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Let Ralph Maveri'gate (recalling the UMASS &quot;debates&quot;)

G.E., 20.09.2004 16:33

Surely being independent does not mean one swings beteen the two poles of the duo-opoly, and why not reference to Common Courage Press, and limited independent media integration in general in websites and between individuals and groups. This doesn't address that but...

Small World Problem Applied to Independent Media

G.E. -not the one making great profits for shareholders, 20.09.2004 16:16

An attempt to not strenth the breath of scope of Newsire being "international coverage of life, politics and protest" by continuing to value autonomously, distributed local independent reports of live events, expressions of needs and concerns but giving some weight to consideration of the six degrees of separation applied to vast local-global relations.

Venezuela: después del Referendum

Redacción de El Libetario, 20.09.2004 16:01

* Los resultados de la votación del 15/08/2004 ratificaron a Hugo Chávez como Presidente, bendecido por los poderes transnacionales a pesar de los alegatos oposicionistas de fraude electoral. El Libertario (# 39, septiembre-octubre 2004) presentó amplias reflexiones sobre las consecuencias de ese evento y propuestas sobre cómo actuar en las nuevas circunstancias. De lo publicado, van 2 notas con lo esencial de la visión de los anarquistas venezolanos.

que pasa en la pagina de Indymedia Argentina que no anda?????

argentino, 20.09.2004 13:12

no anda Indymedia Argentina????

Invitación A realizadores de Video, desde Argetina!!

Wayruro Comunicación Popular, 20.09.2004 12:40

Muestra de Video Envia tus videos a la 3ra Muestra Regional de Cortometrajes “Video, Jujuy, Cortos” única en todo el Noroeste Argentino!

Jornadas sobre Inserción Sociolaboral

Módulo Psicosocial Deusto-San Ignacio, 20.09.2004 12:27

Las Jornadas, que se celebrarán los días 24 de Septiembre y 1 y 8 de Octubre estarán dirigidas tanto a personas que tengan papeles como a las que no.

The hungerstrike of the Palestinian prisoners

Astrid Essed, 20.09.2004 08:25

Not only is the recently ended Palestinian hungerstrike based on humanitarian rather than political motives, it must also be seen as an appalling lack of moral standards of the Israeli policy.

Cursos de Voluntariado

Asoc. Voluntarios del Derecho Humano, 20.09.2004 01:37

Hasta el 30 de Septiembre de 2004 está abierta la inscripción para realizar el Curso de Voluntariado, si bien es gratuito, las vacantes son limitadas.


Elbert Oh, Founder of, 20.09.2004 00:33

Los Angeles, CA - With just over 30 days left until Election Day 2004, Asian American community portal has joined the Asian Professional Exchange (APEX) Legal Special Interest Group, 80-20, RiceBowlJournals, AsianMediaWatch, and other local and national APA organizations to launch a last minute effort to increase their community's traditionally low voter participation rates.


Elbert Oh, Founder of, 20.09.2004 00:13

With just over 30 days left until Election Day 2004, Asian American community portal has joined the Asian Professional Exchange (APEX) Legal Special Interest Group, 80-20, and other local and national APA organizations to launch a last minute effort to increase their community's traditionally low voter participation rates.

Nations lose their national character and identity to fbi/cia assassins

geral sosbee, 19.09.2004 21:41

Nations lose their character and soul to fbi/cia murderous tyrants under the present pretext of cultural exchanges.

Lessons of Vietnam

Gary Sudborough, 19.09.2004 20:27

The lessons learned by the US military during the Vietnam war and their application to the present wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with particular reference to casualty figures.

Por una nueva justicia

Jorge Lozada, 19.09.2004 20:20

Análisis de la sentencia del Tribunal Constitucional de Bolivia, declarando inconstitucional la Ley 2683 que permitía una duración de los procesos hasta el infinito. Demostrando quienes están por detrás de los que dicen que esta decisión pondrá en la calle a todos los criminales.

Iraqi Resistance Report 09/ 17 /04

Various, 19.09.2004 20:07

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 17 September 2004.
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board
The Free Arab Voice.

Full Article rather than brief summary.

Adoptionswillige für unbegleiteten minderjährigen Flüchtling gesucht

Sozialwesen, 19.09.2004 17:03


wir suchen eine Person die bereit ist einen 16-jährigen Inder zu adoptieren, damit er in Deutschland bleiben kann. Sein Asylantrag wurde abgelehnt und aus Sicht seines Anwaltes besteht keine Chance in Deutschland zu bleiben, bis auf eine Adoption.
Er wird in einer Jugendhilfeeinrichtung betreut und würde dort auch weiterhin verbleiben wollen.

Falls jemand Interesse oder noch Fragen hat:
Näheres unter

Army Spokesman Denounces Iraq War &amp; U.S.ARMY REVOLTS

West Virginia Gazette-Mail, 19.09.2004 15:31

WVa Reserve Leader Denounces Iraq War


SC Guard Unit Snaps Under Stress of Iraq Deployment

The U.S. may not be able to keep this up?

jamie, 19.09.2004 14:15

"Official" number of U.S. GI's killef in Iraq is now 1032. Some knowledgeable sources believe that figure could be 3 to 4 times higher in reality ( At any rate these reports are varified and startling in their own right.

What do you think this note on the South Carolina guard indicates?

"09/19/04 WaPo: Strains Felt By Guard Unit on Eve Of War Duty
The 635 soldiers of a battalion of the South Carolina National Guard scheduled to depart Sunday for a year or more in Iraq have spent their off-duty hours under a disciplinary lockdown in their barracks for the past two weeks."

Please spread this information widely. jamie

A Book About War and Peace

Carvalko, 19.09.2004 13:30

President Bush dreams that fighting the Iraq war will free us from terrorism and democratize the Middle East on a scale never before witnessed in human history. Yet, Americans in ever-increasing numbers fail to share his dream. This was apparent in the passing of parallel universes as recently contrasted by the NYC Republican Convention and the peace march. A new book about the reality of war dispels the dream.

Colombia Hoy

Miguel Suarez, 19.09.2004 10:39

Escucha en Radio Café Stereo la mas veraz información sobre Colombia
La emisión se retransmite continuamente y así podrás escuchar la
información sin perder detalle.

modern mirth / september issue

guest contributor Anne Beatts + the mirthmakers, 19.09.2004 05:36

monthlu multi-media merriment

Women Writers in Alternative Media Using Male Pseudonyms/K.Anderberg

kirsten anderberg, 19.09.2004 03:09

I am considering writing under a male pseudonym. I truly wonder, with almost all male editors and writers in alternative media, and in a sexist society, what effect me writing under a female name has. Am I getting less pay? Am I getting published less? Am I taken less seriously?

911 In Plane Site

Mr Chris von Deutschburg, 19.09.2004 01:58

The television news reports camera footage and press photos do NOT lie!

Report On Sept. 17 Bush Protest In Charlotte, NC

David Dixon, 19.09.2004 00:58

On Friday, Sept. 17 George Bush made two stops in Charlotte. He was greeted by protestors at both locations.

&quot; campaign&quot; for a non-commercial access to information

Tristan Mendè, 18.09.2004 23:55

This campaign against Google is launched to denounce the market driven search engines. It is extremly dangerous for any search engines to change the positionning of its results depending on how much money an investor is ready to pay. It perverts our access to information and knowledge.

The Resort to Force by Noam Chomsky

Rengi Neer, 18.09.2004 23:10

Bush and colleagues declared the right to resort to force even if a country does not have WMD or even programs to develop them. It is sufficient that it have the ``intent and ability'' to do so. Just about every country has the ability, and intent is in the eye of the beholder.

help me out

Dubious Mandible, 18.09.2004 21:16

see my anti-establishment shirts & more, help a poor guy out

(Copy of) De-Classified Document Admits Oswald Was CIA

John McCone, 18.09.2004 17:57

National Archives document recently declassified

Also Jack Ruby (Oswald's assassin makes a statement to reporters after his trial, admitting to a conspiracy.

FBI Plans October Homeland Security Sweeps

Jim Stewart., 18.09.2004 15:59

FBI officials are preparing a massive counter-offensive of interrogations, surveillance and possible detentions.

From the creator of Burning Sensation... Burnout#1 is out now!

Green Radical, 18.09.2004 14:47

Rich Lewis, who set himself on fire at a mall in 2001 on the day after
Thanksgiving, has finally come out with another zine. Articles in the
first issue cover everything from mass extinction & postmodernism to
peak oil & genetic engineering. Lots of radical info, contacts and
stickers included. No price is listed but $5 (well concealed) is
worth it.

Send to: R.A. Lewis
c/o PO Box 1683
Rockford IL, 61110-0183

Not Mushroom Left For North Korea

Mr Gareth. M. Lloyd, 18.09.2004 11:55


Expansion of site blocking?

Sara, 18.09.2004 10:35 seems to be blocked.

Exigen responsabilidad penal por indulto de terroristas en Panamá

Roberto Pérez Betancourt, 18.09.2004 03:04

Caricatura de Tomy El pueblo e instituciones panameñas exigen que la ex presidenta Mireya Moscoso y otros funcionarios sean encausados por complicidad en los ilegales indultos de terroristas, se explicó hoy en esta ciudad durante Mesa Redonda Internacional.

Far graver than Vietnam

The Guardian: Sidney Blumenthal, 18.09.2004 01:36

General Hoare believes from the information he has received that "a decision has been made" to attack Fallujah "after the first Tuesday in November. That's the cynical part of it - after the election. The signs are all there."

Pentagon admits censoring casualty sites

Eric Umansky, 17.09.2004 23:29

A letter from a Marine revealing censorship and a letter from the Pentagon excusing it.

Iraqi Resistance Report 09/ 13-16 /04 &amp; More

Various, 17.09.2004 22:54

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Monday, 13 September 2004 through Thursday, 16 September 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.

Dear Assholes,

David Arthur Johnston, 17.09.2004 16:54


ANALYSIS: BikeLock Story? - Corp Media Drops Ball Again

marco, 17.09.2004 16:41

Keeping an eye on the corporate media.
Here is a listing (NOT COMPLETE) of news
organizations who are simply reprinting
Theo Emery's Associated Press story about
Bic pens opening up Krypto style "tubular
cylinder design" locks.

What survival looks like: (W$)

£, 17.09.2004 16:16

W$ suvival

Christians in Toronto Celebrate 9/11

unk, 17.09.2004 16:10

A summary of a Christian festival that tolk place in toronto on September 11

CNN gets information from Pittsburgh IMC

IMC Reader, 17.09.2004 10:35

"The Pittsburgh Independent Media Center reports she recently participated in demonstrations around the Republican National Convention in New York."


Pedro Rodriguez Medina, 17.09.2004 05:42

Ha existido y existe una Mafia cubana dentro de la Comunidad en el Exterior que se desplazo con el triunfo de la revolucion para Estados Unidos de Norteamerica y otros lugares en el mundo.

Lakota asking Lewis and Clarkers to stay out of Pine Ridge

Associated Press, 17.09.2004 04:20

Alex White Plume, Lakota, will ride into Chamberlain, S.D., by horseback Saturday and ask the Lewis and Clark re-enactors to go home

NEWS headlines and CHAT on INDYMEDIA.ORG

mArstrAx, 17.09.2004 03:55

Go to the irc network and join #news for breaking news and chat .



A tax-exempt organization that lobbies Congress on behalf of Israel, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (also known as AIPAC), has been under investigation by the FBI for allegedly receiving classified information from a Pentagon official and using this information on behalf of the government of Israel.

Could we be so lucky as Venezuela?

jamie, 17.09.2004 00:52

How long will it be before there is an officer led revolt in the U.S. military. Could we be so lucky as Venezuela? The article below may make you wonder.

What is Pride?

Marc, 17.09.2004 00:07

An Explanation of Pride and its Significance

Krypto Says They'll Upgrade Your Bike Lock

marco, 16.09.2004 22:18

* * * BREAKING * * *
Here's the newest statement from Kryptonite corporation.
Sounds like they're going to stand behind their product
line just like everyone expected.

Canada cops out

by Reverend Damuzi, 16.09.2004 20:11

Med-pot dispenseries face indecisive justice


JOHN YOUNG / CRYPTOME, 16.09.2004 19:34

Subject: SIS Bulletin #137 Whosarat Website Advisory

From the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council U.S. Attorney's Office-Miami:

There has been a lot of emails floating around about a website that lists names of LEOs and informants. Do NOT go to this website. Read the DHS bulletin below. Andrea please pass along on Threatcom with the strong advisory to not view this website.

(U//FOUO) UNITED STATES: CAUTION: Operation Security Risk.

let's act now!

jamie, 16.09.2004 18:25

“09/16/04 PA News: Iraq War Illegal Says Kofi Annan”

Now that Kofi Annan has declared the U.S. attack on Iraq illegal, the road opens for total rejection of the occupation of Iraq. What was always a crime must now be called one and should be by anyone with and an ounce of integrity We must renew and deepen our call for “troops out now.” The notion that they should remain in order to “insure security” is preposterous and we must continually point this out until we crack the corporate media blackout of truth and common sense! All media from, graffiti on walls, to “corrected” billboards, letters to editors, talk radio, whatever, can and should become contested territory. Please people bring this message to America. We have a world to win. But we must act! now reports that the number of confirmed U.S. killed in Iraq is at least 1025 The death rate is increasing rapidly. All our citizens must be asked to contemplate this reality. Corporate media has shown that it will not due it’s duty. So it is up to us. Spread this message widely. jamie

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