonesque in its absurdity bearing in mind the pretence of a peace process there. However the subsequent kidnap by the appointed British despots of one of Ireland's most respected human rights and political prisoner activists, who herself spent 200 days on hunger strike being force fed and now almost a year of torture by the appointed Ghengis Pater Son's kidnappers in solitary confinement, is truly taking agent provocateur of the process, to the extreme.

ALERTA: Nuestros niños están en grave peligro.

Consuelo, 01.05.2012 13:40

Los psiquiatras SE HAN VUELTO LOCOS?????, etiquetan todo comportamiento como enfermedad, cuando son simplemente comportamientos muy normales en las situaciones que se están experimentando en la vida.

Pro hare coursing accessories withdrawn from sale on Amazon!

Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports, 01.05.2012 12:32

One of the pro hare coursing accessories withdrawn from sale on Amazon Boost for anti-blood sports campaign in Ireland as Berlin-based company withdraws “I Love Hare Coursing” accessories from sale.

Psiquiatría enloquecida inventando enfermedades.

Consuelo, 01.05.2012 11:56

Un extracto sintetizado de la última parte de “The illusions of psychiatry” de Marcia Angell publicado en «The New York Review of Books» para el que lo quiera leer entero.

Police State Harshness

Stephen Lendman, 01.05.2012 07:59

police state

Abdulhadi Alkhawaja Painfully Force-Fed

Stephen Lendman, 01.05.2012 07:32


Increase Your Height

Mike rhodes, 01.05.2012 07:08

Increase Your Height

La Marcha Patriótica en Colombia: De la miseria a la esperanza

Juan Alberto Sánchez Marín (*), 01.05.2012 06:49

Confluencia de la Marcha en la Plaza de Bolívar de Bogotá. Tanta miseria ha llevado a que un país entero salga a las calles y plazas y exista. Es la Marcha Patriótica en pleno Movimiento y con todo el calendario delante.

Measuring LGBT political power + LGBT news

Overnight Productions (Inc.), 01.05.2012 02:10

A prominent think tank measures LGBT political power; North Carolinians get an earful on marriage equality; U.S. trans workers win rights under sex discrimination rules, DADT-discharged vets are drowning in paperwork, civil unions take a step down the Colorado Senate aisle, marriage equality foes team up for the Maine event, California considers a state "cure" ban, Hong Kong pop star Anthony Wong comes out "tongzhi", and more global LGBT news.

The Sound of Resistance Vol 1

the art of dismantling, 30.04.2012 20:54

21 tracks of free resistance music available now

Washington and Israel Threaten Humanity

Stephen Lendman, 30.04.2012 17:59



BrianClarkeNUJ, 30.04.2012 12:43

THE REAL PATER &amp; SON TERRORIST In Ireland, England's first colony, the un-elected, unaccountable regime of terror imposed currently by the sadistic Ghengis PaterSon and his fellow Englishman Baggot, are worse than the zombie of any creative pen. These are egomaniacal despots, ruthless tyrants, who are engaged in the politics of terror in occupied Ireland. They in fact are the real terrorists.

What's Next for Libya?

Stephen Lendman, 30.04.2012 08:02


Palestinian Rights Activism Endangered

Stephen Lendman, 30.04.2012 07:32


Alcalde BUENO ALTAHONA el mismo libreto ???? Qué estâ pasando ????Barranca, Colombia

Luis Manuel CARRERO GOMEZ, 29.04.2012 18:15

Por qué no lo hizo ? Porque el alcalde si sabe de imâgen, asî ya su rostro no sea tan hermoso como antes. De todas maneras aûn me gusta.

REWARD - Peter Marco Falconio

anonymous, 29.04.2012 17:37

Reward (25,000 pounds sterling) posted in April 2012 for the finding of Peter Marco Falconio of Britain.

PHILIPPINES: Akbayan hails farmers’ triumph in Hacienda Luisita decision

AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party), 29.04.2012 11:30

Akbayan Party today congratulates the farmer-beneficiaries of Hacienda Luisita. The decision of the Supreme Court (SC) to order the total distribution of more than 6,000 hectares of Hacienda Luisita unequivocally validates the decades-long struggle of the farmers for agrarian reform. This also serves as an affirmation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program-Extension with Reforms (CARPER) and outright repudiation of the Stock Distribution Option (SDO).


Amador Martos García, 29.04.2012 10:40

Un libro disponible gratis en pdf:

Yael Korin's Peace Plan

Yael Korin, UCLA, 29.04.2012 09:20

Yael Korin, whose salary in 2010 was $74,850 from the University of California, offers her own original peace plan.
Dear Islamic terrorists. Let us make peace. Come to the UCLA med school where you can get free anal sex services from me. Come cum! For peace, of course!

Drone Warfare in Yemen

Stephen Lendman, 29.04.2012 08:01


Daring to Criticize Israel

Stephen Lendman, 29.04.2012 07:15


Represión por parte del gobierno estatal en michoacan contra de las Casas del Estudiante de la Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo

Coordinadora Emiliano Zapata, 29.04.2012 06:50

500 estudiantes desaparecidos tras intromisión y desalojo de la Casa del Estudiante Nicolaíta, Casa del Estudiante 2 de Octubre, Casa del Estudiante Lucio Cabañas. Son más de 243 detenidos, varios muertos y desaparecidos por las violaciones a los derecho humanos y a la autonomía universitaria

Al Sr. PROCURADOR GENERAL DE COLOMBIA, Caso Secretarîa Medio Ambiente, Barrancabermeja

Luis Manuel CARRERO GOMEZ, 28.04.2012 10:23

Deberán en consecuencia ustedes determinar si, la falta es gravísima a título de dolo y proceder a destituir e inhabilitarl respectivamente al actual Secretario del Medio Ambiente, así como a otros servidores públicos, que resulten involucrados en estos hechos.

Glorifying Israel Shames Harvard

Stephen Lendman, 28.04.2012 07:58


Dying to Live Free

Stephen Lendman, 28.04.2012 07:32


Dramatic Day in Court for Occupy Asheville. More Trials to Come

Clare Hanrahan, 27.04.2012 21:48

Standing up for First Amendment Rights of Speech and Assembly. Dramatic Aaccount of Buncombe County District Court cases for Occupy Asheville defendants. One not guilty; 5 guilty; 21 cases continued. Trials involve citizen journalists, legal observers, veterans and others...More trials to come.

Appel à l'abstention!

Neojamin, 27.04.2012 15:39

Le deuxième tour des élections présidentielles françaises approche. Il est important d'élever nos voix maintenant, non pas pour élire un pantin de plus mais pour dire que nous refusons de soutenir ce système corrompu. Ce 8 mai 2012, posons-nous les bonnes questions, abstenons nous de se rendre aux urnes car chaque vote est une légitimation pour l'oligarchie française.

RD Congo : alerte populations déplacées dans l’Est du pays


RD Congo : alerte populations déplacées dans l’Est du pays
« Des milliers des personnes déplacées, retournées sans abris, sans eau potable, sans nourritures, médicaments (personnes âgées, enfants, femmes, personnes vivant avec handicap, malades, etc)»


1) Province du SUD-KIVU : Plus de 220 000 personnes nouvellement déplacées au cours du premier trimestre 2012.
2) Province du NORD-KIVU : Levée de la mesure interdisant aux agences onusiennes de se rendre dans le Territoire de Rutshuru ce mardi 17 avril et découverte de plus de 3 500 ménages déplacés et retournés au sud-est du Territoire de Lubero.
3) Province ORIENTALE : Environ 11 000 personnes déplacées suite aux combats entre les FARDC et une coalition formée de braconniers et de rebelles Mayi-Mayi dans la zone de Bafwanduo.
4) Province du KATANGA : Organisation de l’assistance pour environ 50 000 personnes dans la zone de Mitwaba et mission d’évaluation à Manono pour connaître la situation de quelque 20 000 déplacés

5) Province de l’EQUATEUR : Possibles conséquences des tracasseries et exactions des policiers sur les populations rapatriées, vulnérables et sans papier .
Contexte général


BrianClarkeNUJ, 27.04.2012 13:19

INTERNMENT CONCENTRATION CAMP THE FINAL IRISH SOLUTION The British. government has asked Germany to lease their Auschwitz concentration camp along with other WW II internment camps, as part of their final solution to the Irish problem. One German official has said off the record, “We have these camps sitting empty since the 40′s, so we may as well put them to use. They may take a bit of refurbishing but, there is no question we can get them up and running quickly.” With the breakdown of the peace process in Ireland following British non-compliance, Auschwitz with its gas chambers has now being agreed by Furhrer Fuhrer Paterson with his unelected fellow Englsih Reichsführer-SS PSNI Matthew Baggoas as their final solution, to liquidate the Irish problem in Occupied Ireland.

Al Sr. PROCURADOR GENERAL DE COLOMBIA, Caso Secretarîa Medio Ambiente, Barrancabermeja

Luis Manuel CARRERO GOMEZ, 27.04.2012 12:27

Conforme a los hechos narrados solicito se investigue al Sr. Heyner MANCERA RINCON, Secretario del Medio Ambiente del Municipio de Barrancabermeja, Santander, Colombia y otros que resulten implicados por presunta responsabilidad disciplinaria.

Mad Max 2038

Patrice Faubert, 27.04.2012 08:14

L' anarchie est le seul espoir de l' humanité...

Israel's Gulag Prison Hell

Stephen Lendman, 27.04.2012 08:04


Land Day: Why It Matters

Stephen Lendman, 27.04.2012 07:36


The Electric Car Market Expands

Fida Hossain, 27.04.2012 04:02

Last week, it was reported that BMW and Toyota had teamed up to create the next generation of high powered lithium ion batteries for vehicles.

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